Chapter 50 – Labyrinth of Strength (5)

I tossed the crushed troll into the storage bag, and wandered about B2.

After that, I safely defeated the trolls that appeared, and right now I’ve just defeated the sixth one.
I had expected each individual to have different Skills like the orcs and slimes, but they all had the same ones, so I couldn’t obtain any new Skills.

I’ve pasted their Skills on pebbles, but honestly, I was struck with an idea so I thought that I would try experimenting once I return home.

「Phew, will this do for now? It’s quite late, so why don’t we head back?」

As Aisha said that, she thought for a while, and gave a suggestion.

「……Myne-kun, do you think you’ll be able to defeat this levels boss, the “Troll Gazer”?
If so, we can make quite the progress, and I think it’ll be faster if we got out using the boss room’s transfer stone.
It’s just that is a seriously formidable enemy, so…… it might be a hard fight, even for Myne-kun……」

The reason the Troll Gazer is regarded as formidable is because of its regeneration and its strengthened Skills, so if its me, I think I could probably defeat it.
Regarding my offense, I think I could exterminate it in one go if I use Twirling…….

I wonder if Aisha decided after seeing my battles with the trolls?

Un, it seems to be worth challenging.

「I won’t say that it’s absolute, but…… I could probably defeat it」

As I said that, Aisha seemed to have prepared herself for the worst, as she nodded with a serious look, and our attempt at the boss was hurriedly decided.


「As expected, there’s really no one here, huh……」

Aisha muttered in the hall before the boss room.
The Clan Soaring Sandstorm was in the B1’s, after all.

I think it feels somehow lonely, looking at this deserted room.

However, I think it’s natural that nobody is here.
From what I’ve heard, there still isn’t anyone who can defeat the Troll Gazer.
If there isn’t enormous firepower, it’s evident that the tables will be turned on them.

Properly speaking, it’s monster which you need to prepare for drawn-out battle as you gather firepower.
However, I plan to immediately steal its Skills, and floor it in one go with Twirling.

「Yosh, let’s go」

We opened the door and set our feet into the room.


Name: Troll Gazer
Race: Demon Race
Gender: ♂

Ultra Regeneration
Magic Eye of Charm
Strong Arm・Saint



This is…… awful.

Is this even something you can beat without stealing its Skills?
A party won against this? No, an alliance, maybe? Either way, it’s outrageous…….

Oops, this isn’t the time to be admired.
No can do, no can do. I’ll have to first steal its Skills.

「Aisha, can I leave you with fast attacks? Can you attack at full power at my signal?」

Confirming Aisha’s nod, I stuck its feet onto the ground.

As long as you don’t reach a certain distance from the floor boss, it won’t move.
……This will contain its initial movements.

Yosh, let’s cast self-enhancements at full power.

【Body Enhancement・Large】 【Physical Strength Enhancement・Extreme】 【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small】 【Strong Arm・Extreme】 【Strong Arm・Saint】 【Strength Rise】

And create Twirling with 【Realize】.

Yosh, I’ve finished preparing!

「Aisha, please!」

Aisha fired an arrow at my shout.
……The battle has started.

The arrow Aisha fired hit it, and the Troll Gazer which came alive tripped and stumbled greatly.
It tried to keep it balance so that it doesn’t fall, but it’s too late!

I who started running at the moment Aisha fired her arrow, have already reached the range of my attack.

「Eat this! Martial Art: Shark Glow!!」

This attack had consigned a Calamity Class, and Orc King, to oblivion.
There’s no way this guy who lost its Ultra Regeneration can endure this.

The scene where I defeate the Orc King was perfectly reproduced.
With a violent explosion sound resounding in the surroundings, the Troll Gazer was cut up right in half.

And then, Twirling which had finished its role disappeared from my hands along with a light.

I then tossed the Troll Gazer’s corpse into my storage bag.
I sat down at that place and time.

As expected, creating Twirling was extremely exhausting.

……Now then, I wonder what the drops are.


