Chapter 82 – The Battle at Adol (1)

Name: Black Dragon
Race: Dragon Species
Gender: ♂

Terror Bite
Horrible Roar (TLN: Horrible name)

Flame Bullet


Aah, as expected, it’s really outrageous…….
Especially these two, they’re outstandingly extreme.


【Terror Bite】: Large damage to the attacked opponent, and causes panic status at a fixed probability.

【Horrible Roar】: Cancels all enhancements on the target(s).


Un, it’ll be okay if I return them later.
Let’s steal them.

For now, I’ll 【Cut】 the 【Terror Bite】 【Horrible Roar】 【Flame Bullet】
And 【Paste】 them on Waffle.

『I’ve become strongerー!』

Since it’d be bad if it loses its ability to fly, and fall because I steal its Flight, I decided to steal it after we pulled away from Adol.

Since the dragon doesn’t seem to have noticed us, I’ll have to first guide it here.
I used 【Incitement】 on the dragon, and diverted its attention towards me.

Ah, seems like it noticed me! It’s coming here with a really great force.
It roared quite loudly, so the people in Adol probably noticed it.

It’ll definitely become an uproar, won’t it…….

Yosh, in that case, let’s escape!

I once again moved to a place away from Adol using 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.

Since it’s a means of transfering my connecting the space, the black dragon saw that we suddenly disappeared from its sight.
In actuality, we circled around the area we were at, so I don’t think there’s any doubt it lose sight of us.

Yosh, 【Incitement】, once more!


After repeating 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 and 【Incitement】 over and over, we were able to pull quite a distance away from the Town of Adol.
It went according ot plan, but…….


……I feel like it’s considerably angry compared to before.
It definitely wouldn’t listen to me at all, huh…….

Sigh, we can only fight, huh.

Yosh, in that case, the finishing touches!

I cut 【Flight】, and once again pasted it on Waffle.
Super Waffle is born!

Losing its Skill, the black dragon then fell from quite the high altitude.
It probably doesn’t have any idea what had just happened.

I actually pasted a lot of the abilities and Skills I’ve pasted on pebbles and hoarded on Waffle.
After I heard about the dragon’s invasion from Divine Beast Fenrir-sama, I thought of powering up Waffle, obtained Waffle’s consent and pasted them.

This is Waffle’s ability right now.

Name: Waffle
Race: Divine Beast
Status: Tame (Myne)


Divine Beast Twinstrike
Magic Eye of Gravity
Strong Arm・Extreme
Body Enhancement・Small
Strength Rise
Terror Bite
Horrible Roar


Great Howl≪Wose-Kamui≫
Strong Legs
Flying Feather
Venom Spray
Paralysis Breath
Flame Bullet


It’ll be doubtful if I’m the one saying it, but he’s become quite amazing, hasn’t he?
He’s exactly “Super Waffle”!

Right now, the black dragon has become unable to fly.
I will attack on the ground, and Waffle will attack from the skies.

I think that no matter how high-ranking a dragon is, as long as it has lost its Skills and not letting it home in, it will be an equal match.

「Now then, let’s go! Waffle!!
I think that once we beat it, it will probably agree to discuss.
However, you don’t have to force yourself, if things go awry, we can just escape!」

Even if we escape, I don’t think it will attack Adol.
To the dragon parent, it probably thinks that kidnapped its child.

It definitely wouldn’t be able to find us after we escape, so I think it’ll return to its dwelling after a while.
As long as it returns to its dwelling, I will leave the persuasion to Fenrir-sama and her little brother, and once it calms down, I can just return its child then, right?

If I can defeat it here, I can explain the situation, and just heal its wounds.

Since that’s the case, operation start!
I’ll have to carefully pay attention while fighting it!
If I don’t, I’ll get laughed at by Waffle.


The black dragon who lost its Skills and fell from the skies doesn’t seem like it has received much damage.
On the contrary, it was raging, and rushed towards me after discovering me.

I cast as many self enhancements as I can, and sent out the first attack.


【Magic Eye of Shock】


Its power isn’t that high, but it’s a Skill which can be ran continuously without much preparation.
There probably aren’t any attacks more suitable at attracting attention than this.

The dragon who had been rushing over directly received 【Magic Eye of Shock】 over and over, and finally stopped.


At that chance, Waffle used 【Flight】 and soar in the skies.
He then used the Fenrir Skill, 【Magic Eye of Gravity】, and released it at the black dragon.


【Magic Eye of Gravity】: Activated voluntary on opponent(s) on one’s preferred timing.
The target(s) who receives this Skill, their bodies will receive a burden from strong gravity.
The higher the user’s level from the target(s),
the stronger the effects, and the longer it will last.


It’s originally a Skill which greatly inhibits an opponent’s movements, but unfortunately, Waffle and the black dragon’s gap in levels is big, and the effect isn’t that strong.
He let out a feeble 「Wafuu……」 since he didn’t obtain the effect he wanted.

However, it’s not like there wasn’t any effects at all.

I used 【Vitality Absorption・Large LV2】, with 【Sorcery Extremity】 stacked on it, on the black dragon whose movements have become dull.
The Skill called Vitality Absorption is a Skill which greatly absorbs the vitality of the target and passes it onto the user, me.

This battle isn’t a simple battle where it will end if I kill the monster like the battles up until now.
This battle’s aim is to do our best in calming it down to return the little dragon.

If that’s the case, then doesn’tthis Skill comply with the objective?
It doesn’t inflict any injuries, and as long as I don’t overdo it, it will only become sluggish.

Next is Waffle’s attack…… or so I thought, as the black dragon swung its tail at me, and tries to hit me.

……It’s no use, its attack speed is faster than I thought.
I can’t dodge it, in that case!!! I’ll let it pass through me with 【Absolute Evasion】!!!

Although it’s only for thirty seconds…… no physical attacks will hit me!!!

Thanks to 【Absolute Evasion】, the black dragon’s tail which was approaching me passed through my body.

As it did that, I could see Waffle, who had been soaring in the skies, overlapping 【Strength Rise】 【Body Enhancement・Small】【Strong Arm・Extreme】【Terror Bite】.


「Waffu, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!」


Waffle’s strong ramming attack directly hit the black dragon.
A dull sound of impact resounded around the surroundings.

As expected of a Divine Beast’s child.

Although he had overlapped a few Skills, that small body was able to make the dragon stagger.
The 【Terror Bite】 I stole form the black dragon also seems to be quite strong.

Then, aiming at the chance when it’s staggering, I once again used 【Vitality Absorption・Large】 with 【Sorcery Extremity】 stacked onto it, and absorbed its vitality.

As expected from the second 【Vitality Absorption・Large】.
Moreover, because it immediately followed the ramming attack with Waffle’s full might, there was an immediate result.

It seems to have gotten considerably weakened.

I used 【Earthquake】 which the catfish used, and delivered damage little by little.
……However, when I thought “It should be defeated now, right!?”, an unexpected event occured.


Although I stole its Skills and Ability…….
Somehow, the black dragon fired a “blaze” towards me.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

I’ve come back peacefully (though not very peacefully) from the business trip.
I will read the details I received on the 6th and 7th starting from tonight.

Please take care of me.

Sponsor: Daniel L.

TL: Izzy

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    • Its because there is no way a dragon can actually fly on its wings, it needs magic to cover the gap. It actually totally makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the author has decided that the rules no long matter when it comes to abilities and just pasted a bunch on his wolf. Not sure how he expects him to use the feather ability but I am sure that won’t stop him.


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