Chapter 54 – CASE: Alto

「I’m Alto Augusta, you’re my sister’s fiance……huh」

The man my beloved little sister chose is this Myne or something, huh.
From my first impression of him, honestly, he doesn’t look that strong.

However, my little sister’s personally marrying into his family, so he should have quite the ability.
He’s even said to have defeated an Orc King, after all.

However, 15 years old…… I’ve heard that he just came of age, but I can see that he’s truly hasn’t undergo enough tempering.
……Can he really fight with this?

I’ve heard from reports that his Skills are 【Appraisal・Complete】 and 【Cut & Paste】.
Chichiue’s opinion is that he has some kind of secret aside from this, but…….

Well, whatever.
I have no interest in what he’s hiding.

However, is this lad a man who can really protect my little sister from now on?
If I don’t make sure of that, I will never be able to approve of this man, and it will only be a disaster for him.

As I pondered upon it, I thought that even Sacred Bow-dono is marrying into his home.

Fumu…… Let’s use this.

「……Well, that’s fine, I guess. By the way, you’re called Myne, huh.
If possible, won’t you show me your true strength? I’m entrusting my important little sister to you, after all.
My sister……no, there’s also Sacred Bow-dono, huh, I want to confirm as a brother and as a man, whether you have what it takes to protect the two ladies」

Yosh, with this, though it’s a little underhanded, the stage is set. (TLN: Sigh, underhanded here is not quite the right word. なし崩し)
All’s left is literally to measure his ability.




There can’t be deaths in a mock battle, after all.
We decided to use wooden swords, not real ones.

He probably can’t come at me seriously with real swords.
If that’s the case, I can’t accomplish my objective of judging whether his true strength is worthy of taking Sylphy as his wife.

Also, it might be called a wooden sword, but it is constructed through charging magical power into raw ebony by the Royal Magician.
It is a much more powerful weapon compared to real but poorly-made swords.

Although nobody will die, there might be one or two injuries.
Well, Sacred Bow-dono is here, so they can be healed immediately.


……Now then.
Finally, he seems to be getting into it.

Hm? Did he just cast some kind of self-enhancement?
……There’s a faint luminescence on him.

Hmph, so this is the secret he was hiding. Certainly, if I take this lightly, I would be the one experiencing pain.

I’ll use 【Physical Strength Enhancement・Large】 and 【Support Magic・Speed Increase】 too.

「……Oh…… why aren’t you coming at me?」

Now then, let’s have a go!

「If you’re not coming, then I’ll go!」

I plunged towards his bosom with all my might.

……Is my speed out of your expectations? Do you think you have any time to be surprised in the middle of a battle!? You’re full of openings!

Making a feint, I went around to his blind spot.
I don’t know what self-enhancement you casted, but since you did…… you won’t die!!

I aimed at his right flank and swung my sword greatly.
He took the shock directly and was comically blown off.

……However, what is this feeling? It’s not like he used a Skill to defend or anything.
What in the world is it? I felt like this shock became excessively dull, but……. Is he wearing something?

Well, whatever.
I understood from that exchange.

His battle techniques are no doubt similar to a novice.
I understood completely from the way he moved and used something.

Though he certainly has quite the talent, he can’t make use of it at all.

……Let’s try cornering him a little more.
I moved to pursuit him who had been blown off.


「W, what in the world happened……」

He didn’t seem to have seen the exchange.
Standing right in front of him, I swung my sword right down on him.

Defending with a dagger? His situation assessment also seems to be naive.

If he receives a swing from a one-handed sword using a dagger…… See that?
You’ve lost the only weapon you have, you see? What are you going to do now? How are you going to fight without a weapon?

The wooden sword I wielded crushed his dagger, and hit his right shoulder tip.

「You’re full of openings!! Read your opponent’s movements more!」

With his level, there’s no way he can defeat an Orc King.
That is different from a low class monster which moves by instinct, it has intelligence, and has an abnormal strength.

There is absolutely no possibility he defeated that.

