Chapter 62 – A Troublesome Matter Came Up

The breakfast on the morning after first time with Sylphy.
For some reason I felt awkward looking at Aisha.

Of course, Aisha was supporting Sylphy, and last night she didn’t come to my room.
……I understand, but…… but it’s still awkward somehow.

Aisha’s looked extremely normal, and nothing has changed.
That’s why, I think I am the only one with this feeling of awkwardness.

By the way, speaking of Sylphy…… how do I say it, it is extremely easy to understand that she has been embarrassed all this time.

Whenever Aisha asked what happened, she bashfully looked downward.

……Honestly, I never expected such a Sylphy.

Either way, I don’t think it’ll be good if this continues.
This is the part where I, the man, must get my act together!

I can’t just say things like awkward!

We will be living together from now on, so I’ll have to act natural about this.


Holding out my bowl to Aisha, I had her serve more meat soup.
I then heartily eat up.

As expected of 【Cooking Lv6】! No matter how much I eat, I won’t get tired of it, and are rapidly entering my stomach.

Looking at me, Sylphy also seem to be gradually recovering her usual look and requested Aisha for seconds.
It might have looked a little forced, but this should be okay, right?

……Well, whatever.

Let’s eat one more helping.




A week passed in a blink of an eye.

Mayor-san came to our house, and Craftsman came for a preliminary inspection of the Clan House site.
Furthermore, the construction specialist from the capital also came.

Good gracious, time really flies…….

Then, the hecticness was furthered by Alchemist-san’s wife.

Despite my request for her to “Please don’t tell anyone!”, she unintentionally talked about it.
Although it didn’t cause any chaos, it had spread quite a lot.

The oji-sans and oba-sans in the shopping district who I am indebted to, congratulated me one by one and brought all kinds of stuff.
It’s because I am indebted to them that I know that they are genuine, and I am happy for that, but…….

……I was told off a lot by Sylphy.
Then…… I also told off the Alchemist-san’s wife a lot.

「Although I’m also at fault for not telling you not to speak, but I hoped you could think a little more…… Danna-sama」

I thought that I had to tell her because I am indebted to her, but I certainly was not prudent enough.
I must think a lot, lot deeper.

……I have reflected a lot, you know.

By the way, the Alchemist-san’s wife also seem to have been strongly chewed out by her husband.
Un, please reflect with all your heart.

As I was making such a face and looking at Madam-san who was getting scolded, Sylphy glared at me.

……Ah, me too, huh. I’m sorry.

Thus, probably because the matter about us getting scolded spread, the uproar has calmed down considerably.

……Just as I thought that.
An outrageous bomb was dropped in my home.



「We have heard that Your Highness Sylphid is here and have arrived. Will Your Highness be willing to meet us?」

Somebody seems to be visiting.
I heard a voice coming from outside.

「Yeーs, coming〜!」

I replied, and when I went towards the entrance, what entered my eyes was the figure of a imposing carriage.
The whole carriage was coated in pitch black, and the edges are ornamented with a golden colour, an extremely extravagant-looking carriage.

Aah, this…… is no doubt a noble’s carriage.

And the one who had been calling in the entranceway is an ojii-san magnificently dressed in a stylish butler uniform with a splendid moustache.

「Are you the owner of this house? We have arrived to visit Her Highness Sylphid……」

It seems that he has business with Sylphy.
Well, that’s understandable…… There’s no way a butler serving such a noble would come to visit me.

「……Yes, she’s in」

As I answered that, a man wearing elegant clothes with excessive extravagant ornaments on it came out from the carriage.
He seems to be older than Sylphy.

He’s probably a noble from this town, but…… I don’t know him at all.
I don’t have any interest, but I probably can’t say that anymore from now on, huh…….

I wonder if he’s here to greet Sylphy, knowing that she’s here from the talk spread by Alchemist-san’s Wife?

As I was thinking that while looking at that noble, the first thing that came out of his mouth was something unbelievable.

「Aah, what is the meaning of this!
For a noble and lovely person like Her Highness Sylphid to
stay in such a dirty little shack……!!




……What did he say…… This guy, what the hell did he just say?
Is he looking down on the house Otou-san and Okaa-san left behind!!!?

Just when I was about to object, I remembered that he is a noble.

That’s right, Sylphy told me before.
That I have to think more before I act.

It’s no use, if I were to complain about a noble…… I don’t know what will happen.
If it’s after I married Sylphy, it’ll be alright, but since I am still a commoner…….

