Chapter 72 – The Game within the Divine Spirit Forest (5)

Guided by the little Fenrirs, we proceeded deeper and deeper into the forest.
They probably knew that I was tired from the fight with the catfish, as the little Fenrirs revived their search and destroy.

Every time they defeat a monster, they wagged their tails wildly while saying 『Praise us, praise us』, as they brought the monster’s corpse over holding it with their mouth, so monster materials are rapidly piling up within my storage bag.

I probably have gotten considerably used to dismantling using 【Cut】, as I can now generally finish it in about thirty seconds.
……Rather, the little Fenrirs’ pace is too fast, if I can’t even do that, I wouldn’t be in time.

If they say “Praise us”, I’ll naturally praise them since they’ve worked hard.
However, they become more and more eager from the praises, and continued their search and destroy, I can’t judge whether this is a virtuous cycle or a vicious one…….

Even so, we seem to approaching our destination little by little, as one of the little Fenrirs clung onto my back and said 『We’re almost there, almost there』.


Their residence which we arrived at is a large cavern.
Inside it are walls where like the ones from the Labyrinth of Strength, light is rising from the surface, and is quite bright.

And, probably controlled by magic or something, the temperature within the cavern was neither too hot nor too cold, and is kept at a comfortable temperature.

『You’re living in quite the nice place, aren’t you!』

As I talked to the little Fenrirs, they said 『Comfortable, comfortableー!』, rolled around the floor and started playing.
Divine Beast Fenrir-sama seem to have arrive before us, and looked at us playing around as she smiled happily.

『Good work in protecting my children. How was it, weren’t they helpful?』

Divine Beast Fenrir-sama proudly said that to me.
Un, she’s quite the doting parent.

I thought that for a moment, but since there’s no doubt they were helpful, I expressed my gratitude and said 「Yes! They helped me a lot」

『Mama, we were helpful, weren’t we helpful?』

Two of them, aside from the one clinging onto my shoulder, ran over to Divine Beast Fenrir-sama, and dived at her.
*Fwump*, a soft sound of impact was made, and they snuggled up to their parent, Divine Beast Fenrir-sama, pat her with their paws and behaving like spoilt children.

Divine Beast Fenrir-sama just left it as it is as she gazed at them.

Speaking of the other kid who was clinging onto me…….

There wasn’t a foothold, so he climbed up from my back with all his might, and finally manage to reach the top of my head, and made a triumphant look.
Naturally, my head is smaller than this kid, so it was quite unstable, but he’s hanging on quite well.

Well, let’s just leave him until he gets tired of it.

This kid was the one who got stabbed by the adventurer, but…… it’s quite attached to me, isn’t he.


Name: Fenrir (Child)
Race: Divine Beast
Gender: ♂ (TLN: heh.)
Status: Under Tame (Myne)

Divine Beast Twinstrike
Magic Eye of Gravity
Ultra Regeneration

Great Howl ≪Wose-Kamui≫
Strong Legs


……Eh? Really??
I didn’t use 【Tame】 though?

Why, why??

『Fenrir-sama!? Something bad has happened!?』

I was panicking, and Divine Beast Fenrir-sama called out o me.

『Hm? What’s wrong, Myne』

『……I don’t know why, but this kid…… was Tamed by me……』

『Tame…… Enslavement? ……There’s certainly such a Skill.
Myne, did you use it on that child?』

『No, not at all……. I had it from the start, but I’ve never used it』

『……Fumu, boy, come here for a while』

As Divine Beast Fenrir-sama called out to the little Fenrir who climbed on my head, it barked 「Waun」, jumped down from my head, and ran towards her mother at full speed.

For while, the two people (?) talked about something, and the little Fenrir once again returned to me.
Then, it clawed its way up my back again, and climbed on top of my head as if to say that it was the best position.

『I tried talking to the child, but there doesn’t seem to be any doubt that he’s particularly attracted to something from you.
Since he came to like you a lot after you saved him, he desired it himself, and entered the Tame status.
In the first place, it’s impossible to Tame us Divine Beasts, so I didn’t really understand the mechanism behind it since there isn’t any precedent.