However, he did defeat such an Orc King.
Does that mean he still isn’t serious?


……Hm? What? Is he recovering?
I see, interesting.

『……Fumu……This time he’s recovering…… Very interesting』

Is this a part of the power he used to defeat the Orc King?
Interesting, show me your power! Use that power to defeat this magnificent me!

Oh, this is quite the drastic charge than before.
Is he going to use another Skill? That’s quite the movement.

However, I wonder how many tricks does he have up his sleeve.
That’s really something.

Furthermore, even though he already lost his weapon, his mental strength in not giving up the match is quite worthy of note.
There are even some among the knights who would give up at this point.

Well if he gave up with just this, there’s no way I’d hand Sylphy over to him.

While I was thinking that, his right arm was heading towards me at an outrageous speed.


I avoided it in a panic and countered.
My counter splendidly suceeded, and he was once again blown off to his back.

……That was close, I could somehow counter since he left a big opening, but if I took that, as expected, it would have been bad, even for me.
I’ve never heard of such a sharp wind cutting noise that was coming out from his fist.

「Aniue, you’re overdoing it! Please stop!!」

I heard Sylphy and Sacred Bow-dono’s shouts.

Aah, I see…… he got a cut on his forehead when he was blown off, huh?
They’re kicking up a fuss because blood is coming out from it, huh.

Although it’s a mock battle, Sylphy stopping it with just this…….

As expected, even the Princess General became soft when it comes to her fiance.

However, that doesn’t mean that he has lost.
He stood up, though staggering, and showed that he will fight.

It won’t look good if girls barged in here, and he stood up as a man desiring to seriously win.
Answering to that would be proper manners.

……Though I said that, as expected, he seemed to have received damage from the previous counter.
Though his attack was fast, it instead backfired.

The strength from the ebony sword, his own strength, and on top of that, my Skills 【Physical Strength Enhancement・Large】 and 【One-handed Sword・Sacred】.
He’s quite something to be able to even stand.

Fumu, he’s still inexperienced. No doubt with that.
However, if he really studiedbattles, he would probably become outrageously strong.

I could see that without a doubt.
His desire to win and him standing up, though wobbling, is also worthy of note.

I also don’t think he is bad, personality-wise.

I see, the person Sylphy’s marrying…… is perhaps a good person, huh.
It can’t be helped, I’ll approve of you.

「……You show quite the promise. But you’ll have to know your own strength more and refine your techniques.
Use this defeat to strengthen yourself!!!」

Let’s end this battle.
There’s a lot to talk about after that.


Thank you for reading as always.

Unexpectedly, I was honestly surprised by the comments.
As expected because of so many comments, I’ve uploaded my thoughts to those who reported activities.

Also, I hurriedly cut in today’s Alto’s POV which I originally cancelled.

Other than whether everyone can agree, I’d be happy if you can try to include it in the contents of the activity report.

Please take care of me from here on as well.

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51 thoughts on “Chapter 54 – CASE: Alto

      • He could at least react to the Orc King’s teleport ambush, yet he was completely caught off guard by a frontal attack by the prince.

        A case can be made for his loss, but being absolutely dominated is quite unreasonable, I’d say…

        Liked by 2 people

      • I really don’t see why not…. that crown prince is a disgrace. Killing him would be doing everybody a big favor, he is so pathetic, I think the whole country would be against someone like that having a chance to become the next king, the kingdom would be ruined. I hope the next chapter is all about sylphy beating the shit out of him and disowning him as abrother, he’s so worthless.


      • Wrong. He knows EXACTLY what the prince is capable of AND he’s ROLLING in skills. He could have ended this in an instant, and in fact still has many ways to do so.

        There is NO good reason for this sequence of events. The author just decided things would play out this way even though it doesn’t make sense.


