Chapter 08 – Alchemy and the Mysterious Chivalrous Man

Even though it was a hard fight, it was quite the harvest to be able to defeat three of the orcs which I was aiming for in just today.

That’s because I thought it would take two to three days, fastest.


With this, the storage bag is officially mine.

In this hunt, the understanding of the storage bag’s usefulness has penetrated deep into my bones. (JiN: Is this some sort of Japanese proverb?)


I planned to understand it but it has to be tried out before getting the hang of it.


Though I had to dismantle, three orcs on top of that, I still have some space.


Finishing the job by picking medicinal plants and hunting prey on the way back is something my mental health and financial stability are thankful for.


While thinking that, I returned cautiously due to the lesson from the battle with the crawler.

didn’t forget to use appraisal and harvest herbs on my way.


In the end, I defeated one crawler and two Forest Mutton before exiting the forest.


When I was passing through the back gate, the gatekeeper whom I was familiar with saw me who was dyed in the green crawler’s body fluids and became confused. I’m terribly sorry for that.


As expected, it’d be awkward going to the butcher and alchemy shop looking like this.


As such, I decided on returning once.


When I reached my house, I quickly took off my dirty clothes, drew a larger amount of water from the well and poured it on myself without hesitation.


When the water I drew was almost used up, I was somehow able to wash away the green colour.


I wiped off the water on my equipment and dried them inside the house, and changed into new clothes.


The green colour on the clothes…… probably won’t be washed off, huh…….

For the time being, I’ll just leave the water to boil.


When I finished, the sun had completely set.


I hurriedly rushed towards the greengrocer and bought the vegetables I need for dinner.

I then tossed them into the storage bag and hurried towards the alchemy shop.


By the way, since I’m inside the town, naturally I don’t use my skills.

Since I cannot tell others about my skills, I have to be cautious not to use them carelessly.



「Good Evening~!」


As soon as I reached the alchemy shop, I greeted loudly towards the shop.

As I did that, his wife came out with a 「Ara ara, now, now」


「I’ve heard from my husband, that you defeated an orc? Amazing, Myne-chan! Onee-san was surprised♪」


I reflexively broke into a smile as I was praised by the beautiful wife.


「Ehehe, I’m not that amazing. By the way, is onii-san in? 」


「Yes, yes, I’ll call him now.」


As she said that, the wife disappeared into the shop.

I waited for a while, and onii-san came out while wiping his hands with a towel.


「What’s wrong, Myne-kun?」


「I’ve defeated three orcs!」


I cheerfully answered onii-san’s question, and then his face was cramped like this morning.


「……Isn’t that too fast?」


「I think that I was lucky! Though I said I three orcs, would it be okay to bring the meat out? 」


「Lucky, you say…… even if I’m lucky I can’t defeat three of them, you know.」


Onii-san smiled wryly, and said that since he didn’t need the meat, he only wanted the usual raw materials.


As expected since the parts are from three orcs, and there’s even bones, we moved to the workshop inside the shop and there, I took everything out.


「Yeah, these are certainly the parts from three orcs.

I’ve also thought about this this morning but the dismantling is really skilful.


Continuing from his wife, onii-san also complimented me and once again, I grinned.


「There’s no problems with the materials, and as promised this storage bag is now yours, Myne-kun.」


I don’t think the onii-san whom I trusted will lie to me, but as expected, him formally declaring it makes me relieved.


「Thank you very much! If I hunt them again, I’ll bring it! Ah, before I forget, won’t you buy this too? 」


As I said that, I brought out the raw materials I dismantled from the crawler and the string-like thing it spat.

Aah, maybe the sheeps’ horns and hoofs too?


「Hee, a crawler, huh.

I don’t think we or the butcher will buy its meat.

I can buy the feelers and tails, and also this thread. 」


As he said that, he handed over 4 silver coins and 6 copper coins.

Breaking it down, two parts of feelers and tails cost three silver coins, and the thread-like thing costs 1 silver coin and 6 copper coins.


Surprisingly the pseudo-thread costs quite a lot.

I am told it is an ingredient to make expensive cloth.


「After this are the sheep’s horns and hooves, which costs 24 silver coins.」


It seems that they were bought for an unexpectedly high price.

By the way, these horns and hooves are grounded and one way or another, mixed together and become sleeping pills. (JiN: How… Just how??)


While I was rejoicing at the unexpected income, I tried asking about the thing I came up with in the middle of hunting.