Name: Linus・Sword
Attack: +60
Grade: Ultra
Attribute: Light
Effective against: Ghosts
Martial Arts: Sacrifice・Zwei (TLN: ツヴァイ)


……An Ultra grade one-handed sword.
It has quite the high power, huh. Seems like it can even use an exclusive martial art.

It’ll probably be good if I hand this over to Sylphy.
It seems like a good souvenir, and it’ll be good if she’s happy with this.

「Phew, thanks for the hard work!」

Aisha talked to me with a little stunned expression on her face, and I also replied ‘thanks for the hard work’.

I got up with Aisha’s help, and we both went towards the transfer stone.

Like this, my first dungeon exploration ended.




We entered the dungeon in the morning, but it’s already completely dark.
My sense of time went greatly out of order when I went in, huh.

It’ll be harsh if we don’t stay for one more night…….
Although it’s not that I can’t return using 【Characteristic Magic・Space-time】, but as expected, I’m hesitating a little in showing it.

Frankly speaking, I feel like it’d be okay to speak to Aisha about it.
However, there’s also the matter with Sylphy, so I can’t be resolute.

If I can believe in Sylphy as much as I can in Aisha when she returns…… I’ll probably open my heart then.
That’s why, for now, we’ll have to get a lodging.

「No helping it, I guess, let’s stay a night and return first thing next morning」

Aisha’s also probaby quite tired as expected, as she immediately agreed.
We decided to head to the Silver Bell Pavilion which we had stayed at yesterday night.

Of course, it goes without saying that I held her hand firmly as we walked.


「Good evening! Is there a room available?」

The proprietress-san who received us last night was immediately there as we entered the entranceway, so we called out to her.
As we did that, she seemed to have remembered us, faced me and answered 「Yes, we still have some rooms available」.

We paid for the lodging upfront, and followed proprietress-san who guided us to the same room as yesterday.

We sat on the chairs and relaxed for a while, before entering the bath which we are completely fond of together.
I am still a little embarrassed but, I think I’ve gotten used to it greatly.

I reflexively let out a voice at the perfect water temperature.


Aisha who saw that giggled.

「Somehow, it felt long……, but also felt short…… I’m really tired」

「That’s true, I’m also a little tired. It has been a while since I went all out, after all」

「Let’s slowly soak ourselves in the bath, and let it take away the fatigue」

After that, we washed each other’s bodies, and enjoyed the bath while flirting.




……What happened after coming out from the bath?
Of course, we slept together on the bed.

You’ve got a problem with that?


Thank you for reading as always.
Please take care of me from now as well m(_ _)m

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29 thoughts on “Chapter 50 – Labyrinth of Strength (5)

  1. ……What happened after coming out from the bath?
    Of course, we slept together on the bed.
    You’ve got a problem with that?

    no, no Myne kun, we got no problem with that, its just, we need your detailed bed activities to be written, you know, for academic purposes

    Liked by 22 people

    • Didn’t even say that he took the charm eyes or the ultra regen…hopefully he just omitted it since itd be dumb if he didn’t take them


  2. Wish this bastard MC would be a little smarter like other ability stealing stories and think to add some life saving/ power amplifying skills to his soon-to-be wives like come on guy smh you’re gonna keep that shit secret until one of them dies aren’t you?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would be dumber If he did that, they have crystals that can identify someone else’s skills, it will be easier to found out about the protagonist’s main ability. It will be smarter to just help level up by fighting far stronger monsters but easy for the protagonist. Another thing is, he could tame monsters, let the tamed monster act as if it is one of the girls who tamed it without tame skill and then make that monster super strong then use that monster to defend the girls. He should also solo hunting in the dungeon first so when they hunt as a party, he will have a better idea how to hunt those monsters more effectively.


      • * It will be smarter for them to just level up as a party by fighting far stronger monsters, but easy for the protagonist.


    • He will. He just finished explaining why he is holding off. With space-time transfer they could have eaten dinner and slept in their own home in Lucas, but he wants to wait until both wives are there so he can explain to both together.

      It is enough for now that he is not concealing from his wife what he can do, not explaining yet since Sylphy hime is not there, but not making any effort to conceal what he can do. At least with wife. Still hiding from outsiders as much as possible.


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