Chapter 51 – Let’s Try Experimenting

Ten hours…… While shaking on the carriage once again, we arrived back at the Town of Lucas.

When I boarded it alone, I felt that it was quite the tiring journey, but thanks to Aisha being here, we arrived without feeling bitter.
Because we boarded the carriage while dragged along by the lingering memory of yesterday night, neither I nor Aisha restrained ourselves at all.

Thinking about it now, there’s no doubt that the people on the same carriage as us experienced an extremely difficult trip.
I feel like I’ve done something bad to the people who shared a carriage with us…… I’m sorry.


「「I’m back!」」

Although we were gone for only two days, as soon as I entered the house, I felt that my body become weak.
Although I didn’t feel it, in the end, my nerves were strained, huh…….

I’ll leave the request for the bath to the craftsman for tomorrow.

「……Seems like Hime-sama isn’t back yet」

Un, …… I’m actually a little relieved.
If she returned to our absence, even though she said that she will return in about 10 days, Sylphy will also be troubled.

While I was in the carriage going there, I suddenly felt worried.
As I discussed this with Aisha, she told me that there’s certainly a possibility for that to happen, and my heart throbbed quite quickly.

I’m reflecting; I should have thought this through at first.


We threw ourselves onto the bed for a while and rested, but we decided to start preparing for dinner as my stomach let out a rumble.

Aisha paid attention to my needs and said that she would make it by herself today, and that I should rest. As a result, I lay on the bed as I had been.

As I was waiting, I had nothing to do, so I decided to try experimenting on something I hit upon when we were in the dungeon.

Firstly, I took out the haft and blade of the broken steel dagger from my storage bag.

What I thought of was, ‘Can’t I restore the dagger using 【Regeneration】?’.
However, it wouldn’t be interesting with just restoring it, so let’s try carrying out another experiment.

In the end, I couldn’t experiment whether Regeneration can mend damage parts in battle, but I anticipate that I can confirm it with this experiment.

Firstly, I pasted 【Regeneration】 onto the haft.
……As I did that, the lost blade “grew” from the haft.


Name: Steel Dagger +12
Attack: +30
Grade: High
Attribute: None
Effective against: Humanoid
Skill: Regeneration


……Seems like it was completely repaired.
Yosh, next experiment.

Now, I’ll try striking Lightning Edge strongly with the restored steel dagger.
As I did that, the steel dagger couldn’t endure the force, and chipped, though only a little.

As I stared at the chipped part, I saw that it gradually restored…… It then returned to its original form in about a minute.

……If I pasted this onto all my equipments, wouldn’t I not need maintenance……?
Moreover, even if they receive damage in a battle, won’t it conveniently get mended?

For now, I pasted 【Regeneration】 on Lightning Edge as well.

However…… if I paste this onto myself and lose an arm or something, it’ll regenerate, won’t it?
It’s good that it’ll regenerate, but if someone were to see that process…….

Un, I’ll paste it each time during healing, and paste it onto a pebble when I’m not!

Yosh, let’s start the next experiment.

This time, I try pasting 【Strong Arm】 onto the steel dagger.

If this goes well, I can probably attack with considerable strength, right?

「I’m going to the dismantling shed for a while, I’ll be back immediately!」

I called out to Aisha, and hurried over to the dismantling shed.

I then placed the Troll Gazer’s corpse onto the work table and tried cutting at it with the steel dagger with 【Strong Arm】 pasted on it.
However, the blade could only inflict a small wound on the Troll Gazer’s corpse.

……U〜n, no good, I can’t use this.

I somehow expected it, but 【Strong Arm】 didn’t activate.

In the first place, 【Strong Arm】 is the type of Skill where it’ll activate by the user’s thoughts.
In contrast, 【Regeneration】 is a continuous activation type Skill.

It’ll be simple for us who possess thoughts to activate the Skill, but a dagger doesn’t have thoughts.
That’s why it can’t activate Skills which require thoughts…… that’s probably the case.

In other words, if I want the Skills effects when pasting Skills onto tools, then it’ll have to be a continuous activation type Skill.

With that, let’s move on to the next experiment.

I tried pasting three 【Continuous: Power】 onto the steel dagger.
I then tried cutting at the Troll Gazer’s corpse just like before.

Different from the previous attempt, this time, the blade pierced deeply into it.
Un, just as I expected.

It’ll be better to ensure the continuous activation type Skill as much as possible, huh.

I can move to the Dungeon of Strength with 【Characteristic Magic・Space-time】 whenever I wanted.
It’ll probably be good to try going there to collect Skills when I’m free.

As I came to that conclusion, Aisha called out to me.

「Myne-kun, dinner’s ready」

I tossed the Troll Gazer’s corpse and two steel daggers into the storage bag, and returned to the main building together with Aisha.




The dinner Aisha made was a masterpiece as usual.
Come to think of it, since we made it together up until now, in a certain sense, it’s my first time experiencing Aisha’s home cooking.

Although we aren’t married yet, it completely feels like we are newly-weds.

After finishing the enjoyable meal, Aisha went back to her own room.
She told me that she wants to finish cleaning up the room before Sylphy comes back.

