Chapter 81 – Extrication Drama

「……It is in the Town of Labyrinth, Adol」

The location of the little dragon King-sama informed me is the Town of Labyrinth, Adol, where I just went the other day with Aisha.
Thank goodness. The only places 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 can go to are places I have been to, after all.

If it was a town I don’t know, I wouldn’t be able to cooperate.

「Understood! Adol, is it! Thank goodness.
I can’t travel to a place I have never been to before so……」

「Mm, is that so?」

After being surprised from hearing that fact, King-sama felt relieved.
If one is unlucky, it would take two days to arrive at Adol from the royal capital.

Certainly, with not much leeway time-wise, King-sama can’t afford to care about appearances.
I really get flustered if someone suddenly lowers their head.

「Divine Beast-sama said that she will cooperate, meaning?」

Aah, that’s right. I haven’t explained it in detail, have I?

「Fenrir-sama also had her children kidnapped.
Since it isn’t somebody else’s problem, so she sympathises with the dragon parent…….
I was told that the Divine Beast who is Fenrir-sama’s little brother, governs the dragon race, so she wants to confirm the situation」

I told King-sama about the things Fenrir-sama just told me about.

「……Wait a minute, what did you just say?」

「Fenrir-sama sympathises with the dragon……」

「No, not that. The one after that」

Hm? What is it, I wonder?
What I said after that…… The Divine Beast who is Fenrir-sama’s little brother?

「The Divine Beast who is Fenrir-sama’s little brother……」

「……That. Divine Beast-sama’s little brother, you say?
Why did it became that serious a matter……」

Glancing at King-sama who is feeling dumbfounded from the appearance of a new Divine Beast-sama from the corner of my eyes, I sent a telepathic message to Fenrir-sama.

『I have discovered the little dragon’s place.
It seems to be in the Town of Adol, I will be heading there now』

Yosh, I’ve finished contacting her! Let’s quickly go there.

It’d be bad if I jump right into the town, so let’s connect to a place a little further from it.

「Now then, I’ll be leaving! Waffle, come on」

As I said that, Waffle said 「Wafu!」, ran and jumped towards me.
Sylphy called out to me as I was gently catching Waffle in my arms.

「Danna-sama, should we follow you?」

「Uun, since I have to go against the dragon in the worst case, please wait here.
If it’s just Waffle and I, I don’t think you need to think too much!」

As I said that, Sylphy made an expression of slight regret, but she pulled back when she heard about a fight with a dragon.

「Myne-kun, we’ll make delicious food while we wait fo ryou, so take care」

Aisha sent me off with a smile.

I waved my hand to my two fiancees, and used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.

Now then, I should hurry.

「I’ll be going!」




『T, this is bad, Nee-san!』

『What’s the matter? Aren’t you quite panicked, Jor?』

I’ve just been contacted by Myne, telling me that he had found the whereabouts of the little draggon, so I immediately relayed the information to Jor.
The parent should be a little more relieved, yes, relieved…… but, the situation seems to be somewhat strange.

『The parent dragon flew out to meet it!
From the looks of it, it might attack the human town』

What did he say!?

This matter is certainly the fault of the humans.
Usually, I wouldn’t be that surprised, but this time, it has promised not to attack Myne and the human town.

For that, Myne did so much.

『What are you doing! Call him back immediately!!』

『If I could do that, I would have done it long ago! If I go out, it’d be worse!!』

My goodness, Myne is heading to that town right now.
No matter how abnormal Myne is, he’ll be at a disadvantage with a dragon as his opponent.

Kuh, it’s not the case for Jor, but it’s impossible for me to go out.
I predicted wrongly, I should contact Myne since he’s securing the young.

『Myne, do you hear me? The dragon parent is coming towards you!
I fear that it may become a battle, you don’t have to force yourself.
Think only for your own safety, alright!』

……Although I warned him, with that kid’s personality, he probably won’t protect only himself.
Good grief, what should I do!

Don’t die, Myne!




『Wa, Wafuu〜』

Hearing my conversation with Fenrir-sama, Waffle instinctively tucked its tail under between its legs.

『……Even if she says she fears it will become a battle with a dragon…….
For now, Waffle, let’s help save the dragon child from the Town of Adol and pull out』

If I use 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 at the last moment to a place I can see, I think I can pull away even from a dragon as an opponent.

The town of Adol might disappear if Waffle and I went with all our power and the dragon struggles…….

