Chapter 35 – Blessed Breakfast

「……Morning, huh」

Although we were in different rooms, I’d never slept with a member of the opposite sex under the same roof until now.
Thanks to that, honestly, I was nervous and wasn’t able to sleep well.

Though it’s not like I tried to do anything.

Getting out of bed with half-opened eyes, I waddled to the well and properly washed my face.
Thanks to the cold well water, the drowsiness was completely washed away and I was somehow able to wake up.

「……Yosh! Let’s make breakfast. I wonder if Aisha-san is picky about food」

While muttering a soliloquy to motivate myself, I went to the kitchen, where Aisha-san had already started making breakfast.

「Ah, Myne-kun! Good morning! Is it okay for me to use the kitchen?」

Huh? How would she make breakfast if she doesn’t know where the ingredients are?

While I thought that for a moment, I looked around the kitchen and as I did that, I noticed some furniture and utensils that I’d never seen before.
“Ah, they were probably brought over from the dormitory,” I guessed, and then I was able to figure out where the ingredients were from.

「Good morning! I’m sorry, I thought of making it myself, but……. Aisha-san「Ahem!」…Aisha, you get up early, don’t you?」

As I said that, after she first pointed out the way I called her name with a cough, she replied while sticking her tongue out with a smile.

「No, I always wake up a little later……」

I see, like me, she was probably nervous and couldn’t sleep.
Well, though we are engaged, she was sleeping with a man under the same roof, after all.

As a girl, she was probably more nervous than I was since there was a chance I was hiding somewhere.
Although I am her fiancé, it’s only been four days since we met.

From now on, we’ll have to put in effort to understand each other, and try to make it so that we can live together naturally.
After all, we’ll become family.

Having said that, I decided to help her make breakfast.

「I’ll help you」

What Aisha-san was trying to make was brown bread, sunny-side up fried eggs, and taro soup.
She seemed to have chosen a light menu since it was morning.

Thanks to us peacefully dividing our work, the breakfast was completed in the blink of an eye.

It’s a secret that I felt unusually embarrassed because we somehow seemed like a pair of newlyweds from stories.
Since Aisha-san’s face was also red when I looked closer, she might have been embarrassed as well.

「「Thank you for the food!」」

We ate the breakfast we’d made together while enjoying a conversation.
Contrary to the usual quiet breakfast where I only filled up my stomach, I felt really blessed…… Time flowed with warmth in my heart.

I had forgotten…… this feeling which I haven’t felt since Otou-san and Okaa-san passed away.

Ah, that’s right.
Although I’d completely forgotten about it, it would probably be better to ask about it now.

「By the way, Aisha…… could you explain to me about Clans in more detail?」

「Clans? Alright. What would you like to ask?」

「Since the Adventurers’ Guild exists, why do Clans also exist?」

Perhaps making breakfast together was a good thing. It feels like our speech has become closer.
In Sylphy’s words, it’d probably be “The distance between us has shortened.”

While thinking such things, I listened to Aisha’s explanation.

「……Hmm, the biggest difference would probably be the clients」

The guild is centered around requests from commoners, so it receives basically all of their jobs. On the other hand, it seems that Clans are centered around requests from nobles and royalty.
Of course, there are exceptions, but that’s basically the gist of it.

Also, like the guild, Clans won’t take on just any request.
Since they are organisations with different purposes, only requests which comply with the Clan’s management will be accepted.

At the moment, there are several Clans in the Kingdom of Augusta, but there seems to be only three major ones.

First, is the 「Clan: Alchemist・Library」 which was founded by the Second Prince・Lewis.
As the name suggests, famous people who want to further their alchemy gather there, and even the Second Prince himself is an alchemist with considerable ability.

Next is「Clan: Soaring Sandstorm」, which was founded by a former A-rank adventurer, Cass. (TLN: カシュー. …help? Cashew sounds really lame imo)
This Clan consists of nothing but former high ranked adventurers, and it’s a group that specialises in combat.
They seem to follow a belief where they’ll only use weapons in combat, and apart from those who have recovery type Skills, no one else is a magic user.
They undertake escort and subjugation requests.

And the last one is the fairly eccentric 「Clan: Tamers・Ring」.
As its name suggests, it’s a guild centered around tamers, with collecting precious magic beasts as its purpose.
The members of the Clan primarily receive requests along the lines of collecting raw materials, and it seems there’s a former B-rank adventurer named Tales there as well.

There are a few other Clans as well, but they can’t compare to the scale of these three.

Since there are many nobles and royalty who bring in requests to the Clans, most of them have a fundamental duty of confidentiality.
As for Sylphy’s return to the capital and submission of the Clan application to the country, the main purpose of the application is to judge whether the organisation will be able to fulfill this duty of confidentiality or not.
Also, depending on the Clan’s direction, a certain number of people would be required.

Well, that’s true, isn’t it.
Although an organisation’s purpose might be subjugation, there’s no way they’d be able to complete these requests if they don’t have enough war potential.

The reason nobles and royalty don’t use the adventurers’ guild is because it has many ruffians as members, and they don’t think that they’ll be able to uphold their confidentiality obligations.

Though, royalty and nobles seem to periodically send requests to some famous adventurers and give out large rewards.

Aisha has also received requests from royalty a few times as an adventurer.
It was during those requests that she became acquainted with Sylphy.

「……I see. So what’s the direction for our Clan?」

「In our case, we will specialise in battles. The direction is the same as “Soaring Sandstorm”」

「I see. That’s why Aisha asked Sylphy ‘They won’t accept three people as a clan, right?’ yesterday」

「That’s usually the case, but there’s no doubt that they will believe us, since the founder is Hime-sama.
Even regarding the war potential, there’s two people with aliases. Moreover, there’s also Myne-kun who defeated an Orc・King solo.
If we were to just measure our war potential, then I think we would be higher compared to “Soaring Sandstorm”, you know.
I think Hime-sama also anticipated that, and that’s why she held onto the Orc・King and Orc・Generals’ corpses.……」

I see, so in the end, we’ll decide what to do according to Ou-sama’s response to me.
I’ll just have to trust in Sylphy and wait for the results.

If the Clan can be established, the next question will be whether I have the resolution to open up to the both of them about my Skills, huh.

While I asked about Clans and various other things, we finished all of the breakfast we had prepared.

「Well, then. I’ll be going to the guild now, Myne-kun. Please don’t do anything reckless on your own! Goodbye!」

I saw Aisha off as she waved her hand, and then I went towards the kitchen in order to clean up after breakfast.
All while I felt a feeling of bliss as I looked at the tableware for two.

Author Notes:

Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

I am grateful that yesterday, the day before that and until now, the page views have reached an all time high and have been rising.
Those who read, those who bookmarked, and those left evaluations, I offer my heartfelt gratitude.
Truly, thank you very much!

TL: Izzy
ED: Caudyr

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    • Dude, what the heck. He is a JUST of age young man who lost his parents years ago. It’s not at all unusual for him to be sensitive, NOT TO MENTION the fact of the matter being what could happen to his life if anyone he can’t trust ever got wind of his skills. Additionally, he has NO experience with women. Do you expect him to act like some sort of suave gigolo? Give the kid a chance to grow up.


      • It does appear that with breakfast he has accepted the girls as family. He is no longer alone and now they just need to deepen the friendship and strengthen the bonds of this impromptu family

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