Chapter 66 – The Royal Family of Augusta

This person is the one referred to as a hero…… King-sama, huh. (TLN: Just to be clear, sometimes he’s called Kokuou-sama, sometimes Ou-sama. Both mean king, but Kokuou is less common in English, so it’ll be kept the same. Ou-sama will still be Ou-sama)
In front of me right now is His Majesty the hero Faren Augusta, who I have only heard in rumours.

Speaking of the King, you would have the image of the country’s most distinguished existence and the richest person.

However, the image of the King in front of me.
That is, I felt that “King = Luxurious and gorgeous clothes” but in actuality, King-sama is different.

He is wearing an attire which could be said to be ordinary clothes with relatively few ornaments.
……Well, even so, it’s a high-class item which I have never worn in my whole life…….

Rather, the stupid noble, Claude, his clothes suit my image of a King’s clothes more.

……This is probably because of King-sama’s character.
He can live in luxury, but he chose not to.

My impression of King-sama considerably improved.

Also, the room I was led into isn’t the audience room, but the King’s family’s private room.

Since I am his daughter’s groom, I was led to this family room.
Right now, inside this room are King-sama’s family members.


Faren Augusta (TLN: Finally a status orz)
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 52 years
Occupation: King of the Augusta Kingdom

One-handed Sword・Saint Lv9
Physical Strength Enhancement・Large


Needless to point out, King-sama has the Skills like the rumours say.
Even Brother-in-law-san cannot win against him, as expected, he’s extremely strong.


Garnet Augusta
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Age: 41 years
Occupation: First Queen

High-grade Arithmetic
Unique Magic・Ice



……Eh? What does this mean?
W, w, w, what??? There are letters I can’t read?
Is it possibly because my Appraisal’s level is too low!?

No, if the level’s too low, I would understand if it shows “Cannot be seen”, but it’s “unreadable”.

Seeing me taken aback, Garnet-sama laughed, 「Fufu」, and pinched my cheeks.
She then whispered in my ear, 「You shouldn’t just casually appraise a girl, you know」.


……I see, the royal family knows that I have 【Appraisal・Complete】.
As I looked at Ou-sama, he probably knew the reason I was perplexed, and grinned.

「I know you are curious, but please forget it for now.
……Sooner or later, you’ll understand」

Garnet-sama gently said that to the confused me.

「……I understand, I am sorry for appraising on my own convenience……」

As I apologised, she hugged me tightly and patted my head.

「Un, good boy. I love kids who properly apologise」

As Garnet-sama did that for a while, Sylphy came into view after clearing her throat, 「Mhm, Ahem!!」

「Ara, what’s the matter? Did you catch a cold?
Sylphy, your wedding ceremony is coming up, you know. That’d be bad」

「I am extremely healthy! ……Rather, Hahaue! Please get away from Danna-sama!!」

「Ara〜, are you jealous? ……That’s a foolish thing to say.
……But, I’ve taken a liking to this kid! His so cute, after all」


Hearing the heartwarming (?) conversation between the mother and daughter, I calmed down little by little.
Not caring whether the conversation stopped or not, before I knew it, Aisha and Ari were dragged into it, and it became quite chaotic.

……I wonder if this is the rumoured girls talk?
It has quite the terrifying power.

While wryly smiling at me who was liberated from Garnet-sama, King-sama and Brother-in-law, His highness Lewis, and another person who seems to be around the same age as me, came along.

「You know Lewis, right?」

Brother-in-law-san treated the girls talk as if nothing, and asked me that.
As I answered yes, he brought the boy who I am not acquainted with yet and about the same age as me to in front of me.

「This is the Third Prince Lecter.
Though we have different mothers, he’s my precious little brother, so you get along with him as well」 (TLN: レクタル. Help. Please don’t call him Rectal)

「Yes! My name is Myne! Please treat me well, Your Highness Lecter!」

As I greeted with my usual cheerfulness, His Highness Lecter poutily replied.

「I’m Lecter, Myne-Brother-in-law-san’s unfair!
You called Alto-nii-sama Brother-in-law-san, but why do you called me Your Highness!!
You also called Ari-nee-sama with her pet name, didn’t you?
Call me by my name, like you would a younger-brother-in-law!」

As His Highness Lecter said that with a rough “Hmph!”, His Highness Lewis also voiced out his dissatisfaction.
……I’m a little worried about his grin though.

