Chapter 52 – Let’s build a bath!

As dawn breaks, I went to draw well water to wash my face.
Although using 【Continuous: Water】 pebble was also okay, but I think I’ll feel more refreshed using cold well water to wash my face when I wake up.

Since Aisha took care of me by making yesterday’s dinner, I thought that I would make today’s meal.

While feeling refreshed after washing my face, I started making breakfast.


When I had finished everything but the food arangement, Aisha woke up.
Seems that she cleaned until quite late last night, as it’s rare that she looks sleepy.

「Sorry for not helping with breakfast」

As I smiled while telling her not to mind it, she smiled as she silently started helping me arrange the food.

「It’s almost finished so you should take it easy. I was pampered by you yesterday, after all」

As I said that, she finished arranging the food.
As expected of 【Cooking Lv6】, she has good skills.


「I was thinking of discussing with the craftsman about the bath like I said yesterday after we finish our food.
Does Aisha know any skilled craftsman?」

「Uーn, there’s the dwarf who the guild requests for work, so why don’t we try visiting him?」

A dwarf craftsman! He seems like he’d be skilled!
He might have some good ideas, and there might be things we need to request of him after this…….
We have to try discussing with that craftsman!




Guided by Aisha, we arrived at the dwarf craftsman-san in question.

My house is also built at almost the edge of the town, but craftsman-san’s workshop is also erected really at the outskirts.
My house’s surroundings are nothing but empty land, so it feels lonely, though…….

There’s a few buildings like the workshop and a bar around here, it has quite some traffic, so even if it’s called the outskirts, it looks like a lively place.

「Craftsman-san, are you in〜?」 (TLN: Most of the word craftsman from here on is an honorific, can also mean master, but I don’t know if master would clash someday so I used craftsman instead, though it’s weird.)

Aisha opened the entrance and greeted.
As she did that, a female dwarf who was sitting at a reception-like place replied.

「Oh my, if it isn’t Aisha-san. Ya need something from Master? Wait a while, I’ll call him right now」 (TLN: I have no idea how to tl weird jp. Some kind of dialect)

The woman receptionist who had an unusual speech pattern ran? with heavy steps to the back of the workshop.

A short time later, a jii-chan with a face which was pitch black covered in a soot-like thing, probably from working on something, and a height tall for a dwarf came out.

「Oh, if it isn’t Aisha-chan! ‘ve heard that ya just quit the guild, was worried bout ya, ya know」(TLN: help. how to make english weird)

The one who called out to Aisha with a smile stretching through his whole face, seems to be this workshop’s craftsman.

「Eeh, I’m sorry for the sudden resignation. I’m getting married, so……」

As Aisha looked at my direction and said that, the craftsman became aware of my presence for the first time.

「Good morning! My name is Myne!」

As I gave my usual greeting, the craftsman seemed to be taken aback a little, but immediately gave a broad smile with his teeth showing.
Just as Otou-san and Okaa-san taught me, greetings are important!

「Ah see, ah see, so you’re Myne. ‘m Roku, this workshop’s owner. Remember that」

While Roku-san laughed heartily, he violently clapped my back.

……It hurts, but he seems like a good person.

Seeing my back clapped, Aisha smiled wryly and watched over me.
No, don’t just watch, I’d appreciate it if you could tell him to stop.

The craftsman clapped my back for a while, though he stopped hitting, probably satisfied, and stroked his splendid beard as he asked.

「And, what ‘ja come ‘ere for? Report yer marriage or somethin’?」

「No, we wanted to build a bath at our house, so we came to discuss」

As I said that, I told the craftsman about my idea.

・A largish bathtub.
・A few 3cm x 3cm dents on the side of the bathtub.
・Hot water making mechanism and water inserting mechanism are not needed.
・The drainage system will use a magic tool, and the water will accumulate in a filtration tank, and can then be re-used for domestic uses.

「Uーn, if yer leaving out them hot water making n’ putting parts, it’ll take ’bout three days, tho…….
Ya really kay with that? Putting in them water’s troublesome, ya know?」

It seems that usually, a dedicated magic tool is used to draw water from the well, or some water source. It will then be heated in a dedicated stove, which will then be poured into an iron pot.
Because of that, the installation cost and the price of the magic tools is ridiculously expensive, and the project will become large-scaled.

