Chapter 55 – Turning Point

「…… Mmn, this place is……」

While shaking my dazed head, I sat up and observed the surroundings.
It seems to be my house, why had I been sleeping, I wonder…….

「Myne-kun!! Thank goodness you came to!!」

I heard Aisha’s shout.

「I…… Ah, I remembered. I lost…… to Ouji-sama…… huh」

It appears that Aisha used recovery magic.
Although my head is still dizzy, the pain all over my body has nearly came off.

When I thanked Aisha and looked at her face, her eyes were really red, she probably cried her eyes out.
It seems I had made her worried.

As I apologised to Aisha, the perpetrator who had beaten me black and blue entered the room.

「Oh, you’ve woken up?」
「Aniue, our conversation is not finished yet!」

While Slyphy is being mad at him, Ouji-sama call out to me with a strange grin.
However, the enraged Slyphy came chasing after him, so the atmosphere didn’t become calm at all…….

「How is your body? Since Holy Bow-dono had applied Recovery on you, I suppose most of the damage is gone?」

Ouji-sama who doesn’t care about Sylphy’s scoldings at all, is worrying about my condition.
The damage is certainly gone, I guess.

It’s impossible if you tell me to “Go all out!”, but normal movement does not seem to be a problem for me.

「Only a little, I’m still a little dazed, but I’m alright.」

「Is that so, I went too far…… Sorry.」

No, I’m the one trouble if the heir to the throne lowers his head.
In the first place, I agreed to accept the mock battle, so I don’t have the right to accept the apology.

「No no no, please raise your head! There is no reason to apologize!!」

While waving my hands violently, I called out desperately to get him to raise his head.
Then, while looking at me strangely, he raised hs head.

「……You’re a strange one……」

After that, Aisha and Slyphy who calmed down a little joined us to engage in a lively conversation of four people.
Ouji-sama wanted to hear about the fight with Orc・King but, I cannot explain it in detail without mentioning my Skills, so I could only answer his questions vaguely from the start until the end.

「By the way, Myne, it is already this late, do you mind letting me stay here?」

「No, of course not. It is a messy place but as long as Ouji-sama is willing, please do stay」

「…… Can you stop calling me Ouji-sama? You’re getting married with Sylphy, then we are going to be brothers-in-law.
I will just call you Myne.」

U~n, what should I call him……
As expected, should I take the safe route and call him 「Brother-in-law-san」?

「Eeh, ee~to…… Brother-in-law-san?」 (TLCN: Spare me.)

「…… Why the question form…… Well, that’s fine.
We’ll become a famly, don’t be so reserved.」

Somehow, it feels terribly out of place but…… sooner or later I’ll have to get use to it right?
Aisha and Slyphy’s way of calling also felt terribly out of place at first.

After settling Brother-in-law’s staying, Aisha moved to the kitchen to prepare dinner.
I decided to help, but my two fiancées strongly opposed me and told me 「Please take a break」, so I decided to be obedient.

「Come to think of it, just now I heard from Holy Bow-sama, this house has a considerably splendid bath right?
Since I’m all the way here, do you mind me getting in? 」

Ah, that’s right.

Since he’s all the way here, Brother-in-law-san should get in.
Yosh, let’s heat it immediately.

「I understand, let me heat it up first!」

Saying that, I decided to head to the bathroom quickly.


Since I had boiled it in the morning, I can roughly grasp the balance of pebbles.
It should be a little bit hot.

It will be nice to enter after eating the meal.
After that, slightly hot water accumulated in the bathtub in about five minutes.

Five 【Continuous: Water】, four 【Continuous: Heat】 should heat up the water until it’s slightly hot.

After retrieving the pebbles, as I told ani-san that the bath is boiled, the meal seems to be ready and the four of us immediately sat down at the dining table.
There’s quite a lot of topics we couldn’t talk about, so although it was fun, it’s a little regrettable that the dinner became one that we had to pay attention to.



……And then, it was the bath but…… Why in the world??

