Chapter 40 – The First Prince’s Day

「Yosh, next person!」

I am this country’s first prince, Alto Augusta. (TLN: アルト. Suggestions?)
I am now participating in the first and second knight units’ regular joint practice.

「No, you’ll have to rush in stronger…… Yes, put in a little more strength!!」

「Yes, Your Highness!」

Although each unit will usually be led by their respective captains, but when such joint practices are held, I would be the one leading them.

That’s because I have the Skills 【One-handed Blade・Saint】【Physical Strength Enhancement・Large】 and 【Support Magic・Speed Increase】

In the royal family, there are three princes including me and two princesses, but all of us have some useful Skills.
This is all thanks to the royal family’s policy.

As a distinguished scholar once said, children seem to inherit a similar type of Skill from their parents.
It seems that if both the parents have good Skills, the children born from the two will have a higher chance of obtaining a good Skill the same type as the parents.

Because of that, the royal family obtains information from the temple about those who just came of age and obtained Skills.
If someone who obtained a good Skill appears, the royal family will act and welcome that person as the partner of royalty.

Of course, they will perform a background check on that person. They will check on beforehand whether there is a problem with that person’s personality and relationships or not.
There’s no way they’ll let a ridiculous person join the royal family, after all.

However, the royal family naturally doesn’t use their power and force a person to join them.
If they did such a thing, the citizens of this country will most probably hold animosity towards the royal family.

Oops, I’ve gone off topic.

Because of that, I’ve been bestowed the same Skills as my father the King, who is also called a hero.
Not only did I receive his Skills, I was also bestowed another Skill, 【Support Magic・Speed Increase】.

Since I was a kid, I was raised with special education personally given by that hero so that I could fight.
When I became 20 years old, there was no one who was on par with me within the country.

……Ah, the only person I couldn’t win against up until now is Father.
I was able to fight well, but as expected there’s the difference in experience.

Well, that’s why I’m leading the knights like this.

「Listen, you guys. Skills are definitely useful. History has proved that.
But, the most important is to practise daily so that you can make the best use of it.
The way you put in your strength, the way to efficiently move your body, feints…… if you combine these kind of techniques, you’ll be able to use Skills more effectively.
Daily training is certainly harsh, but never neglect it.
Don’t forget that that effort you put in will without a doubt, save your life.」


Although I say the same thing every time during practice, it is an important matter.
If you lose your head over the Skills’ power and rely too much on it, you will quickly lose your life once an unforeseen situation occurs.

They also have their own family.
Putting their lives on the line for the country…… that’s good.

But I think there’s a meaning to returning home to their family alive after protecting the country.

That’s why I say it so many times.
That’s why I train them.

So that they can return to their homes alive.

A country is made up of its citizens.
That’s why, I, who will suceed my father in governing this country, must protect it.
「Older Brother, thank you for your hard work today」

My younger brother Lewis handed me a towel.

「Ah, thanks」

Lewis did not inherit much from Father, but from Mother, Garnet Augusta.
That is, he did not have much battle Skills, but more technique Skills.

【Alchemy】【Training】【One-handed Sword・Extreme】

Although he was also bestowed 【One-handed Sword・Extreme】, unfortunately his strength within the family would be faster to count from the bottom.

By the way, Mother’s Skills are 【Training】【Arithmetic】 and 【Unique Magic・Ice】.

Speaking of Mother, it’s impressive that as a child, when I saw her use ice magic and said 「Mother’s amazing!」, she would say 「Ehehe, I’m like a mahou shoujo, right?」
Ah, sorry, I’ve strayed from the topic again.

Making the best of his Skills, Lewis started his own Clan.
He gathered people who set their aims on alchemy from all over the place, and is growing his Clan towards becoming one of the leading Clans, even among this Country.

For a statesman, it’s not only military power which is important.
Establishing such an organisation, and since he was requested to manage, it could be said that my younger brother displayed his talent.

Although if you ask him, rather than getting involved in politics, it’d be in his nature to build magic tools.

I think that too, but it seems that my family has a tendency to be reckless.

