Chapter 8: Slime Makes a Stopover

Last night, I slipped out from the carriage and cleaned up the insolent fools who tried to point their poisonous fangs towards my cute daughters.
After that I stealthily sipped into the blanket, and now morning has come.

「Hmー, today’s a fine morning, isn’t it?」
「Pyuー, Pyui」

I exited the carriage together with the elf Orphe, and while we breathed in the fresh morning air, we stretched our bodies.
The weather’s good today. The blue sky is extending endlessly.

「Orphe-nee, you’re early as usual」

While making a drowsy expression, the dwarf Nikola came out from the carriage.
She is the owner of silver hair and white skin, unlike that of a dwarf’s.
Although she’s a peerlessly beautiful girl, she’s a tsurupeta with a short height. (TLN: Tsurutsuru – Smooth, Pettanko – flat-chested. Yup.)

「Nikola should wake up earlier. Early to sleep and early to rise is good for your body’s health, after all」
「……I’ll try. To us researchers, accomplishment is something we do everyday」

Both of them washed their faces with water Orphe made using magic, and did some light exercise.
Wake-up workout is a tradition of the Enlight family.
I also did what I could with my slime body. The truth is that this is also special training for transformation.
I can use this to hide my urgent objective from humans. What I require for that is to master the four alterations: transformation, tactile sensation, solidity, and hue.
If I go at it steadily from these trivial things, I will master this slime body.

「Amazing, Sla-chan. You can do the Enlight exercises」

These are the exercises I thought up, after all! These morning exercises are so that we can live healthy lives.
Orphe who finished her exercise hugged me tightly. Orphe’s soft and warm chest is my special seat.
I’ve come to think that it was good that I’ve reincarnated into a slime, as I am hugged like this.

「Now then, let’s depart. Nikola, the golem carriage’s okay, right?」
「Of course, I’ve completed even its maintenance」

Nikola gave a thumbs-up.
Orphe nodded, and two people and one slime boarded the carriage.
There is a staff stuck into the floor within the carriage, and a crystal at its tip.
Nikola grasped it tightly.

As she did that, a driving sound was made, the golem engine started a driving force and rotation, and the gears meshed with each other. The carriage started moving.
The dummy, the quadrupedal golem, which is covered with the pelt of a deer pretending to pull the carriage, also started moving.
Now then, we shall depart.
Thanks to the suspension which is making use of the wheels with a large diameter, the golem carriage quickly traveled over the rough mountain road.
Thus, seeing my own invention playing an important part, I felt that there is nothing better than this, as its inventor.

After travelling for a while, we came out to the main road.
Thanks to the pavement, the shaking has lessened.

Thanks to that, I have room to ponder on things.
The country of the east Orphe and Nikola are heading towards, the Ashley Empire, has a few towns and villages.
They seem to be heading towards the most prosperous port city, Ash Port.

「Nikola-chan, have you come to this area before?」
「Nope. I’m basically a hikikomori. I don’t come out from my lab」
「Actually, I’m also the same. Sometimes my hunter’s blood gets excited, and I hunt in the nearby mountains, but I don’t really go to other towns or something」

Among the sisters, there are the indoor faction and the outdoor faction.
Orphe and Nikola of 【Magic Arts】 and 【Alchemy】 basically stay indoors and are immersed in research, since my mansion is an environment with complete equipment, but they sometimes leave for faraway places for academic conferences and such, and go trips with me in order to obtain materials which aren’t on the market.

The three people, Shimazu, Helen and Leona of 【Sword】, 【Medical Arts】 and 【King】, need experience above all else, so they wander around places like battlefields.
As a father, I’m really worried about this trip with only the two of the hikikomoris.
If I didn’t follow them. I put strength into my slime body which is trembling slightly.

「Sla-chan, if I remember correctly, Otou-san has maps or documents from throughout the world, but does he have maps or documents of this area?」

I took out the desired thing.
It’s my property, after all. I can properly make a mental image on whether something is or isn’t there.

Since I took out the imagined item using 【Storage】, I can’t choose what item to bring out with vague words like what Orphe said.
Thus, I could take it out after rendering it.

「Thanks, Sla-chan…… Ah, Nikola-chan, look. Look here」
「Wait a moment, I’m in the middle of driving, it’s scary to look away. I’ll change it to automatic driving」

You can do that!?
I didn’t install automatic driving on the golem carriage.

「Eh? Even when Otou-san was the one handling it, there wasn’t such a function」
「Naturally, it’s my own invention. However, I can only use it on the main road. It recognises the road from its shape, and only drives along the road while avoiding obstacles. It’ll stop once we arrive at a forked road」

It’s simple, but it’s a good idea. If that’s the case, it can probably be realised, one way or another.
Although, there are quite some engineering problems which need to be cleared.
I’m happy that I can see my daughter’s growth.

「And, Orphe-nee, what were you so surprised about?」
There’s a village famous for its hot springs near us! Shimazu-nee-san had talked about it really enjoyably so I remembered its name」
「Orphe-nee, you really love hot springs, don’t you」
「Un, I love it. It’s an absolute must-go」

Nikola pondered for a while.

「Orphe-nee, usually, we’ll have to pass through a big checking station if we try to cross the national border, but there’s a possibility it might be blocked by the fatty upstart who sent a carrier pigeon after noticing us bringing out the research results. That’s why I planned to escape to the Ashley Empire by going across the surrounding rugged mountain range with the golem carriage」

Nikola pointed to the tugged mountain range on the map.
It will be difficult for a normal carriage to travel on a path which isn’t well maintained. That’s why it will be a blind spot.

