Chapter 49 – Labyrinth of Strength (4)

Although we were surprised by the unexpected appearance of the rare boss, we were able to defeat the B1 boss.
I was told off by Aisha for overdoing it, but since it was completely better than dying or getting injured, I didn’t regret it.

I smiled and dodged Aisha’s question.

Now’s the long awaited drops.
Although the “Speed Shoes” Cass-san was talking about seem like it will drop, I have the drop increasing Skills 【Probability】.

I’ll be happy with anything good, though.
Name: Speed Shoes
Agility: +12
Grade: High
Special effects: Movement Speed 2 Up

Name: Ciel Soulier (TLN: I have no idea what this even is: シエルスーリエ)
Agility: +25
Grade: Ultra
Attribute: Wind
Special Effects: Movement Speed 3 Up
Air Walk
These two are the drops.
Both of them are shoes. One of them is the Speed Shoes we heard before entering.

I wonder if movement speed increase is something like the 【Swift Feet】 Skill?
I see, Skills don’t raise the ability, but equipment can.

And the other one, I think it’s probably a rare drop, but I wonder if it’s a superior version of Speed Shoes?
Eh? ……”Air Walk”? ……that means, I can walk on air with this!?

……This is amazing.

For now, let’s put this into the storage bag.
Letting Aisha and Sylphy use them sounds good.

「I feel a little bad for Cass-san and the others」

As I said that, Aisha shook her head and told me 「This is how dungeon exploring’s like」.
Certainly, there’ll be no end to it if we start talking about it.

I’ll be troubling if he said since we lined up beforehand, that is ours.

Pulling myself together, we decided to head to the next level.
The level containing the trolls we are aiming for.

Touching the transfer stone, we headed to the next level.
As expected, I should have stopped them with all my might.

Even if Aisha is strong and called the Sacred Bow, it’s been several years since she retired as an adventurer.
Moreover, she specialises in archery as her nickname suggests.

No matter what, due to a bow’s nature, there’s no choice but to take a distance from the target.
To make use of that ability, she will need an excellent tank. That is absolute.

Even so, the person in the same party as Aisha was a young lad who may or may not have come of age.
No matter how I think, I can’t imagine him being a tank.

Even if he has a tank’s Skill and can play his part as one, the boss which appears here is the superior type of Power Ogre, the Strong Ogre.
A monster which possesses atrocious physical strength and defence.

It’s a formidable enemy that even our twenty people can only somehow defeat it.
It is by no means an enemy two people can challenge.

However, Aisha and that lad said that they completely don’t need backup.
If they declared as that, I don’t have the right nor qualification to hinder their actions.

Challenging a dungeon is one’s own responsibility, after all.

However, seeing them off into the boss room, I succumbed to the regret.
Putting that lad aside, I’ve only met him for a short while, but Aisha is a friend from way back.

I cannot help the aftertaste of watching over her going to her death and regretting while doing nothing.

A few minutes after they entered the boss room, I heard a thunderous roar similar to something exploding from inside the room.
……I wonder if that was the sound of a magic explosion?

I’ve never heard of Aisha using offensive magic.
If that’s the case…… it’s reasonable to assume that the lad uses magic.

I see, that lad isn’t a tank, but a damage dealer, huh.
That means, their strategy is probably a short decisive battle with Aisha’s archery and the boy’s magic.

Then, as expected, five minutes after thethunderous roar resounded, silence returned to the surroundings.

The boss room’s door’s rock then cleared, and as I peeked inside it, their figure was nowhere to be found.
If the challenger loses to the floor boss, their corpse will remaind in the room for a while, and will be absorbed by the dungeon for a fixed period.

Them not being inside means that they obtained victory without problems.

Instead of thinking that it was good that an acquaintance didn’t die, I felt fear towards their strength that could suppress a boss with just two people.
#Dungeon of Strength, B2

「We’ve somehow arrived at the level we were aiming for, that’s good」

We don’t particularly need to capture this floor.
In the end, our target is the trolls.

By the way, trolls are generally huge.
Orcs and ogres are also big, and are generally around 2~3 metres.
Orc Kings are around 5 metres.

Smaller trolls are of approximately the same size as Orc Kings.

However, trolls instead have extremely dull movements and have considerably low defence compared to orcs.

Despite that, they are said to be higher rank monsters compared to orcs. There are reasons for that.

One of the reasons is that they have a high regeneration ability, they can quickly recovery even if they receive damage.
Also, they can release a strong shock wave from the one large eye which takes up not less than 1/3 of its face.

These two abilities raises the difficulty level for subjugating trolls.

In reality, trolls cannot be defeated by half-baked firepower.
There are also many parties which could not defeat it after a long, continuous battle, and have gotten themselves wiped out.

Therefore, they are recognised as higher rank monsters than orcs.

By the way, this floor’s boss seems to be “Troll Gazer”.
Normal trolls already have troubling damage regeneration ability, but this guy seems to have even an even stronger regeneration ability.

It is common sense that rare monsters are usually stronger than a dungeon boss, but rare monsters seem to be easier to defeat than this guy.

