Chapter 53 – Alto Augusta

Finally the ban on bath is lifted!
The “hygiene waiting period” which was told by Craftsman is over, I can finally get into the bath at home!

As soon as I wake up, I decided to head for the bathroom.
Since Aisha is still sleeping beside me, I quietly slip out of the futon to avoid waking her up.


As soon as I had entered the bathroom, there was a nice fragrance of forest I cannot describe wafting in the air.
You can kinda relax like this!

Immediately, I took out five 【Continuous: Water】 pebbles from the storage bag and put them into the open dent on the top part of the bathtub.
Water accumulate at an amazing momentum by putting the pebbles one by one at each side.

I put a pebble with 【Continuous: Heat】 in the dent around the bottom of the water tub where water flows through.
Then, I pasted 5 【Continuous: Heat】 to the pebbles of each side.

Shortly after that, the water had steadily warm up and the steam rises.

Yosh, it’s a success! ……I was delighted for a moment but it was a massive failure.

Gradually, the water went pass hot bath and turned into scalding water, and when it was full, the water started boiling.

Not good! The heat is too strong!!!
I immediately cut 【Continuous: Heat】 and return it to the original pebble. I also take out 【Continuous: Water】 in the same way and toss both pebbles into the storage bag.

I was stunned looking at the bath tub that looks like a hellish iron pot from picture books.

「……Now I’ve gone and done it, what should I do with this…… 」

As expected, I have no other choice but to drain the hot water and dilute it, do I?
As I open the lid of drainage port attached to the side of the bath tub, the boiling water drained out along with an intense steam.

When the hot water level drop to half, I close the lid of the drainage port.
Since it’ll be troubling if I’m scalded by hot water, I did not forget to paste 【Regeneration】 and activated 【Fire Attribute・Resistance】 just in case.

After I closed the lid and confirmed that I’m safe, I return 【Regeneration】 to the original pebble. This time, I install 【Continuous: Water】x3 once more at the upper dent.
Phew, it seems that this time it went well.

This might be difficult for me until I get used to it…….

Well, in any case, the bath is hot enough.
Immediately, I removed my pyjamas and submerged myself till the shoulder.

「Ooh ♪」

……What a nice feeling.
Although the morning bath that I got in at the Silver Bell Pavilion was also very comfortable, this bath is even more comfortable.

I am not only able to get rid of my fatigue, somehow, I get a feeling that my power is also gradually increasing.
Furthermore, this fragrance of the wood is so nice too.


「Myne-kun, are you taking a bath?」

Hm, it seems something like this happened before…….

「U, un……」

As I answered, sure enough, a naked Aisha entered.

「Ehehe, I’m here」

Just like that, I entered the morning bath together with Aisha again and both of us got out together after we were satisfied.




Naturally, the topic that we discussed during breakfast is about the bath.

「Isn’t it an awesome bath? It feels even better than the one at Silver Bell Pavilion!」

「Yeah, somehow my body is still nice and warm」

「The craftsmen worked hard, didn’t they? We should really offer them our gratitude」

Just when we are about to get excited on the topic, I heard some voices from the entrance.
When I am about to stand up, Aisha said 「I’ll do it」, stands up and walk to the entrance.




……Hmm? Aisha rose a surprised voice, I wonder what’s wrong?

When I was about to stand up to go to see the the situation, Aisha came back with a troubled look.

I wonder why?

……Hmm? There’s someone behind her.
Ah, if it isn’t Slyphy! You’re a little early, aren’t you, tte, there’s another man I don’t know with her?

Who in the world is he? I’ve never seen him before……




「Danna, let me introduce my brother to you.」

「I am Alto・Augusta, you’re my sister’s fiance……huh」

This unknown man…… rather, the First Prince of the country, that is, the next King is sitting in front of me is observing me fixedly.

Aisha knows Ouji from before, huh, she seems to be shrinking back in fear.

「I’m sorry, Danna-sama…… Aniue asked to come no matter what……
I had told him to wait at the Imperial City until we were coming…… but as you can see, he was obstinate about it.」

Sylphy bowed her head apologetically.

