Chapter 39 – CASE : Aisha (2)

Aisha’s POV.

After I was sent off with 「Take care」, I once again felt the feeling being married with Myne-kun.
If you think about it, he never had the chance to use 「I’m off」 and 「I’m back」 since his family left him. (TLN: Used when leaving and returning home)

Since Myne-kun needed a family, Hime-sama requested that from me, but actually, I might have needed one too.

The breakfast we made together, and the strange nervousness at night…….
Those things, little by little, gathered a happiness I’ve never felt before.

I cannot deny that I felt like this was all forcibly pushed onto me by Hime-sama, but as far as results are concerned, I think that this decision was a good one.

While I was immersed in such a modest feeling of happiness, I arrived at my workplace, the guild.
If we consider the fact that there was chaos yesterday, there would most probably be a panic if I enter from the front door.

Thinking that, I passed through the backdoor which is reserved for personnel use, and entered the building.

As I did that, I met the girls who were the Stagehands for today. (TLN: Ch13 if you forgot)

「……Aisha-senpaaai, are you really quitting today?」
「Never mind that, is it true that you’re getting married!? Even though I thought you’re definitely not going to marry!! ……I’m jealous!」
「Aisha-san, thank you very much for everything up until now」

Since it was sudden, I’ve caused trouble for everyone, huh…… I’m sorry.

「Un, everyone, I’m really sorry, but if I’ve already made up my mind, I’ll have to act on it if I want to progress, right?」

I bowed once and explained to everyone.
Originally, it was a workplace where all the good kids gather. I accurately repeated my explanation and in the saw me off with yells.

I then headed to the office to hand in my official 『Resignation Letter』 to the guild leader.

「Good morning, this is Aisha. Is the guild leader in?」

As I called out and knocked, I heard a 「Come in」 from inside the office.
It felt like he was in low spirits.

As I said “Excuse me”, and entered, the guild leader sat on his chair, his face sullen and his arms folded.

「Why are you making such a face?」

As I unintentionally asked such a question, he frowned more and replied 「Whose fault is it? Whose is it?」 with an extremely displeased voice.

Is it my fault? Well, that’s true, but it’s also guild leader’s fault, you know?
If Myne-kun wasn’t erased from the guild, there might have been a different development.

While thinking such things, I placed the “Resignation Letter” on the guild leader’s desk with a smile which hid my thoughts.
While glancing at it, the guild leader scowled even more.

While complaining 『If you scowl that much, the wrinkles won’t go away, you know』 in my heart, I said 「Thank you for taking care of me」.
As I did that, he probably gave up as expected, and he indeed received the resignation letter before putting it inside a drawer.

「……So, when is the Clan going to start?」

「Let me see, for now, since we’ll have to wait for Hime-sama to return, it’ll probably take 10 days」

After we vaguely chatted for a while, I left the office and I walked to the reception for my last receptionist duties.
「Right, firstly, I wonder what are the requests for today. I’ll have to check on that」

Requests are affixed on the general requests board, a display board installed in the lobby, and after adventurers check that display board, they will accept the request at the reception desks.
Actually there is also another display board for the receptionists at the back of the counter, in the adventurers’ blind spots.

This display board has every single request on it including those which still cannot be shown to the adventurers such as requests reserved by exclusive receptionists, designated requests and requests which had their open dates decided.

The display board I was going to see was naturally this one.
As I looked down at the requests, I was able to see the happenings of the world to a certain extent.

The slime oil running dry which I suggested to Myne-kun previously, or ××× monster spawned in a large quantity in the vicinity of Town ○○○, ……From things like this, I was able to predict what can be done beforehand.

For Clans, by its very nature, such a thing is absolutely impossible.
Because the guild exists in every single town in that area, it was able to extensively gather requests.

Because only requests which leans to a small fraction arrive for the Clans, it’s impossible to confirm the state of affairs from requests.

Such being the case, I roughly looked over the display board for personnel use, and as I did that, I was bothered by one request.

Target rank: B-rank and above. The guild has received information that at the Duchy of Ose, which is situated far in the north, demon race such as goblins and orcs have closed in on the duchy in a large flock. (TLN:オオセ. Any ideas?)
It says that they want to verify the truth of that information.

If the information proves to be true, then damage to the Duchy of Ose and the present condition of the demon race are to be verified.
If possible, the guild wants the adventurer to provide aid to the injured. The request is extremely difficult.

The important Duchy of Ose, nicknamed the Land of Death, is a wasteland which isn’t owned by any countries and borders on the Country of Demons

This request’s purpose is probably to verify whether the Country of Demons participated in this demon race invasion, which is said to have occured in the Duchy of Ose, or not.

The Country of Demons is famous as an bellicist country which has monsters such as goblins and orcs as vanguards.
It had been quiet since it changed rulers approximately ten years ago.

However, it had previously started wars with many countries using relatively lower class monsters like goblins and kobolds.
For that reason, the Country of Demons was recognised by many countries as a common enemy which has to be defeated.

If the Country of Demons has commenced invasion towards another country, there is a possibility that the country which was quiet after changing its ruler will once again being attacking many countries.

「……This might also affect us, huh」

After I finished receiving the last adventurer, it was time for me to get off work.
As I had feared, there was some chaos, but since it was continued from yesterday, as expected, it had already settled down by the time I got off work.

「Phew, it’s finished, huh」

I tidied up the top of the reception desk, thanked my colleagues who remained for everything up until now and headed for the changing room.
On the way there, my colleagues and kouhais Mil and Mary ran towards me while carrying a bouquet.

「「Senpai, thank you for your hard work!」」

I reflexively broke into a smile at the two who spoke cheerfully while probably tired from work, and passed the bouquet to me. (TLN:仕事で疲れているだろうに元気よく声を出して、花束を渡してくる二人に思わず笑みが出てしまう。 Help with the first part)

「Thank you, and sorry because it might get busy after this」

As I said that, they both said 「Don’t worry! Leave it to us」 and saw me off with a good feeling.

Although I was thinking “They’ve become fine girls, haven’t they?”, hearing those words, unconsciously, tears spilled from my eyes.

Like this, my career as a guild staff member ended.


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

We’ve reached 8th place in the daily rankings?!
No, I was really surprised.
I’ve never thought that my work would reach such a high ranking.

As I’ve said yesterday, this is all thanks to everyone.
From now on too, please take care of me.

Also, I plan to make it Sylphy’s POV for a while.

Please take care of me.

TL: Izzy

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  2. 仕事で疲れているだろうに元気よく声を出して、花束を渡してくる二人に思わず笑みが出てしまう — You translated it quite well, it’s something along the lines that ‘Even though the two are surely tired’,’they raised a “good voice” ‘,’bringing over a bouquet’,’I unconsciously smiled at them’


  3. Got rid of that suspicious shota.
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  4. Awwwe 😊

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