「The route Nikola-chan thought up, the hot spring village’s……」

After that, she nodded.

「The route to the hot springs village is almost the same as the one I thought which leads to the mountain range」
「In that case」
「We can make a stopover if it’s only a day. I also want to go wtih Orphe-nee to the hot springs」

This kid, in the end, she loves her elder sister, so she won’t reject her.

「Thanks. Nikola-chan」

She hugged Nikola tightly.
Orphe has this habit of hugging others. It’s okay if she hugs her sisters or this slime, but I have to monitor her so that she doesn’t hug a man.
If she does that, Otou-san doesn’t have the confidence to keep his reasoning. I might exterminate the pest.

「Sla-chan’s also looking forward to the hot springs, right♪?」

Actually, I also love hot springs.
That’s why I went out of my way to prepare an enormous bath in the mansion, and even made the hot springs’ ingredients.
However, no matter how much intelligence I muster, I cannot win against a natural hot spring.

「Nikola-chan, let’s speed up. I’ll supply magic power」
「Seriously, stop, Orphe-nee is relatively rough.」 You’ll definitely put in too much power. It will be another question is there is damage to all the parts if you raise the output. If it’s too excessive, the carriage will be used up」
「Uuu, too bad. Well then, Sla-chan, let’s sing the hot spring song together」

I don’t really know something like a hot spring song, but I agreed.
Orphe started singing.
It isn’t an exaggeration to say that her singing is the melody of the heavens. There’s also the fact that the elves are a race who loves singing, and she also has talent at it.

Even with an unserious improvised song, it can stimulate the hearts of the people who hear it.
For the time being, I’ll appropriate interject with cries.
Orphe smiled.
Nikola also seemed to be enjoying herself, smiling as she looked at Orphe and me, the yes-man on her lap.
Like that, our destination changed to the village of hot springs, Braun, which we will stop over for a while.

After camping for a day, it’s the second day. We finally arrived at Braun.
On the way here, I 【Absorbed】 a Denkul・Rat, a subspecies of Fat Rat, but couldn’t copy its Skill. It’s the so-called duplicate.
Its Skill seems to be the same as the Fat Rat’s. However, I feel like my luck has strangely become better. That is a rat which is said to bring good luck.

I’ve decided that tonight, I will slip out from the inn and hunt the monsters around this area.
I might not have a chance to come here anymore if I miss this.
For the sake of increasing my Skills, I want to 【Absorb】 as many types of monsters as I can.

「Orphe-nee, I’m unsure whether our travelling expenses can even pay for the inn, so I’ll go sell a suitable gem」
「There’s no need for that. Wait a moment. Sla-chan, take out the hat with a large feather」

Just as she said, I took out Orphe’s favourite feather hat.
Orphe went to a place with a lot of traffic, and put the feather hat opposite to her.

Orphe than started singing.
With her bright, well-projected voice, but a melody which sounds somehow heartrending.
That was presented without even a musical instrument, and only her voice.

The singing which started all of a sudden.
Properly speaking, there probably wouldn’t be anyone who would stop.
However, Orphe’s singing is special. The passing people stopped their feet, and people gathered from a distance, searching for the singing.

Orphe continued singing.
The song reached its climax. They got passionately, intensely excited.
And then, the song ended.

Although it had only been a single song, people were moved, as if watching a play. The very song itself became a tale.
Someone applauded. It spread rapidly, and she received an ovation.
My daughter’s amazing.
Let’s lend her a hand.


I turned over the feather hat, then put it on my head and let out a cry.
All the attention was gathered on me.
Orphe pointed her hand towards the feather hat, and gracefully bowed.
Immediately after that, large amounts of tips flew over.
Orphe expressed her gratitude, and started singing another song.

「Here, Nikola-chan. Our travelling expenses. We can stay in a good inn, and even order a feast」
「I forgot about Orphe-nee’s special skill. If it’s Orphe-nee, we won’t need to worry about food nor money for life just by surviving in the mountains while sometimes singing in towns.」
「Hmー, not really? If I’m seriously researching magic arts, it’ll take an unthinkable amount of money」

I agreed on that.
There are various expenses for the sake of mastering magic arts, like rare materials, and expensive gems.
「It’s the same for alchemy. I want to quickly set up a base and make a killing. For the time being, let’s get a room with this money」
「Nikola-chan, go for the best inn within this town. They must also have the most types of food」
「……That wasteful habit of yours, Orphe-nee’s hopeless parts are exactly the same as Tou-san’s」

Nikola smiled wryly, and went to make a reservation at the inn.
If it’s the number one inn in this town, then it seems like we can look forward to the hot springs and food.
Let’s take it slowly and have some fun today. (TLN: Literally extend wings)

「Sla-chan, why did you grow wings?」

For the sake of extending my wings, I tried growing wings.

Nikola came to call us. Orphe smiled, hugged me and we headed towards the inn.

Race: Forbidden Slime
Level: 6
Name: Merlin Enlight
Skill: Absorb | Storage | Presence Sensing | Familiar | Flight Ⅰ | Horn Charge | Language Ⅰ
Belongings: Strong acid potion | Various medicinal plant components | Pyroxene of Evolution | Great Sage’s inheritance | Forest Rat materials | Pidgeotto materials | Horn Bambi materials | Denkul Rat materials
Physical strength F | Endurance F | Agility E | Magic power F+ | Luck F+ | Uniqueness EX

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