Chapter 7: Slime Watches Over His Daughters

As Orphe and I brought back the dinner together, the carriage is roughly finished.
Completing it from pieces in under an hour…… As expected of the Enlight of 【Alchemy】.

This golem carriage is also one of the inventions which has not appeared on the surface.
While the word golem is said along with carriage, no golems pull the carriage.
A Golem Core, the heart of a golem, its output is all changed into rotation power, the driving force of the tyres.

In other words, it’s a self-propelling item.
The Golem Core can take in the mana from the surroundings, and gains magic power automatically.
With only that, it can move at speeds faster than normal carriages. On top of that, if the arts user pours magic power into it, the carriage’s speed skyrockets.

The suspension system is also flawless. I developed a material, a soft rubber which absorbs shock and grips the ground, and made it into a tyre. Furthermore, I made a suspension where a spring is inserted in the driving part, which can also absorb shock if the tyres cannot absorb them fully.
In other words, perpetual motion and world’s fastest, can travel on bad roads, comfortable, a dreamy carriage.
If such a thing appeared on the market, the concept of circulation of money would change.
The problem is that the special Golem Core that fulfils the vital of an engine can only be made by elite alchemists. The tyres and suspension would also be difficult for mass production.

「Orphe-nee, welcome back. I seem to have somehow finished assembling the golem carriage」
「Thank goodness. We’ll be able to go on our journey comfortably from tomorrow on.
「Mn. However, I want a horse for camouflage purposes. A carriage without an animal pulling it would be conspicuous」 (TLN: Mn, a sound of approval)
「It’ll also be a bother to explain that it uses magic to move every single time, won’t it?」

If it’s an elite magician, he might be able to briefly move the carriage with his magic power, but with just his own magic power, he won’t be able to last for long.
Which reminds me…… there’s something interesting.

「Sla-chan suddenly spat out something」
「Ah, good idea. Sla, nice assist」

There were two things I spat out. One of them is a four legged walking golem I made in an experiment a long time ago.
I thought that quadrupedals is absolutely stronger than bipedals, and made a few Tauros-type golems which walks on four legs and can even use both hands. (TLN: Yes, that Tauros. I really wonder why that world has Pokemon)
That prototype is a perfect beast-type.

The other one I spat out was the pelt of the large deer monster I just ate, the Horn Bambi.
If the quadrupedal golem is covered with the deer’s pelt, a pretend animal which will pull the carriage is completed.

「Sla-chan’s so clever」
「It’s rare for a slime to possess high intelligence. ……Though it will evolve infinitely, is it possible to enhance even thinking ability?」

Nikola suspiciously looked at me.
I averted my face.
This kid has a sharp perception. Let’s not get too carried away.

「Orphe-nee’s cooking’s the best as usualー」
「Pyui pyui!」

Cream stew with fatty duck is a masterpiece.
Orphe, who is proficient in survival, has cooking as a hobby, so her pouch contains all sorts of seasoning besides powdered milk and the like.

She deserves respect to be able to make such a food when she’s limited to those ingredients.
I don’t have a daughter like an Enlight of 【Cooking】. That’s because even I who does a lot of things, did not get into cooking. This kid self-studied all of these.

She prepared the internal organs thoroughly, and grilled them on skewers. Although it’s only smeared with salt and grilled on a bonfire, this is also delicious.
I’m thankful to God that slimes have a sense of taste.
Having delicious food while engaging in conversation, times like this are valuable in our trip of elopement.
I heard a sound of leaves getting stepped on.
I looked in that direction.

「We saw a bonfire and approached it, but we never thought that there’d be someone camping in such a place」
「This is what they call a godsend, isn’t it」 (TLN: This guy has a speech quirk, ending his sentences with a ssu every single time. No idea how to TL this, any ideas?)

A pair of men came along.
……My pest sensor is violently reacting.

One of them is a hairy large man, and the other a skinny small man.
They stink, probably from not taking decent baths.
Orphe and Nikola looked somewhat wary.