As I said “Wouldn’t it be fine tomorrow?”, she told me “There’ll be more leeway if it’s finished ahead of time.”, so I took over cleaning up the tableware and send her out. (TLN: Japanese and their dialogues in sentences @@)

「Yosh, let’s first wash them」

I took out three pebbles with 【Continuous: Water】 pasted on them from the storage bag.
I gathered the 【Continous: Water】 from the three pebbles on to one, and made it the source of water for washing the tableware.

Although water will seep out a little with only one of this Skill, by combining three of them, I expect that it’ll be enough to wash the tableware.
Although it was a little more water flowing out than I had expected, it ensured that there would be enough water.

With this, there’s no need to draw water from the well.

By the way, I thought of experimenting and drank the water, and it was sweeter than the well water.


【Magic Water】: Water overflowing with magical power and contains no impurities.


So it was written.

Furthermore, quite a lot of water is collected inside the storage bag with the pebbles inside it. If all the water is retrieved, it seemed like it’ll flood the washing place, and it’s a secret that I panickedly threw it away outside the storage bag.




After I threw away the water which had accumulated inside the storage bag, while I hummed to change my mood, I hastened the work, and finished cleaning up the tableware in the blink of an eye.

Now then, I once again divided the Skill onto three pebbles and limit the ejection of water.

If I left it as it is without thinking through it, the storage bag will become like before all over again.
If I’m unlucky, it’s possible that the house will be flooded out.

I then made sure to put the pebbles with 【Continuous: Water】 pasted onto them into the storage bag I made with 【Characteristic Magic・Space-time】.
I thought, “Won’t I be able to stop the water from gushing out since time doesn’t pass inside it?”.

Since I’m in the kitchen, let’s try experimenting once more.

I put in three 【Continuous: Water】 pebbles and 2 【Continuous: Heat】 pebbles into a medium-sized bottle.

As I did that, it became fully filled in about thirty seconds, and as I tried putting my hand into it, it felt somewhat warm.

「……It’s not enough, huh」

I increased 【Continuous: Heat】 from two to three, and waited for 30 seconds.

Then, as I put my hand into it like before, though it’s not to the level of a hot bath (compared to the usual ones), it reached a temperature which felt good as it came into contact with my hand.
Yes, it felt like a bath’s hot water.

「Un, there doesn’t seem to be a problem for the hot water for the bath with this.
When the crafsman builds the bath heater for me, it seems like requesting for cavities the size of pebbles on the interior would be good.
Since the construction will finish with only the water drainage system, it might not take that long to install it」


Satisfied with the results, I returned to my own room.



Name: Myne
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 15 years
Occupation: Hunter

Body Enhancement・Small | LV4(3→4) LevelUp!
Body Enhancement・Large | LV3(2→3) LevelUp!
Continuous: Power | new!
Rock・Slash | new!
Rush | new!
Magic Eye of Shock | new!
Magic Eye of Charm | new!
Strong Arm・Saint | new!


Name: Pebble (TLN: ………)
Attack: 1
Grade: Low
Attribute: Water

Continuous: Water
Continuous: Water
Continuous: Water


Name: Pebble
Attack: 1
Grade: Low
Attribute: Heat

Continuous: Heat
Continuous: Heat
Continuous: Heat

【Stored Skills】
Continuous: Power
Continuous: Heat
Continuous: Water
Continuous: Wind
Continuous: Light
Body Enhancement・Small
Strong Arm
Strong Arm・Extreme
Strength Rise

Ultra Regeneration


Name: Aisha・Lorelle
LV:43 (29→43) LevelUp!
Race: Hume
Gender: Female
Age: 26 years
Occupation: Archery Master


Thank you for reading as always.
Please take care of me from now on as well m(_ _)m

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  1. Wait, Aisha was 26? For some reason i thought she was like 18 or 20. Aisha and Myne’s age difference puts their relationship in a different light for me, huh.


    • You can’t really consider him a shota, since he’s technically an adult…and he IS like…15 or 16.

      That’s out of shota territory, y’know. Especially in a world where that age is considered an adult. ^^


  2. Thanks for more chapters and WB!

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  4. Hmmm, forgot if it was mentioned, but wonder if you could paste [Regeneration] onto corpses, thus restoring it to mint conditions, then slow cut apart pieces to sell/eat.


      • Leaving aside that almost all common understanding of the hymen is a myth, according to those myths that seems ridiculous. Unless you enjoy causing pain/bleeding with sex? The only way I can see virginity regeneration being useful is if you run a dishonest brothel.


  5. Before I complain, I’d like to thank you for your hard work on translating this series. So thank you. And now that I have, I feel I can now say that I am not a fan of the dropdown menu table of contents. As the chapters accumulate, it’s getting harder and harder to scroll down to the specific chapters that I want to go to. I don’t even want to know how people with no scroll buttons on their mouse do it.


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        So why does he bother analysing skills before cutting them ?
        Worst he let himself be hit by some skills to test them !!
        Why not try using the skill yourself !

        This is all to balance the OPness of the protagonist…
        Bad writing !


  6. It bothers me that he isn’t doing something obvious like putting all non-continuous skills onto single object like a normal ring for easier management. Or if he’s lacking a ring, a sock. The sock of destiny.

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  7. Idiot protagonist…
    Why ask for some place to place pebbles in the heater ? Can’t you paste the heating directly to the bottom and the water to the top ?


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