「Fuuu, this bath is really splendid. The fragrance of wood is nice, the hotness of the bath is good….. it may even be better than the bath in royal palace.」

「……Haa, as long as you are happy with it」

Somehow, as soon as we finished the meal, I was caught by Brother-in-law-san, and the result was us getting into the bath together.
Un, this is outside my expectations.

「By the way, Myne, the match just now…… do you understnad why you lost?」

…… That’s right, if we think about the Skills and levels, it’s unthinkable for me to lose.
Even if I lose, it’s difficult to think that I would lose so one-sidedly.

I don’t understand why I lost that one-sidedly.

「…… I don’t understand at all……」

「Well, that’s understandable. The previous fight…… how many Skills did you use? I feel like it’s four or five, but…… well, am I right?」

…… He noticed, huh…….
I planned to finish it with just the self-strengthening in the beginning so that I can dodge the questions after that, but it was too one-sided, so I used too many in the end.


「Aah, don’t misunderstand, I honestly don’t care nor have any interest on what kind of secrets you have at all.
Chichiue seems to quite care about it, but…… in the end, Sylphy didn’t say anything about your Skills in the royal palace.
After she said that she didn’t know because she didn’t ask at all, Chichiue persuaded her by saying that it’ll be fine if she tells him once she knows, but she firmly said that she will absolutely not talk about it while shaking her head, you know.
Well, it’s something you don’t want to talk about, right? I don’t mind that.
What I know is that you have some kind of power other than the Skills you were bestowed with. I don’t care about the details」

Eh? He doesn’t care at all…… is he okay with that?
I wonder if it’s okay to trust me…….

……Also…… Sylphy kept her promise with me and didn’t say anything.
I see, she didn’t say anything…… she didn’t say it, huh.

I feel really happy…….

Huh? Then why did he ask me about the Skills I used in the fight earlier?

「Hahaha, you look like you’re wondering about something. Right now, are you thinking “Why did he ask about my Skills, even though he said he didn’t care?”?」

I reflexively nodded.

「Let me see, first of all, you didn’t come at me seriously, rather, at full strength because you don’t want to kill me, right?
One more thing, though you made a conviction to try fighting, you probably don’t have much experiencing fighting with a person, right?
The reason you lost in the previous fight…… is that your fighting style relies too much on Skills.
You don’t have enough of the experience in the so-called battle sense, or the way to move your body.
That doesn’t matter if you’re up against a monster, but if your opponent’s another person, that’s a different story」

……I see, now that he mentioned it, the only battle I had with a person was with Lyle.
In addition to that, it was a battle in which I had the first move, and he was probably careless because he underestimated me.

An enemy with a brain……, and one which is antagonistic, I absolutely don’t have any experience with that.

「That being the case, I’ll train you from now on」


「Did you not hear me? I said that I’ll train you so that I can fight with you」

W, what does he mean!? So suddenly!?

「We’ll become a family, after all.
You must protect my important little sister from now on, so become stronger for that.
Next time, you must certainly win! You hear me, Myne」

H, he…… approved of me?
Me? Ouji-sama approved of me, a commoner?

「That said, the difficult talk’s over!
Look, I’ll wash your back for you! Sit over there!」

Like this, Brother-in-law-san officially approved of me as Sylphid’s fiance, and I obtained a master. (TLN: Shishou, as in the teacher type of master, not the S&M ones)



…… I who had my back scrubbed at full strength could only endure nothing but the pain.
Has he still not approved of me by any chance!?

……I might as well get Aisha to rinse my back.




I’ve decided, I’ll talk about my Skills.

After I came out of the bath together with Brother-in-law-san, Aisha and Sylphy entered the bath.
While they were in the bath, I thought about many things.

Brother-in-law-san told me that Ou-sama (TLN: King) said to Sylphy that she should tell him once she knows about my Skills, but Sylphy declared she will absolutely not tell him.
That she said she will never do anything that Danna-sama hates since she is marrying.

In the end, it all comes down to whether she talks about my Skills or not, whether I trust my partner or my partner trusts me. (TLN: kms)

I’ve decided to trust in Aisha and Sylphy.

That they will not tell anyone about my Skills.
And that they will stay with me as a family and trust in me even if they know my secret.