「Actually my brother is something like a siscon…… He is not exactly pleased with the fact that I will be married off…….
That’s why he said that he wanted to see with his own eyes if my companion is a worthy one and come along forcibly」

「Um, ahem!」

He probably heard Sylphy’s whisper.
Ouji-sama unnaturally clears his throat.

However, isn’t it natural to be concerned?
If one hears that their adorable little princess sister will be married to a commoner like me, I think it is definitely normal to worry about it.
He’s not a siscon, it is just natural in this case.

Since I’ve decided to make both of them my family, though the wedding was decided through the turn of events, I’ll have to make him recognise it someway or another!

「……Come to think of it, why’s Sacred Bow-dono here?」

When I wanted to change the topic, Ouji-sama suddenly asked about Aisha.
If he is calling Aisha by her title, perharps they are also acquainted like Sylphy does?

「Hm? I didn’t tell Aniue huh, Aisha’s marrying Danna-sama together with me」

As Sylphy said that, I had a feeling that I saw Prince’s temple twitched.

Aah, he might be offended…….
Well, polygamy leaves a bad image, after all.

I wonder if by any chance his impression of me had just turned for the worst?

「……Well, that’s fine, I guess. By the way, you’re called Myne, huh.
If possible, won’t you show me your true strength? I’m entrusting my important little sister to you, after all.
My sister……no, there’s also Sacred Bow-dono, huh, I want to confirm as a brother and as a man, whether you have what it takes to protect the two ladies」

Un, when I marry Sylphy, he’ll become my brother-in-law.
I want to get along with him and have him approve of me.

Let’s do this!

「Yes! Please!」

I reply full of spirit as usual.

「Oh, excellent response. Let’s have a bout at once, then」


Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Occupation: First Prince of Augusta Kingdom

One-handed blade・Saint LV7
Physical Strength Enhancement・Large LV6
Support Magic・Speed Increase LV5


Wow, amazing…… His skill configuration is almost identical to King-sama. No, he even possesses support magic.
Is this the reason that Aisha said about advantage of promoting marriage among royalty!?

But, if we are talking about Skill configuration itself, I think now mine is probably overwhelming one way or the other.

The problem is to what extent can I use my Skills, isn’t it.
I wonder if I should shorten the battle time as much as possible to limit my Skills and hide them.

……But, it is not good if he won’t recognize me as a man he can entrust Sylphy to.
Let’s fight fair and square even if it turns disadvantageous!


「Let me say this first, this is, in the end, a mock battle.
So, please understand that rash and excessive action is forbidden.」


「Umu, excellent reply! Now, display your power of soloing an Orc・King to your heart’s content」

Having said so, he bring out a dagger made of wood and throw to me.
When I received it, Prince-sama had already entered battle stance with a one-handed wooden sword.

Unwillingly, I also hold the wood dagger and take my stand.

In order to cope with Prince-sama, I activated 【Body Enhancement・Large LV3】,【Physical Strength Enhancement・Extreme LV2】 and 【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small LV3】.

「……Oh, I see, Why aren’t you coming at me?」

Perharps he knew that I strengthened myself. Ouji-sama’s body shone faintly and the stance became more intense.
Ouji-sama had also……used the Skills.

「If you are not coming, then I’ll go!」

Prince-sama suddenly came in at an incredible speed!!
Eh? W, what!? What’s with this speed even though he doesn’t have 【Leg Strength Enhancement】!?

Ah, I see…… So it’s【Support Magic・Speed Enhancement】!

While I was surprised by the movement, Prince-sama’s figure had disappeared from my sight.


While I haven’t realised what happened, my right side received a tremendously heavy impact.
Without any preparedness, I was blown off several meters away from where I was.

「W, what in the world happened……」

While I said that and tried to stand, Ouji-sama had brandished and swung down his wooden sword in front of my eyes.
I tried blocking it right away with the dagger in my hand but the remnant force sent it flying from my hand.

Ouji-sama’s one-handed sword then hit my right shoulder.


「You’re full of openings!! Read your opponent’s movements more!」

No good, he is absurdly strong……
Why is he so strong even though he doesn’t have as many Skills as I do…….

