Chapter 57 – Myne’s Determination, Sylphy’s Decision

After Alto-san returned to the capital, called Aisha and Sylphy to the reception room, and began speaking.

「……I have something to talk the two of you」

I think it’s because I am nervous and making a serious face.
The both of them waited for my next words with a serious expression.

「I am thinking of telling the both of you about my Skills」

They probably didn’t expect it.
Both of them suddenly stopped moving.

After that was a moment of silence.

I and the girls continued to not speak.
The first one to break the silence was Sylphy.

「……Is that really okay?」

I nodded silently at that question.

Aisha still couldn’t hide her shocked expression, she moved her mouth to say something but immediately shut it, as she couldn’t find any words.
She repeated that motion.

「The secret Danna-sama can’t tell not just us, but anyone about.
After Aniue just went back, talking to us means that you trust us, is that okay?」

Sylphy asked me once more who gave a sidelong glance at the stiff Aisha.

Even at that question, I returned a nod silently.


Sylphy placed her put her right index finger on her nicely shaped lips, and pondered on something.

Silence then once again flowed between us.

Un, that’s understandable.
I suddenly said that I will talk about the secret which I had kept even when I was erased from the guild.

Their reactions are understandable.

「……There’s something I would like you to confirm one thing before listening about that」

Sylphy had probably collected her thoughts, as she confirmed with me again.
Naturally, my reply was 「Un」.

However, I wonder what she wants to confirm??

「Is it true that the thing Danna-sama is keeping a secret will become something bad if people know about it?」

Un? Why is such a confirmation necessary…… But, since she told me to answer, I have to.

「……Un, that’s right」

「……I understand. In that case, Danna-sama, won’t you wait for a while longer before telling us about it?」

Eh!? Why??

「I think it’s natural that Danna-sama has doubts.
Just now, Danna-sama said that you wanted to talk about it because you trust us.
However, putting Aisha aside, I don’t think there has been any actual results for trusting me.
From now on, we will be starting activities as a Clan.
……Actually, Chichiue said that he wants to make a request once the Clan is officially formed.
What do you think, won’t you be able to at least make sure of me and Aisha while receiving the request?」

……Her proposal was too unexpected.

When we met at first, she came to ask me about my Skills.
I never thought that she would reply like this.

However, I realised after Sylphy said that.
……I was surely too impatient.

I have been alone ever since Otou-san and Okaa-san left me.

I had my meals alone, and even if I said “I’m back”, nobody will reply.
I thought that such a life was natural.

……However, things have changed.
Aisha and Sylphy are here.

I’ve gotten a family.

……That is why, I thought that I want to quickly open up about my secret and become a real family with them.
I thought that I would become at ease once I told them about it.

We will certainly be living together from now on, so I have to tell them about it one day.
However, that’s not how you become a real family, is it.

It’s not only a pretense, a family is trusting each other from the bottom of the heart, like how I did with Otou-san and Okaa-san.

Confidence is to believe in someone and make use of them.
Trust is to believe in someone and rely on them. (TLN)

I think, if a family doesn’t have trust, then that isn’t good.
Trust is as Sylphy said, takes time and is slowly built.

「……I understand, is Aisha also okay with that?」

She seemed to have calmed down completely, and Aisha also approved of Sylphy’s proposal.

「It’s okay not to rush it, just take it slowly, okay?」

「Just knowing Danna-sama’s feelings in wanting to talk to us about it is enough for now」

The mood calmed down all of a sudden.
My nervousness was definitely at fault, huh.

Un, it’s surely okay with this.




「By the way, Sylphy, did you hear from Aisha? About the Labyrinth of Strength」

Aisha seemed to have talk about the general details, ……Well, of course, they were together yesterday night, after all.

If she’s already heard about it, that will make things quick.

「Here, Sylphy’s souvenir」

As I said that, I took out the Troll Gazer’s drop, “Linus Sword” from the storage bag.
I feel hat she will definitely be able to use it well since she has 【One-handed sword・Extreme】.

「……This, this is amazing…… is it okay for me to have this? I haven’t done anything, though……」

「Un, of course. It’s useless for me and Aisha to have it, after all」

Looking at Sylphy’s delighted expression, I reflexively broke into a smile.
Un un, this is good.

Then, I took out “Speed Shoes” and “Ciel Soulier”.
It’s a movement speed increasing pair of shoes. I have no need for it since I have 【Swift Feet (Small)】.

The problem is who “Ciel Soulier” should be handed to.

Dropped items are basically attached with a magic which will automatically alter it according to the size of the person equipping it, so any one of us can use it.
By the way, the equipments sold at stores have to be properly chosen so that it fits.