Although I feel somehow Brother-in-law-san won’t care if I tell him, I’ve only just met him, and since he will be training me from now on, I think I can judge whether I can trust him or not soon.




「Phew~, that was wonderful……. When did you guys build such an amazing thing?」

While submerging myself till my shoulders, I asked Aisha who entered with me.
It wasn’t here when we visited this house before, so they built it when I returned to the capital.

「Actually, after Hime-sama departed, the both of us soon went to Adol.
We then stayed in a high-class inn, and Myne-kun…… seem to like the bath and said that he will build it once we returned home.
He kept saying that it would probably make Hime-sama happy and he wanted to do something before Hime-sama comes back」

I see, he said something like that, huh…… No good, my face is slackening by itself.
Probably because I don’t have any experience associating with the opposite sex up until now, I’m happy with such a trivial thing.

「B, by the way, has anything changed while I was absent?」

I asked such a question to hide my embarrassment.
As I did that, Aisha’s expression clouded a little, and as I called out “You alright?”, she suddenly bowed her head.

「……I am very sorry, I have disregarded Hime-sama, and made love with Myne-kun」

Made love?


「……Explain to me in detail」

My tone naturally became stern while I wasn’t aware.

Aisha said that Danna-sama said that he wanted to hunt trolls, so they went to the town of labyrinth, Adol.
When they stayed at the inn, some trouble occured, originally they planned to take separate rooms, but they could only get one room.

That night, asked by Danna-sama, they then had sex.

……Requested by Danna-sama, that means, I can’t say anything about that, huh.
In the first place, it’s not that like he had a relationship with a passing woman.

Since he made love with Aisha, who like me, will also become Danna-sama’s wife, there isn’t any problem ………… That’s right, there isn’t any.
However, there’s this gloomy something coming out from my heart.

「……I see, if the partner’s none other than Aisha, it’s inevitable, I guess.
Instead, tonight I will get him to love me. No objections?」

Yosh, I’ve gotten Aisha’s approval.
I’m quite nervous, but at any rate, it’s necessary to make a baby.

Let’s do this.

「……Ah, Hime-sama…… didn’t His Highness Alto said that he will sleep in Myne-kun’s room?」


Aah, come to think of it…… he did say that, didn’t he!?
D, Dammit, this older brother of mine!!!

How far do you plan on being a hindrance to me, huh, I’ll never forgive you!!!




「Huh? Brother-in-law-san, what’s wrong?」

「No, for some reason I suddenly felt a chill down my back……」

「…… I see」


Thank you for reading as always.

*syosetu stuff*

Please take care of me from now on as well.

TL: HC & Izzy
ED/TLC: Izzy

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41 thoughts on “Chapter 55 – Turning Point

  1. “An enemy with a brain……, and one which is antagonistic, I absolutely don’t have any experience with that.”

    Wasn’t there a great emphasis on how the Orc King was different from regular monsters because it had intelligence? So much for that…

    I guess the author felt that he went too far with MC’s OPness and decided to drag things out by doing this…? Is retconning not a thing in Japan?

    Liked by 4 people

    • Orc king has intelligence, yes but it was literally a king of bunch of muscleheads. It has the ability and brain to lead a group of creature with little to no brain capacity other than kill, eat and copulate. Whether it has the ability of logical and critical thinking or not was never mentioned but I’ll assume that that was the limit of its intelligence.

      Moreover, it also the kind of creature who most likely has extremely few experience of being in life threatening situation. It being called a “Calamity class” wasn’t just for show, it literally was an existence that could destroy a kingdom anytime it pleases. As far as it was concerned, humans are most likely isn’t something even worth worrying about.

      In a way, Orc king was an existence that is (ironically) similar to Myne hence cause it to underestimate Myne way too much. By the time it realized that it was in trouble after Myne robbed it of it’s skills, it was already too late.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I just want to name a few factors that contributed to the orc kings lose. The Orc King was for the entire fight, the one with the greatest advantage. Even without its skills, it was still leagues ahead of Myne. He knew that Myne had somehow restrained its skills but that didn’t equate to Myne having his skills, as that was an unpressidened event. Myne’s lack of understanding of his new skills also hid that possibility, as that power would have been made visible through those skills usage. Thus when struck by one of its own skills, of course it wouldn’t be able to properly react to it well enough. Theses factors gave Myne a chance to strike a killing blow upon the orc king, and as we know, it lead to his victory.