「Oi oi, don’t be so wary of us. We only lost our way a little」

The big man explained in a panic.
Orphe opened her mouth to talk.

「Is that so? If that’s the case, you’ll get to the main road if you proceed in that direction for an hour」
「Oh, is that so. Well, it was that easy to reach the main road, huh. The sun has already set though. Night in the hills is dangerous. Hey, sorry but let us warm ourselves up. Also, can you give us something to eat? We haven’t eaten anything for two days already. Of course, we’ll pay」(Big guy)

Orphe and Nikola are discussing.
Their conclusion, they will let them eat rice.
They’re quite afraid that they will be attacked if they drive the men away.

「Okay. Here’s some rice. We’ve accidentally made more than we can eat, after all」
「Thanks」(Big guy)

He presumptuously sat beside Orphe.
He’s looking at Orphe and Nikola with filthy eyes.

Aah, this is bad. This feeling of wanting to spit Acid Beam at them is rapidly welling up inside me.
For the time being, I will sit on Orphe’s laps and defend.
If acts insolently, I’ll change into Poison Slime Mode where I drench my whole body with strong acid potion, and cling onto his face.
Orphe half-rose to her feet and took some distance.
The small man sat beside Nikola and did the same thing.

「Ojou-chans, what are you doing in such a place」(Big guy)
「We are in the middle of heading to the east」
「Oh, in that case, we’ll guide you」(Big guy)
「I don’t think there’s a need for that. We have a reliable guard, after all」
「Pyui! (Ahem)」

Even if a dragon were to come, I plan to protect my daughters.
However, the men thought that it was a joke or something and laughed loudly.

「That tiny slime’s your guard?」
「You shouldn’t say ridiculous things, Ojou-chans」

My slime heart is dyed in anger.
PyuiPyui (Grrrr).

「Hey, Ojou-chans, we don’t have a place to sleep tonight. That’s your carriage, isn’t it? We can sleep as well with that big a space. Please, bugs and snakes will come out, so let us stay in there. We’ll be your guards for a whole day tomorrow as apology」(Big guy)

They probably thought Orphe and Nikola are quite the softies, as they’re saying fairly unreasonable things.
They’re getting too carried away. If Orphe doesn’t resist here, they won’t hesitate to be pushy.

「That’s impossible. Giving you the rice was alright though. We are weak girls, after all. We can’t sleep in the same room with men」
「We are gentlemen, though we look like this」
「We don’t know you, nor how believable you are. No matter what you say, that we cannot do」

After that, the stubborn man hounded her, but Orphe did not listen to him at all.
Otou-san feels relieved.
The men said that they will sleep at another place and left.

Just in case, I stuck a “insurance” on the men.
A slime’s body can also be used like this.
As my level increases, its application also rapidly increases.
Once the men cannot be seen anymore, Orphe relaxed her expression and hugged me tightly.

「Sla-chan, I was scared of the men」
「Stinky. I’m regretting a little that we had a meal with them」
「Sorry. I should have chased them away from the start」
「I also consented so I’m guilty as well」

Now then, it’d be good if my insurance ended as needless fear.
As I was thinking that, we enjoyed roasted mushroom and entered the carriage.
Orphe securely fastened the carriage’s key.
The carriage Nikola built is sturdy. With only a lock, even if a bear strike with full force, it wouldn’t be able to enter.
It’ll probably be safe for now.

「Kuh, those women are stupid, aren’t they. Since they are so easily tricked by bandits」
「Aniki, let’s quickly go and attack them」

It was late at night, and the men from before headed towards the place the elf and dwarf young ladies set up camp.
Their faces are warped in greed. Their nether regions are getting stiffer. These men’s true identity is that of bandits. In the middle of heading to a certain village to raid it, they came across delicious-looking prey, and made a stop.

