Chapter 34 – CASE : Aisha (1)

When the guild leader heard that I was resigning, he incessantly tried to persuade me not to.
It’s been a long time since I last saw him so desperate, so it felt quite fresh.

But well, I understand his feelings.

Being a guild receptionist is indeed a popular job.
If it’s to replace a lost member, one day will be enough.

Of course, the experimental part will take some time, and they will need training…….

Even to me, who is of the same sex, the guild receptionists are all beauties.
I’m not trying to brag, but I’m proud that my appearance can be seen like that.

This isn’t the guild leader’s tastes or anything like that.
Its aim is to increase the motivation of the adventurers and to reduce withdrawal rates.

If the beautiful receptionists could properly carry out more of their work, then naturally the adventurers will favour and stick to them..
If that happens, the number of adventurers quitting the guild will be drastically reduced, and they’ll produce splendid results in order to impress the receptionists.

I was also that way when I was working in the guild, and because of that, quite a lot of adventurers favoured me.
I don’t want to think about them too much, but Lyle and Hyold who caused problems before this were also among those who did.

It’s impossible for the guild to simply say 「Oh, I see」 and let a receptionist who is tied to so many adventurers resign.

Even if I am an exclusive receptionist, I am enrolled in the guild, and when the exclusive adventurer isn’t here I receive the other adventurers normally.
However, if I were to quit, that would all end.

If I were to quit, numerous adventurers’ motivation and their actions from now on will probably be affected.

I feel sorry for them, but I also have my own life to live.
No matter what, it’s important to follow through on the things that I’ve decided on. For that reason, I won’t hesitate.

……Thus, I have a trump card. A trump card that will render the guild leader speechless and agree.

「Aisha, reconsider it. A lot of them adore you. Think about those guys!!」

「I am happy that they adore me, but either way, I’m going to be married, you know?
According to previous cases, there’s a sharp decline in a receptionist’s popularity after they marry, am I right?
……Also, for the sake of starting a Clan, Hime-sama has already left for the capital.
If I were to remain in the guild, inevitably, I wouldn’t be able to become a member of that Clan. Because of that, it would probably be difficult for Hime-sama to obtain recognition for it.
You understand what I mean, right? How will guild leader explain that to Hime-sama?
Since I can’t betray Hime-sama, guild leader, please persuade Hime-sama, a member of “royalty”」

My trump card is Hime-sama.

Knowing the actions of royalty and deliberately obstructing them. Although it depends on the details of the situation, the matter this time around probably wouldn’t warrant a punishment.

However, her experience will certainly worsen.
There’s no doubt that the pressure from Hime-sama towards the guild is something which will considerably worsen.

When I was still an adventurer, requests came quite frequently, as if a request from royalty had been received.
Requests which have quite the large reward, at that.

If Hime-sama’s experience becomes bad, such requests will be greatly impacted.

Also, regarding my retirement from the guild, there’s nothing about that written in the guild’s work regulations.
Naturally, the guild leader cannot obstruct my retirement with his power.

Well, the guild leader’s impression of me will worsen with this case…….

「Mu, mumumu……」

When Hime-sama’s name came out, as expected, the guild leader couldn’t pursue anything beyond that and kept silent with a sullen face.

「I am sorry, but this is something I’ve decided on」

I clearly declared it once more when guild leader’s persuasion stopped.

It ended there, with the guild leader crestfallen and dropping his shoulders.


「Aisha-senpai! Is it true that you’re quitting the guild!!!?」

As soon as I showed myself on the floor, my kouhai, the receptionist Mil, said this in a loud voice. (TLN: Floor as in working floor)
Though it wasn’t peak hours, there were still quite a few adventurers in the lobby at this time.

If you shout in here, naturally the contents will reach the ears of the numerous adventurers here.

「……Sigh」(TLN: …is this a legit onomatopoeia)

The person who shouted realised that right after she had done so. The lobby’s noise fell silent, and all the attention was on us. With that, it seems she finally understood what she was guilty of.
I noticed that her expression became visibly pale.

It’s too late to cover our mouths.
This is exactly a case of ‘no use crying over spilt milk’.

It can’t be helped that things have progressed like this…… this place probably won’t be at peace if I don’t give an answer.

「……Umm, it’s been decided that tomorrow, I’ll be making preparations to retire. Incidentally, it’s a resignation on marriage」

「「「「「「「「「「W, What did you sayーーーーー!」」」」」」」」」」

「Really, why are you all so restless! Haven’t I always said to act after observing your surroundings!!」

After that, the guild was in bigger chaos than I expected.
It wasn’t just the adventurers within the hall, but also those who weren’t there rapidly gathered through word of mouth.

