Chapter 5: Slime Obtains Great Sage’s Inheritance

Orphe and Nikola collected the research results in the magic arts laboratory.
Because the magic arts laboratory is for experiment purposes, it’s physical construction is extremely solid. Moreover, there are layers of defensive barriers; It’s suitable even for disposing of the research results.
It depends, but it cannot be destroyed with half-baked firepower.
If it’s this room, then Orphe can use her conceptual incineration magic art. (TLN: 概念型 help.)

「Orphe-nee, this is almost all of it」
「This is all of the normal research results, isn’t it」

What she meant by normal are the ones that have been decided to be made public in the future and my daughters’ individual research.
These ones are still okay if they are snatched away.
The problem is the inventions which can destroy the power balance between nations.

「Nikola, it’s your first time going into the sealed area, isn’t it?」
「Mm. If I approach it, Tou-san would get angry」
「It’s the place where the inventions which can change the world are, after all. It’s at the level where if even one of them leaks out, the country who possesses it would be able to unify the world」

That’s right. Although I obtained fame as the Great Sage, I divided clearly the things that can be shown on the surface and those that can’t.
The sealed area is a room where only those which absolutely cannot be shown are kept.
These absolutely cannot be handed over to fatty upstart…… Yobuku.
Passing through a hidden entrance, Orphe and Nikola headed to the basement.

Orphe’s fear and trembling is transmitted to my slime body.
Orphe hugging me has completely become a habit.
We then finally arrived at the sealed area.
There are five doors, each of them needs a key and a unique code, and an extremely difficult seal which will blow up the room itself if it isn’t correctly removed at the same time.
To be frank, I don’t think Yobuku and the others can undo this.
If they irresponsibly decide to unlock it, the result will be the room getting blown up.

「Orphe-nee, we can achieve our objective if we purposely fail in releasing the seal」
「……Let’s not. It’s our last night in this mansion. I want to learn what Tou-san left, even if only a little」
「Mn. I overlooked that」

The both of them decided to divide their roles and open the door.
The seal will be left to the Enlight of 【Magic Arts】. The elf, Orphe.
The physical unlcoking and decrypting will be left to the Enlight of 【Alchemy】. The dwarf Nikola.

I admire them a little.
Actually, this door is not only to protect the secrets, but at the same time it is a test to these kids.
When they have grown until they can open the door, it’ll be okay to teach them the dark side techniques.
Both of them are engrossed in challenging the trial. They seem like they’re somehow enjoying it. The girls solve the questions I made one by one.

After an hour, a dull sound was given off as the five doors were opened.
Orphe and Nikola high fived. Otou-san feels like crying a little.
Both of them overcame the trial. The two of them did not realise that with this, they have obtained the qualifications of the Enlight of 【Magic Arts】 and 【Alchemy】.

That room is a white room.
Magic lifeforms which start as golems and slimes…… in addition to that, special things which could blow off common sense.
Grimoires filled with spells. Inventions like guns which are still concepts and haven’t made an entrance, and their evolved forms. Iron birds which can dance freely in the skies without the use of magic arts. A bomb which can decimate a whole army with only one explosion. Medicine for incurable illnesses and feared infectious diseases, and conversely, viruses which deliberately causes it, cursed swords which surpasses even divine swords. The real things and design specifications are crowded and lined up.
This is the forbidden box, packed with the remains of inventions that can change the world.
Both of them started investigating the room innocently.

「Otou-san’s way more amazing than I thought」
「Ditto. I thought I was about to catch up to him. But it seems like that was just conceit. We’ve only seen one side of Tou-san. There’s still a lot to go. It’s overwhelming」
「Today’s the last day we’ll have examples, let’s properly learn what Tou-san left us with」
「Mn. Let’s start immediately」

The two people with talent greedily studied.
Because they know that there is a time limit, they didn’t spend too much time on each and every one of them.
Just after they obtained the general idea, they immediately moved on to the next one. The geniuses’ way of thinking, just by getting the general idea, they’ll struggle onto the end product by themselves.
Without even a wink of sleep, they continued until the morning.

「Orphe-nee, it’s almost time. That guy will come here」
「……It’s vexing, but we’re out of time. Let’s proceed to the magic laboratory」

They finished transporting the taboo inventions. In doing so, Nikola activated the golems she made.
These cannot be destroyed by ordinary flames. The plan is to thoroughly burn them without leaving even dust using Orphe’s conceptual incineration magic art.
Orphe made a lonely look before putting me down, and clapped her cheeks.
She has begun concentrating her magic power.
Probably sad at burning the inheritance I had left, her eyes became moist.
Don’t worry, it’s okay for you not to cry. I will be with you.


