Chapter 4: Slime Takes Action to Protect Daughter

The fourth morning since I’ve reincarnated as a slime, my bed changed.
It isn’t my beloved coffin, but my adopted elf daughter Orphe’s bed.
Right now I am Orphe’s hugging pillow.

Recently, it has become hotter. The cool slime body probably feels good. Orphe is hugging me with a good feeling.
I’ll become liquid if I lose focus. For I who feels the most at ease when in liquid form, it’s a little hard to sleep.
Although I’ve become more at ease with maintaining my form after absorbing some monsters, to tell the truth, I want to become liquid in my beloved coffin.
I wonder if I should slip out from Orphe’s arms. Nyuru. It’ll be simple with a slime body.


She’s sleep-talking.
There are tears in Orphe’s eyes.


……Can’t be helped. I’ll be your hugging pillow.
It’ll be shape maintenance practice even when sleeping.

Morning came.
As expected I can’t escape the subtle tiredness. I’ll stealthily return to the coffin and become liquid.
Orphe started changing out of her pyjamas despite being in front of me.
I think Orphe’s growing, at least.

「Sla-chan, I’m in charge of today’s meals, you know. I’ll let you eat food way more delicious than yesterday’s, okay?」

The food Nikola made yesterday was bad, even to this slime body.
However, since I can become stronger just by eating it, I’m grateful for that in itself, but it wasn’t enjoyable.
In contrast with that, Orphe’s the best at cooking among the sisters.
I’m looking forward to breakfast.

As I was thinking about that, “Don Don”, a knocking sound resounded from the entranceway’s door.
It’s quite the violent sound.
Orphe was surprised.


Now then, let’s get the deadly Acid Beam ready.
I have to get rid of the rude visitor who frightened my daughter. Otou-san will do his besttt.

「Sla-chan, that was surprising, isn’t it?」

I replied.
There is no one who doesn’t know that this mansion is the Great Sage Merlin Enlight’s mansion. It is normal for visitors to come with respect to some extent.
Some precaution might be needed against someone who does something as impolite as violently knocking on the door early in the morning.
Orphe headed towards the entranceway while hugging me tightly to her chest.

Oprhe joined with the dwarf Nikola at the entranceway. Nikola was probably woken up by the knocking.
The violent knocking on the door is still resounding.
After all, Nikola looks sleepy and is in a bad mood. Her clothes are dishevelled. She seems to have changed in a panic.

「Good morning, Orphe-nee. This senseless guy persistently knocking on the door so early in the morning. I’ll greet him by throwing out a dangerous potion」

She’s saying some dangerous things.
Her idea’s the same as mine. As expected of my daughter.

「Calm down, Nikola-chan. ……Since there will be a fight if Nikola-chan receives him, I’ll do it, okay?」
「Mm. Orphe-nee, please」

As the door was then opened, there was a slovenly man clad in a robe with bad taste emitting an air of vulgar prosperity.
On his fingers are jingling rings.

Aah, I remember this guy. We’ve presented a few times at the same magic arts conferences.
His name is…… I don’t remember. Forgetting about inconsequential fellows immediately is one of my few faults.
Behind him were knights in armour lining up.

「Merlin’s brat, huh」

That man let out a haughty “hmph”.
Orphe who looked at that man tilted her head to one side.

「Umm…… who are you?」

Orphe also regularly goes to magic art conferences.
Orphe has also met him before, but doesn’t remember his name.
Like me, Orphe also cannot remember inconsequential guys.

「You bastard, haven’t we met a few times at conferences」
「……Uun? I remember the people who presented interesting matters, though. I’m sorry. Perhaps, I didn’t have any interest in your research」

Orphe bowed her head.
The upstart’s face was dyed in red and he was trembling.
This kid’s tip-top when it comes to 【Magic Art】 knowledge and techniques, but she’s ignorant of the ways of the world. On top of that, she lacks communication skills.
I’m regretting a wee bit, I should have properly taught her about that.

