Chapter 61 – With Sylphy

「……Why are you guys here?」

Finishing my greetings to Otou-san and Okaa-san, I asked them after we exited the public cemetery.
After all, isn’t that too good a timing?

I’m absolutely not trying to gloss over my crying! I’m really not!

They said that they found me on my way to the cemetery, but I made a face as if thinking of something really hard, so they became worried, and followed me here.
U〜n, I don’t think that’s true, but…… it seems that I made an extremely awful face.

Since I didn’t give off such a feeling of thinking hard when we left the house, the both of them judged that I might have gotten myself dragged into something, and decided to take a look at the circumstances.
It’s so that they can deal with it immediately if anything happens.

And, looking at me suddenly crying at the grave, they rushed out in a panic.

……Seems like I’ve made them worried.
Both of you, I’m sorry.

Aisha on my right hand, and Sylphy on my left.
Joining hands with each of them, the three of us got on our way home.

When we were going back, Sylphy asked me why I decorated the grave with sunflowers, so I answered, “Tou-san and Kaa-san liked them”.

As I said that,

「Myne-kun, our garden…… why don’t we plant a lot of sunflowers?
Father-in-law-sama and Mother-in-law-sama will definitely be delighted」

So said Aisha.

That’s true, I didn’t have much time up until now, but from now on, I’m not alone.
I also have enough living expenses.

Something like that would certainly be fine.

「Un! That’s good!! Let’s plant a lot of sunflowers in the garden!」

Before returning home, we stopped by the florist-san who I dropped by earlier, and purchased a lot of sunflower seeds.
Un, I’m really looking forward to the future!




「Now then, Danna-sama. Let’s exchange reports」

When we arrived at home, and as we relaxed while drinking tea, Sylphy announced that.

「Un, okay」

Saying that, I straightened myself and made sure that we can discuss.

「We’ll start first」

They obtained permission to build the Clan House without any problems.
Town headman-san seems to also know Otou-san and Okaa-san well, and when they said that they will be marrying me, he quickly gave approval.

Of course, it was a request from the First Princess, so I don’t think rejecting was a choice from the beginning.

Town headman-san said that my parents rescued this town from a crisis.
……I wonder …… what did Otou-san and Okaa-san do?

They are just normal Otou-san and Okaa-san when at home, so honestly, I don’t really have any idea…….
Come to think of it, Craftsman was also thankful to Otou-san, wasn’t he.

U〜n. Why don’t I try asking next time?

「Well, that’s the gist of it.
The mayor will visit us before long, so we’ll draw up the contract for the land then.
Honestly, the price was overwhelmingly cheaper than I originally thought.
The mayor did gave us a discount, but there’s also the fact that the land around this house is originally cheap.
It depends on the price of the quality materials, but it seems like the funds Chichiue prepared would be more than enough」

Ooh, that’s what I wanted to hear!

However, we can’t just push everything onto King-sama.
Exactly because it has become cheaper, I think I have to take the initiative in paying.

「Hey, Sylphy. Let’s pay for the building!
We will be the ones using the Clan house, right? If that’s the case, it’d be weird if we’re not the ones paying!
……Furthermore, I think we’ll definitely become more attached to it that way!」

As I said that, both Sylphy and Aisha looked at me blankly, before looking at each others’ faces and started giggling.

「That’s what I like about Myne-kun」
「That’s true, I too think that that’s extremely likeable」

I don’t quite understand, but I seemed to have gained their approval.
Un, that’s good!

「Well then, next is my turn, isn’t it!」

Saying that, I talked to them about what has been decided at Craftsman’s place.

「I see, after a week, is it? Until then, we’ll need to finish up the contract for the land before then, huh…….
Seems like it’ll be better for us to send out a fast messenger horse to Chichiue.
Let’s let them dispatch it to a specialist to handle the design of the building and such, and make advance arrangements with Craftsman-dono」

After that, the three of us contributed various opinions, and after making a rough plan, we finished our discussion.

Now then, I’ve gotten hungry! Let’s make dinner.
That’s right! I will make dinner!! This time, they’ll have to take a rest.

Such being the case, both of them are relaxing in the living room while having a talk.
They didn’t really agree, but in the end, I pleaded them and got them to yield.

It’ll be good if they could be at ease, no? I’m glad that I have hardworking wives.

……Ah, but it seems like they’ll do the same if we change positions.

While thinking that, I made the meal for my family, which was really fun.
Okaa-san…… and Sylphy and Aisha definitely felt like this when making the meals.

While working in an enjoyable mood, time passed by in a flash.

「Food’s readyー!」

As I said that, both of them said “We were waiting for this” and carried the food out steadily.
And then, the time for a fun dinner has come.

Since Sylphy wanted to hear about the Dungeon of Strength, Aisha and I took turns talking about it.

When she heard from Aisha that I quickly defeated the Troll Gazer, Sylphy sighed and said,

「……Danna-sama, you overdid it」

Hearing that, Aisha and I spontaneously looked at each other.
And then we started giggling.

「W, what is it? Why…… are you two laughing?」

Sylphy who was looking at us was baffled.

「The “you overdid it” Hime-sama said is the same thing I said when Myne-kun defeated the Cocka Grice」

Aisha explained while enduring her laughter.

Un, she certainly did say that.

「……Myne-kun, you overdid it……」, she said.

