Chapter 36 – Let’s Investigate the Skills

Now then, since Aisha has left for the guild, let’s finish dismantling the remaining Orcs and go to the butcher and alchemist.

Steadily cutting the corpses to pieces with 【Cut】, I was able to finish dismantling around 35 orcs and High・Orcs in about an hour.

Both the butcher oji-san and the alchemist shop’s onii-san were flustered over the large amount of material, and it was already afternoon by the time all the transactions were done.

Because the butcher oji-san had overstocked them, he told me that he wouldn’t be able to buy anymore Orcs for the time being.
Although the alchemist shop’s onii-san said that he could buy them no matter how many I brought, since it would be wasteful to leave the meat alone, I decided to show some restraint for a while.

Well, either way, since I’ve crushed the settlement, I don’t think I’ll be able to hunt orcs for the time being.
I returned home, but I’ve run out of things to do.
Because of that, I thought that I should check the numerous Skills I’ve obtained and investigate how to use them.

These are the Skills I possess right now whose abilities I don’t quite understand.

・King’s Intimidation
・Finger Bullet Lv3 (TLN: Previously Blame)
・Strength Rise
・Physics Rise
・Defence Rise
・Absolute Evasion
・Sorcery Extremity LV2
・Vitality Absorption・Large
・Unique Magic・Space-time (TLN: Previously characteristic magic)
・Martial Arts : Successive Shot
・Martial Arts : Consecutive Attacks
・Martial Arts : Sharpness・Sword

Let’s try appraising them one by one.

【King’s Intimidation】: Activation at one’s desired timing on opponent(s).
Those targeted will enter a state of panic and be immobilised.
The larger the level gap between the user and their target(s), the stronger the effects will be and the longer they’ll last.

If I remember correctly, this was one of the Orc・King’s Skill…….
This seems amazingly brutal, you know.
If the Orc・King had used this before I could steal it, it would have been extremely bad.

However, if I were to use it, it seems like it would be really useful.
Especially given the fact that since I am level 61 now, it will probably be effective against most opponents.

【Finger Bullet】: Air is hyper-compressed into a sphere, which can then be fired at the target by flicking the user’s thumb.
The power will vary based on the time spent compressing the air.

This was from that Lyle guy.
This is an unexpectedly amazing Skill, isn’t it?
Firing compressed air means that a colourless sphere is fired, right?
This might be good since, just like wind magic, my opponents may not be able to see it. There’s no need for exaggerated movements to use it, either.
Let’s try to verify its usefulness in an actual fight later.

【Strength Rise】: Active Skill, effective for approximately three minutes. The user’s physical attack will be increased by 1.5 times while this skill is active. (TLN: Active skill = voluntarily activated)

I somehow used this in the battle with the Orc・King, but it’s a surprisingly strong Skill, huh.
Since its effective duration is limited, it should be good to use it with Martial Arts.

【Physics Rise】: Active Skill, effective for approximately three minutes. The user’s physical defence will be increased by 1.5 times while this skill is active.

I also used this in the battle against the Orc・King. It’s the defensive version of War Cry, huh.
Since this Skill’s effective duration is also limited, I will need to think about how I’ll use it.

【Defence Rise】: Active Skill, effective for approximately ten minutes. The user’s physical defence and magic defence will be increased by 2 times while this skill is active.

Uwa, this is amazing……. I wonder if this Skill is the higher ranked version of Physics Rise?
Since the effective duration is considerably long, and it also raises magic defence, it’s a very useful Skill.

【Unbeatable】: Active Skill, effective for approximately 30 seconds. While it is active, all physical attacks will have no effect.
The cooldown time is three hours.

This is also really amazing……. If I can time its activation well, I won’t receive any damage even if I receive a fatal blow.
If I remember correctly, it was from one of the Orc・Generals that came later.
It was the right choice to use magic, huh. Although it’s a little late now, thinking about it is horrifying.

【Mitigate】: Active Skill, effective for approximately three minutes. Physical damage received by the user will be cut by 1/5 while this skill is active.