It is finally my turn.
I ate one of the taboo inventions which were collected in a single place. After that, another one. I continue eating them one by one.
Of course, it’s not like I 【Absorbed】 them. I merely put them into my stomach. Not 【Absorb】, but 【Storage】, that’s why it only takes a moment.
The taboo inventions are properly stored in the other dimension within my belly.
Phew, this slime body’s really convenient.

「Ah, Sla-chan ate it」
「That’s surprising, won’t those kind of things ruin its belly?」

Orphe became flustered, stopped her magic art and rushed over to me.
Within the document on 【Infinite Evolving Slime】 that Orphe had found, the description on infinite evolution by absorption was written, but not about 【Storage】.
Orphe lifted me up and peered into my transparent slime body.

「Sla-chan, are you alright?」

I returned an energetic reply.
As I did that, Orphe started laughing.

「Ahahahahahaha, mankind’s wisdom, the taboo inventions, even they are quickly eaten up, aren’t they. It feels a little lonely」
「Mn. No matter what kind of inventions, it’s the same once it enters the stomach. Even the pigs who laid out schemes and try to to steal these things, even us who tried to desperately protect them, it might be laughable from the slime’s point-of-view」

Huh, somehow, Orphe and Nikola are strangely saying profound things as if they’ve gained enlightenment.
Let’s tease them a little.


I took out the magic book that Orphe last read, and seemed like she wanted to continue reading.
If I remember correctly, it’s a magic book with strategic magic arts that can be used in the battlefield. Mana overflowing in nature, and magic power in the battlefield from magic arts users of both armies as loss which leaked and remained in the atmosphere. A secret art which fires a maximum magic art by controlling all of that without consuming everything, is what was written in the book.
I handed that to Orphe.

「Ah, thank you. Hey, can Sla-chan take out and put in the things Sla-chan ate? And on top of that, they won’t get wet at all, is Sla-chan that amazing?」
「Umm, if that’s the case, put this away, and take out the magic book regarding the creation of undeads and management of souls which Tou-san wrote, the Necronomicon」

I accepted the magic book which I just handed her, and took out a different magic book.
Orphe’s face shone enthusiastically.

「Amazing, Sla-chan!! With this, we can secretly bring them out. Nobody would think that they are in Sla-chan’s tummy」

Hoisting me above her head, Orphe spun round and round.
Nikola looked at that with an envious look.

「Hey, Sla. Can you perhaps take out the nuclear bomb design specifications I was reading?」

I quickly took out the requested good.
Nikola opened her eyes widely.

「Orphe-nee, perhaps, there isn’t a limit to the things Sla can put inside its stomach, and on top of that, it can take it out whenever it wants. In other words, not only the things he just ate, but he can probably also take out the research data that should be taken out in the shadows, or our own research data, or personal belongings」
「……Seems plausible. I’ll try asking. Sla-chan, can you possibly put in as many things as you want into your tummy?」
「Pyui! (Come at me!)」
「「Sla (chan), amazing」」

My two daughters hugged me at the same time.
Aah, this is bliss. Otou-san will work hard.

「Let’s hurry, we don’t have much time. Let’s let Sla-chan eat everything from A to Z」
「Mn. Orphe-nee, as expected, it would be suspicious if there aren’t any researh results, so let’s leave a dummy, some worthless research」
「Un, that’s a good idea. To those people, the things we find worthless would probably look amazing enough」

They both nodded at each other.
Both of their expressions aren’t sad like before. They’re full of hope.

「「Packing, start!!」」

After that, I was dragged around by my two daughters, and stored every single research data and results, and while we were at it, even their personal belongings to their hearts’ content.
By the way, I can read the things that are in my stomach.

I didn’t read all of my daughters’ research, but with their unique way of thinking and techniques, they studied on a field which I do not know.
Without a parent’s bias, this is a wonderful research.
I never thought that the time when I learn from my kids would ever come.

I crammed various things into my stomach, but the only thing I desperately rejected was underclothes.
……I feel repulsed at the act of eating my daughters’ underwear.
All of those are jammed into a suitcase.

And then, the preparations have somehow been finished noisily. Just in time before fatty upstart, a.k.a. Yobuku’s troupe appeared.
He rudely knocked on the door once again.
Orphe and Nikola left the entranceway carrying only their suitcases.

「……What’s with those strangely bright faces. I had thought that they would surely weep the night out」

This fatty upstart definitely planned on enjoying harassing Orphe.
Fool, as long as I am here, there is no way I would let that happen.

「Have you decided? Become my lover, or get out of the mansion」
「I have decided. I will leave this mansion」

Orphe declared that without hesitation.
Yobuku was bewildered by the unexpected response.

