Chapter 79 – Let’s Give him a Name!

We who have been commanded to breakup the discussion, headed to the room which we will stay in until the marriage ceremony.

As we entered the room, we drank the black tea a maid brought while relaxing.
This black tea is probably…… a high grade item which I have never drank in my whole life.

I do not understand the taste of an expensive black tea.
Immediately after I opened up about my secret, I am honestly worried what kind of attitude the two of them will take with me.

……This isn’t the time to be savouring black tea, huh.

As I was worrying……
『Don’t worryー, I’ll be with youー! Gaoー!』, said the little Fenrir, as he once again patted my head.

……Seeing that kid, my worrying feels idiotic, doesn’t it!

Didn’t both of them say it before! That they’ll be my allies no matter what happens.
It’ll definitely be alright, what am I doing, not trusting those girls!

Un, let’s cheer up! It’ll definitely be alright with the two of them!!

「……Phew, that surprised me」

Sylphy started talking.

「I’m sorry, for keeping quiet……」

As I became crestfallen and apologised, Sylphy flustered and waved her hands, and talked to me.

「No, that’s not true! I’m not blaming Danna-sama.
I’m simply surprised greatly, there isn’t any deeper meaning to it! Please understand!」

「That’s right, it’s true that we’re surprised, but…… it’s not like Myne-kun changed or anything」

Both Sylpy and Aisha seem as if they didn’t mind.

「……Are you not scared of me?」

As I timidly asked that,

「Why is there a need for us to be scared?」

「Eh? Why?」

And, both of them made puzzled faces.

「Eh? After all, I might take your Skills away, right?」

As I said that, both of them once again looked at each others’ faces before saying 「Aah, that’s the case」 at the same time.

「I’ve said this previously, didn’t I? That I will not betray you no matter what……I will be your ally my whole life」

「I don’t mind at all either, you know?
Although it’s a marriage which started as a tradition of the royal family, it’s natural to be Danna-sama’s ally after we are married.
……That’s right, let’s talk about countermeasures as a family」

Huh? Even though I’ve made a great resolution and opened up…… Isn’t this a little too anti-climatic?
However, both of them said that they will trust me, didn’t they?

Somehow, I feel really happy.
Mn, Mnn, somehow…… my eyes are getting blurry by itself…….

『Don’t cryー, don’t cryー!If Myne cries I also feel like cryingー』

The little Fenrir got down from my head, and licked my face.
As if he’s wiping up the tears streaming out of its own accord.

Seeing that I have calmed down, the little Fenrir once again said “Heave-ho, heave-ho” and moved to the top of my head.

When the little Fenrir climbed onto my head, I expressed gratitude to my two fiancees and my cute partner.

「You’re welcome」

「This is natural, don’t mind it」


They each replied to my thanks.

Then, my two fiancees who heard the little Fenrir’s reply once again took a long hard look at the little Fenrir.

「……Hey, Myne-kun. What’s this kid’s name?」

「Yeah, I am certainly curious about his name」

That’s right! I wanted to discuss his name with these two! Good timing, let me ask them!

「No, he doesn’t have a particular name.
That’s why I thought that we should give him one, but he will become a part of our family, so I wanted to ask for your opinions」


『That’s right, your name, would you like a cool name or a cute one?』

『Mnー, anything is okayー!』

Un, I was an idiot for asking.
He originally lived in the wild so he isn’t really familiar with names, huh.

Both of them heard my conversation with the little Fenrir, but I wonder what they think of it.
As I looked at both of their expressions, their eyes seem to be sparkling as theywere thinking of something.

……Aisha’s definitely thinking of a cute one, while Sylphy’s thinking of a cool one, huh.

As I said anything’s good, I took the little Fenrir who had been fidgeting down from my head.
I then hugged him while approaching those two.

「I think the name Fenrir’s good enough though?」

「What are you saying, Hime-sama! He’s such a cute kid, you know!
I firmly nominate Koro!」

「Nonono, he’s a Divine Beast, you know? How about Shin!? Isn’t it cool!」 (TLN: Divine Beast = Shinjuu)

「No! Koro, Koro is beter! Even if it’s Hime-sama, I will not yield!」

Somehow, it’s become really heated…….


「Danna-sama, Danna-sama! Shin’s good, isn’t it?」

「Myne-kun! It should be Koro, right!? Koro’s better right!!」

Aah, I got dragged into this…….
As I was worrying, the little Fenrir opened his mouth and yawned as if it was someone else’s business.


Hm? Wait a minute.
I think I might have thought of something?

「Hey, the two of you…… How’s “Waffle”?」 (TLN: Waffuru)

As I said that, the two who had been quarrelling suddenly stopped.

「……This kid’s always barking “Wafu”, isn’t he?
Since “Wafu” doesn’t sound good for some reason, I attached a character and made it a little cuter…… “Wafuru”
How is it? I think it’s quite good though…」

As I said that, the little Fenrir’s tail wagged wildly as he said 「WafuWafuー!」, and looked like he was pleased with it.

「Somehow, this kid looks like he’s pleased with it, isn’t he?」

「……If the person himself is pleased with it, that would be the best, huh」

Both of them seem to agree on it.
I held the little Fenrir and brought it in front of my eyes.

「Is Waffle okay?」

『Wafu! Okayー!』

The little Fenrir waved his hand, his tail swinging wildly, and accepted the name.

Thus, the little Fenrir’s name has been decided to be “Waffle”.
Please take care of me from now on! Waffle!!






Huh, I seem to have hallucinated and heard something.
……”Pochi”…… I wonder what that means?


That being said, his name is decided to be “Waffle”!
Nattan-san, thank you for the wonderful name!

I was worrying on either that or Pochi, but in the end, I went with this!
Will Pochi have another chance!?

Please take care of me from now on as well.

Sponsor: Kyle S.

TL: Izzy

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37 thoughts on “Chapter 79 – Let’s Give him a Name!

  1. 4th down!! Thanks!! ❤ And also, the last line is like, showing that Myne is like having an awakening or more like, remember that he is a reincarnated person from modern day japan.. ^_^

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  2. Unusual as it maybe, but I’d honestly prefer it not to be waffle. When you wrote how he came up with the name, and put Wafuru I’d prefer that to waffle. Reading his little wafu wafu is cute, but somehow can’t get behind waffle.

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    • When I was reading GT it was TLing it as Warfare sometimes and I was like: …there’s no way.

      I don’t know that Waffle is any good either, but I also don’t really like Wafuru either. There’s the option of Wafur or Waful or something like that instead, though

      Waful would still be “Waffle” but it wouldn’t be SPELLED in that silly looking way (HE’S NOT FOOD DANGIT! lol)…so I’d personally rather see that, heh.

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  3.   ___
    _l≡_  _ |_ Thanks!!
     (≡ ー`ωー´)  Nepu!!!
      /_l:_| I like you to meet,
      |LlL  My Little Friend!


  4. ‘「Nonono, he’s a Divine Beast, you know? How about Shin!? Isn’t it cool!」 (TLN: Divine Beast = Shinjuu)’

    He isn’t a High-human so that wouldn’t work anyway…


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