Actually, there are almost no parties which broke through this floor.
Practically all who managed to break through had coincidentally encountered rare monsters, and there is only a small number who managed to defeat the Troll Gazer and break through.

While we carefully observed the surroundings, we advanced to the second floor.
Since I am using 【Presence Detection・Moderate】, there’s no way for us to be struck by a surprise attack.
We wandered about the floor for about 10 minutes, and finally managed to encounter our target, a troll.
Name: Power・Troll
Race: Demon race

Magic Eye of Shock
Strong Arm・Extreme


I accidentally shouted.
Eh? What’s shock…… and magic eye!?

Aisha made a puzzled face at my sudden shout.

「What’s wrong? Myne-kun」

While I flusteredly shook my head, I dodged the question by saying “Nothing”.
It’s a secret that I retorted myself by saying “No, there’s no way it’s nothing” in my mind.

Now then, let me see the reason they’re called higher rank monsters compared to orcs, the rumoured regeneration ability and shock wave.
Firstly, before I steal its Skills, I want to confirm that power with my own eyes.

Since it’s called regeneration, it should recover from wounds, I wonder what about the damaged parts?
If it could recover even lost arms or legs, I would understand the wonder compared to orcs.

Even if I experiment after stealing it, as expected, I don’t feel like trying it out on my own body.

Since there’s an “eye” attached to Magic Eye, I want to confirm how it activates.
If it’s a Skill where something rushes out from the eyes, there’s no way I can show it with others present.

「Aisha, let’s go!」

As I said that, I charged at the troll and Aisha drew her bow to the limit and started attacking.
Before I started, the arrows Aisha shot continuous hit the troll.

Un, as I have heard, it’s movements are pretty dull.
If it’s just this, then it could be said that orcs and ogres are stronger than it.


The parts Aisha’s attack wounded visibly recovered.
I see …… Just as the rumours say, it has an amazing recovery power.

Next, receive my attack!
Lightning Edge in my right hand, and the Dagger of Origin on my left.

I try to favourably hit the dull troll from left and right continuously.
Though the attack was loaded with only 【Twin Swords・Extreme】, because the level difference is big, considerable damage was delivered.

If this attack hits, orcs would have long been defeated, but the troll still held out.
Moreover, at that time, it rushed to deliver damage.

“Something” hit me, and I was blown off. And at the same time a violent pain ran through my whole body.
Put into words, it’s exactly “Shock”.

Something like a mass of invisible power.
It’s a different thing from the similarly invisible wind magic, so this is 【Magic Eye of Shock】.


Aisha rushed over to me and helped me recover using 【Magic・Large Recovery Lv4】.

「……Ow ow ow ow…… Thanks, Aisha」

……This is very troubling, isn’t it.
I feel like it activated without any preparation movements.

「Hey, Aisha. Did you see that guy’s attack just now?」

「I felt like it’s eyes shined for a moment, but…… I couldn’t see it at all」

She probably understood what I wanted to say, and instantly replied with the answer I wanted.
The shine in its eyes was probably its preparation movement, but since it’s an invisible attack, I can’t clearly conclude.

On the contrary, even it’s seen when I am outside where I’m worried about, they won’t know what I did.
It seems to be alright even if I used it in public.
「……It certainly is more troublesome than orcs」

Even though I slashed at it to that extent and drove it until it was almost defeated, I could see that it has considerably recovered with such little time.

Since I was sent flying by the Magic Eye, I couldn’t confirm the damaged parts, but it recovered with that much vigour, huh…….
There’s a similar Skill, 【Support Magic・Gradual Recovery Large (Vitality)】, but I think Regeneration has a better effect. (TLN: Previously Restoration not recovery)

……Yosh, with this, I understand the Skills well.

I quickly cut 【Regeneration】 and 【Magic Eye of Shock】 and pasted it on myself.
I pasted 【Strong Arm・Extreme】 onto a pebble as usual and tossed it into my storage bag.

The other party, the troll, seemed to be perplexed as his 【Regeneration】 disappeared before it finished recovering.

Yosh, next is to defeat it in one go!

I piled 【Strong Arm・Extreme】 【Body Enhancement・Large】 【Physical Strength Enhancement・Extreme】 and raised my attack strength.
I also activated 【King’s Intimidation】.

As I did that, the troll started trembling and couldn’t move at all.

I picked up a large stone off the ground, and aimed at its chest where I think its heart is at, and threw it at full strength.

The rock hit it with force incomparable to when I defeated the Slime with a pebble, …… and the troll fell forwards, defeated.


Thank you for always reading.
I have completed changing a part of the Skills, equipment names and effects which I wrote in the afterword of Labyrinth of Strength(3).

I’ve writen details on activity report.

Please take care of me from now on too.

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        A heated bath that continuously refreshes the soak water is a royal class luxury that will be theirs alone. Also he is now starting to think tools after realizing that objects can use some skills.


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        I suspect that if there are cyclops in this series as well, that’ll be the primary ‘initial’ difference between them and trolls. ^^


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