Chapter 75 – Backer

As the knights were cleaning up the base camp, the knight leader called out to me.

「Come to think of it, Myne-dono.
We haven’t tallied the monster Myne-dono hunted, but what should we do with it?
Since you went to the trouble to hunt them, why don’t we tally them?」

That’s true, I’ve went to the trouble to beat the catfish and the others after all…….
Let’s have a look.

「If it’s not a hassle, please!」

「Yes, gladly. Well then, can you take it out over there?」

I placed the portion that only I hunted at the place he specified.

At first, the knight leader and the surrounding knights had calm expressions, but as the amount accumulated, their expressions changed into that of surprise.

「M, Myne-dono…… Did you really hunt this many?」

「Yes, this kid is really good at finding monsters, so searching for an enemy didn’t take much time at all!」

The knights all turned their sight at the same time towards the little Fenrir, who was yawning “Fuwaa〜” on top of my head.

After they stared at the little Fenrir for a while, they returned to checking the accumulated materials once again.


After about 10 minutes passed since the knights started their work, the knight leader raised his voice.

「T, t, this is!??」

At the place the knight leader who raised his voice pointed was…… the catfish materials.

「……Myne-dono, I don’t think it’s possible, but…… that catfish type monster…… is that a Catfish?」 (TLN: Catfish – English katakanised, catfish – Japanese word)

「Yes! It’s a big catfish-san!」

As I spiritedly reply, the little Fenrir said 「Wafu!」 as raised one paw, and supported it.


Somehow, your speech suddenly got informal, you know?

「Sigh, His Highness Alto approved of you, so……」

I am told by the knight leader that this catfish-kun.
The subjugation records in the past can be counted.

Contrary to its appearance, its meat has an extremely refined taste, and is quite delicious, but…… it only has worth as material.
No, rather, most of its body can be eaten, so as an ingredient, the whole body is valuable.

However, it requires an extremely large amount of effort to defeat this guy.
At any rate, it doesn’t really appear from underwater.

It was the same as when I fought it, but it came out from the water for only an instant.
Moreover, it fired a powerful magic towards me in that one moment.

It’s an extremely troublesome monster to people who don’t have powerful long range attacks.

Therefore, the average adventurer and knight can hardly defeat it.

Because of that, though it is certainly a delicious ingredient, it can be sold for a high price…….
Considering the time and effort and injuries when obtaining it, it is a monster everyone keeps their distance from.

Such a rarely seen monster has been dismantled and is in front of him.
Well, even the knight leader would raise his voice.

After that, while periodically hearing voices of astonishment raised from here and there, I wait for the end of the assessment.

That was many so it took some time, but little Fenrir helped me to kill time, so I wasn’t bored at all.

『GaoGao, Wafuu!』

Which reminds me, if we’re going to live together, he will need a name…….
I’ll discuss it with Sylphy and Aisha once I return.

While thinking that and squishing the little Fenrir’s paw pad, the knight leader started talking to me with a tired voice.

「Myne-dono, thank you for waiting.
The total results are out…… The conclusion, you’ve worked too hard.
Firstly, the dismantling of the materials are flawless.
Though the amount is less than the adventurers’ who cheated, the points are high, since all of them are strong monsters.
Honestly speaking, even if we overlook their cheating, it will still be Myne-dono’s victory…….
You really overdid it」

I’m really shocked for some reason, but I’ve worked hard so isn’t it alright?
They then decided to purchase the materials, and we returned to the royal capital.




『Well then, can I talk to King-sama about Fenrir-sama?』

『Aah, that’s not a problem.
This misconduct of the Hume race, considering Myne, I will specially forgive it, but definitely not a second time.
You must correctly convey my message to the king.
If that king takes my words lightly…… at that time, he will experience regret firsthand』

Aah, that’s a grave responsibility.
If I don’t explain well, a dreadful situation of Divine Beast vs Hume might occur.

I’m quite nervous.

『What, there’s no need to think so deeply about it.
There probably isn’t that many fools who would take my words lightly, knowing that it was said by a Divine Beast.
If you like, you can tell the King about your power.
I’ll become your backer.
There’s probably no one who would think of opposing someone who has the Divine Beast Fenrir-sama as his backer, kukuku』

She inadvertently said a dangerous thing.
This Divine Beast-sama.

……However, speaking frankly about my ability…… huh.

Come to think of it, I’ve thought about it before.
As long as I don’t have a great backer, I can’t be open about it.

……Certainly, if it’s Divine Beast-sama, she would be enough as the great backer I thought of.

Rather than opening up after my marriage, and living in fear, it might be better to open up before the marriage, and break it off.

「……Myne-dono, Myne-dono」


「Don’t just “Eh?”. We will soon reach the royal capital」

While I was recalling the conversation on what I should do from now on with Divine Beast Fenrir-sama, we seem to have arrived at the capital.

……Now then, I’ll have to meet Ou-sama and convey Divine Beast Fenrir-sama’s message.


He was probably worrying, looking at my condition.
Unusually, the little Fenrir wasn’t on my head, but rolled into a ball on my lap, and licking my hand.