「Hmph, a young girl will never understand my advanced research」

By the way, for these two years, my results in the magic arts conference is top, and the runner up is Orphe.
At first she was seen as my assistant, she started her own research and was assessed, and now she is recognised as a magic arts user.
This upstart said advanced research, but thinking about how I don’t remember him, he probably isn’t anyone great.
Orphe surpasses him as a magic arts user.

「Haa, is there anything I can help you with?」
「This mansion and all the research result inside this mansion has become mine. I want you to promptly move out. Of course, I will not allow anything inside this mansion to be taken out. Well, I’m no demon, so I’ll allow necessities. I’ll check the baggage you bring out closely, though」

Saying that, the man thrusted a letter at her.
Engraved on the letter was the royal family’s crest.

……That’s weird, Orphe succeeded this mansion without fail.
The legal procedures have also been completed. It isn’t possible to steal it through normal methods.

「Such a thing…… you’re lying」

Orphe read the letter and was shaking.
I who was held in her arms, stealthily peeked at the document.
……Let me see.

「Young girl, it’s as this letter says. The Great Sage Merlin Enlight’s research is of enormous importance to our country. That Great Sage’s inventions are the lifeline of our country. We cannot let Merlin Enlight’s legacy as well as the research he has handled be for naught. That is why, this great genius Yobuku Heizelsen shall receive the title of King, take over all of his research and assets, and receive the duty to complete his research!! With this, my name shall remain in history!」 (TLN: ヨブク・ハイゼルセン help?)

Said the fat upstart. Rather, Yobuku is laughing loudly.
Since ‘Duke Yobuku Heizelsen will take over the mansion’s property as well as research’ is written on the letter, this guys a duke, huh.
And using that authority, he is trying to snatch away all I have left.

「There is no need for that. Father’s knowledge and techniques will all be taken over by us sisters. It’s none of your concern」
「Don’t make me laugh. It’s impossible for an elf like you to understand human’s advanced magic arts as a fake human. The one who shall master this abyss of magic arts will be this Yobuku Heizelsen. The country has recognised as such, that’s why this letter exists. If it suits you, why don’t you go against the country? You’ll be arrested for treachery against the country then. Gahahahahahaha」

Yobuku seems to be feeling good looking at the enraged Orphe.
I’m desperately holding down the urge to shoot Acid Beam at him.
There’s nothing that can be done even if this guy is killed.

「……Please don’t take away the memories of Otou-san from us」
「I can’t comply with thattt, this is for the sake of our country. ……Mm, aren’t you the cute one. If you become my lover, I’ll permit you to live in this house. I’ll give you lots of love」

He looked at Orphe as if licking all over her.
Orphe trembled in fear, hugged me tightly and is trying to pin down her uneasiness.
The fat upstart who became excited, tried to touch Orphe’s face, so I opened my mouth to threaten him. Don’t touch my daughter with your filthy hands. I’ll kill you, you pig.

「Something like a lover, I can’t……」
「Well, think carefully for today. Good grief, the people at the royal family are kind. They gave you time to pack. I’ll come back once more tomorrow morning. Until then, think about whether you’ll get driven out from this mansion with only the clothes on you or become my lover. Don’t think about secretly taking the research results out with you. There will be knights looking out, and I’ll also inspect your baggage. That girl there’s also cute. I look forward to the future. If you become my lover, I’ll also let her live in here…… This mansion will become mine from tomorrow on, after all」

As he finished saying that, Yobuku laughed loudly while leaving.
Orphe hurriedly shut the door, and then fell to her knees on the spot, and sat in a little girl’s manner. (TLN: Google 女の子座り)

「Why are they snatching away our memories of Otou-san! They’re terrible」
「……I’ll never forgive them. I’ll erase him. I secretly attached a homing device on him. Then I’ll follow him. Tonight, I’ll blow his mansion off. I have some reserve explosives which can change even the terrain itself. Don’t worry, there won’t be any traces」

I kept quiet. As soon as Nikola opened her mouth, dangerous things come out.
This kid does everything to the extreme.
Her eyes are thoroughly cold, she’s seriously enraged.