……However, I feel very vexed.

To me, looking down on this house is the same as looking down on Otou-san and Okaa-san.
He naturally did not notice my vexation, no, even if he did realise, he will only consider as inferior.

This noble was determined to continue looking down on me and this house.

As I grasped my fists tightly and gnashed my teeth, Sylphy and Aisha came out wondering what was wrong.

Then, the noble proudly talked about it, and naturally Sylphy and Aisha heard about him insulting me and my house.

「……You’re speaking quite a lot about my partner and that house, aren’t you? Claude Roselia」

While Sylphy was stifling her anger, she called out to the noble…… rather, Claude.
He probably didn’t sense Sylphy’s anger, and greeted Sylphy in a calm manner.

「Ooh! Your Highness!!! It’s been a while.
Oh dear, you look as lovely as ever!! Even in such a dirty place, Your Highness’s beauty hasn’t been tarnished at all!
Furthermore, isn’t that the guild receptionist Aisha-dono over there!
To be able to see two peerless beauty together with these eyes, I, Claude, am extremely delighted」

……This bastard! He’s fucking looking down on the house again!

Are you stupid? You’re stupid, aren’t you!? Don’t you see that Sylphy’s angry?
Aisha also seems to be quite angry, and normally, you’ll notice it!

……It seems that the butler noticed the dangerous atmosphere.
This stupid noble doesn’t care about Sylphy and Aisha’s conditions at all.

『……Young master, young master, you can’t do that』

The butler tried to stop him in a panic, but he’s too late.

「……Did a noble like you come here to pick a fight with me?」

Sylphy finally snapped.
Looking at situation, the noble Claude finally understood the situation.

「N, Not at all! ……N, no…… Your Highness…… living in such a dirty place, pitying, no, um……」

「Oh, is that so, I understand. Why don’t I accept your challenge」

As expected, thinking that it would be bad if this continues, the butler forced his way through.

「Please forgive this rudeness, Claude-sama doesn’t bear any ill will, and was thinking for Your Highness Sylphid.
Please understand and forgive us」

Looking at the butler bowing deeply, Sylphy breathed out a sigh and folded her arms.

「……There’s no next time」

Sylphy squinted and glared at the butler and the noble Claude.
As he seemed to have somehow gotten forgiveness, he was noticeably relieved.

「……Putting aside you coming here to pick a fight with me, what the hell did you come here for?」

He probably recalled his business at last.
The noble Claude took out a letter-like thing from his breast pocket.

「I’ve heard that Your Highness will be marrying.
……I’ve heard that Your Highness’s partner will be a commoner, so the people who proposed to Your Highness up until now including me
cannot consent…… That’s why we have a proposal.
Before the marriage ceremony, we would like to play a game with Your Highness’s partner.
If he wins, we will be obedient and give our blessings for Your Highness’s marriage.
If he loses, we want this marriage to be called off.
His Majesty said that if Your Highness agrees, His Majesty will approve」

While saying that, he handed over the letter he took out from his bosom.

「Why do I have to get you bastards’ blessings? There’s no way I’ll accept.
That’s all, right? Get the hell out of my face immediately, just your face makes me feel unpleasant」

Rejected clearly by Sylphy, he made a vexed expression for a moment, before glaring at me.

「You will regret this, Your Highness!」

Leaving behind an undesirable line, the noble Claude who boarded his carriage returned.

「Sorry, Danna-sama…… This is all my fault」

「Uun, that’s not true. All of them are the ones at fault……」

I am curious about his final words, but for the time being, the troublesome matter has left.


Thank you for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Also, thank you for waiting.
There will be feeling of adventure (though not an adventurer) little by little.

TL: Izzy

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  2. ‘Why do I have to gate you bastards’ blessings? There’s no way I’ll accept.
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    • Maybe, but you have to admit that that’s a stupid move. Sure, Myne’s much more powerful than all of them, but he’ll end up hated if he solves everything through violence. Also, it’ll put him in a bad light once the king knows. Remember, this king is his father-in-law, and he’s a pretty cool guy and not the regular asshole kings. He doesn’t want to be on his bad side for no reason at all; otherwise, he’ll end up with one less bride.


    • And that’s why a lot of xianxia novels are considered bad by most non-Chinese readers. It’s all just “kick, punch” without the “it’s all in the mind” part. Some readers actually want to read with their brains turned on every now and then.


  3. Well I was right about the girls ruining this. it went from something kind of kick ass to basically a classroom social enteraction “comedy”


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