「By the way, Nii-san, did you know Nee-san went to confirm her partner candidate?」

What!? Sylphy’s partner candidate!?

「……I never heard of that」

「As expected, I see…… No wonder you were quiet」

Muu, my cute little sister’s partner candidate, huh! Which high-ranking noble’s son is he!?
In any case, they probably forcibly pressed for a marriage meeting because of my little sister’s good looks, even though she doesn’t have excellent Skills.

And then there’s Father, why did he approve such a thing!

「……Since you look like you’re misunderstanding something, just so you know, Nee-sama went on her own accord.
Naturally, Father agreed and sent her out」(TLN: san or sama, make up your mind author)

「What? Father agreed…… that means that guy has a good Skill?」

「I don’t know, though it seems that from the temple’s reports he has 【Appraisal・Complete】 and 【Cut & Paste】……」

What? Although it’s not that I don’t understand 【Appraisal・Complete】 but did he say 【Cut & Paste】?
Is it a Skill which combines 【Cut】 and 【Paste】?

What’s the good in that Skill?

「……By temple you mean he’s a commoner? But if those are his Skills then won’t those guys who came courting her be better?」

「That’s true, but you see, it seems he solo-ed an orc」

What? A boy who just came of age crushing an orc solo? That’s certainly unusual.
……I see, that’s why she went to confirm it by herself, it’s not that I don’t understand but…….

「In my opinion, rather than Nee-san, I want Nii-san to get married right away」

「……Why me」

「You yourself know that, don’t you. Please don’t complicate things, you siscon, and get married immediately.
If it’s someone like Sacred Bow or Saint, there’s no way Father would be so opposed to it, right?」


Such rudeness, calling me a siscon.
Where would you find a brother who won’t care for his cute little sister.

For now, it’ll be alright as long as my little sisters can become happy.
Though it’d be good if Sylphy’s partner isn’t a boring man.


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on.

TL: Izzy

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46 thoughts on “Chapter 40 – The First Prince’s Day

  1. Such rudeness, calling me a siscon.
    Where would you find a brother who won’t care for his cute little sister.

    Yep no matter how you flip it with that statement your a siscon…


  2. When all else fails, アルト — Art
    Also… Sacred Bow as a marriage partner for the first prince… Who’s this Saint I wonder… So many mysteries…


  3. > However, the royal family naturally doesn’t use their power and force a person to join them.
    Yeah, right. Then what about your sister scaring the shit out of a 5-years-old boy and forcing him to marry her? Disgusting.


    • They won’t force them by law but the royal family saying marry my daughter while applying some pressure is enough to scare the hell out of anyone.


    • Myne is 15.

      The only real thing that could be considered bad that she did was scare him about a possible future. Which wasn’t as much as scaring as telling him a truth he hadn’t realized previously, or wanted to realize, but is good to realize. Which could somewhat easily be avoided if he married her. And there’s not really anything wrong with her , except that her status would lure some ‘bugs’ because of her status, skills and beauty, but there’s not much she can do about it.


      • It was just as I said. The King can reveal his skills without worries, the husband of a princess can instead hide his skills without worries.


      • It’s more of an ‘Appearance-wise age’ than rather ‘Actual age’ fetish, but it has a bit of both.
        Comparing it to pedophiles (or any of the specific agetargeting groups) who are strictly age-wise and lolicons who are mostly appearance, but a bit of age as well.


  4. Caught up. Impression is that it’s a much more light hearted version of Ubau mono ubawareru mono. Feel the pace is a tad too fast and that his Cut & Paste seems to have no cons or counter (Myne is more broken than Rou!)


    • It’s even tab-targeted. No touching required, no distance restrictions, no downside or side effects, no activation restrictions — just think that you want to cut and paste a skill and it’s done. =/


  5. Alto would actually better pronounced and written as “Art” in the translation. Art is better and actually is a real name. Although if you stick with Alto that’s not terrible.


  6. 「Ehehe, I’m like a Mahou shoujo, right?」
    Is it just me or did the author just casually hinted that the queen is a reincarnated person?


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