U〜n, is this okay?
As I thought that, I gently raised the little Fenrir who was on my head with both of my hands, and brought it in front of me.

『What is itー?』, it said, as it wagged its tail happily, making a flapping sound, and stared at me.

Since the person (?) himself didn’t mind, it should be okay……. (TLN: To explain the (?) and the one before this, the words are 二人 and 本人. In both the words, the second kanji is person, so the (?) is questioning whether they’re ‘people’)

『Well, if you act reliably, then there wouldn’t be any particular problems』

Un, I’ve also obtained authorisation from the parent.

『But…… I’ll be going back tomorrow, you know?』


As I said that, the little Fenrir who had been wagging his tail stopped wagging, and looked at me with sad puppy eyes.

『Don’t leaveー, don’t goー』

While saying that, it lightly bit my arm.
Even if he says that, I have to return, and after this I’ll return to the capital and the wedding ceremony is waiting for me.

As I looked towards Divine Beast Fenrir-sama with a troubled face, as expected, she was also making one.

In the end, both Divine Beast Fenrir-sama and I took several hours to persuade him with 「I’ll come back again」, and somehow gotten him to agree.

In the middle of the persuasion, the remaining two little Fenrirs also said “Noー” and burst into tears, which made it really difficult.
By the way, the remaining two didn’t get Tamed.

In the end, I didn’t manage to understand why only one of them got Tamed.

After the long persuasion, they are finally going to sleep, but the three kids came to me and said 『Let’s sleep togetherー』, so we lied down together.
I fell asleep in a blink of an eye since the kids’ fluffy fur feel really good.

……Un, a whole lot of things happened today.
This match will end tomorrow, so let’s do our best!

Well then, good night!!!




「You lost sight of Myne-dono’s whereabouts!?」

Hearing the report from my subordinate, I became dizzy instantly.

Although Myne-dono is a commoner, he is the fiance of the First Princess Her Highness Sylphid.
There mustn’t be even the slightest chance of anything happening to him.

「How did you lose sight of him!?」

As I raised my voice, one of my subordinates apologetically replied.

「……Actually, Myne-dono crossed over the designated area, and proceeded deeper into the forest……
The person in charge tried to chase after him, but was obstructed by a monster, and he lost sight of him while battling……」

I see, he exited the area, which means there is possibility of meeting extremely strong monsters.
If he were to battle with such monsters, it will certainly take time…….

However, isn’t that bad in itself?
Stepping into such an area by himself, there will be danger to his life.

This game’s results have already been determined, a fixed game, so to speak.

Her Highness Sylphid’s fiance cannot lose his life for such a farce.
With the course of events, I understand that the plan would not be feasible if he doesn’t participate.

However, in my opinion, considering the danger to himself, I really did not want him to participate.
……Nothing can be done this late into the game, and His Highness Alto and Her Highness Sylphid have approved that he will be alright.

I will believe in those words for now, and can only pray that he will be safe.

「……Quickly contact the royal capital send for two platoons from the first and second knight units.
As soon as they arrive, we will search for Myne-dono」

「Yessir! Understood!」

“Please let us make it,” I wished in my mind.

Myne-dono is a commoner, so he is different from the usual nobles we meet, and has an extremely likeable disposition.
The conversation I had with him last night was indeed pleasant.

A character like his becoming a part of royalty is something we knights really welcome.

Yes, a new royal family.

There isn’t anything to be dissatisfied about with the current royal family, but if Myne-dono is added into it, I feel like it will change into something else.
Although we only had a short conversation, his personality made me feel expectation.

The wedding ceremony which will be held before long will be the first step towards that.

……That’s why, we absolutely cannot lose him in such a place.

Please let us make it, I once again mutter in my heart.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

I seem to have caught a full blown cold.
My headache is really bad and I can’t put any sentences together.

It might be impossible to upload tomorrow.
Please forgive me if that happens.

If I can update, I was thinking of ending this long Divine Spirit Forest arc.

Please take care of me.

Sponsor: Michael B.

TL: Izzy

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