Chapter 73 – The Game within the Divine Spirit Forest (6)

「A sunny place is really nice!」

When I woke up, I gently stood up in order to not wake the little Fenrirs who had been coiling around my body, and as I exited the cavern, I saw a bright blue sky spreading out, with not even a single cloud in it.

Since persuading the little Fenrirs continued late into the night, I feel like I woke up way later than usual.

To get rid of my drowsiness, I used a 【Continuous: Water】 pebble to wash my face, and Divine Beast Fenrir-sama lumbered out of the cavern.

『Good morning!』

I gave my usual cheerful greeting.
As I did that, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama made a calm expression and replied 『Aah, good morning』.

『Now then, I’ll hand you the monsters I’ve hunted yesterday』

As she (Divine Beast Fenrir-sama) said that, the black vortext like when I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 appeared. (TLN: The bracket is because this is the first time the author used ‘she’. The previous ones are my own words, because it’d be really weird and tiring to type the whole thing)
It seems that this black vortex is a Divine Beast’s unique ability, and is similar to a time-stop storage bag.

From within it, monster corpses spilled and fell out one by one.

Uwa, uwawawa.
So many, there’s too many!!

I was involuntarily lost for words at the monsters endlessly gushing forth.

……As expected, this amount isn’t good, the time-stop storage bag’s volume isn’t enough at all.
Using the one the royal family gave me will be against the rules, so I can’t use that.
Rather, even if I were to use it, they won’t fit, will they?

I have the 10t storage bag, but this amount is too much, and it’ll go bad before it’s processed.

In the first place, even with the portion I hunted with the kids yesterday, the amount was already quite terrifying.
……Really, what should I do with this?

Probably realising I made a troubled expression, she asked me what was wrong in curiousity.
As I explained the reason, she said 『Well then, I’ll take care of this』, and tossed them back into the black vortex.

In the middle of that, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama reflected, whispered『I was too enthusiastic』, and I decided to pretend that I didn’t hear that.


As Divine Beast Fenrir-sama and I talked about what will happen from now on, the kids said 『『『We woke upー』』』, and tottered out from the cavern.
Like yesterday, the three of them rushed and leapt…… towards me.

“Why isn’t it your mother but me?” I thought, and soon the three brats collided with me with a lot of force.

I couldn’t receive that much force, and accidentally fell on my backside, but the kids did not seem to care and licked my face.
Is it probably because I’ll soon be returning? I feel like they’re acting much more spoiled.

…… Even with the part I hunted, it was already quite a lot for the game’s materials.
Also, I’ve hunted quite a lot of strong monsters, so I can expect a lot of points, right?

That being the case, let’s play with the kids for a while.




When the sun rose to right above me, I decided to return to the base camp
The kids seem like they haven’t played enough, but as expected, it’d be bad if I went back any later than this, so I once again said “I’ll come back again”, and released myself.

Before returning, I 【Cut】 【Ultra Regeneration】 from the little Fenrir, and 【Paste】 【Regeneration】 in exchange.
I then 【Paste】 【Regeneration】 on the remaining two.

I must have 【Ultra Regeneration】 for emergencies! After all, I can get 【Regeneration】 easily.

『I’ve pasted 【Regeneration】 on the kids.
I don’t think there will be any cases like the one from before, but if it does happen, I think they’ll be alright』

The three of them leapt towards me in great joy.

『We won’t get hurt anymoreー!Gaoー』 (TLN: A roar. Yes, they’ve went from howl to purr, and now roar)

No, you’ll get hurt……, it’s just that you’ll heal…….
I explained to them properly, and warned them not to act recklessly.

……Un, I’m really worried about them.

While Divine Beast Fenrir-sama smiled, she told me “I’ll look after them properly so don’t worry”.
This kids, you’ll never understand what they will do…….

The time for us to separate them came.
Though it is only for the time being, as expected, I am feeling a little lonely.