Somehow, there seems to be a lot of defensive Skills, huh.
This is also a fairly effective way to defend. If it’s used together with other Skills, it might bring out an effect similar to Unbeatable.

【Absolute Evasion】: Active Skill, effective for approximately thirty seconds. While it is active, all physical attacks will be evaded.
The cooldown time is three hours.

Once again, it’s another defensive Skill.
This one is really similar to Unbeatable, huh. The only difference is between disabling and evading physical attacks.
If I used this right after Unbeatable, physical attacks would be invalidated for one minute, wouldn’t they?

【Sorcery Extremity】: Automatically activates when magic is used. Increases the strength of magic fivefold.

……Eh? Wait a minute? Isn’t this, like, amazing?
All the magic I use will have its strength increased fivefold, won’t it?
Without understanding its significance, I used this and thought that I had crushed the Orc・Generals because of my self enhancements…….
No wonder they died from my magic alone……. Now I understand.
However, the fact that the Orc・King was fine even after receiving those successive magic attacks means he really was outrageous, huh…….

【Vitality Absorption・Large 】: Active Skill. Will steal a great deal of vitality from the target group and use it to restore the user’s own vitality.

Since the other Skills are too strong, this isn’t as eye-catching. However, it seems like it would be convenient depending on when I use it.

【Unique Magic・Space-time】: Active Skill. Magic which manipulates space and time.

Hm? I don’t quite understand this. ……This was the Orc・King’s magic, huh.
I’ve never heard of this magic.
Manipulating space and time…… Space!? Ah, is this perhaps……!!
After the Orc・King became visible at a distance, it appeared in front of me in an instant. Was that because of this!?

I can’t believe it…… that such a magic exists…….
If I could instantly avoid attacks, and make surprise attacks like what that guy did…… This, this is really sick.

Although I thought this before, the Orc・King was a really dangerous guy…….

【King’s Intimidation】【Unique Magic・Space-time】【Realize】

All of these Skills are way too extraordinary.
Since I could steal Skills, if it had just been a match, I think I would’ve been defeated in the blink of an eye once it used these Skills.

Calamity Class is a really fitting title…….

For now, it’ll be worth it to test this magic out.
Let’s experiment with it later.

【Probability】: Continuous activation. Whenever a monster is defeated, there’s a higher chance that items will drop.

Although this is useless in combat, it’s a Skill I’m grateful for.
If I had had this when I was previously collecting Slime Oil, I probably would have obtained way more of them.

【Tame】: Active Skill. After using it on a target monster, there’s a fixed chance of capturing the monster, after which it can be enslaved.
The number of monsters that can be enslaved will increase as Tame’s level rises.
In addition, the probability of capturing monsters will increase as Tame’s level rises.

This was from the Goblin・Tamer.
Come to think of it, in Aisha’s explanation, there was a Clan whose objective is to Tame.
I wonder what kind of magic beasts they tame. Since she said that they gather precious magic beasts, there should be amazing ones.
Since I too have this Skill, I can Tame something soon.

【Martial Arts : Successive Shot】: Archery Martial Art. After the first arrow is fired, arrows composed of mental strength will be fired consecutively. The arrows’ attack strength will be based on the first arrow, and the number of arrows which can be fired consecutively depends on the mental strength loaded into the Skill.

This is an archery Martial Art, huh.
I don’t have any archery Skills…….
Therefore, I won’t have the chance to use this for now.

【Martial Arts : Consecutive Attacks】: Grappling Martial Art. Separate strikes with 1.5 times the usual attack power will be carried out.

This is a grappling Martial Art huh. It seems to be quite strong.
However, I can’t fight hand-to-hand if I don’t get equipment for guarding my fists.
Let’s visit the weapon shop later. My dagger also broke, after all.

【Martial Arts : Sharpness・Sword】: One-handed sword Martial Art. An attack with two times the usual attack power will be carried out.

