Chapter 80 – The Second Divine Beast

「……I never expected 【Cut & Paste】 to have such a power」

Lewis whispered.
That ability is certainly outside of my expectations.

During the mock battle, I thought that his battle style was strangely reliant on Skills, but after knowing his ability, I can now understand that.

If at that time, Myne stole my Skills, and made full use of the Skills he has, there is no doubt I would have lost.

However, from now on, if he becomes close to royalty, Myne’s enemies wouldn’t only have physical power.

I don’t think there will be honey traps, but it’s possible that he might be assassinated when he’s unprepared or something.
Even in an inter-personal battle, there’s no doubt that he is still inexperienced.

Just as I promised, I’ll have to give him lessons ahead of time, huh.

「……Ani-sam, is he really safe?」

As I worked out Myne’s combat training from now on, Lewis asked me worriedly.

「……I too am a little worried」(TLN: Instead of watashi, she uses watakushi, a more formal version)

Hm? Ari too?
Well, certainly, if you think of “only his ability”, you might be worried.

Those Skills are a unique ability Kami-sama bestowed.
Before one realises it, there’s a possibility it might be taken away.

It’s not impossible to feel uneasy, huh.

……On the contrary, it’s weird for people like me who doesn’t worry about it.

「You guys, there’s no need to worry.
Calmly think, if Myne felt like stealing our Skills, he’d have stolen it a long time ago, wouldn’t he?」


If you calmly think about it, you can understand.

If someone who thinks about his uneasiness like Lewis and Ari has such a power…….
There probably isn’t any alternatives but to quickly steal the Skills in front of them.

For you see, their opponents will be weakened, and their own ability increases.
Like that, there isn’t even a need to think about the consequences.

If you think and applied this to Myne, you will understand.

Firstly, if he plans to plunder Skills, there isn’t a need to tell us about his abilities like this time at all.
He could have quickly stolen our Skills, and killed us, and escape using the Skill he showed us when he invited the Divine Beast.

On top of that, Myne has a Divine Beast as his backer.
A human who can defeat an Orc King single-handedly and the Divine Beast Fenrir, it’s the most abnormal combination.

No matter what kind of military is sent to this combination as an opponent, they’ll be able to defeat them, right?

That is, if you simply compare their present battle power, there isn’t a reason for Myne to hold back on that.
Even so, Myne opened up to us about his ability.

His purpose in getting a Divine Beast as his backer is also not to threaten us, but rather to mentally insure that it will end without hostility.

Therefore, what he have to do is to believe in Myne, and deepen our friendship.
I think that is enough.

As I conveyed my thoughts to both of them, they didn’t come to a clean decision, but they showed calmer expressions than before.

「Nee-san has gotten an outrageous person as her spouse, huh…….
Well, a cooperation has been decided between Nee-san’s Clan and mine, so rather, since he is that strong a person, I can look forward to the materials he sells to us, huh」

Lewis seems like he has regained enough composure to crack jokes.

「……That’s true, we can just easily act to support Myne as royalty.
If he stands out from now on, no matter what there will be nobles who think of bad things, after all……」

Yosh, with this, my little brother and sister will probably be alright.
After this, if we deepen our friendship with Myne, it will naturally be settled.

I then once again switch over my thoughts to how I should train Myne.




『The child dragon Myne said…… isn’t someone else’s problem, huh.
I’ll lend you a little of my power, I can understand the emotions of having your child separated from you』

When I went out for a short while, my own children was abducted by humans.
The children who have never seen a human before approached them out of curiousity, those annoying slave collars were attached on them.

Noticing the fact that my children have been kidnapped from their cries, I hurriedly chased after a few humans and ended them.
It’s good that I finally caught up to them, but a human who had been cornered stabbed my cute boy with a dagger.

That feeling of loss and rage…… just recalling it disturbs my heart.

The dragon parent who had its child abducted is probably experiencing the same emotions.

Originally, it probably isn’t something I should intervene.
However, I want to somehow help it as a parent who also had her children taken from her.