      • A king means he’s a ruler who stands above his peers. The question is who is this “peers”? Being a ruler of a bunch of idiots does not make one a genius. Moreso in this case on the fact that orcs are basically has been described as muscleheads whose positive points are their physical strength. They are literally muscleheads. Being a king of a bunch who thinks with their biceps doesn’t endear much on the brain department.


      • He didn’t suddenly become king out of the blue, he fought his way up through many battles in which he needed to go all out and use every means possible. The only reason he lost was because he suddenly lost his skills that he was used to, not because he was stupid or inexperienced.


      • Hate to say it, but when did it EVER say that he “fought his way up to become king”?

        Where’s the proof? All we know is that “when a King appears, there are always Generals as his bodyguards”. We know NOTHING about the mechanism that gives BIRTH to a King. Especially given the fact that it’s a calamity-class level existence.

        I seriously doubt it could simply “fight its way up” as you’re claiming. SOME experience probably accumulated, sure, since it was high level. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t BORN as an “Orc King”, though.

        In addition, we don’t know that it didn’t START at a high level when it first came into existence, since it’s a Calamity Class monster. We just don’t know enough about it, tbh.

        Heck, Myne’s the only one (that we know of) in the world that even KNOWS about the concept of levels.

        Liked by 1 person

    • It certainly had increased intelligence over other orcs, but it probably still doesn’t come close to trained humans. Not to mention that he took away all its skills and confused the f*ck out of it while it was arrogantly looking down upon him and not being serious from the start.
      Still, no matter how intelligent you are, with your skills taken away you won’t get very far against Myne.

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    • Myne’s main problem is that he abuses his skills. Even though the Orc King had intelligence, he suddenly lost all of his skills in the middle of the battle and was one-shotted by bullshit stacked skills.

      The training ark is a little cliche, but I welcome it if it means Myne will grow.

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  2. Okay, so I guess most of us accept, that Myne is good at PVE but not so much PVP. That makes sense as I’m also that way in games as are many others, then there are also those that are the opposite. That said, it still feels like all his passive skills were completely ignored.

    Oh well, the way author is now portraying the Prince, it feels a little difficult to outright hate him from he current actions. Seems to be pretty much summed up as a my pace battle junkie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now imagine if he could cut and paste status effects: paralysis, coma, poisoned, bleeding, crippled, STD’s, cursed, haunted, enfeebled, blindness, muted. The possibilities are scary.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s true that he is a Sis~con but what I was referring to was due to his introduction when he was being over enthusiastic while training the knights, then how he goes with the thought about skills that he doesn’t care. I forgot his wording but it sounded to me like he was just happy to fight someone strong. Adding those together with how he gets too engrossed in fighting was why I called him a battle junkie.


      • Been more than 2 months, but I’ll just mention this: It was mentioned that the Prince AND the King were both people who wanted to fight against the strong.

        I BELIEVE that the Prince may actually be WORSE than the King on this front…but it might be the other way around.

        I think the idea is to further polish their non-skill related skills. Either way, they love to fight, so yes…Alto used this pretext to arrange a fight with Myne.

        Though, unfortunately, it was one that prohibited Myne from using many of his skills cause he could easily kill the Prince if he did.


  3. I think you should use the romanji of brother-in-law-san because it’s long and feels weird. Also it’s brother-in-law​s not brothers-in-law. Btw thanks for the chap.


    • I won’t use the romaji for brother-in-law because it’s not really common. I can’t expect everyone to know every other Japanese word out there. They might as well read the raws if that was the case.
      I googled plural of brother-in-law and brothers-in-law came up.