    • +1 the way MC lost is idiotic. He had numerous approaches to win even with cut and paste alone – what the point in skills if the one who is supposed to use them is glued to ground (or at least shoes), sword unmovable e t c. There is only so much strength enchantment can do if your sleeve is glued to your torso second before you get attacked.
      And there are other skills that could have been used, like strong arm (to throw things or to hit dirt and distruct), more support magic e t c. Recovery could have been casted from the start and regeneration applied…

      Liked by 2 people

    • Actually, even if he ‘just’ started fighting, the fight should not have ended how it should have. One, the crown princes level is way lower than the mc. The mc could have used the king whatever skill to make sure the prince could not move. Not to mention he can cast colossal class magic. If he can react to the orc king teleport move, I don’t see how he can be a deer I’m headlights to the crown prince. Also, the crown prince is a disgrace. I’ve read many novels, and the way the author made these events play out is confusing and does not make any sense. I can see how he didn’t want to kill the crown prince, but he didn’t have to look like a complete weakling when doing so. Cast sleep or something, he’s level 61! I’m taking this way too seriously, but since I’ve read many novels like this with mcs who can actually fight, the way this ended was completely stupid and inconsistent to his previous encounters. Remember when he fought the c rank adventurer? The one who was jealous of him and Aisha? With what I’ve seen here, he would not have stood a chance. I know he stole his skills, but I mean, at least he did something instead of just standing there and casting support magic.


    • Like NotRedYet said, what do you expect? Myne has extremely few fighting experience against human wielding proper skills. There was Kyle of course, but his victory against Kyle came down to 2 factors: 1. Kyle was underestimating him and consumed by rage, preventing him from making proper judgements and 2. Myne robbed him of his skills before he beat his ass down to size. The same can be said about Orc King despite his “Intelligence”.

      On the other hand, the prince is properly looking and judging Myne’s abilities and wielding his skills in his possession to the fullest potential. Compared to Myne who’s purely relying on his skills to get by without accumulating proper fighting experience, it was an obvious result that he’d be getting tossed around. It’s simply a huge gap in experience.

      Eventually, Myne, once he accumulates experience in fighting humans, he’ll beat down the prince effortlessly. but for now, to the prince, he’s little more than punching bag.

      To be fair, Myne didn’t use magic, most likely out of respect and sense of fair play. I’m willing to bet that if Myne had used magic, the prince won’t even stand a chance once Myne used any of his [extreme] level magics. If he do that though, the prince definitely won’t acknowledge him.

      Liked by 8 people

      • He was able to react to the Orc King’s ambush.

        The Orc King literally used a skill to teleport…

        Now let that sink in to how fast the prince has to be for him to actually be unable to keep up considering he could react to literal instantaneous movement.

        And notice the prince’s first strike
        “I plunged towards his bosom with all my might.”
        He literally went straight at MC, no probing, no feints, no nothing. Yet MC can’t react.

        Now again, if you’ve played a ball sport like tennis, table tennis, or baseball, and taking into account that a bigger object is easier to follow… The prince’s specs are insane in terms of speed.

        And the prince also overpowered him and made him fly around… So apparently his basic strength is also apparently very lacking.

        Sure, make him lose… but to the point where he can’t even react to the prince’s movement? Far too unreasonable.

        There’s also the fact that in this universe, skills affect technique. So despite being a novice, MC is at least somewhat competent in terms of technique.

        By the property of transitivity, based on pure specs and technique, the prince could also throw the Troll Gazer boss around like it’s nothing. The Troll doesn’t even have physical enhancement, and is 10 levels lower than MC. Seems a bit more ridiculous when put that way, right?

        The Orc King also didn’t have any physical buff skills. So given the prince’s speed and strength, the prince could also easily throw around Calamity-class monsters like they’re cannon fodder. Not really much of a calamity…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Myne’s fighting style isn’t suited for mock battles. At all.

        First, it didn’t say as much but I’m sure he was a little cocky from all his wins so he held back too much in the first clash while wondering how much he should hide, so he got sent for a loop. He’s also always fought opponents after Cutting them, but again he can’t do that here without revealing himself. Magic is also off the table because of the rules.