「Even if you kill that person, another person will come」
「That’s fine. If another person comes, I’ll blow him away too」
「If you do that, it’ll be war between the country and us, you know」
「We’ll call Shimazu-nee, Helen-nee and Leona-nee back. If it’s the five of us, we can win」

In Nikola’s words are nothing but eagerness. However, she declared that they can naturally win.
Orphe opened her eyes widely.
She then spun out words to persuade with a trembling voice.

「……That alone is absolutely not allowed. Since if all of us are present, we’ll really win. With just us, we’ll overthrow this country. We certainly have to protect our memories of Otou-san, but a lot of unrelated people will die」

If all the Enlight sisters are present, even if they went at war with this country, winning would be an exaggeration.

The Enlight of 【Magic Arts】, the elf Orphe Enlight, only she can continuously fire large-scale destruction magic arts.
The Enlight of 【Alchemy】, the dwarf Nikola Enlight, creates atrocious strategic arms.
The Enlight of Sword, the fox-girl Shimazu Enlight, can slay a thousand knights with a single sword.
The Enlight of 【Medical Arts】, the angel Helen Enlight, can infect the air and spread a deadly incurable disease all over the country.
The Enlight of 【King】, the human Leona Enlight, doesn’t have any special abilities, but perfectly understands her sisters’ abilities, and can take the very best measures, and she also excels at diplomacy.

If these five people are present, it will be simple to destroy one or two countries.

「What should we do then? If this goes on, not only this mansion, but everything Tou-san made will be snatched away…… If that happens, it will be as Tou-san feared, this country will become the supreme ruler of the world and start a dictatorship」

Within this mansion are countless research results I created.
Among them are things I have hidden which are so powerful they will never see light.
If the taboo inventions are obtained, the people who don’t have a brain to understand the dangers will use the taboo inventions and joyfully push their way to ruin. If they get carried away, uniting the world is only the beginning.
Orphe is firmly enduring the tears. Then, hugged me tightly and raised her head.
In those eyes were resolution.

「I’ll dispose of all of Otou-san’s research results by today. Then we’ll escape. If we hand it over to him, everything will become nothing. Otou-san surely wishes for that over us protecting the memories and unrelated people being killed. If it’s us, we’ll one day arrive at Otou-san’s research results with our own strength…… the mansion and memories will never return, but if we endure, it won’t be as bad. Furthermore, it’ll be left in our hearts」

Orphe who worries about that choice more than anyone else declared as such.
I feel tears from being deeply moved welling up.
Orphe seems to have grown way more than I thought.

「Orphe-nee. I understand…… We are the proud Enlights. We’ll start preparing to collect and dispose of dangerous research material. After that will be the preparations for the journey」
「Also, Nikola, this matter」
「I understand. I’ll keep it a secret from Shimazu-nee and Helen-nee. It’ll probably become serious if we tell them. Those two are even more hot-blooded than me. They might rage singlehandedly. I’ll tell Leona-nee everything」
「That’s true, let’s explain about losing the mansion」
「There wasn’t enough research funds, so it was sold. Tehee. Let’s write this on the letter」
「……We’ll be killed, you know」
「Good timing then, let’s set off on a journey to another country. Mainly to escape from Shimazu-nee and Helen-nee」

After they hurriedly disposed of dangerous research results, the two of them started preparing for the escape.
As a father, I’m happy at their decision.
However, if it’s this slime body and my knowledge, I can offer the happy end.
Now then, let’s help my daughters. That’s why I became Orphe’s familiar.

「Pyupyuui (Don’t worry, Otou-san will follow you)」
「What’s wrong, Sla-chan?」

Orphe tilted her head to one side.
Now then, let’s quickly move to protect my daughters.
While I’m at it, I’ll get revenge proper for the fat upstart that the two of them are sad at.
I hate people who make my daughters cry the most in the world.

……I then pilfered a few of my taboo inventions. Un, there are a lot of funny things which aren’t laughing matters. If I combine them with this slime body, I’ll probably become the history’s strongest slime.

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