With that bottleneck, baths don’t spread to the general public.

「Yes, that isn’t a problem!」

Although the craftsman was perplexed, he said “If ya say so” and undertook the bath construction for my home.
Since it seems like it was leisure time for the workshop, they’ll immediately get into the drawing up of the bathtub from today.

Craftsman-san said that he will bring along a few of his disciples and come to my house, and start the work at the site.
The talk is progressing faster than I thought.

Like this, it might make it in time before Sylphy comes back.
I’m really grateful to Craftsman-san.




「What’s with this, ‘sn’t this Dyne’s house? ‘s Myne Dyne’s son?」

As I was guiding Craftsman-san around the house, I was suddenly surprised.
I’ve heard that he was Otou-san’s friend.

Otou-san, I knew you had a large circle of friends but…….
Butcher-san, Alchemist-san, Weapon shop owner-san, Armour shop owner-san …… and also Craftsman…….

Isn’t this a little too wide?

Knowing that I am Otou-san’s son, Craftsman’s became tremendously pumped up.
I heard him muttering that he may tamper with Dyne’s house, but he will never tolerate any compromises.

As if he was another person, he called out to his disciples.

「List’n up! Y’all better make this yer best work!」

Aisha and I looked at each other and smiled wryly at his vigour.

Motivated by Craftsman, the disciples also seemed to have gotten pumped up, and in they completed the interior design in a twinkle.
Moreover, it evidently looked more extravagantly made than the previous arrangements.

「C, Craftsman-san…… this is grander than what we’ve prepared!」

Although I have some financial leeway, I have something like a budget, so…….

「Don’t worry ’bout that, ‘ll go by the previous budget.
Leavin’ that aside, ya should look forward ta’ it, ‘ll make an amazin’ bath which won’t lose even to them high grade inns」

Aah, Craftsman’s behaving recklessly.
I can’t stop it anymore…….

In the end, the construction proceeded until late at night, and everything was completed except for the bath heater.
Since he said that the bathroom is off limits for a while for hygiene purposes or something, I haven’t seen the completed bathroom, but it’ll probably become something amazing, huh…….

When the craftsmen including the disciples returned, their faces of men who had accomplished something looked strangely impressive.
I wonder if it’s okay, I have a feeling that it will go greatly over the budget, though…….


The next day, a disciple-san came over to convey the fact that the work will be suspended today since the drawing up of the bathtub is taking some time.
Disciple-san…… those bags under your eyes, don’t tell me that you guys had been going at it since you guys went back??

The day after that was the eighth day since Sylphy headed towards the capital.
If she’s coming back early, then it should be anytime now.

Until then, I want to surprise her with the completion of the bath someway or another.
Properly speaking, it was arranged for it to be completed today, but…… Craftsman acted rashly and will build a bathroom that will surpass even that of high class inns, so it’s difficult to say whether it will be completed.

However, I can’t possibly ask unreasonable things from the people who have been working hard to complete it in the workshop until they have eyebags.

Morning turned into afternoon, and Craftsman brought his disciples along to my house as I was relaxing.

「Ah’ve made the best bathtub!」

While saying that with a smile stretching across his whole face, he headed to the bathroom which is under construction.

He seems to have seriously planned on finishing it by today.
I heard this from Craftsman afterwards, but…… he said that making the best product and abiding by the construction period even if something happened midway is a craftsman duty.

While it may be true that he was acting rashly, Craftsman worked according to the plan of three days he had stated at first.
Aisha introduced me to a really good craftsman-san, didn’t she.

There’s also the matter of Otou-san, but this attitude is something I should learn a lot from.

……Well, I think the disciples surely had some suicidal thoughts, though.
I’m really sorry!

About two hours later…… the bath Craftsman put his all into had been completed.

「There’s some time fer hygienic purposes, so won’cha do me a favour and use it tomorrow? Ah, this really is a masterpiece」

The original price we agreed on was 800 gold coins.
However, looking at the completed bathroom, that would be inexcusable for its quality, even when a layman such as I look at it.

As I took a look at the competed bathroom, it was an extravagant bathroom, bigger than the bathroom at the Silver Bell Pavilion we stayed at in the Town Adol.
It being big is a matter of course, since I requested for a largish bathroom, but seeing it and hearing it is completely different.