「That’s right, I’m also your younger-brother-in-law, so call me by my name!」

No wait, Your Highness? If you say that while smiling, you don’t have much persuasion power so…….

Looking at the scene, King-sama also jumped on the bandwagon.

「……Fumu, in that case, won’t you call me Father-in-law-san as well?」

After enjoying such lighthearted talk for a while, King-sama began to talk to me.

「Myne, I’m really sorry for this time’s matter.
There were misunderstandings, and it brought you unnecessary disorder.
With my position, I cannot easily apologise, but it’ll be okay if it’s only within our family.
I originally didn’t want to drag your wedding into such a boorish matter, but……」

Just like Brother-in-law-san, King-sama also apologised to us.
No, please stop it……, I’ll be troubled, you know.

Looking at me, King-sama smiled wryly and added.

「Well, even if I apologised like this, it would be troubling instead, huh. Well, that’s understandable.
……Yosh, the apology ends here, but I want you to remember this.
We feel sorry for this matter from the bottom of our hearts」

Then, as King-sama announced, the apology time ended, and we moved on to the topic about the game.

「From our spy’s report on Claude, he has already entered the site and the adventurers he hired has started hunting.
His actions went according to expectations too much, so instead we were thinking if he was scheming something else.
……Well, he’s not the type of guy to think that much」

「Victory or defeat has already been decided.
You should hunt without forcing yourself, okay?
Fairly strong monsters appear in that forest. There is no point in forcing yourself to get hurt and die」

After that, I received a few warnings from Brother-in-law-san, and will start moving there.

「Danna-sama, Aniue said it as well, but there’s no need for you to force yourself, okay?
I don’t think Danna-sama will fall behind due to the likes of monsters, but nothing is certain.
Please don’t ever do anything unreasonable」

「……Myne-kun, take care……」

Talking a little with Sylphy and Aisha, I once again got on the royal family’s carriage.




「……He seemed to be quite shocked」

「Yeah, he probably never failed in appraising anything up until now」

My wife, Garnet, has a secret.
A tremendously great secret.

The only one who know about it is me and the transmutator Maya.

Perhaps, this secret will never be told to anyone else for all eternity.
No, there might not be a need to speak about it.

Since we’re happy right now.

「I wonder if he’ll be on guard against us because of this?
He’ll become my cute son-in-law, so I want him to contact us without misunderstandings, but……」

「I think it’ll be alright, that kid is quite intelligent.
The strong wariness is a slight fault, but it’ll surely be alright.
Time will heal him」

It’s certainly strange that he obstinately doesn’t want to talk about his Skills.
However, he was an orphan until just a while ago.

He probably wouldn’t be able to live without any wariness.

……However, he was raised without getting his personality warped.
He was probably protected by the surrounding adults from the shadows.

……He is probably thirsting for a “family”.
It’ll be good if his marriage with my daughter goes in the right direction.

As I pondered about that, I heard my wife muttering some words.

「……Moreover, if he could later appraise me…….
He will probably tread on a path of hardships.
Like Maya and I…… It’ll be enough with just the two of us」

I thought about it too while pretending to not notice my wife’s mutterings.
If he doesn’t know anything like he is now, he’ll certainly live a blissful life.




「We have less time than I thought, you bastards! Get hunting before it’s too late!!」

Tch, that brat, Myne or something, will be earlier than expected.
He’s early, but to even use the royal family’s carriage…… It’s natural since Sylphid’s there, but…….

He’ll probably arrive in a few hours.
It’d be impossible to continue hunting in front of him.

In that case, now’s the only chance.

……Well, the Roselia family itself hired five B-rank adventurers.
There are above thirty adventurers including the adventurers the other families hired, and they are entering the forest now.

A commoner hunter wouldn’t be able to surpass the materials obtain by this many people.

Our victory has already been determined.

Wait for me, Sylphid.

You’ll soon become mine!!


Thank you for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Sponsor: Brandon S.

TL: Izzy

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