I applied 【Magic・Large Recovery】 as first aid for the damages and used 【Support Magic・Gradual Recovery Large (Vitality) LV2】.

『……Hmm ……This time he’s recovering…… Very interesting』

He seems to me muttering something, but I can do it if it’s now!
This time it is my turn!!

I activated 【Swift Feet (Small) LV2】 and charged at full strength to slip into Ouji-sama’s torso.

「Umu, that’s right! This fighting spirit is important! ……However」

Ignoring Ouji-sama’s muttering, I got close to Ouji-sama and swung my right arm aiming at his stomach in one go.

There’s also 【Grappling・Extreme LV4】, I won’t let you get away!

……but, my all out attack did not even graze Ouji-sama. On the contrary, his counter hit me, and blew me off again.
No way, why didn’t it hit…….

When I had been blown away, I probably hit my head, blood was flowing out from my forehead.


「Aniue, you’re overdoing it! Please stop!!」

I can hear Sylphy and Aisha’s shouts.

……A, as if I’ll lose…….

I stood up while wobbling, and tried to take some kind of stance.

「……You show quite the promise. But you’ll have to know your own strength more and refine your techniques.
Use this defeat to strengthen yourself!!!」


Ouji-sama’s words was the last thing I heard before my consciousness fell into the darkness.


Thank you for reading as always.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

ED/TLC: Izzy

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      • Mc doesn’t really have that much battle experience in the first place
        all of the battle he fought beside the two adventurers are with monsters with a different fighting habit than humans.
        and all those fight were battles where he robbed of the skills of his enemies so this is actually his first actual battle with person with a skills
        the mc wasn’t actually that nerfed but his previous enemies are
        so I find this conclusion reasonable in my opinion

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      • “I’ll fight fair and square” uses a couple abilities and fights worse than he did than when he was against his first orc


  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Btw, for uncle, people use “ojisama” and for grandpa, people use “ojiisama” for translation

    Normally, people don’t use “oujisama”… the “u” is unneeded and is kinda more confusing.


    • Someone who can’t speak or write Japanese lecturing a non-MTL translator… well, that Japanese lesson turned out as well as could have been expected, didn’t it?

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      • It’s not a “Japanese” lecture more than a note, since it wasn’t clear. In other words, if he meant “uncle” or “grandpa” then it is wrong, and if he meant something else, then he should have put a note for us to know… (note, I mentioned it was confusing, to imply that maybe the translation was done right, but it needed to be explained).

        Even if Ouji-sama is a proper term, it’s not one used by translation communities often and should be explained.


      • Japanese words have hiragana spellings which translate to exact romanized spellings. A real translator would never confuse the phonemic syllable ou with o.


      • Continued (Clarification):

        I haven’t read the raw, but ouji was most likely wriitten in kanji rather than hiragana. The point is that no real translator would spell oji as ouji out of confusion or personal preference because that would be considered a wrong spelling. That would be tantamount to someone spelling sushi as suushi and another person telling him that it’s fine to spell it that way but it’s confusing, Just no.


  2. obviously he’s going to lose if he doesn’t use his abilities right. It’s not like he defeated the orc king just by reinforcing himself. In front of his two wives, too. smh

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  3. Lame. I like the idea of the prince being strong and making the MC realise you need to use technique but the way Myne lost is annoyingly pathetic. I was hoping he’d learn mid fight. It’s clear the author just decided the MC had to lose and didn’t bother thinking about whether it was realistic or not. So much for not holding back with his skills =_=

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  4. Lame. Why was he surprised by him getting faster? He has THREE SKILLS, you can’t NOT know what he’s capable of.

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    The MC is too reliant on his skills, but the Prince has no chance of winning a fight without ambushing him. Unfortunately, the Author wants an excuse for a training arc and didn’t realize the MC could have won and still asked for training.

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    relying on bruteforce is sucks


  7. “rash and excessive action is forbidden.」


    「Umu, excellent reply! Now, display your power of soloing an Orc・King to your heart’s content”
    That is direct contradiction. If he shows that power you are dead in a second and it exactly qualifies as rash and excessive.


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