Chapter 63 – More Troublesome Matters

「Sorry, Danna-sama, Aisha…… it was my fault」

As we drank the tea, which Aisha roasted, in the living room and calming down, Sylphy apologised to us.

「I’ve said this before, but Sylphy’s not at wrong, you know?」
「That’s right, Hime-sama…… Sir Claude was the one at fault」

Aisha and I denied Sylphy’s words at almost the same time.

Of course, there’s no doubt he came for Sylphy.
However, him spitting out abusive language is a problem with his character, and isn’t Sylphy’s responsibility.

「……However, if I wasn’t here, nothing like this would have happened」

It seems to be weighing in her mind.

「In that case, will Sylphy stop our marriage for that idiot (Claude)?」 (TLN: Kanji idiot, ruby Claude)
「There’s no way I’ll do that!」
「……If so, don’t worry about it」

The conversation had been flowing, and my one sentence stopped Sylphy’s words.
The situation developed as I thought, I think…… she will agree, even if reluctantly.

Even so, she pondered for a while, but she returned to the usual Sylphy little by little.

「……However, I don’t understand」

「Hm? About what?」

「About why did Chichiue listened to such a person.
Our marriage has already been decided, there’s no way Chichiue would overrule it with a game or something」

Aah, I see.
……That’s true.

I lost my cool with him insulting my house so I didn’t think of that at all.

I am already included as the royal family’s relative, and the influential nobles should have been notified of the marriage.
This time’s case seems like it was based on rumours, but in the first place, they should have known about it beforehand.

……Perhaps, there’s a catch to it?

As we were sorting out the situation from Sylphy’s words, although it was in the evening, somebody came to visit at such an odd time.
Don’t tell me it’s that stupid noble (Claude)?

As I was trying to stand up, Aisha said “Let me,” and headed towards the entranceway.

A while later, Aisha led someone in.

「Hm? Somehow this feels like deja vu……」

Aisha’s expression was stiff, it feels like I’ve seen it somewhere before.

……Don’t tell me, it’s Alto-san?
In the moment I thought that, Sylphy raised her voice.

「……Lewis!? Why are you here!?」

Eh? Who is he??




「Nice to meet you, I am Lewis Augusta, Sylphid-nee-san’s younger brother.
Please take care of me from now on, Brother-in-law-san」 (TLN: Oh the hell is back)

The one who greeted me in a playful way is this kingdom’s Second Prince.
His Highness Lewis Augusta.

Aah, why are royalty coming to my house so thoughtlessly…….
Of course, I know that it’s because of my marriage with Sylphy.

See, I know, don’t I?
Usually, you will never meet royalty even once in your whole life, you know?
No, it’s just that the probability of not meeting them is higher.

Even Alto-san from before, I’m getting dizzy from this.

On top of that, he’s calling me Brother-in-law-san…… No, it’s not that he’s wrong, but…….

「By the way, Nee-san, has Claude Roselia-dono came to visit?」

His Highness greeted me and hurriedly addressed his sister.

「……Aah, he came to pick a fight earlier so I sent him away」

「Uwaa, I was too late, huh……, Did that idiot not say anything?」

「……He said some considerably unpleasant thing, like retracting the marriage if they win in a game.
Furthermore, he said that Chichiue has approved of it, what’s the meaning of that? Lewis」

「Haa…… as I expected. Just as that idiot said.
First things first, let me explain the number one misunderstanding, Chichiue did not approve of such a thing.
He only had a little intention and said 『Well, let me think about it』.
They twisted it and told Nee-san that, huh」

Aah, just as Sylphy said.
It seems that…… King-sama has some kind of aim, huh.

After that, His Highness explained to us in detail about the current circumstances.

There seems to be eight people who are opposed to our wedding and planned a game along with the idiot noble (Claude).
They are not only from Lucas, but also sons of nobles from the royal capital and the neighbourhood towns.

These eight sons.
Actually, their reputation is extremely bad.

They are full of pride about being nobles, and force unreasonable demands in the town and fill their own pockets by taking advantage of their status.

However, if that’s all there is, it wouldn’t be that unusual, but just the other day, a slave dealer complained to Ou-sama.

That Claude’s party had 「smuggled young dragons」.

Originally, slave dealers deal with monsters, and not only humans and demi-humans.
It seems that they have those for appreciation, battle and other various uses.

There is a law which have been established that forbids such slave dealers from dealing with some races and monsters.
Included within the prohibition is the dragon race.

Why can’t they deal with dragons?

Dragons are an extremely intelligent species.
They are an ancient species, can even understand human language, and it is even possible to communicate with them.

Naturally, with such a large body, humans cannot treat dragons as slaves.
……That is why they deal with dragon who are still young.

Yes, they deal with young dragons…….
Young dragons, that is, dragon’s children.

