Chapter 65 – Arrived at the Royal Capital

After it was decided that we would accept the request by the royal family to participate in the game prepared by the stupid nobles, the day for the wedding ceremony was immediately decided.

Taking the travel time into account, the game is scheduled to be on the day after tomorrow and will be held on the two days after that.

「Honestly speaking, going along with this farce where the results have already been decided is really absurd」

Sylphy griped about it to Aisha and I.

Right now, we are inside a carriage the royal family prepared.
The wedding ceremony will be held two days after the game ends.

I think it’s quite the tight schedule.

Once Sylphy and Aisha arrives at the royal capital, they would be able to take it relatively slowly, but as sson as I arrive, I will travel to the “Divine Spirit Forest” along with the knights.
I actually wanted to prepare my heart for the large-scale wedding ceremony though…….

However, once the marriage ceremony finishes, troubles with the nobles might increase.

「But as expected of the royal family’s carriage…… there’s almost no shaking.
The carriage we boarded when we previously went to Adol was shaking quite a lot though……」

Aisha started a conversation with Sylphy as if admiring from the bottom of her heart.
I certainly thought about the carriage’s comfort as well.

It really isn’t shaking at all.
And since the carriage isn’t for public riding, the interior is built to resemble a compact living room, which made it really comfortable.

Even drinks and simple meals are prepared, it really is perfect.
Well, it’s a carriage for royalty, so it is completely natural, but it feels like a completely different world…….

According to Sylphy, there is a magic tool which absorbs shock.
To be able to make such a magic tool, that person must be an amazing alchemist, huh.

As I told Sylphy that, she said that the person who made isn’t an alchemist but a transmutator.
He seems to be the same person as the one who made the time-stopping storage bag.

This person has extremely extensive knowledge, and has created various other convenient magic tools.

Once I’ve gathered the materials, it might be a good idea to try requesting him to transmute the Dagger, Bow, and One-handed Sword of Origin.
……I don’t know whether he would accept or not, though.

Well, either way, I can’t do anything without the materials, so let’s start from there.

A public carriage would take about half a day to the royal capital, but thanks to this carriage, we arrived in about five hours.
I thought about this when we went to the Town of Adol, but even a long period of time like five hours doesn’t feel as bad if there were conversations.

We who had just arrived at the royal capital, did not enter from the main gate but a side gate exclusive to the royal family, and entered the town.
I heard that our wedding has already been announced to the whole town, and if the citizens noticed our existence, the whole town may be in an uproar.
Measures seem to have been taken to avoid that.

I once again felt Sylphy’s popularity in the royal capital.


「Her Highness Sylphid, Myne-dono, Aisha-dono, have arrived」

The attending knight notified our arrival at the royal castle.

A person called out “Good work,” and we alighted from the carriage one by one after Sylphy.
No matter how comfortable a carriage is, the effect of not moving our bodies for long hours continued.

As I stretched my body and relaxed, a voice called out from behind.

「Thanks for coming, you guys」

As he said that, the person I am familiar with who came to pick us up came into view.


Brother-in-law-san (Alto) who was broadly grinning with his arms folded stood there.
And beside Brother-in-law-san was a woman.

「Ari, you came!」

Sylphy who looked at the woman called out to her and walked up to her.

Ari? Who’s that?
Seeing me worrying about it, Aisha softly whispered into my ear.

「Myne-kun, she’s the Second Princess Ariel, you know」


I see, so she’s Sylphy’s little sister.
That means to me, she’s my sister-in-law, huh.

I heard that her body isn’t too well, and usually she secludes herself in her room.
Come to think of it, there are three princes and two princesses within the royal family, right?

The oldest son is Brother-in-law-san, and the second son is His Highness Lewis.
I’ve never seen the third son yet.

The eldest daughter is Sylphy, my wife.
The second daughter is the one in front of me, Her Highness Ariel.

「Nee-sama, congratulations on your marriage.
It’s your big moment after all, there’s no way I can shut myself in my room」

Now that you mention it, she looks a lot like Sylphy.

As I was watching them talk, Her Highness Ariel glanced at me and smiled sweetly.

「Nee-sama, please introduce me to your husband」

「Aah, that’s right…… Danna-sama, this is my little sister, Ariel.
Her body’s a little weak. She usually doesn’t appear much in public, but please get along with her」

Prompted by Her Highness Ariel, Sylphy introduced me to her little sister.

「Nice to meet you! My name is Myne!
I may cause you trouble since I am a commoner, but please treat me well!」

「I’m Ariel, please call me Ari if you like, Brother-in-law-sama」

As she said that, she held out her hand.
As I grasped back the hand she held out and answered softly 「……Y, yes, Ari」, Sylphy and Alto-brother-in-law-san who saw that burst into laughter. (TLN: Oh god, spare me.)

「What are you embarrassed for, Myne?
Ari is certainly cute, but there’s no need to be that embarrassed, is there?
As a brother-in-law, it’ll be troubling if you don’t shape up.
Protecting cute little sisters is an elder brother’s important job, understand?」

No, telling me to not get embarrassed when meeting a beauty for a first time is impossible…….

「Kukuku, Danna-sama, you were also like that around me at first.
There’s nothing better than being the same as usual, I want Danna-sama to be like that forever, right, Aisha?」

「Yes, indeed! That’s how I feel as well, Hime-sama」

「The three of you, that’s mean!」

I think, I was probably embarrassed with my face flushed as I laughed.
The casual exchange, though it was only teasing me, was inevitably really fun.

Her Highness Ariel, …… no, Ari also felt something at the scene, and looked at us while grinning.

「That’s unfair, please let me join too!」

As we enjoyed such a harmonious conversation, Brother-in-law-san’s expression turned stern, and started talking to me.

「Sorry our country’s troubles got entangled with your wedding」

Aah, Brother-in-law-san is also worrying about it…….

「No, it’s not a problem! Sylphy, Aisha and I also agreed to it, after all!!」

As I said that, Brother-in-law-san smiled wryly and clapped my back as he said 「I thought you’d say that」
……Un, it’s Brother-in-law-san’s habit, isn’t it? This back-clapping.

It’s quite painful though…….
Aah, nobody’s stopping it either this time.

「Now then, we’ve talked about this. We will meet Chichiue after this.
I feel sorry for Myne, but as soon as that ends, you will go towards the “Divine Spirit Forest”」

Thus, we will have an audience with His Majesty the King.


Thank you for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Sponsor: Anon.

TL: Izzy

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  4. this really is utterly pointless writers block filler isn’t, she said it herself, she’s the princess she doesn’t need some nobles blessings for her marriage.


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    • Yeah, I was waiting for the MC to appraise Ariel as well. Normally you’d be curious to see if there’s anything wrong with someone who’s been weak since they were little, and be tempted to help, especially when it’s someone who’s going to be a sister-in-law.


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