Chapter 6 : Slime Heads for the East

Leaving the mansion we have gotten used to living in, we went on a journey to the east.
If I remember correctly, to the east is the Ashley Kingdom, which is prospering through commerce.

They are stimulating the market by lowering the tariff, and making use of their advantage as a town by the harbour, they’ve invested a lot of money to advance their shipbuilding technology, therefore earning them millions, as trading with faraway towns, which had been impossible, is now possible.
That country’s royalty are capable. Not only the royalty themselves, but I’ve heard that there is an institution which is rapidly employing capable commoners.
Their military is strong, and magic arts are advancing. There’s no doubt that these kids are heading there.

「Orphe-nee. We’ve gained some distance. Let’s hide in the forest while I make transportation」
「That’s true. A journey with us walking all the way would be tough」

Fatty upstart and his group will probably be engrossed in searching the mansion for a while.
However, no matter how many dummies we put, there’s a possibility they might realise we brought out the research material and results, and pursue us.
Hence, Orphe and Nikola chose the mountain trail where it would be hard for horses to travel on, travelled with quite the excessive pace while being careful not to leave traces, and on top of that, they used diversionary tactics to make it seem like they headed in another direction.
The Stamina Recovery Potion Nikola specially made and Temporary Physical Enhancement Potion was very useful.
Both of them entered the forest and reached a space which is open to some extent.

「Sla, the carriage, please」

Requested by Nikola, I spat out the golem carriage parts.
There is a reason they were in parts and not a whole.

The volume that can be 【Stored】 is infinite, but there is a limit to the entrance.
If I were to stretch to the limit, I will be the size of a human at most.
That is why Nikola chose to nimbly disassemble the golem carriage and 【Store】 it by parts.

「Thanks, Sla. Orphe-nee, there are no problems with the parts. I can assemble it with these」
「How long will it take?」
「I’ll need approximately one hour」

Orphe, who heard the reply, looked up at the sky, and pondered for a while before opening her mouth.

「In that case, let’s camp outside for today. The sun’s about to set, so it’ll be impossible to go any further either way. That being the case, Sla-chan. While Nikola is setting up the carriage, why don’t we get Sla-chan’s meal, and our meals ready?」

It’s time for a fun, fun meal.
This area definitely will have different monsters than around the mansion.

「Well then, Sla-chan, can you take my bow out?」

I took out Orphe’s bow.
Orphe’s bow isn’t any ordinary bow. It is a beautiful article made by the Enlight of 【Alchemy】, the foremost alchemist, Nikola Enlight.
The materials used for this weapon, which rivals even a legend rank weapon, are from a sacred tree, the string from a high-ranking monster, and on top of that, arranged with the feathers of a sacred bird.

Orphe’s archery skill is also tip-top.
Since I adopted her, I brought her in to 【Magic Arts】, but she is originally from race of wind and bow, and even among them, she can be called a genius, a young lady whose archery skills have not grown dull.
One of her forte is her thorough knowledge of the forest and hunting. For the time being, I won’t starve to death as long as I’m with Orphe.

「Nikola, we’ll be going」
「I’m expecting a fatty duck」
「It might be possible in this season. Please don’t expect too much and wait」

While saying that, Orphe was full of determination in order to live up to her cute little sister’s expectations.
I’ll be activating 【Presence Sensing】 on my own.
Now then, let’s eat some local monsters and get new Skills.

「Sla-chan, do you see anything?」

On Orphe’s right hand are two ducks with their blood let out, along with edible mushrooms and wild grasses carried in a basket. She was looking upwards as she asked me a question.
We’ve quickly obtained tonight’s dinner, but we couldn’t find any fodder, rather, monsters.
That is why I am searching from the sky.

I am fluttering with slime-coloured wings made using 【Flight Ⅰ】. It’s a convenient Skill, but its fault is that it’s quite tiring. I want to quickly strengthen this Skill.
However, my troubles proved to be worthwhile, as I discovered a monster.

「Pyui, pyui!」

I notified her of my discovery.
I then flew in the direction the monster was in. However, I ran out of time on the way and fell.
I was skewered by a tree branch.
I would have died if I wasn’t a slime. There’s no problems in me getting skewered or something since I am a amorphous monster.

I took out my strength and became liquid, dripped to the ground, and reform!
Complete recovery.
I slime-ran in the direction the monster was in which I grasped with 【Presence Sensing】.

Orphe is definitely heading here as well.
We can somehow know the other’s whereabouts with the link from 【Slave Seal】.
Now then, I’ve discovered my prey.

The monster I discovered this time is a Horn・Bambi. (TLN: Yes, that Bambi.) A ferocious deer monster with a sharp horn like a lance facing frontwards.
It’ll be troublesome if I were to receive a poke from it.
Though my slime body invalidates physical attacks, that horn contains magic power. If the blow is loaded with magic power, the slime cells will be destroyed.
It’s hopeless whether it’s the difference in stamina or agility. There’s a need to attack from a distance.

『Acid beam pump. Can you become stronger than ever before』

In order to snipe it, I erased my presence and hid by a tree near it.
I then transformed my slime body, and made a powerful pump.
Ooh, it seems to have become a lot stronger than before.
I can probably do it with this.