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      • ” I can’t expect everyone to know every other Japanese word out there. ”
        I like you. Thank you. I do try to learn a few here and there but… well I’ve got my mind full just knowing one human language (and all the computer crud that I’ve crammed in) so it’s pretty rough having random non-English words thrown around without any explanation or reminder.
        I really like the balance that I’ve seen on this website.
        Thanks for the chapters.


  4. KILL THAT WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT BROTHER ALREADY!!! Fuck…. such a disgusting bastard and the author decides to keep the son of a bitch in the story? Why the hell hasn’t sylphy beaten him stupid and thrown his ass out. ….Sorry but characters like that can just ruin an otherwise great story for me and it just drives me nuts….

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  5. It’s funny how people are trying to justify the author.

    Myne lost because he fought that dumbly, he didn’t even use any other skills than buffs and shits, because of what? He’s scared of showing off his skills.

    As usual it’s again back to that cliché template of getting dumpstered because of hiding strength bs.

    Liked by 2 people

    • He sidn’t even use his cut and paste to paste princes boots to the ground. His basic skills are already exposed to royalty ans he himself knows it. There is absolutely no need to hold back other than stupid forced plot. He could also use speed reduction on prince.


    • He sidn’t even use his cut and paste to paste princes boots to the ground. His basic skills are already exposed to royalty ans he himself knows it. There is absolutely no need to hold back other than stupid forced plot. He could also use speed reduction on prince. Since he is exposing many skills anyway.


  6. I don’t even care anymore I’m not even gonna pay attention to the force thints and just gonna enjoy things at face value because if I become to interested it’s gonna disappointed me big time. So I just gotta enjoy the moments with the girls and when he gets new powers. Well because a world where skills are important he’s being told that doesn’t mean shit. And him hiding his powers when it’s basically plain as day that the nigga steals peoples power it just makes my head hurts no one notices it why he even trying to hide it is even more stupid. So just gonna enjoy it at face value and not read into things it’s better that way


  7. For fuck sake, the author centers the novel into stupid romance. A young boy who thinks marriage is a fucking joke. It should’ve been more focused on the game elements of the story instead of countless flirting and naive thinking. I tried to injure this garbage novel for the 2nd time but I’m done. The start was great before he met the princess but since then it became garbage. From a carefull protagonist into naive or just simply stupid protagonist. The author made the protagonist lose but after that what happened is even worse. This is the biggest disappointing novel I’ve ever read, it gave me too much hope but in the end it is simply a trash.


  8. Wow, forced nerf on a very op mc is really a big downer. Honestly by their level difference, even if the mc lacks exp, the attacks of ouji-san should be not that damaging. Adding to that are buffs to a guy 20+ level higher than you should feels like playing a mid boss in a begginer area. Usually in any mmorpg if an enemy is 10+ lvl higher than you will greatly reduce your dps.


  9. The last 2 chapters -100% desire to keep reading.
    Q>”「By the way, Myne, the match just now…… do you understnad why you lost?」”
    A>Because I used a couple stat buffs then stood with my tonge out drewling like a retard.

    I also dont use ultra regen because “I don’t want people to see a limb grow back if it gets chopped off”. If your freakin limbs are getting chopped off your last concern should be about what people think.

    Lastly I understand the logic behind the princess wanting to marry him political matchs have been a thing for a long time but the recptionist? He at that point had maybe said 5-10 sentances to her and she wants to marry him… why?

    Could have been a fun read but with every chapter it just gets more and more cuck shit added with dumb MC choices.


    • Stupidity is a thing ! Unfortunately this author is really dumb ….. You just need to look at the protagonist :

      “……Also…… Sylphy kept her promise with me and didn’t say anything.
      I see, she didn’t say anything…… she didn’t say it, huh.

      I feel really happy…….”

      Really dumb from him ! He is basically happy he wasn’t betrayed by the princess but don’t take into account the possibility that the prince might be lying to him about it ….

      Dumb. As. F#ck.


  10. I know it’s pointless to say this, but it really bothers me when authors set up a system with game-like Skills and Experience and Levels, and then essentially throw them away in favour of actual battle experience and real combat skills. If you were going to do that, then don’t bother with setting up the system in the first place…


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