Since children naturally have parents, how would their parents react if their children are gone?
Even humans who haven’t become adults know the answer to that.

Naturally, the answer is “they will come back to get them”.

Nobody knows how the idiot noble (Claude) got their hands on a young dragon.
However, there’s no way the parent dragon will stay silent forever.

There’s no doubt that it’s searching for its kid, even as we speak.

……This is very important.
I don’t know where they hid the young dragon in, but the adult dragon will attack that town.

If that happens…… that town will be destroyed.
The uproar isn’t at the level of an Orc King.

「……Is that story true?」

Sylphy frowned and asked His Highness Lewis.
That’s understandable, after all, it’s not a easily believable story.

「……As of now, I can only say “probably”.
It’s a secret information from a trustworthy slave dealer, so it is most probably true.
However, it still cannot be proved.
Since nobody knows whether it’s true or not, the influential nobles in each town cannot use their power.
If it turns out to be false, it won’t end with Chichiue apologising.
That’s why we are now desperately collecting proof」

……Isn’t this a really bad situation?

Huh? What does this have to do with Ou-sama’s remark like approving of the game?

「Umm〜, how is this matter connected to the game??」

As if understanding my intention, His Highness Lewis started his explanation.

The suspects of this uproar on the dragon is exactly the same as those who raised an objection against our wedding and proposed the game.
The game’s details were checked, a lot of evidence was collected, and they’ve ascertained that it was full of unfairness.

They appealed to the King, raised an objection to the marriage the King has already decided, and will commit injustice with the game which will be held.
If this comes to light, there’s no doubt they will be restricted.

Whatever the reason is, it will be possible to make them confess about the dragon if they are restricted.

King-sama thought about that, approved without giving his promise.
It seems that they originally wanted to tell us about this before those guys tell us about the game, but for some reason they acted faster, and it was too late.

……The reason they acted faster…….

I know what it is.
Isn’t it all my fault?

Since the “rumour” spread, Sylphy’s whereabouts was exposed.

Aaaaah, in the end, I’m the number one idiot, aren’t I ーー!!
I am reflecting about it a lot, no, I really am…….

「……I see, so that means Chichiue wants us to accept this game, huh.
Good grief, what does he take our marriage as」

Sylphy made a huge complaint.

Well, this can’t be helped, right?
There might be other ways do this, but it’s certainly a chance to advance the talks smoothly.

「However, I have a question.
No matter how stupid they are, there’s no way they didn’t think of the possibility that an adult dragon will come to get it back, right?」

「……We don’t know whether it’s true or not, since it’s something we heard from a slave dealer」

There’s still more to go. Good grief.

……It seems that they have decided to sell it off to a neighbouring country.
There’s the rumour about the Country of Demons attacking, and an enslaved dragon would be increase our war potential…….

Also, if it is sold, the adult dragon will not come to this country.

Such a cowardly thing they thought of.
I will absolutely not forgive them.

「I see, they’re more of a low-life than I imagined…… Something like this done by our country’s influential nobles…… pathetic」

「Well, that’s the story, Aneue.
I’m sorry but won’t you accept the proposal?
Of course, there’s no way your marriage will be cancelled if you were to lose.
……But then, there’s no way Brother-in-law-san would lose to them」

「……Danna-sama, sorry, but that’s how it is. Will you accept it?」

Sylphy asked me apologetically.
Of course, I’ve already decided on the answer.

「Un, Of course!」





……I’ll get rid of my resentment of him making fun of my house while I’m at it.

Eh? I shouldn’t?


Thank you for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

*Syosetu Stuff*
※Thank you for all the names for Myne-kun’s house name. It’ll be announced in a few days!
*Syosetu stuff*

TL: Izzy

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    • It’s been 2 months, but I’ll respond to this anyway.

      No, the one that was overly protective and (initially) against this was actually Alto, the first prince.

      The younger brother was telling Alto to stop being a siscon and hurry up and get married, lol.

      In reality, I feel like the younger brother is SUPER excited about Myne joining the family (and the clan)…cause of the possibility of getting high ranking materials and stuff, heh.


  1. I don’t understand why he accepted it. Like honestly if they come just fucking kill time got damn doing pointless things is pointless. And the princess is getting annoying and her family should kick the bitch out. Plus I don’t understand how he will beat them since he couldn’t beat the prince you would think atleast some out of those 8 are actually good at fighting


  2. [……I’ll get rid of my resentment of him making fun of my house while I’m at it.

    Eh? I shouldn’t?]

    no no no, you should be asking how many limbs is ok to maim


  3. What? you want to hide your skills? How about you play a rigged game against some influenial nobles in front of some more influental people? -I’m training myself in the art of sarcasm, if it wasn’t clear enough…


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