A one-handed sword Martial Art, huh. I have a one-handed sword Skill, but it’s the lowest ranked one.
Because of that, there isn’t really a time for it to shine.
Fumu. I’ve roughly appraised the Skills. There seems to be a quite a few usable ones.
With this, won’t I be able to fight more freely?

For now, let’s focus on increasing the proficiency level for the Skills I currently have.

Especially the three Skills I took from the Orc・King, since they have unusual abilities. It seems like they’ll become amazing if I raise their proficiency level.

Yosh, Skill check complete!

Let’s visit the weapon shop and then research 【Unique Magic・Space-time】.


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

TL: Izzy
ED: Caudyr

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  2. Oooh… Oh yeah… Look at my skills. Do you like my skills? Impressed? Envious? Aaah, harder, look at my skills harder! Read deeper into the description! Do you feel overpowerered yet? Aaaah! Yeah! Amazing! Skills! Skills! My! Skiiiiills!!!!!!! Take my skills!

    ^ The princess’ impregnation scene sometime in the future.

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    • Once he trusts them enough to tell them about that, maybe. ^^

      I’m still waiting for him to figure out he can “store” skills by copying them to pieces of paper and crap, lol.

      That’s what I’d do, at least.

      Make a binder of some sort, and use pieces of paper (or heck, pieces of WOOD would work) to store them.

      He could use a STICK or something when he’s out in the world to paste the skills onto, and then cut them off and paste them into said book/binder once he’s in a safe place. =x I’d do the same for ABILITIES as well, especially if he’s going to be trying to use the Tame skill from now on. =x

      I bet all those skills and abilities he cut and pasted into random places are STILL there, after all. XD

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  3. I can’t help but wonder how the skill Probability works in a world where you manually dismantle the monsters, instead of the more game-like systems. Do you extract the four fangs of an orc and suddenly an extra poofs into existence out of nowhere?

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      • Yeah, perhaps it increases the chances of “higher quality” items being harvested (like the magic cores, for example)?

        Who knows. It doesn’t seem as good as he THINKS, though it certainly doesn’t hurt to HAVE.

        Then again, there might be a lot of other monsters like the Slimes that literally drop things just like the Slimes did with the Slime Oil (bottle and all).

        In addition, if there are dungeons (there probably are, I forget if it was said or not, though?)…I’m going to guess that, since Slimes work that way, dungeon monsters will probably work in the same way as well. Not leaving a corpse behind, but instead leaving dropped items or something.

        …That’s how I’d do it, anyway.

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  4. Thanks for another chapter~

    As I said in a comment above, I wish he’d realize that he can probably “stockpile” duplicate skills onto items for use later (especially if he is going to tell people he TRUSTS about the peculiarites of his skills).

    ESPECIALLY since it’s quite obvious that he’s going to do this sort of stuff for his wives AT LEAST…EVENTUALLY.

    Stockpile them now (use a book or something similar to that to store them like I said above, and use a stick or some ‘random item’ to paste them onto when you’re into the field, then paste them into the book when you’re in a safe place), that way you can make use of them later~ Especially since it doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to DO.

    Then again, it HAS only been what…MAYBE a month, at most, since he got his skills? I think it’s only been like…2 weeks, actually, but yeah.

    …can’t wait to see the King’s reaction when Sylphy tells him about everything that transpired. XD

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  5. This is all nice and good, but ultimately pointless. It doesn’t seem like mana cost is an issue in their world, and cast times and cooldown periods have never been mentioned since the first chapter, so he might as well just spam all of his skills recklessly. Also, some of his skills seem to be tab-targeted (point-and-click), so that just adds to the pointlessness of explaining all these skills. I enjoyed reading the explanations from a gamer’s perspective, but the novel reader in me keeps yelling “just spam everything since everything will hit anyway!”


  6. “If I remember correctly, it was from one of the Orc・Generals that came later.
    It was the right choice to use magic, huh.”
    Idiot forgot right away that he stole the skill immediately and it wouldn’t have mattered how he attacked.


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