Chapter 43 – 【Appraisal・Complete】 Level 3

The result of the various experiments was the completion of an abnormal storage bag.
I can’t tell others about this too, huh…….

It’s volume doesn’t seem to be that big and from my intuition, I feel that it is probably about 500kg.
Well, from now on, I might be able to make one with bigger volume if the Space-time Magic’s level goes up.

I took a deep breath before lying down.

Since I started immersing myself in the experiments, my sense of time has been numbed. It’s almost evening, huh.
In the end, the day passed with me going to sell the orcs and experimenting on magic.

For now, my savings are plenty.
Since I don’t need to be frugal about my free time and hunt like before, I don’t have any problems, but the poor person’s mentality stored throughout all these years somehow gave me a sense of impatience.

「……I can’t believe I’ve come this far」

Unintentionally, I let out these words absent-mindedly.

A lot of things really happened these few days.
Even my living environment suddenly changed.

I’ve heard quite a lot of stories where obtaining a Skill has changed people’s lives.
But I don’t think there’s anyone whose life has changed as much as mine.

I’ve become strong and could got two beautiful brides. One of them is even this country’s princess.
The matter with the guild was a shame, but in exchange, I came to build a Clan.

……Though, as long as Sylphy hasn’t return, I don’t know what will happen with the Clan.

Although it’s not that I am not insecure about my future with the Skills, it’ll somehow work out…… I guess?

For now, I’ll do the best I can, and work hard to build a warm household like how Otou-san and Okaa-san did.
While I made such a resolution in my heart, I heard a 「I’m back」 from the entrance.

It seems like Aisha’s back.
I wonder how her last day in the guild was. I feel somewhat guilty for that.

When we were talking about it before she left this morning, she told me 「It’s what I’ve decided, so don’t worry」.
That’s why I won’t say anymore than that, but even so, I apologised to her in my heart.

「Welcome back」

I called out to Aisha as she entered the room.
Hearing my voice, she smiled sweetly and once again replied 「I’m back」.

It’s a simple and modest thing, but my heart was filled with the joy of exchanging greetings with family.

With just two words in our conversation, the atmosphere between us became relaxed in one go, and a conversation naturally started.

「I was somehow able to finish my job at the guild without any problems, and when Hime-sama comes back, we’ll be able to concentrate on the Clan」

While drinking the tea I served her, Aisha started talking.

「Which reminds me, Myne-kun. Didn’t your dagger break in the fight against the Orc King?」

She probably paid attention to my needs, and didn’t ask me about Twirling.
The guilt in my heart is piling up little by little.

Aisha, who quitted the guild for my sake, and said that she would support me.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Even with just this concern, I was able to have a peace of mind.

「Yeah, I was able to buy that nice weapon from the weapon shop’s oji-san, but…… as expected it couldn’t cut through the Orc King.
That’s why, today I’ve bought a new dagger! Want to see it?」

Although I said that, without waiting for her reply, I took out the “Lightning Edge” I bought today.
While I was at it, I also took out the “Dagger of Origin” which I will usually use from now on, and placed both of them on the table.

Name: Lightning Edge
Attack: +50
Grade: Ultra
Attribute: Lightning
Effective against: Demon race
Special effect: Critical

Name: Dagger of Origin
Attack: +10
Grade: None
Attribute: Growth
Special effect: None
Required materials: Troll Hide x10, Iron Ingot x20, High grade magic stone


Huh!? Something was added to the “Dagger of Origin”‘s entry!?
What does this material mean!?

Aisha was probably interested in Lightning Edge, and took a look at it.
She was concentrating quite hard on it.

She doesn’t seem to have noticed my trembling when I looked at the appraisal results.
Phew, that was dangerous.

However, I wonder what’s the meaning of this?
If I remember correctly, this wasn’t written when I previously looked at it.

Ah!? Which reminds me…… something like this happened before, didn’t it!? That’s right, it was because Appraisal’s level increased!
For now, when I don’t understand something, I’ll appraise it.
【Required Materials】: Materials required for the dagger’s growth. Skill training is necessary.
How many times today does this shock make! What? What’s ‘materials for the dagger’s growth’?
I’ve never heard of a weapon growing…….

Growth means…… that it’ll become a stronger weapon…… I think.
「This is a good dagger. WIth this, you won’t need to prepare new ones, huh?」

I was taken aback and came back to my senses from Aisha’s voice.

At any rate, it would be better to focus on talking with Aisha.
It’ll be impolite towards Aisha if I don’t, after all.

While I was thinking as such, we shared with each other for a while about our life until now and the incidents in the past before I became hungry.
It seems that Aisha was also the same, and like today’s breakfast, we made the meal together.

Come to think of it, Aisha’s cooking level is 6, huh…….
If that’s the case, then of course the food will be delicious.

Aisha will become a good wife, you know! …… wait, she will become my wife!!
The result of me retorting myself was me blushing.

I waved my hands to emphasize that it was nothing when Aisha made a weird face as she looked at me.

「*giggle*, Myne-kun’s weird」

While we had such an exchange, we had our dinner as we casually chatted.
It’s better to have fun during meals as expected!
After I bid Aisha, who said “Well, let’s sleep”, a good night, Aisha blushed deeply and started talking.

「……Hey, Myne-kun, we’re getting married right?」

「…… Un」

「Yesterday was also the same, Myne-kun…… umm …… t, that…… you don’t have an interest in that?」

Uu, is she talking about that……!?

「N, no…… it’s not like I don’t have interest in that, wouldn’t it be fine…… after we’re married?」

「T, that’s right, isn’t it!? Good night Myne-kun!」

Aisha only left those words and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Un, this is fine. Sylphy isn’t here, after all!!
……I’m not a loser, you know!? I’m really not!!!


Thank you for reading as always.

What, we got first in daily and even weekly rankings!?
This is truly thanks to everyone’s support.

While I fight against this pressure swooping down on me, I will work hard!
Please take care of me from now on.

※Like the impressions’ replies, I will write the information for my plan from now on.
Please read it once.

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  2. > Yesterday was also the same, Myne-kun…… umm …… t, that…… you don’t have an interest in that?
    What is wrong with you, woman?! He’s just a 5-years-old boy! I bet he can’t event get it up yet, forget about ejaculation. Don’t people in this barbaric world have any common sense?

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  3. Izzy, the latest chapter in syosetu includes the cover for light novel and character design. You might want to look it up (or post it too)
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  4. i wonder when Myne would tell all his skill, do we need dozen chapters till Myne tell his to his wifes? i hope he tell them after their marriage ceremony like some protag from different LN

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    • Yeah… I have no idea which it actually is as of now. In Japanese it’s 始まりの短剣. I tl-ed it as origin since it sounds cool, what with the all black design. If you have any suggestions, please do give them.


      • Its cool.
        I think when he upgrade it will become something like moderate or medium grade dagger. So it is good for now. Thank u very much for ur hard work. Best regards.


  5. This is a very nice series, no terrible flaws so far (mainly no density, as Myne caught on Aisha’s question immediatelly, that’s a very good sign! And Aisha seems very forward with her emotions, also very positive!)

    I just hope for a warmer relationship between them, unlike oh so many other Japanese based stories. I do not care for over 400 chapters or either two whole seasons of teasing, get on with it! Life’s short!

    Thank you for the translation.


  6. Genius plot with stupid content. If you have an OP skill, why would you want to marry at early age? Women are easy when you have power or money. Instead of useless horniness, why not just improve yourself and make yourself the most powerful so you can defend yourself from anyone? I hope future authors and editors of Isekai novels would just avoid making naive or just simply stupid protagonists. Stupid people love each other


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