……Ah!? Wait a minute.
『Waffle, I thought of a good idea……Umm』


After my strategy meeting with Waffle ended, I quickly made the preliminary arrangements.
Then, I who finished my preliminary arrangements, ran towards Adol.

「What I heard from Ou-sama is that rather than the middle of the town, it seems to be imprisoned in a slave dealer’s storehouse in a place beside the labyrinth, but…….
I don’t know the exact place…….
Once we go near it, we can only gamble on Waffle’s perception ability and 【Presence Detection・Large】, huh」

I’ve done all I can! Firstly, we’ll have to hurry to the Town of Adol!



The last time I came with Aisha, there were quite a lot of people standing in line even though we entered the town, but we don’t have much time this time.
I ran towards the gatekeeper-san and showed him the free pass I received from Ou-sama, and entered the Town of Adol.

It’s a place I just came to the other day.
I roughly understand the place the storehouse I have been told is at.

Waffle and I run through the town.
Aah, as expected, Waffle ran on its own feet as well.

We who were sprinting in the town received attention from the residents and adventurers, but I don’t have any time to care about that.
The dragon parent will approach soon.

「……We’re here! It’s around here!」

Without a moments delay, I used 【Presence Detection・Large】, and examined the area.

『……It’s hereー, found itー!!!』
「This large presence, that’s it!!」

Waffle and I discovered it at the same time.

I don’t have time to take it leisurely, I’ve even received permission from Ou-sama!
Let’s break into it and gain control in one go!

As Waffle and I opened the door of the building the little dragon is thought to be locked up in…… It was locked.
……This damn thingーーー!!! I put all my strength into pushing the door, and the door opened along with a violent sound of destruction.

Un, it opened.
It definitely did not break, okay! It opened.

……It’s definitely because my level increased, huh…….

「W, What was that!!」

A man who I think is an adventurer hired by the slave dealer carried a weapon as he came out from the back.

This is a waste of time!! I used 【Support Magic・Sleep】 and put him to sleep.

『It seems to be below usー!』

As I put the adventurers to sleep one by one, Waffle located the little dragon.
……There’s a staircase over there, huh. As I took a look around my surroundings, I could see the stairs which lead down to the basement.

There isn’t anymore adventurers heading towards me.
……All of them are sleeping on the floor peacefully so it can’t be helped.

We ran down the stairs in one go and burst into the basement!


……It’s there.

It pitifully…… had a slave collar attached to it,and locked up in a cage.

Hm? Wait a minute.
The colour of this kid’s body, isn’t it black??

Don’t tell me…… It’s the child of a black dragon!!!??
This is bad, this is really bad!!!

The black dragon is ranked first or second among the dragon species in terms of wildness of their temperament.
They said it’ll be your end if you meet a fire dragon or a black dragon…….

『Waffle, can you talk to this kid? Can you tell it we’re here to save it?』

『Understoodー!Leave it to meー!』

As Waffle said that, he trotted and approached the cage, but talked to the little dragon, saying “Gau Gau”.

After five minutes, 『Wafu, I’ve finished explaining! Rejoice!』

Mn, thank goodness.
The first step is over.

I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 at the lock attached to the entrance of the cage and sent it flying.
This magic is really convenient.

Confirming that the lock is gone, as I opened the door, the little dragon lumbered out from it.

『Waffle, I’ll remove the collar so tell this kid not to move』

Waffle once again used “Gau Gau” to talk to the little dragon.

『It’s goodー, Myne』

I’ll have to be careful like when I removed Waffle and the others’ collars…….
Yosh, it’s off!

As I rubbed the little dragon’s head, it happily made a 『Guu』 sound.

『In any case, let’s escape』

I once again used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】, to outside the town.
I connected the space to the place I jumped out to from the royal capital.

The little dragon gazed at my actions with deep interest, and beside him Waffle seems to be explaining with “Gau Gau”.

『Yosh, it’s connected! Get in』

Firstly, Waffle barked 「Wafuー」 while jumping into the black vortex.
After that, the little dragon jumped into it timidly.

Lastly, I jumped out, escape complete!

I earsed the vortex immediately after transfering, and took a breath.

『Myneー, it seems like we don’t have time to restー』

Hm? I looked in the direction Waffle was staring at.

It’s in the direction of Adol, huh…… Ah…….

Yes, what apepared in the skies of Adol, is this kid’s dragon parent.

It was the figure of an extremely troubling black dragon who has lost its reasoning.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

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      • No, it’s more like…although Jormungandr technically CAN go out…he can’t really do so willy nilly…since he’s a divine beast and all.

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