Chapter 76 – Divine Beast Fenrir

It was hurriedly decided that the royal family and I will assemble and have a conference with Divine Beast Fenrir-sama.

They can’t immediately take time to assemble the royalty and move to the Divine Spirit Forest …… or more precisely, they can’t move freely while the case with Claude and the others isn’t settled, so until after it becomes stable.

「I will tell Fenrir-sama for now」

As I said that, I called out to Fenrir-sama telepathically.

『What is it, Myne』

As I convey to Fenrir-sama the contents of the talk I just had with Ou-sama-tachi, she replied with an astonished voice.

『……Why don’t I go there?
You can connect between this place and that with your Skill, right?
It will be settled in only a few steps, no?』

『However, they’ll see my power, you know?』

『……Isn’t that alright, either way, you will talk about your power, right?』

……Ah, that’s right. I didn’t realise that at all.
After that, since there wasn’t a need to hide it, there shouldn’t be any problems.

『……I’ll try asking them』

I quickly told Ou-sama and Brother-in-law-san about Divine Beast Fenrir-sama’s proposal.

「Divine Beast Fenrir-sama said that she will come here」

「W, what!? The whole royal capital will be in pandemonium, you know!?」

Aah, I left out a few words.
As expected, though only a part, I hesitated on telling them about my Skill.

「No, it will be alright.
If I use my Skill, she can move here immediately, so……」

As soon as I said that, their movements stopped, and turned silent.
……This silence is really unpleasant…….

In a sense, it’s a scene of nervousness, but…….
The little Fenrir who had been on my head patting me destroyed the feeling of tension.

In the midst of an extremely complicated atmosphere, King-sama smiled wryly and looked towards the little Fenrir.

「I understand that your Skill is extraordinary.
We’ll gather all the royalty immediately, and as soon as they’re gathered, can you invite Divine Beast-sama?」

「Understood, I will convey that to Divine Beast Fenrir-sama!」

Receiving instructions from King-sama, Brother-in-law-san exited the room to call for family members.

「……However, it feels like a dream.
My daughter’s finally marrying, and her spouse defeated an Orc King, and even befriended a Divine Beast-sama.
In society, I’m lionised as a hero, but…….
……I’ve completely lost my confidence」

As King-sama said that, the little Fenrir jumped off from my head with a ‘Pyon’, and walked to King-sama’s feet.

While looking at him, wondering what he was trying to do, he jumped onto Ou-sama’s back and ran up to Ou-sama’s head in one go.

「……What are you doing!!!」

W, what are you thinking, climbing onto King-sama’s head!!!

He probably didn’t hear my flustered voice, as the little Fenrir patted Ou-sama’s head.

『Cheer upー!』


There’s also the fact that he was a Divine Beast’s child, so King-sama did not even say a single complain.
His expression hardened, dumbfounded by what had happened.

「……King-sama, that kid…… said “Cheer upー”」

As if responding to my words, the little Fenrir said 「Wafu!」 and once again raised his hand and agreed.

Ou-sama who heard that…… Un, he burst into laughter.
And really loud at that.

「I will have to cheer up if that’s what Divine Beast-sama says! I thank you, Divine Beast-sama」

Hearing King-sama’s words, it once again said 「Wafu!」 and returned to me once again.
Perhaps because my body is small, while he was having somewhat more trouble than when he climbed onto King-sama, he was already climbing onto my head, which you could say is his usual place.

After that, as King-sama stared at the little Fenrir’s actions, Brother-in-law-san returned, leading the members of royalty.
……Hm? Aah, Aisha’s also here.

She looks really nervous though…….
That’s natural since she’s surrounded by royalty, huh, even I would be if I didn’t have my Skills.

……She was surely brought along by Sylphy.

The people who had gathered are……

King-sama, First Queen-sama, and a woman I have never met before.
She is probably His Highness Lecter’s mother, in other words, the Second Queen-sama, right?
She also somehow looks like His Highness Lecter, after all.

Next is Brother-in-law-san and Sylphy, His Highness Lewis and His Highness Lecter.
Ari and Aisha, these nine people and including me, a total of ten.

Facing all the gathered members, King-sama started explaining the situation.

That Divine Beast Fenrir-sama will come here using my Skill.
That Divine Beast Fenrir-sama stands behind me as my backer.
And that my Skills are so powerful that a Divine Beast must become my backer.

Hearing that explanation, excluding my two fiancees and Brother-in-law-san, everyone there showed expressions of surprise.

「……That being the case.
Myne who has become friends with a Divine Beast-sama will become our relative.
We may not be thinking of using him, but Divine Beast-sama may be worried about that.
Therefore, I had been thinking of proving our innocence to Divine Beast-sama」

King-sama talked to everyone there about his thoughts, and is confirming that there are no objections.
……King-sama seems to have thought about this really seriously.

I feel happy that the whole country’s King-sama said something like this, but I also feel guilty.
However, my Skills alone are dangerous.

Depending on my feelings, I might even become the worst criminal.
Of course, I do not have such plans at all so it’ll be alright, but others might not think that.

While I was collecting my thoughts, King-sama seems to have confirmed the intentions of all the members.

「Now then, Myne, won’t you invite Divine Beast-sama?」


I’m really nervous of using my Skill in this situation where I’m observed.
What can I do about this fear…….

When I was about to be crushed by anxiety, I realised Sylphy and Aisha clenched their fist while looking at me.
The both of them then slowly moved their mouths.


『『Go for it!』』


I feel my nervousness dispersing all at once.
The little Fenrir then barked 「Wafuu!!」 loudly to support me.

With the little Fenrir’s bark, I resolved myself.

Using 【Unique Magic・Space-time】, I connected the space between here and Divine Beast Fenrir-sama’s residence, the cavern.
And then at the same time, a black vortex appeared before my eyes as usual.




A large violet wolf then slowly appeared from the vortex.

Yes, that wolf, is the one handed down through the ancient legends, Divine Beast・Fenrir.
My new friend.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

*syosetu stuff*

TL: Izzy

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  1. I just finished this chapter. I hope the author didn’t use a short writing to say something like “And so I told them about my skills”. I would really like to actually read his full explanation and they’re reactions. This is a really big scene set up.


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