If I think about who will be fighting ahead, then would Sylphy be the better choice?
If someone can walk on air, there will be more freedom in attacking…… though practice will be necessary.

「Well, this will be Sylphy’s and this will be Aisha’s」

By the way, “Speed shoes” are shoes with a simple pattern, black cloth with white lines on it.
“Ciel Soulier” also has a similar pattern, but it has a smarter feel, it is white.

Since I’ve heard that Sylphy puts on a pure white surcoat when fighting, its colour might also fit her.

「Is Aisha’s…… Speed Shoes?
My white one…… looks quite similar, but it’s a little different, huh.
It seems like it’ll match with my surcoat」

She seems to know about “Speed Shoes”.
Well, Cass-san was aiming for it, so it should be quite famous.

Probably since “Ciel Soulier” is a rare drop from a rare monster, nobody knows about it.

That’s good, Aisha and Sylphy both seem to like them.

Now then, after this…… I’ll need to hear about the things at the capital from Sylphy.


Thank you very much for reading as always.
Please take care of me from here on as well.

TL: Izzy

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28 thoughts on “Chapter 57 – Myne’s Determination, Sylphy’s Decision

  1. Thanks for the chap! If she(sylphy) can ask myne to be patient before telling his secret so why cant u(sylphy) be patient for the incoming night activity~ ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)


      • Honestly, I hope he refuses her advances because they aren’t MARRIED, yet.

        It’s a VERY different circumstance for him and AIsha to do it, and him and Sylphy to do it. She’s ROYALTY, after all. It’s likely to cause ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS if she does it before they’re married, heh. Especially if others FIND OUT about it.

        That said…it’ll probably happen before they’re married anyway, I’m guessing. =x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. . ヽ | |  /  /
    .\ ヽ | | / /
    . \THANKS!! /  _
    . ― /i⌒i⌒i⌒i- ̄
    .三|| | | | ∧..∧
    . _〈_{_|_}_ノ)*•̀ᴗ•́*) Nepu!!
    . /`ー―(_ノ _ノっ
    ./ / | | ヽし(_)
    None shall cook this cat!!!


  3. Author-sensei needs to work on his pacing. I’m fine that there’s no tension with the battles or the plot, but this pacing is making every arc feel like a bunch of filler chapters tied by one or two relevant chapters.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hmmm, honestly he shouldn’t even tell her now because it seems like she’s saying “Yeah if you tell me now I’m not gonna keep my mouth shut” so it’s really annoying I just wish he would tell people when it doesn’t really fucking matter like honestly he needs to sit down and think about stuff like yeah it’s a problem if people hold people that he cares about hostage but on the other hotels he could give them defense and attack skills so there’s no worry or he could straight up not care but that’s to much. So I think he should just tell the first girl because you can’t trust her all the princess did was for her needs this really no reason to trust her at all. On the other head the first girl did a lot of trust worthy shit like risking her life to go save him with the human dude risking everything to help him with the orc and almost the orc king and then quitting her job and even saying she will protect him the princess on the other hand she came looking for the dude for his power for a good mate and she gave zero fucks didn’t even hesitate to run when he say leave when fighting the orc but the fist girl didn’t. Then the whole marriage thing is because the first girl brought it up that the princess hop on to the bus to get the dudes cum then she brought her brother home then nigga beat the mc up(and didn’t kick him out or anything serious but a light talking too), so Yeah would not trust her no reason to trust her so yeah another example of mc not thinking(and author being dumb) Oh yeah the brother he’s a dick forgot to mention that who comes into someones home and tells them to fight like the fuck? And mc for being chill with it like come the fuck on don’t be nice to the nigga that beat the shit out of you in front of your wife’s that just pathetic (even if your nice that to much. I just hate japanese characters like this they are either pussy to a extreme or pussy that still a pussy but does get shit done. Then there’s the full pussy that just pussy all around doesn’t want to hurt anyone doesn’t want to offend anyone doesn’t want to touch anyone like girls. Then there over the top pervert mc that just does sexual thing over the top. Never a good balance in Japanese mc they are always one of those. Of Yeah forgot a couple like serious mc that does nothing because he’s serious. Or asexual main character that has literally no feelings for anything not the serious mc the asexual one just doesn’t do anything at the end of the day but serious oeuvre does something at the end of the story)


  5. Why did you give the air shoes to the sword user and not the bow user? sigh. Also I agree with everyone. Just tell the secret already.


    • yeah, there is a reason combat helis can be terrifiying. A big waste there!

      Hope he realizes it someday..

      I, though, agree with not telling the secret, because he really didn’t even meet the hime girl for very long at all. He at least fucked the bow lady..


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