Chapter 46 – The Labyrinth of Strength (1)

「……I don’t recognise this ceiling」

Well of course, this is the room of a high class inn, The Silver Bell, located in the Town of Labyrinth.
Of course there’s no way I would know this ceiling.

Sleeping beside me, was a beautiful woman in her birthday suit.
Needless to say, she is one of my fiancees, Aisha Lorelle.

Last night, succumbing to Aisha’s sexy appearance after she got out from the bath, in the end, I made love with her.
I thought that this shoud be done after we are properly married, but…… my reasoning couldn’t win over an older beauty’s charm from coming out of the bath.

It can’t be helped since I’m an adult male who has an interest in girls, furthermore, it was also my first experience with it.

……It can’t be helped, right?
Such being the case, I’ve slept with the naked Aisha, but I’m troubled to find a place to look.
Although I’ve seen every nook and cranny of her, as expected it’s still troubling…….

For now, since I feel sticky all over, I should take a bath once more.
I’ve become completely obsessed with the appeal of a bath.


As I was relaxing and humming in the bath, I heard Aisha’s voice from the other side of the bath.

「Myne-kun, are you in the bath?」

As I replied, “Yeah, I am”…… Aisha entered the bath!?
Furthermore……No, it’s natural if it’s in the bath, but she was stark naked!

Although she looked a little embarrassed, she steadily gaited and approached the bathtub.
She then poured hot water on herself and smiled lightly at me.

「I came in since it’d be a waste of time if I don’t. I’ll wash your back, okay?」

Well, we’ve seen each other’s body thoroughly yesterday and did more amazing things, so she’d be willing to enter the bath together…… I’m happy, but…….
……Aren’t you somehow a little too bold? Aisha-san?
As a result, we flirted since morning, and because of that, we were just barely in time for the inn’s breakfast.
Even during the meal, we didn’t restrain ourselves in any way. While ignoring the cold gazes from our surroundings, Aisha and I kept flirting.

Although there are parts that have broken through after sleeping together, our attitude towards each other became evidently closer. (TLN: broken through (eg. doubts), and no, I have no idea what the author is trying to say here)

「Why don’t we go to the dungeon after eating? Let’s finish our objective quickly and return home.
It’ll be troubling if Sylphy returned, though unlikely」

By the way, the breakfast was really delicious.
The bath was good, the food was delicious, as expected of a high class inn.

Especially the bath, that was a great gain.
I wonder if we should build a bath like the one before at home? As I asked Aisha that, she gladly accepted.
She told me that since Sylphy also wants a bath, we should build it as soon as possible.

Un, I think I’ll try to order it from the craftsman as soon as we get back.

After finishing the delicious breakfast, we went straight to our destination, the dungeon.

When we finally arrived at the dungeon’s entrance, we saw a knight at the reception.

「Good afternoon! Can we enter the dungeon?」

As I asked the knight, he took out a paper and said 「Please fill in your name and place of residence」.
On this paper, the time of exit seems to also be recorded.

In the case where an accident happens inside and someone cannot return, by checking this paper, it seems that they can check if someone hasn’t returned.

As Aisha and I filled our the paper and handed it in, the knight handed us metal plates in return.
This pairs up with the previous paper we filled up.

If someone happens to find this in the dungeon, as expected, that would mean that there’s a possibility that something happened to the owner.

After finishing the legal process and asking for quick information about the interior, we finally started challenging the Labyrinth of Strength.

#Labyrinth of Strength, First Floor
「Oh, I thought it would have a gloomier feel since it’s called a dungeon, but it seems like I was wrong, huh」

That was what I thought when I first stepped into the labyrinth.
“Will we need something like a torchlight?” thought I, and it seemed strange that Aisha didn’t try to prepare it.

The walls themselves are emitting a subtle glow reminiscent of a firefly’s light.
Thanks to that, the inside of the labyrinth is quite bright.

「The Dungeon of Strength is like this, other dungeons might need illumination」

I see, the interior and ambience certainly changes depending on the place. Dungeons…… They’re quite profound, huh.

As we advanced while I listened to Aisha-sensei’s lecture on labyrinths, we discovered some monsters gathered together.
Name: Power・Slime
Race: Slime Family
Gender: None

Continuous: Power

Name: Power・Heat Slime
Race: Slime Family
Gender: None

Continuous: Heat

These seem to be a few levels higher compared to the slimes I defeated on the guild request before this.
Might be because of the labyrinth, huh.

Five slimes of two types are gathered, but…….
……They have some incomprehensible Skills, huh.

Un, I understand “Continuous”.
After all, it’s name is self explanatory, but…… What the heck is power, what is it!

I don’t quite understand what heat means either, does it mean 「Hot!」 , that kind of heat!?

For now, let’s cut them off.

I took the power and pasted it, but I don’t really understand it.
Since it follows continuous, it’ll probably be in effect even if I don’t do anything, but…….

U~n, as expected, I’ll have to use appraisal if I don’t understand. (TLN: Just in case you didn’t know, un = yes, uun = no, well, usually.)
【Continuous: Power】: Become slightly stronger.
Wait! What, what’s with this Skill!! Are you retorting me even though you’re just a Skill!!?
Somehow…… I can predict what Heat will be, but…… let’s try appraising it just in case.
【Continuous: Heat】: Become slightly hotter.
Oou…… as I expected…….
As expected, I wouldn’t need this, huh…….

……Ah, wait!? I got a good idea.

I cut the 【Continuous: Heat】…… picked up one of the pebbles scattered about the ground and pasted the Skill onto it.

As I held the pebble in my hand, I certainly felt some heat.
It feels like slightly hot water.

I experimented more.

I cut 【Continuous: Heat】 from another Power Heat Slime and pasted it on the same pebble.


Seeing me suddenly shout, Aisha looked at me as she asked “What’s wrong?”.

「I, I’m okay, it’s nothing」

Since I can’t let Aisha get scalded, I cut 【Continuous: Heat】 from the pebble and pasted it on a different one.

「Ara, it’s true. This pebble…… is strangely hot, huh」

「……Yeah, I was a little surprised」

For now, I might be able to use continuous activation Skills for something.
Without delay, I pasted all of them into pebbles and put them into my storage bag.

「Well, let’s kill the slimes」

While saying that, I took a few ordinary pebbles lying around on the ground, and threw them as hard as I can towards the slimes.
It flew with a violent force along with a sharp wind noise, and directly hit a slime.

Although slimes have soft bodies, it couldn’t absorb the impact, and it died too quickly.
Even if it’s a pebble, if thrown by me, a level 61, the result’s hardly surprising.

Speaking of Aisha…… she stared at the eliminated slimes with a shocked expression on her face.

Well, that’s understandable, I guess.
Although it’s stone, it isn’t that big or heavy a pebble.

That flying with a wind noise, and defeated them in one hit, though they are slimes.

While I looked at the shocked Aisha with the corners of my eyes, I rapidly threw pebbles.
I could have used 【Finger Bullet】, but I plan to use Skills as little as possible.

The remaining four slimes were defeated in one hit like the first.
Then, seven 『Slime Oil』 dropped from the defeated slimes.

……This is probably the effect of 【Probability】, huh.

「Myne-kun, you’re amazing as expected. My bow probably won’t even be needed……」

「Uun, that’s not true! They’re slimes after all. Stronger ones will appear on lower floors, right?」

「……Well, that’s true, though……」

While pacifying Aisha, we advanced deeper into the dungeon.


Thank you for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on too m(_ _)m

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      • Es49

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  3. I could have used 【Finger Bullet】, but I plan to use Skills as little as possible.

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