        Then on his attack he gimped himself by only using a few skills and not taking Skill Level into account. The prince’s are 6s 7s while Myne’s are what, 4 and 5s? He’s always made up the difference by piling it on, but he couldn’t do that here because he couldn’t gauge the prince and was probably worried about really hurting him. He’s a prince AND his fiancee’s brother, and Myne’s nice/naive enough to actually care about that.

        Add all that to fighting someone who has a legitimate 40+ levels of combat experience, and while the prince didn’t mean to do it, he basically rigged the fight. If Myne had said to hell with hiding and gone full-tilt from the start, he would’ve one-shot the jackass.

        Liked by 4 people

  1. Yes the fight is kinda disappointing but do remember that other than the grappler dude he hasnt really fought a human that can “think”.
    Also Myne’s abilities are more of stealing the skills then full frontal attacks and lastly killing them.
    Im expecting him to be trained or taught by someone in the future chapters so that he can fully utilized his skills.
    Dont be too hard on Myne, hes not a soldier to begin with. Not even a mercenary.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I love this story, and I love the characters, but really… couldn’t you have let Myne use magic… I mean, he can heal anything as long as he doesn’t kill it, meaning that it should have been allowed as it is his “true strength”.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The siscon prince redeemed himself in this POV and to those saying this fight was bullshit, Myne depends too much on stealing skills and weakening the enemy, when you take that from him coupled with his lack of experience it’s obvious he will lose.


  4. Thanks for the chapt..

    After reading the comments above me, this remind me with Satou first battle in Desumachi, he got skill but when against demon he juat hit and run, after that all the battles rely on his ridiculous instant high leveling skill.

    Myne could win instantly if he using cut skill on the prince but that would leak his secret. And he barely touch the prince because the prince use his battle strategy or technique rather than rely on blessing skill.


    • He could just say that he used an ability to temporarily weaken the Prince. His true ability to take and use the skills of others would not be revealed, so his secret would be safe. At this point I question why he even bothers to hide his secret though. It’s certainly not worth losing in front of his wives.


  5. Seriously annoying to read. To begin with I don’t expect MC to be unbeatable but I at least expect it to be reasonable when he does get beaten. Yes the Prince has High Ranked, High Levelled skills. He has spent a few years at least training and perfecting his combat style while having all the needed help possible being a Prince. So in terms of combat experience, and proficiency with his skills, I do expect him to be better than MC.

    Now unless MC suddenly decided to put 90% of his skills on rocks, he should have plenty of passive buffs increasing strength, speed, toughness and recovery. Not to mention needing half a chapter just to list out all the active skills he can use to buff himself. Yet he used only a handful of them. Yes sure, if he had his hand chopped off and regeneration suddenly regrew it, he would have some explaining to do but for a spar with wooden swords, at most it would heal internal injuries and some cuts and bruises nothing too showy.
    Now for the fight itself, as others as said if he can solo such high level monsters (he doesn’t always take the skills at the start) then he should at least be able to react a bit better than this. I mean Orc King could bloody Teleport, what could be faster than that?, and yet he still reacted to it in time dragging the girls out the way as well.
    I admit he has no real experience in sparring, and most his combat experience is from monsters in life and death battles, so it’s not like he can suddenly spam high tier magics especially against his potential brother in law, killing would be bad 🙂 though at this point I’d welcome it instead of the fight we got. Needless to say about using Cut and Paste on him, there is pretty much no way to avoid having to explain himself if he did. At least if he wanted to get married to the Princess and Aisha.

    Well all things considered he should of at least been able to last more than a couple of moves. I look forward to next time, hope we get the Prince getting beaten instead of more POV’s as I’m sure Aisha and Princess need a chapter as well… at least going off this authors normal way of doing things

    Liked by 4 people

    • Royalty already know about his cut and paste skill, and he knows that royalty know, he can just paste the prince’s shoes to the ground and be done with the fight in an instant, he is simply idiot.