Furthermore, according to Craftsman, the floor is made from something rock (I heard the name but don’t quite remember), a high grade material.
It seems that this stone is hard to slip on and water dries easily so its cost is high and definitely something used in bathrooms.

Moreover, the walls are covered with planks that let out a nice smell.
As if in a forest, the fragrance calms one’s nerves, and is also quite the expensive material.

And then there’s the bathtub.
This bathtub seem to be made of a different high grade material from the floorboards, and has a beautiful glossy black finish.

Furthermore, very small decorations are engraved into it, and looks like a work of art.

The holes I’ve requested for putting the pebbles in were also precisely made. It can be said that the workmanship doesn’t even lose to high grade inns’, just as Craftsman had said.

I expressed my gratitude towards Craftsman, and handed over 10 platinum coins for the cost.
Although it was more than the previous cost, I still felt that it wasn’t enough.

Although Craftsman firmly refused it, Aisha and I bowed as we said that it was our heartfelt gratitude, and he reluctantly accepted it.

At any rate, the long-awaited bath has been completed.

Let’s look forward to entering it tomorrow.


Thank you for reading as always.

Since there are various opinions on Regeneration, I will write a little about my idea.
Some people have pointed out about returning to materials, but actually, I’ve thought about this from the beginning.

I was thinking of explaining in the story from now on, but since I don’t know whether I can explain in it through the flow of events, I will write it here.

The starting point of regeneration is when a name is attached to the target object, in short, when that target object becomes that existence.
Because of that, equipment like “Steel Dagger” will have regeneration done until its name becomes “Steel Dagger”.
It is very close to what ShamNeko-san thought.

However, if this idea is brought to living things, they will return to babies.
Because of that, living things and objects at rest are treated differently when it comes to the starting point (Even I think it’s forced)

Because Cut is also handled differently, I will be grateful if you can think of it like that.

The starting point of living things are the condition without affecting growth.
In other words, they will return to the condition where they have no injuries nor loss.

Also, if the thing Regeneration is attached to is judged as “dead”, his heart has stopped, or brain has been destroyed will be starting point.
※Trolls are having their heart crushed and dying.

Regeneration will only regenerate body but cannot return severed souls.
Of course, there’s also a lot to be retorted here, but if it’s this, it can be understood.

Though it may seem like it will be revived if dead, even if body is revived, the mind will not, something like that.

One more thing.
It’s about magic water, since it’s fiction, there is no problem as drinking water nor bath.
I would appreciate if you can feel that the water contains magic power and will taste good.

This explanation should be put into the text, right.

※However, mina-san’s opinions are really amazing.
I am seriously admiring always (though I’m saying I am thoughtless……)
I am really thinking that wouldn’t it be better if everyone writes rather than me.

Thought this work is by such an author, please take care of me from now as well.

TL: Izzy

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  1. Kansaiben, Izzy? I think they are usually translated into scottish english… or american west coast english. There’s some online converter for common english scottish english somewhere (google is your best friend for that)


  2. I’m becoming more and more convinced that his father was the former hero that simply decided to go back to a regular life after retirement, passed away from illness or something, leaving behind forged connections with various people, and a super strong knife for his son until he became an adult ready to inherit it.

    As for the starting point being a baby; isn’t that amazing? I’m sure there are many people in the world who would love to start ALL over from scratch, like old people with one foot in the grave, nobles, royalty, rich people, those looking for immortality…etc, even if they may lose their memories as they regress.


  3. Typical for Japanese novels, massive focus on baths and food in the ‘otherworld’ lol.
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    • He still is 15 though. Imagine if you had a full grown adult pounding your back if you were not prepared wouldn’t you be feeling something or even be knocked off balance?


  4. I wonder if the author read this.
    And I don’t remember this idea in the story before or even in the A/N yet.
    Though, related to the A/N on this chap, i’ll write it here.

    What would happen if myne-kun paste regeneration on food?
    For example, a bread. Then cut a piece off the bread, does it regenerate back to the whole piece of uncut bread?
    If it could, then unlimited bread?
    Fix world food problem?

    Maybe difference with regeneration pasted before cutting bread and after cutting bread?

    Well, the food would still rot, but doesn’t it fix a lot of food problem?
    Like a bread could be almost equal to 5 bread this way.


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