Hearing that explanation, Sylphy also started laughing.

Laugher continuously resounded as we sat together while having our dinner.




「Phew〜, baths are the getaway from life, aren’t they♪」

……Yes, right now, I am entering the bath.

After finishing our fun dinner, both of them said that they wanted me to leave the cleaning up to them.
I could possibly say “I’ll do it,” when they rolled up their sleeves and were getting fired up, so I just left them with it.

Well, what should I do?
That’s right, there is something that only I can do!

That being the case, I heated up the bath.

As expected, I’ve gotten used to regulating the water temperature, and it was ready in just two minutes, the fastest so far.
The Skills on this pebbles’ usage are really convenient, aren’t they.

It’d be good if I could think of some other usage for them.

While doing nothing but thinking that, I heard the sound of the door opening, and someone came into the baths.
There’s a lot of steam, so I don’t really know who came in…….

Is it Aisha???
Sylphy is here so I thought she certainly won’t come in, though…….

However, even after I waited, the person who entered did not move from the spot.



As I called out, that person’s body swung with a start.
Hmー? Weird, it isn’t Aisha?

……Wait a minute. It isn’t Aisha??

「……Don’t tell me…… Is that you, Sylphy?」

As I said that, that person’s body trembled violently, opened the door in a panic, and exited the bath.


『……What in the world…… doing…… if you run…… you know!!』

I faintly heard some kind voice.
That’s Aisha’s voice, isn’t it.

……Un, I somehow understood what happened.

A while later, the door opened once again, and a person came in.
With the opening and closing of the door, the steam became a lot less compared to before.

The person who opened the door and came in was as I expected, Sylphy.

Her face was dyed a bright red, and she was hiding her body with a towel.
She then turned her face at a completely different way to not look at my face.

Un, she’s embarrassed. That’s…….

Most probably, she was scolded by Aisha.
Her tears welled up slightly and it seems like she’s pouting.

It was different from her usual dignified look, how do I put this.
Cute…… Yes, she feels really cute.


「……Danna-sama, I came to wash your back」

At last, she said only those words, and approached the bathtub.
Every time she takes a step, the glimpses of the parts hidden behind her towel comes into view, which is very poisonous to the eye. (TLN: poison to the eye = temptation.)

Un? Not poison, but a feast…… I guess?

It looks somewhat small compared to Aisha’s.
Eh? What, you say…… that’s a secret.

After that, the towel slid down and her birthday suit was exposed, her concealment failed, and on top of that, she saw me nude…….
At that time, Sylphy’s shriek echoed within the bathroom.


「……Sorry, Danna-sama」

Both of us soaked in the bathtub, and she seemed to have finally calmed down.
Aisha must be fretting outside the bathroom.

「I had roughly learned about this as royalty, but…….
Actually showing myself naked, no matter what it’s embarrassing……」

「It’s alright, even I feel embarrassed.
Thanks to Aisha, I’ve gotten considerably used to it……」

「I see, Danna-sama’s also embarrassed…… I see, I see」

Sylphy probably relaxed while soaking in the bathtub, as she gradually returned back to normal.
……It’s rare seeing Sylphy with teary eyes, so I had wanted to look at it more, though.

And then, when we exited the bath, she seemed to have prepared herself as she said,

「Danna-sama, I’ve talked to Aisha…… Tonight, I want you to make love to me」



Thus, Sylphy and I spent the night in the same futon.


Thank you for reading as always.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

*Syosetu stuff*

TL: Izzy

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    • Just to let you know:
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    • Somewhat.. you see what happens when a boy and a girl sleep together is that the masculine energy of the man and the feminine energy of the women mix together with the love energy created between the two while they sleep. This vortex of energy opens up a portal to the heavenly realm.

      From there a sacred stork flys down and delivers a baby. The reason the sacred stork does this is that the sacred storks feed off of the love energy of humans A baby is able to absorb, amplify, and store the energy of its two parents and the people around it.

      When the child is still a baby they are still connected to the sacred realm and the sacred stork can feed off of the energy that the baby is absorbing. This is why the baby is almost always sleeping and also why when they are awake they always seem to be looking at something (that the adults can’t see) in wonder and amazement. They are looking into the sacred realm.

      However, as the child grows up, the connection to the sacred realm weakens. This results in the storks being able to feed of off less and less energy from the child over time. This is also why children usually have so much energy that they are completely overflowing and they have to run around a lot before tiring out.

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  1. Ok so myne and the princess only sleep in same futon. Nothing special. Anyway

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  3. Think I’m dropping this here. Can’t take this MC and this honestly foolish plot the author has going on. I love taking skills and stuff, but honestly the MC only taking them for himself has gotten old. When he was finally going to tell the girls the author is like “lol nope” and for what reason? It’s pointless story wise and frankly it’s frustrating. At this point I really want one of his wives to die so the MC will finally grow a brain. There are so many ways to go about this, if the MC can find a bullshit skill that exponentially increases exp then he should have enough plot armor to find a skill that hides his skills or something. For failing at a concept that would frankly be better in a slave-harem standpoint where you wouldn’t have to keep shit secret,y final rating for this novel is 5/10, not exactly a fun read, not exactly fulfilling either, thank you for all the hard work translator-sama and for all my brothers and sisters continuing on without me I wish you strength and patience and hope that you’re continued loyalty will be rewarded by a decent story soon in the future!

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