「I’ll have that dwarf. It’s my first time seeing a silver-haired dwarf with white skin. That really arouses me」 (Little guy)
「Are you a lolicon or what」
「Hehe, I’m not just okay with any loli. It’s my first time seeing such a pretty girl」
「Yeah, the elf was also a terrifyingly beautiful girl. They’ll sell for a lot. We’ll be able to mess around until we’re sick of it. From her response, she’s a virgin. A virgin’ll sell for more, but I really don’t think I can control myself」

The men made a plan. They will attack the elf and daughter sisters, steal their money, goods, and carriage, on top of that, rape them, and after they lose interest, they’ll sell them.
The men thought about the future, and reached the peak of arousal.

That is why they did not notice.
That a predator was closing in on them.
A cold thing landed on the head of the big man. At the moment he felt that, his face felt like it was burning. It started to melt.

「Anikiiiii, Aniki’s faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee」

A sticky and big translucent lump fell from the sky.
It wrapped the big man’s head which was melting, melted it, and absorbed it. It was preying upon it.
The little man understood. That is was all the work of the slime.

「How dare you to this to Aniki, Oooooooh」

The man prepared his sword and assaulted the slime.
That sword cut up the slime. However, that was all. The sword then passed through the slime. It accidentally cut up the big man. It became a fatal wound.
No matter how much of an expert someone is with a sword, they cannot cut water.
The slime jumped at the little man’s face, and its body slid into his throat and nose.
Even though he tried to tear it off, there’s no point in doing that to a ungraspable thing.

Eventually, the little man who had his nose and mouth blocked died by suffocation.
They did not know. That the overprotective father of those sisters was there. Thus, they had brought his wrath upon themselves.
The slime then 【Absorbed】 (ate) the two dead bodies.
Dragging its body which became heavy due to eating too much supper, the slime returned to the carriage where its lovely daughters were peacefully sleeping. On the way, it heartily ate the grass and took in components which remove odours. The slime did not forget to consider its daughters.

『Certain death, Sla-clone. It’s quite convenient』

Although the slime body was smashed to pieces, it gathered in one place.
In doing so, the fragmented parts each have their own five senses and ability to think, and the biggest part took leadership and understands all the parts’ five senses and thoughts.
Contrary to that, by sticking onto the enemy, the small fragment can attempt to monitor.
I glued a small fragment from my Sla-body onto the men’s clothes, and listened to their words and deeds.

They cannot creep into this sturdy carriage, but it’ll be pitiful if they ranted and raved, waking up the two people and scaring them.
Above all, I will not let pests, who repay my cute daughters’ kindness with evil, live.
That is why I quickly surprise attacked, and defeated them.
Though I then 【Absorbed】 them…….

『Even though they are humans, I’ve gotten a new Skill』

The Skill I obtained was 【Language Ⅰ】 My stamina also steadily increased.

「Su, la, i, m,」 (TLN: Slime.)

Though it was difficult, I can nowform vocal chords and speak sound by sound.
Furthermore, my body transformation is smoother than before.

I feel reluctant in eating humans, but I decided that for the sake of protecting those kids, I will exterminate pests, before I will try not to let their deaths be pointless.
……It’s fastest to eat humans to take a form of a human.
If you think it’s natural, then it is.

I became liquid and slipped into the carriage through the keyhole.
After enjoying myself looking at Orphe and Nikola, my two daughters’ sleeping faces, I entered Orphe’s blanket.
Orphe hugged me tightly.

『I will protect you』

From now on, I will keep getting rid of pests who aim for my cute daughters.
Otou-san will watch over you. That’s why, sleep without any worries.

Race: Forbidden Slime
Level: 6
Name: Merlin Enlight
Skill: Absorb | Storage | Presence Sensing | Familiar | Flight Ⅰ | Horn Charge | Language Ⅰ
Belongings: Strong acid potion | Various medicinal plant components | Pyroxene of Evolution | Great Sage’s inheritance | Forest Rat materials | Pidgeotto materials | Horn Bambi materials
Physical strength F | Endurance F | Agility E | Magic power F+ | Luck F | Uniqueness EX

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