『My friend, Myne. Our family will always welcome you』

『Yes, thank you very much! I can come here immediately with 【Unique Magic・Space-time】 so I’ll definitey come here again!』

That’s right! If I am thinking of coming, I can come immediately!! I won’t be lonely!

Saying my words of separation, I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.
I imagined the place I hunted my first Forest Ape, and confirmed the other side of the vortex using 【Presence Detection・Large】 which I just learned.

「……Yosh, there’s no one there!」

Looking over my shoulder, I waved my hand, and leapt into the vortex with a “Ei!”.

I confirmed the situation with my sight after I leapt, and just when I was about to close the black vortex…….
A violet little brat jumped out from the vortex with an amazing momentum!


At the moment the vortex disappeared, The brat rammed into me violently.
It’s the little Fenrir who behaved like spoilt child the most.

『Wafu!!』 (TLN: KUUUDDD)

Uwa!? He followed me here!? ……What should I do…….

『Myne…… It can’t be helped so take him along with you.
If you say that he’s a Fenrir, you might invite unnecessary trouble.
It would be best to pretend that he’s a Forest・Wolf』

Nonono, it’ll be exposed, you know! ……Wait, maybe it won’t?
They won’t be able to know if they don’t appraise his race, and he’s still small, so his violet shade isn’t that conspicuous.

If I stick the excess Skills and Abilities on this kid, he can defend himself…… I think?

『……Understood, I will look after him.
However, if there’s an uproar, I will return him, okay?』

After emphasising that to Divine Beast Fenrir-sama, I warned the little Fenrir.

『Understand? You need to listen to what I say, okay?
Also, you can’t attack anyone other than bad guys, okay? Also if you think that something is dangerous, immediately tell me telepathically, okay?』


Is this really alright…….
I’m quite worried, but there’s no helping it, I guess.

As my shoulders fell dejectedly, he climbed his way up, saying “Heave-ho, heave-ho”, and got onto his usual place on my head.
While my head was patted by the little Fenrir, I walked towards the base camp.




「M, Myne-dono!? It’s good that you’re safe!!」

As soon as I arrived at the base camp, the knight leader called out to me with staggering energy.

It seems that I went too deep so they lose sight of me, and they were in an uproar.
……Is that so, with my position as a commoner hunter right now, I’m sorry.

It seems that my title as the First Princess’s fiancee is more important than I thought.
Originally, he didn’t want me to participate in such a game, but because of the King’s order and knowing the game’s real purpose, he reluctantly agreed.

Well, since it’s from the knight-san and his group, it’s natural, I guess.
Somehow, I feel really guilty towards them.

……However, there’s a chance that my Skills will be exposed if someone watches me as I fight, so it’s inevitable from my standpoint.

However, I seem to have caused them quite a lot of trouble and worry, so I’ll have to properly apologise!

「Knight leader-san, and also the knights who searched for me…… I am very sorry for worrying you.
……Also, thank you for searching for me」

As I said that with a loud voice and firmly bowed, I apologised from the bottom of my heart.

They probably never thought that I would suddenly apologise.
Starting from knight leader-san, all the knights who were there were shocked.

「……Ah, please raise your head! Myne-dono!
As long as you understand and fortunately you returned unharmed.
There’s no problem as long as you take care from now on」

As I raised my head, all the knights complicated expressions from before turned into smiles, and I felt relieved that my feelings were properly communicated.

「……By the way, Myne-dono, I’ve been curious since just now」


「What’s that wolf child riding on your head?」

……Aah, that’s a natural reaction, I guess.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

I was somehow able to write. (TLN: He was sick the day before he wrote this chapter)
However, my physical condition is still as bad.
Please think that I used up all my strength if I don’t update by 6:00 tomorrow (cry)

Also, I’ve received a lot of messages and comments worrying about my physical condition.
I’ve sent thank you messages separately, but I will thank you here too.

Thank you very much.
I was very happy.

Ah, I’ve said that the game within the divine spirit forest will end, but it hasn’t.
I’m sorry.

Sponsor: Michael B.

TL: Izzy

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