Chapter 77 – Divine Beast’s Contract

「Divine Beast…… Fenrir-sama……」

Someone muttered that.

I didn’t notice when we first met in the forest, but looking at her from this proximity, I certainly felt a majestic (?) like strength.

Her status as a “Divine Beast” really isn’t just for show!

「……King of the Hume race. I have heard that you have something to talk to me about, what business do you have?」

「……I am grateful that I am able to meet you, Divine Beast-sama.
I have heard that you have become my daughter’s spouse, Myne’s backer.
A Divine Beast-sama becoming a Hume’s…….
No, I have heard that the person has a secret that you desire to protect just that one person by name」

Ou-sama started talking to Divine Beast Fenrir-sama.
Starting from Aisha and me, all the members who were present held their breaths as they looked at the scene.

「Umu, there is no doubt that my friend has a large <Power>.
My friend, as you can see, is kind-hearted.
If that <Power> is exposed, there will definitely be people who will try to take advantage of that kindness and use him.
Therefore, I have become that person’s backer」

Ou-sama and Divine Beast Fenrir-sama’s conversation continued for a while after that.
In the end, Ou-sama seems like he wants to know roughly when will Divine Beast Fenrir-sama move for my sake.

Well, that’s certainly natural.
Even if the person himself doesn’t have any plan for that, it would be extremely bad if they unconsciously incurred her imperial wrath.

In the end, the rough idea is these two points.

・Those who hurt me, those who try to deceive and use me, she will not even shun taking such people’s lives.
・This does not apply if I am cooperating with my own intentions.

「……I understand.
All of us present here understood this seriously, and promise not to use Myne for our selfish desires.
In regard to this, I have a question…….
I have heard that if a restriction using Divine Beast-sama’s power is violated, that person will be punished, but
is that true?」

Hm, somehow the atmosphere’s changing, you know?
King-sama, what are you planning on saying…….

「Fumu, that is certainly true」

「……In that case, won’t you use that on us?
Won’t you understand our resolve with that?
Of course, to those that do not desire this restriction, I swear that they will absolutely not reveal Myne’s ability」




Divine Beast-sama’s punishment…… isn’t that something outrageous!?
It isn’t good for the country’s King-sama to promise that!!!!

「……King-sama, that…… is absolutely not okay!」

As I interrupted the talk,

「What, it won’t be a problem if the promise isn’t broken, right?」

King-sama replied with a smile.
No, that’s not it, that’s not the problem……!

「……I do not mind that, but is that truly alright?」

King-sama strongly nodded at Divine Beast Fenrir-sama’s question.
King-sama then confirmed whether the people who were there other than me accepted that restriction.

The result, those who decided to accept it are King-sama, First Queen-sama, Brother-in-law-san, His Highness Lewis, and Ari.
Also, my two fiancees, a total of seven people.

Those who decided to not accept it are Second Queen-sama and His Highness Lecter.
His Highness Lecter seemed like he wanted to accept it, but was admonished by his real mother, Second Queen-sama, and gave up.

She seems to fear that in the one-in-a-thousandth chance that all the people who accepted the condition are dead, the royal family’s blood will die out.

Since that is absolutely true, King-sama silently nodded, and accepted it.

「Kukuku, humans are interesting. Very well, I shall “accept” this condition」

At the moment Divine Beast Fenrir-sama said that, a faint light surfaced from her violet body.

『I have “accepted” this restriction, can you hear my voice?』

Huh? Telepathy?

As I wondered about this strangely, the ones who accepted the restriction showed expressions of surprise.

「……T, this is」

Brother-in-law-san also looked bewildered.

『King of Hume race, the “Power of Restriction” you said, accurately it is called “Divine Beast Contract”.
Its basis is the same as the “Divine Beast’s Sacred Protection” Myne received.
However, if you were to violate what you have vowed in front of me, you shall receive an unbearable pain throughout your whole body.
But, in exchange, you will be able to converse with me through telepathy.
Just because there is this contract, do not for get your promise, alright?』


Faren Augusta
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 52 years
Occupation: King of the Augusta Kingdom

One-handed Sword・Saint Lv9
Physical Strength Enhancement・Large

【Divine Beast Contract】
Telepathy ≪Fenrir≫ new!


……It’s certainly added.

『However, it is different from Myne’s, you cannot converse with our family from anywhere you want.
Remember that you need to be within a certain range from our family.
Though, there probably won’t be cases where you have to call out to me……』

As soon as Divine Beast Fenrir-sama said that, the little Fenrir on my head raised his voice.

『I’m here, you knowー!I’m hereー!』

At the moment he raised his voice, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama spoke in an astonished voice.

『……I see, you really don’t plan to come home, do you, boy?』

『I’m not going backー!I want to be with Myneー!』

Saying that, he once again patted my head.

……No, I want you to stop patting my head, please.

「I have certainly received the “Divine Beast Contract”」

King-sama who understood the situation said that to Divine Beast Fenrir-sama.

『Umu, well then, I will be returning. Myne, won’t you link to my residence』

「Understood! Thank you very much!!」

As I once again used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】, a black vortex appeared in front of me just like before.

As the little Fenrir raised his hand and called out 「Wafu!」 to Divine Beast Fenrir-sama who decided to return…….

『I’ll entrust that kid to you, Myne』

Saying that, she disappeared into the vortex.

With the overwhelming presence of Divine Beast Fenrir-sama disappearing from that place, the atmosphere evidently lightened.

「……Phew, as expected of Divine Beast-sama. The presence is to the extent of being dreadful……」

Brother-in-law-san expressed those words.

Excluding me, everyone nodded at those words.

「……Now then, the two people who did not receive Divine Beast-sama’s contract, withdraw」

Receiving King-sama’s words, Second Queen-sama and His Highness Lecter both withdrew from the room.
As expected, His Highness Lecter made a face as if regretting a little.

There’s no helping it, I guess.

「……Now then, Myne. Won’t you tell us about it?」

Finally, the time to talk about my secret has come.
Come on, I shall summon my courage!


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

TL: Izzy

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 77 – Divine Beast’s Contract

  1. Author is making it sound like his power is a big deal, while logically in reality it is only worth for merely 1 human lifetime with no guarantee to be inherited.


    • All his power is worth is merely 1 golden age for the country he works for and that’s all. It isn’t as valuable as favorable geographical location or something of equally high value.


    • Though there is a method for this power to last longer than 1 human lifetime. He can search people with “cut” and “paste” and “appraisal (skill)” and combine the skills into one person. With “Appraisal (skill)” and “Cut” and “Paste” as a backup he can transfer his “Appraisal (complete)” and “Cut & Paste” to someone else. But I doubt the this stupid protagonist can come up with such idea.


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