「Do you not feel anything, having your father’s research snatched from you? It’s okay for you to assist me, you know」

Although his real intentions is to make her his lover, he also wants to make Orphe, the person who brought out the number two results within the academic conference, his assistant, and snatch the fruits of her labours. Moreover, without Orphe’s abilities, it would be impossible to obtain any progress even if my research is handed over to him, so he wants to use Orphe, that’s probably his true intentions.

「Yes, I will hand it over to you. Do as you please」
「I understand, you’re hiding all of the research data in that bag, aren’t you! Knights, check her luggage」

With that order, Orphe and Nikola’s suitcases were opened.
Inside it is a robe for changing clothes, along with travelling expenses, portable food, a few potions, and tools.

「……No research data’s inside it, huh. I’ll give you one more chance. Are you really sure? You’ll be able to live in luxury if you stay in this mansion, you know」
「We have already decided. Well then, there’s not much time, so we’ll be departing」
「Let’s go, Orphe-nee」

Orphe and Nikola both passed by Yobuku.
They did not falter at all. All the important stuff is within my slime body, which Orphe is hugging.
Yobuku looked at their retreating figure with a dumbfounded expression.
“Yobuku probably got bitten by a bug or something, he’s scratching his red swollen nape”. Fufufu, punishment complete. I will absolutely not forgive vermin who make my daughters cry.

Both of them started talking after the knights aren’t visible anymore.

「Orphe-nee, the research results are fine, but it’s sad that we’ll lose the mansion packed with memories」
「I feel sad too. After all, it’s the mansion where I lived with Tou-san and everyone else」
「We talked about this yesterday, but we will definitely get it back」
「Of course. For that, we will have to gather money, won’t we」

Yesterday, while they were packing their things, both of them had a talk together.
If Yobuku knew that there isn’t any decent research materials nor results, he would certainly lose interest in the mansion. Actually, the mansion is full of traps, and to live in there normally, there needs to be a suitable amount of power. It is obvious that he will hurriedly escape.
If that’s the case, he will offer it for sale.
Both of them swore that if he does offer it for sale, they will obtain it no matter how expensive it is.
For that, they will leave on a trip and earn money.

「Nikola, let’s go to the east for now」
「Reason being?」
「I’ve heard that Tou-san’s hometown is over there. Furthremore, the condition is good, so it would be easy to earn money」
「Agreed. I’ll earn lots of money with the power of the Enlight of 【Alchemy】. I also want research equipment until we buy the mansion back」
「……Please don’t go overboard. If Nikola felt like it, you could make matchless alchemy, can’t you」 (TLN: 比喩抜きの錬金 …? help?)

Alchemy is magic art which changes other metals to gold. If such a thing is done, it’s probable that a panic that the market price for gold will crumble would happen.

「I know. I will follow Tou-san’s teachings」

Like that, the elf, the dwarf, and the slime started their journey.
The sisters who vowed to gather money and one day re-buy the place of memories, headed towards the east.
Along with a father who is just a bit overprotective.

「What’s wrong, Sla-chan?」

I accidentally let out a cry in good spirits.
There are two reasons for my good spirits.

First, just as we passed by each other, I fired a needle which was processed from the Fat Rat’s bone (TLN: ….??????) which was 【Stored】, like a blowpipe.
That needle is less than a milimetre in diameter. It probably stung just a little.
However, it’s tip is inserted with one of my taboo inventions.
Poison. In a while, that guy will collapse with a high fever…… and then, he will never be able to have an erection in his whole life.
I made this when I was a youth for harrassing nobles who have the intention on leaving their blood behind as their main objective.
With this, he will never again lay his filthy eyes upon Orphe. This is called the Castration Potion. It is most effective against bastards like him.

And then, there’s another thing.
I was able to obtain all of my taboo inventions and can freely take them out.
Among them, one of them shines out, 【Pyroxene of Evolution】. It can raise monster’s power to the utmost limits, and forcefully stimulate evolution.
Above being disposable, it is temporary and has side effects, but the power would be unfathomable.
I only have three of these treasures. These will be used for lending a hand when my daughters try and try, but still cannot do anything.

「Sla-chan, you’re happy coming outside, aren’t you. I’m also looking forward a little to our journey from now on」

Two people and one animal’s journey.
Of course, my usual place is in Orphe’s arms. My slime body is a perfect fit to the fairly large breasts. Soft, warm, fragant, this is heaven. It’s not bad, being spoilt by my daughters.
Today as well, the great sage is hugged by his adopted elf daughter.

Race: Forbidden Slime
Level: 4
Name: Merlin Enlight
Skills: Absorption | Storage | Presence Sensing | Familiar | Flight Ⅰ
Belongings: Strong acid potion | Various medicinal plant components | Pyroxene of Evolution | Forest Rat materials | Pidgeotto materials
Physical strength G+ | Endurance G+ | Agility E | Magic power F+ | Luck F | Uniqueness EX

Donors: Johannes B., James K.

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