  6. Thank you for the chapter! 😀

    Honestly, considering Myne’s inexperience in fighting enemies that are supported by skills and magic (since he always robbed them blind first. Orc King aside) I’m not surprised he lost so horribly. He even said he wanted to “fight fair and square even if it turns disadvantageous” without working to shorten the fight. So, no pasting the prince’s feet to the ground, or cutting his sword apart (if that’s even possible), even though the prince knows about Appraisal and Cut&Paste already. Sylphy essentially flat out told Myne that they (the royal family) know about those two, so he doesn’t have to hide those from them.

    Really the only incongruous thing to me is why Myne could react to the Orc King teleporting in front of him and not to the Prince’s charge, but you could chalk that up to him underestimating the Prince due to having so many easy wins, or not taking the fight as seriously as fighting an orc encampment, etc. etc.

    On a different note, I don’t think there’s an exact translation for なし崩し that would capture the connotation perfectly, but I think underhanded is close enough depending on the situation. The aspect of deception and using the situation to one’s own benefit are both heavily implied.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I understand he lacks experience, but for his achievements to just be thrown out the window and get completely smacked seems kind of dumb to me. I’m not saying he should’ve won, cause it’s not like he’s going to take the princes skills and not kill him, but it should’ve at least been a closer match. It’s just underwhelming.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. His ability for combat is mostly aimed to kill the target the fastest, spars aren’t so good for his kin

    About the teleport, didn’t he feel the man’s reaction or something? Also a fight to death where you could die at any moment could raise his senses above the limiter, unlike a mock battle, but it is true that the battle should have been less one-sided…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. With all his skill and his high level he could beat the prince easily..its just he is not using all of his skill ya know…he understimated prince much..but the way he reacts slowly to prince attack made him like incomptent idiot compare when he fight with the orc king. Its not like i against myne defeat to prince but the author should clearly write with more logic since myne already fought with calamity class of course his instict & reaction is super high. Perhaps draw if more desirable outcome where prince able to block all myne’s attack since myne not good in fighting human while myne evading all prince attack.right? *P.S i dont even know talking about (sorry for my bad english)

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Soo many people making apologetics for the author’s poor writing of this event.

    The author made Myne an unkillable god already. He can’t do ‘takebacks’ and say that he will suddenly lose 1v1 against a human, whether he takes their skills or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. So the fight with the orc king was all fake and it didn’t happen the prince is better then a calamity existence the prince has all the fighting techniques that the mc has the mc can’t just use strong arm when he blocked the sword attack from the prince he couldn’t dodge with swift feet he couldn’t see the the prince move at all when he dodge a fucking Boulder from the orge 3 chapters ago even when the Boulder was super fast it was so fast he didn’t even see the orge put the Boulder in his hand but the prince is even faster then both the orge and the orc king. No matter how you spin it there no possible way for mc to lose that bad even when he use skills that are higher then the prince when skills are literally everything I could understand if the prince had skills that are higher then holy and had fighting skills rather then enchantment skills but mc just out maneuvers him in every single way. Yes experience is important but are you saying the orc king doesn’t count as a existence close to a human being he could talk and think properly so the logic of he didn’t fight a human seriously is thrown out because we’ll he basically did so this was just a forced lost that makes no sense no matter how you think about only things the prince beats the mc at is experience well pretty much all I can think off but that doesn’t make a lot sense when he basically been tempering himself with fighting that’s fucking experience is it not? So I’m just extremely pissed off. If anything they should make it a tie (even tho that impossible) make it seem reasonable for him to lose rather then that half ass he just got his powers shit like what!?


  12. Lame. Unpassionate author and editor detected! I hope the author of “To Deprive a Deprived Person” will teach the author of this novel some knowledge.


  13. how could he react to the orc king’s teleportation and not to the prince? I mean the prince cant teleport and seriously why didn’t he use the kings intimidation. what the hell man even a noob should be able to win that fight just with the skills. and if he had the regeneration equipped he wouldn’t have lost consciousness.


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