Chapter 56 – Happy Family Circle

Morning, as soon as I woke up, Alto-san who had been sleeping on the floor wasn’t here. (TLN: Alto is the furigana. The kanji is brother-in-law. Finally.)

「……I wonder where he went?」

Since the inside of his futon is still warm, it shouldn’t have been that long since he exited the room.

By the way, when he heard that he would be sleeping in my room, I told Alto-san, “Please use the bed I always sleep in”.

「I don’t mind sleeping on the floor, I won’t ask for anything luxurious, since I suddenly came here」

Saying that, he firmly refused.

Good grief, it’s unsettling since his attitude is considerably different compared to when we first met yesterday.
“He’s a brother who normally can be looked up to, but……” said Sylphy as she let out a strained laugh, so this is probably his true appearance, huh.

Appearing all of a sudden and battling…… I was thinking what in the world is wrong, but well, that’s how it is, I guess?

While thinking such things, I stretched my body.
Hearing the cracking sounds of the bones from my back truly feels good.

「……Yosh, let’s work hard today as well!」

While saying that, I jumped out from my bed and headed towards the well to wash my face.

The peculiar fresh morning air feels great, and I can feel it revitalising my half-awake body little by little.
Un, though I always felt this way, but waking up in the morning really feels good, doesn’t it!

I drew some well water and splashed my face with it.

Come to think of it, well water can be used to make potions, so does this mean that the magic water from 【Continuous: Water】 can be used to make something??
I wonder if I should try experimenting on it?

While thinking about that, I headed towards the kitchen, and Aisha and Sylphy had already made breakfast.

「Good morning!」

As usual, I cheerfully greeted them.
It’s my family’s important rule that I took over from Otou-san and Okaa-san.

Lively greetings are magic words which can fill me and the people surrounding me with energy.

My two fiancées who heard my ‘Good morning!’, looked at each other and replied with lively greetings.

「Good morning!」

We merely exchanged greetings…… but laughter naturally filled the room.

「Should I help too?」

「No, it’ll be good if Danna-sama takes a sit and wait for us」

「That’s right, even though it Hime-sama’s first time cooking, she was quite fired up in making it!」

First time cooking, if I remember correctly, Sylphy doesn’t have the Cooking Skill, does she?
……I’m a little worried…….

They probably guessed my feeling, Sylphy made a complicated face at being exposed and Aisha giggled.

……Haven’t these two gotten quite close strangely?
There’s also Aisha’s way of calling. Though it hasn’t changed from ‘Hime-sama’, I have a feeling her restraint, sense of distance, or something has changed.

They got into the bath together yesterday, and even slept together in Aisha’s room, surely, that’s okay right?

Un, getting along is a good thing! After all, we’ll become a family after this.

「Don’t worry, Myne-kun. Look forward to Hime-sama’s handmade cooking! Of course, mine too」

Well, if that’s what she says, I won’t lend a hand.
Let’s obediently sit and wait for them.

「……By the way, do you know where Alto-san is?」

「If it’s Aniue, he’s training. It’s his daily routine」

I see, as expected, habitual training is important, isn’t it?
I wonder if it’s okay for me to train together with him? He trained me yesterday, after all.

「Aah, it’s okay even if Danna-sama doesn’t go, there’s still some fatigue and damage from yesterday, right?
Aniue said that it’s okay even if Danna-sama doesn’t come after waking up」

……Perhaps, he cared for me seeing me sleeping like a log?
If that’s the case, it’ll be the correct choice to accept his goodwill, un, let’s sit here quietly.

Therefore, I decided to sit in the living room and quietly wait.


A short time later, an extremely delicious-smelling scent wafted over from the kitchen.

Probably lured by the smell, Alto-san returned from his morning training while wiping his sweat with a towel.

「Good morning! Thank you for the hard work you put in training!」 (TLN: If you think that sounds weird, that’s because I have no idea how to tl otsukare. Help?)

He replied my greeting a little shyly with 「Aah, good mornin’」.
Un, as expected, greetings are magic words.

「Are you okay now? Though it was a mock battle, I went a little too far.
I don’t think there’s much damage left after immediately entering the bath.
If there’s anything you’re worried about, tell Sacred Bow-dono and let her heal you」

Looking at Alto-san awkwardly worrying about my health while scratching his cheek, I unintentionally chuckled.

He seems to have been caught by Sylphy before he went out for training and was lectured as yesterday’s continuation.
I heard from Sylphy that Alto-san is a siscon, but as expected, he’s weak when it comes to being lectured by his little sister.

As we had that conversation, Aisha and Sylphy carried out the breakfast they had just made.

「……Aniue, have you properly apologised to Danna-sama?」

While setting the table, Sylphy glanced at Alto-san and glared at him.

As she did that, he awkwardly turned his head towards me and said 「Sorry」.

Since I didn’t mind it that much, rather, since time passed by as I couldn’t understand the sudden turn of events, I wasn’t aware of what had happened.
That’s why I honestly said 「It’s okay, I don’t mind」, and Alto-san felt relieved while I admired him for some reason. (TLN: Sorry, no idea what this or the prev sentence means)

The apology? for now has ended, and we started having our enjoyable breakfast.

「Which one did Sylphy make?」

「Aniue, why don’t you restrain yourself a little, it’s my first home cooking, you know. I worked hard to let Danna-sama eat it」

「No, exactly because it’s my little sister’s first home cooking, I……」

Although the meals I ate with Aisha was also fun, the food is even more delicious with four people chatting like this!
Family is such a happy and fun thing, isn’t it!

The meals I ate with Otou-san and Okaa-san were also delicious, but today’s breakfast has a special deliciousness.

We enjoyed chatting for a while, but Alto-san returned to a little serious face, and started talking to me.

「Myne, since you have to conduct the marriage ceremony with Sylphy and Sacred Bow-dono, you’re coming to the capital in a few days, right?
I was thinking about conducting an all-out training there.
I’ll leave the contents for your desired training until you come to the capital, so don’t you skip out on it.
Even with how I look, I am a prince. I also have things I have to do in the capital.
Though I want to train you here the whole time……」

I’ve heard that Alto-san is in charge of the training for the chivalric order.
The schedule for the training is approaching, so he has to return to the capital.

I tried asking him why he trained me even though he’s so busy, and he replied that he took a fancy to me with a hearty laugh, and clapped my back.

Sylphy, Aisha, it hurts, so can you please stop it for me?
Don’t just stand there and laugh.

I heard from Sylphy later that Alto-san was quite against the wedding at the beginning, so his reaction was outside her expectations.
I don’t quite know what in me did he took a liking to, but it’s a good thing that I can get along well with my wife’s family, isn’t it?

Finishing our fun breakfast, Alto-san wrote the training program and the things I need to pay attention in the way I move my body on a memo with small handwriting and handed it over to me, and he then returned to the capital.

The memo he handed me is easy to understand and very carefully written. I could see that he took a considerable amount of time in writing it.
To me, this memo is an important treasure.

I’m grateful to Alto-san from the bottom of my heart.



Now then, Alto-san is gone, and in this house is only me and my two fiancees.

At last, the time to confess my secret has come.
I wonder what kind of response they will have…….

Honestly, the dread is too much.
However, on the other hand, I am also anticipating it.

Now, let’s summon up my courage and confess.


Thank you very much for reading as always.
Please take care of me from here on as well.

TL: Izzy

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