「……By the way, I have a request……」


「Request? Why are you so formal suddenly? 」


「……If it’s possible, I would like to watch and learn potion mixing but…… is it no good?」


My request was probably too unexpected, onii-san displayed a dumbfounded expression while thinking a little.


「I don’t mind, but…… even if you looked, if you don’t have the skill, you can’t become skilled in it, you know? If the quality is bad, there might be a chance if you practise again and again, but……」


「Ee, I don’t mind! Please take care of me!!」





The conclusion, I was able to make a potion from well water and medicinal plants.

It seems that the water which flows underneath the Town of Lucas is “Clean Water”


Since it’s well water, one can draw as much as they like.

Let’s return and try it out immediately.


By the way, I also studied the mixing of high potion by observing.


It seems that I need to use medicinal plants and “Pure Running Water”.


It seems that I need to use water flowing from the upper part of the clear stream in Mount Muir, which is about 2 days from the Town of Lucas when travelling by carriage.

Of course, there are other places where I can obtain “Pure Running Water”, but that place is the nearest place from the Town of Lucas.


Because I have reached a certain level in compounding, I expressed my gratitude to both of them, and left for home, passing through the butcher.


Since it’s about the closing time of the butcher, I’m not sure whether I can make it or not.


After this corner is the butcher’s.

I reflexively quicken my steps.


When I turned around the corner, what I saw was the figure of the oji-san closing his shop.


「Oh? It’s you, boy, what’re you in such a hurry for? 」


The oji-san saw me, and greeted me while his teeth were shining.

I like how even though he has a stern face, his face is absolutely not scary!


「Thank goodness, oji-san…… can you still buy some stuff?」


「Hmm? You caught something again? Okay then, but let me close the store first.

If not, customers will come endlessly」


While laughing 「Gahaha!」, oji-san started tidying up again.


「I will help!」


Oji-san said, 「Oh, is that so? Well then, I’ll be counting on you! 」while handing over a broom and a dustpan.


After we started tidying up for about five minutes, we finished without any problems.


Then, we closed the door and went inside the shop, I brought out the orc meat which oji-san demanded, rabbits, and mutton.


「……Boy, did you hunt for orcs again? This amount…… two, no, three? You’ve become a man, huh. 」


As he said that, oji-san handed over 5 gold coins and 55 silver coins.


「I gave you some bonus, though it’s only a little, but you’ve become rich in one go huh, boy! Gahahaha」


I put the money I received in the storage bag, and expressed my gratitude to oji-san.


「Thank you as always, oji-san!」


「It’s fine. Are you planning on hunting tomorrow? If so, take care, okay? 」


Oji-san being concerned about me…… I’m really thankful.


「Yes! Thanks you, I’ll remember your advice while hunting! I’ll be going then, good night! 」


Saying my thanks, this time I headed towards my house.


It seems like I’ll be having a good dream tonight.






「Today, a person has been bestowed with an interesting skill.」


「……If you specially report to me, it must be something considerable. What kind of skill? 」


「It is【Appraisal・Complete】」





Within the darkness, two people are conversing.


The conversation of these two people will have a great impact on Myne’s life, but of course, there’s no way Myne knows of this now.

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    • Been awhile since this comment, but i’ll do my own comment anyway. It’s probably the king or something like that, heh.

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  2. After stopping at the ‘gyaa’ chapter for being bitten by a caterpillar and the orc getting him after he said that ‘he’ll be more careful’… Now that I return to reading… This Alchemy thing sound completely like the Atelier Series version of Alchemy where well water(or in case of Mana Khemia pipe water) is clean, running water is from a clean brook, possibly there being dirty/muddy or whatever the heck else other…. Even the ‘powder can make a pill with ingredient creatures effect’ thing…

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  3. For the proverb at the start of the chapter (身に染みる), it means that it sunk deeply into his mind. E.g. In this hunt, the storage bag’s usefulness sunk deeply into my mind. Also, for 「Ee, I don’t mind! Please take care of me!!」, the Ee here means yes. Idk if you did that while knowing it, but just wanted to mention it just in case~ Thanks for the chapter!


  4. sleeping pills. (JiN: How… Just how??)
    Sheep be eating valerian root or things with a lot of sleepy drugs , just like how caterpillars can be poisonous from milkweed


  5. Bone deep is not unique to Japan. Any hunting culture will have this idiom.

    The very deepest injuries reach the bone.

    Bone deep understanding means it is ingrained in the deepest part of your body.

    This meaning of maxed out in depth or becoming part of the person is a hunter’s metaphor.

    Also common is biting cold felt in the bones, not a hunting metaphor but based literally on feeling damage to the bones at the center of the limbs.


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