「Pyu, Pyui! (Water・Cutter)」

Compressing a suitable amount of hot water left from the bath in my stomach to the very limit, and on top of that I mixed it with iron powder to raise its power, before firing it.
Although the water won’t have significant power no matter how much I try to compress it, by mixing it with iron powder, the power jumps up a level.
By the way, the material for iron is from the iron in the monsters blood which I’ve 【Stored】 until now.

The water, as if a flash of light, flew for about ten metres.
It was a direct hit, and blood was flowing out from the Horn Bambi’s side.

『Fumu, it was a success. But the pump’s strength wasn’t enough, huh. I can only cut off its skin』

It seems like I need to train for a killer technique.
In the future, I want to learn a water cutter which can cut even the bone.


The angry Horn Bambi thrusted towards me.
Within its horn is tightly-packed magic power.
If I get poked by that, I’ll die in one hit.
However, I am not worried about that.
I activate 【Flight Ⅰ】.

I can fly for a minute at a time, but I can use it again after three minutes.
With a recklessly fast speed, the Horn Bambi passed through, and its horn stuck deeply into a large tree.

『Thanks for your hard work』

I, the slime flying in the sky, landed firmly on its back. It’s struggling, but the top of its back is a complete blind spot.
I can’t rely on my usual Poison Slime Mode this time.
I can’t get my hands on the ingredients for Strong Acid Potion so I want to save it.

「Pyu, Pyuiー(Water Cutter)」

I fired Water Cutter, which I don’t normally use.
The problem with this is that its limite is cutting the skin.

However, even with that level of power, it can be said to be enough depending on the place.
My aim is the artery in its neck.
Since I am on its back, I can aim and hit it at ease. I will also use rapid-fire. The first bullet tore its skin, and the next cut the blood vessel.
The blood is splurting out from the Horn Bambi’s neck like a water fountain. (TLN: Noooo, Bambiiiii)
Thus, it collapsed with a thud.
Even something as powerless as a slime, with knowledge and schemes, I can defeat quick and agile monsters with high offensive power.
I can become stronger easily if I use my inheritance stored inside my stomach, but for now I want to explore the possibilities without relying on them.

After defeating the monster, it is my usual 【Absorption】 time.
Delicious! Rat, pigeon, and on top of that, deer. My food is rapidly becoming more wonderful.
Strength is welling up form me. It seems that my physical strength is rising.
And the Skills I get is…… 【Horn Charge】. A powerful rushing Skill by loading magic power.
Uu, it’s difficult to use. Even if I charge with this powerless body, I can only see the future where I myself will get crushed.
No, there might be an unexpected way to use it. I’ll test it out after this.

「Mou, Sla-chan, you can’t just run ahead by yourself」

Orphe who was breathing roughly caught up with me.
She seems to be worried about me and desperately ran here.

「……Pyuui (I’m sorry)」

I apologised apologetically (TLN: Sounds weird, but he can’t use words)
By the way, I haven’t finished 【Absorbing】 the Horn Bambi. I can’t 【Absorb】 a whole deer, so its lower half is jutting out. I munched little by little as the upper half disappears. Deer tastes great. Thus, I recalled my wild slime life.

「Sla-chan, you defeated such a big monster, didn’t you? You’re amazing」

Burp, I returned a spirited reply since I have finished eating.
As I did that, Orphe lifted me up and hugged me tightly.
My usual spot. Soft, warm, fragant, it really calms me down.

「Even so, Sla-chan is weak, you know. You can’t run far away alone」

I’ll reflect on it for now.
I agree that I am weak.
I was rash this time.

「Lecture is over. Sla-chan, let’s go back. I’ll make a delicious duck soup, okay? ……Ah, but I wonder if it might be too much if you eat a whole duck」
「PyuiPyui (I can still eat more)」
「Eh, it’s alright? In that case, I’ll do my best in making it, okay?」

I have a different stomach for my beloved daughter’s cooking.
I look forward to Orphe’s cooking.
Like that, we returned to the place Nikola was assembling the carriage.
Today will be a fun camp. Sitting around the bonfire while having superior duck soup.
Thus, I got excited for our first parent-and-child camp in a while.

Race: Forbidden Slime
Level: 5
Name: Merlin Enlight
Skill: Absorb | Storage | Presence Sensing | Familiar | Flight Ⅰ | Horn Charge
Belongings: Strong acid potion | Various medicinal plant components | Pyroxene of Evolution | Great Sage’s inheritance | Forest Rat materials | Pidgeotto materials | Horn Bambi materials
Physical strength F | Endurance G+ | Agility E | Magic power F+ | Luck F | Uniqueness EX

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    • The Enlight of Magic (and Archery) doesn’t require assistance in obtaining ingredients for a healthy and delicious meal, so there’s no problem if “Sla-chan” eats his own kills. There’s evidently enough in Orphe’s basket to even share with her pet Slime that’s just eaten a whole deer.


  1. I really need to know how Orphe understands his pyui pyui-ing (It feels weird since I think it sounds cute, but the person who’s pyui pyui-ing is an old man who likes his daughters…) because I want to learn it too. Thanks for the chapter!


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