『……It’ll be alright, no need to worry about me』

『Cheer upー, cheerfulness is the most importantー, Gaoー』

Encouraged by the little Fenrir, a smile reflexively surfaced on my face.

Un, that’s right! Smiles are the most important!
After all, sooner or later, I’ll must walk on this path.

The peerless Divine Beast-sama will become my backer!
There isn’t anything happier than this.

Bring out your courage, Myne!!




「Ooh, Myne! It’s good that you returned safely」

Ou-sama greeted me with a smile across his whole face.
The game this time proceeded just as planned, so of course he would be happy.

Presently, Claude and the others seems to be under intense investigation.
Since we have to quickly safeguard the dragon child, and return it to its parent.

……The knight leader isn’t good with deceiving with words, so they’d probably be tortured or something.

Though they are paying for their actions, it doesn’t really feel good, so it was correct not to ask.
Thank you for your consideration, knight leader!

I heard that you have something to report to me, but what kind of talk is it?」

「For now, I’ll report about this time’s game, but……
Is it possible to clear out the people?」

As I said that and looked around me, Ou-sama told his surrounding close aides to withdraw, and we moved to the royalty’s private room.

「As expected, we can’t be together alone. Alto, you come too」

Brother-in-law-san who was told that by King-sama also moved with us.



「……Now then, let’s hear it」

I started talking about the things that occured in the Divine Spirit Forest.

I then talked about meeting Divine Beast Fenrir-sama, and the adventurers hired by Claude attaching the slave collar and showed hostility.

「Those damn fools!!!!」

King-sama and Brother-in-law-san were both exasperated with Claude and the others’ foolish move.

Well, that’s natural.
Even I thought the same thing…….

「……Wait, Myne…… Did you say Divine Beast Fenrir-sama’s children?
That carefree wolf relaxing on your head…… Don’t tell me……」

「Yes, he is Divine Beast Fenrir-sama’s child」

He seems to have noticed us talking about him.

He greeted, 「Wafu!」, as he raised his right hand.

……No, that’s cute but, what are you doing to the King-sama and the next King-sama?

It probably lost interes, and once again started relaxing on top of my head.

「……I, I can’t believe it…… The Divine Beast-sama from legends in front of me……」

It must have been quite the shock.
Both of them were visibly trembing, no, getting flustered.

However, the talk won’t proceed if this goes on.
I’ll forcibly proceed with the talk!

I took out the three “Slave Collars” from my storage bag.

「King-sama, these are the “Slave Collars” attached to this kid and his siblings.
I thought that it might be useful so I brought it with me」

I handed the collars to Brother-in-law-san.

「……These are certainly “Slave Collars”.
There are serial numbers engraved onto these things, so we can arrest those guys who gave these to Claude and the others.
Thanks for the help, Myne」

And, at that moment, Brother-in-law-san who looked like he suddenly recaleld something looked at me and asked.

「Wait? “Slave Collars” can only be taken off by the person who attached it in the first place, right?
How is it off without any incident?」

!! As expected, it’s here!!!
Now then, bring out your courage, Myne.

「……I used my Skill」

My answer was probably outside their expectations.
They didn’t think that I would talk about my Skills.

Both of them looked at each other and made surprised expressions.

「……What’s with that? Didn’t you not want to talk about your Skills?」

「……Yes, that is certainly the case…….
For the time being, can we put that aside and continue the report?」

Both of them nodded their head and said 「Yeah」, and urged met o continue.

I then conveyed the message from Divine Beast Fenrir-sama.

「……There will be no next time, huh」

「Chichiue, isn’t this rather a silver lining?
Thanks to Myne intervening, we were forgiven for this, so…….
At any rate, though Divine Beast-sama’s child was stabbed to death, he promptly acted」

「……That’s true, I can’t express my gratitude with just thanking him, huh」

I then told them about DIvine Beast Fenrir-sama calling me her friend.
About her children getting attached to me, and leaving behind them, but he still followed me.

I then talked more about my relationship with the Divine Beast parent and child.

「……Also, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama said this.
That she will become my backer.
If I deem necessary, I can talk about my Skills without fear」

「……A Divine Beast-sama becoming a human individual…… his backer, you say!!?」


Probably reading the flow of the talk, the little Fenrir barked.
As if affirming the current talk.

「……I see, I don’t know what kind of secret there is to your Skill, but……
Divine Beast-sama protecting you…… Such an amazing thing happened, huh……」

I nodded silently.

「Fumu, Myne. We are one royal family, before hearing about your Skill, can I meet Divine Beast-sama?」

King-sama seemed to have thought up something, and asked me that.

「……I don’t know without asking, but it should probably be alright」

All of a sudden, it has been arrange that the royal family and I will have a talk with Divine Beast Fenrir-sama.

Now then, I wonder what will happen.
I hope the talk will go well.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Thank you for sending in lots of names for the little Fenrir.
I have summarised the total results (simple version) in activity report.
Please take a look if you like.

I think the decided name will come out around chapter 76 or 77.

Please take care of me from now on as well.

Sponsor: Alex D.

TL: Izzy

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