『Speaking of dragons, I might understand something if I ask Jormungandr』

Jormungandr, a Divine Beast who like me, has been entrusted with the duty of safeguarding this land by God.
The supreme being who rules the Dragon race, and my younger brother.

『Jor, can you hear me? Jor…… It’s me, Fenrir』

『Hm? Oh, Fen-nee? It’s been a long time, I’m busy with something right now, is it something urgent?』

『……I think it’s probably related to the reason you’re busy』

I told Jormungandr about the fact that my children had been abducted, my meeting with Myne, and everything related to it.
As I did that, as expected, the reason he is busy is exactly the kidnapping of the little dragon.

『Nuu, those humans…… They’re beyond help, reaching out their hand even Fen-nee’s children.
It might better to destroy them once』

『Calm down, fortunately, thanks to Myne, my children are safe.
However, I am also feeling bitter, sympathising with the feelings of the dragon who had its child kidnapped.
Right now, Myne it moving to rescue the child, so I will assist him』

I promised that if I get hold of the child’s whereabouts, I will immediately contact Jor, and ended the telepathy.

Next, I’ll have to tell Myne about the details we’ve arranged.

『……Myne…… answer me』

『Yes! Fenrir-sama!』

I told Myne about the thing to be done, and requested that the child will quickly be returned to the dragon parent, even if only a little faster…….




……As expected, that’s the most reliable method, huh.

I think it’s alright, but I have to take the possibility of getting rejected into account.

「Order the First Knight Unit to immediately head towards Adol!!!」

I ordered the knight leader, and dispatched the knight unit to the Town of Adol.
Every minute and every second counts, a delay in decision may possibly cause fatal wounds.

While following the back of the knight leader who was running until he was out of sight, I myself started to mobilise.

My destination…… Myne, my daughter’s husband’s room.



「Excuse me, it’s me, Faren. I’m entering」

I sent a maid to announce them beforehand, and immediately my daughter came to greet me.
Entering my daughter and the others’ living room, I couldn’t see Myne’s figure.

「Sylphy, what’s Myne doing?」

「Aah, Danna-sama is……」

At the moment my daughter opened her mouth, Myne appeared from the neighbouring room.

「Myne, I’m sorry, but won’t you lend me your power?
……I know the place they hid the dragon’s child, but it is extremely far.
Every minute is precious, so won’t you go and rescue it with the travel method you showed us just now?
It’s not for my selfish desires, but to save the innocent citizens……. Won’t you please?」

As I lowered my head, Myne told me to raise my head in a panic.

If just this lowering of my head can save the lives of the innocent citizens, then it is cheap price to pay.

「I will cooperate! That’s why, please raise your head! King-sama!
Moreover, I have been told that Fenrir-sama will also cooperate.
Where is the little dragon right now?」

Divine Beast-sama will cooperate!? I am thankful for that above all else.
If Myne also cooperates, this probelm is destined to be solved.


「……It is at the Town of Labyrinth, Adol」


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

At the time everyone is reading this (the time I’ve appointed in advance), I will be in a shinkansen.
Today and tomorrow, I will be on a business trip.
I have finished writing tomorrow’s part, so the update will not be delayed, but I will not be able to deal with typos.
Please take care of me.

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TL: Izzy

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    • It’s not ‘being used’ but ‘being of use’ in this case.

      Myne was ALREADY thinking of a way to stop the dragon from attacking citizens, after all.

      He was also ‘requested’ by Fenrir to do this as well, so…yeah. He has no reason to refuse. I can see how some would think he’s ‘being used’ still, though…but I just don’t see that being the case myself.


      • Typical japanese web novel author much ado about nothing. Being used is never a problem. The problem is only to be treated badly or to be disposed of. But only an idiot would treat such golden age spawner badly or waste it.


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  2. Is the god Loki or Odin? Because Fenrir and Jormunggandr are Loki’s children along with Sleipnir and Hel, and Odin was the one who rode Sleipnir into battle, gave Hel jurisdiction over Hel, threw Jormunggandr into Middgard and chained Fenrir in a cave.


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