It wasn’t simply because of my resignation, but the uproar seemed to have become greater due to me blurting out that I’m getting married.
Because of that, it wasn’t just Mil that was responsible, but so was I, but naturally, I won’t say such a thing to these kids.

If I were to say it, I would do it again without regrets.

The guild leader, who was holding his hand to his stomach as he crouched due to it being more chaotic than he expected, spurred the chaos even more.

……In the end, the uproar lasted for three hours.

There will probably be another uproar tomorrow, as well.
Since there’s no doubt that this matter will spread tonight.

My receptionist duties haven’t ended, and there was only the handing over of my duties. It’ll probably take a few more hours before I exit the guild.

I’m really sorry to my colleagues, but it cannot be helped.
At the very least, I decided to present them with some sweets, and left the guild.

Ah, in the end, even when I was leaving, the guild leader was sitting on a chair as if he had grown senile.

My condolences.

I finished my duties at the guild, and when I returned to the dormitory, I greeted the management oba-san.
She was shocked when we talked about my marriage and resignation from the guild, but in the end, she told me to work hard and handed over memos with cooking recipes that she had written down.

It was sudden, ……the marriage was decided really suddenly, but since I’ve already decided, I’ll work hard to become a good wife.
I’ll continue supporting Myne-kun’s heart, and as the first step, I will use these recipes.

Thanking the management oba-san, I returned to my own room.
Putting my room’s luggage into my storage bag, I moved out.


「I’m back, Myne-kun!」

In the first place, since there wasn’t that much luggage, Aisha-san’s residence change was finished quite quickly.
However, as expected, the time was approaching late night.

Today, I only prepared for sleeping, and I’ll tidy up tomorrow.

Since it’s still before marriage, naturally the beds are separate.
I feel like I heard 「loser」 from somewhere, but this has already been decided.

This way, this chaotic day came to an end.

Good night.


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

TL: Izzy
ED: Caudyr

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39 thoughts on “Chapter 34 – CASE : Aisha (1)

  1. An entire chapter devoted to handing in her resignation, an act she completed in the previous chapter. I’m guessing there’s some kind of cultural hang-up that isn’t coming across? Otherwise it’s pretty weird.

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  2. 。   ∧,,∧
      [(っ⌒/⌒o Nepu!!!
      |\ ⌒”⌒ ∧,,∧ …zzZZ
      || || ̄ (´-ω-)
         || .[.(っ⌒/⌒o
           |\ ⌒”⌒  \
           || || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||

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    • To be fair, she probably would have had to leave anyways… she’s getting married after all and would want to partner with her husband… it’s just the timing that sucks.


  3. Sometimes i think the author is chinese due to his habit to prolong a story with somthing that onky found xianxia, you know even he make the event of his encounter with the orc prolonged to several chapter

    Liked by 1 person

    • So far, the Orc King who was of Calamity-Class should’ve been the most powerful being in existence that has been mentioned previously (excluding Myne).

      That’s not to say he’s the ultimate being, but that he’s the most powerful being so far.

      Liked by 1 person

    • No, this kinda scene is kinda important. A good story would have some things that aren’t always focused on the MC. It’s only really bad in xianxia cause all the stories are freaking cookie-cutter… or they just drag things out too long cause they get paid per the number of words they use….


  4. In the first place, since the luggage isn’t that much, Aisha-san’s residence changing was finished quite quickly. (TLN: No, I have no idea why she uses Aisha-san)
    However, as expected the time was approaching late night.

    I think this part ’till the end are Myne-kun’s

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  5. Oh. I see. So Aisha is something like a fantasy idol. She met someone like a rich CEO (Protagonist-kun) and decided to retire.
    She’s an opportunist. There’s no real love, only cold calculations. She recognised Protagonist-kun as one of the strongest people in the world and quickly decided to bandwagon her way to the top.

    Same with the princess. She said she has no rights to the throne, but if her children get OP skills it’s guaranteed they’ll get the crown. No love. She cornered Protagonist-kun, made him emotionally unstable and pushed her will. In a sense, Protagonist-kun for her is just cattle.

    People are hating on the guild leader, and he is represented as an asshole. But all he did was following the book when faced with an irregularity (Protagonist-kun). These women are far worse.

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    • Lol dud.
      First exists something called love at first sight.
      Second both of then were save by him.
      Third Myne just turned an adult with no parents and recevied op power.
      Fourth this is not reality.


    • Did you even read the earlier chapters? She fell for him when he was a weak lil shit lol
      The princesa? Yeah you’re right but aint that how royalty/politicians work?


    • Dude, what’s wrong with getting married with a rich person anyways? And actually she did like him.

      Also, for the princess, it’s a political marriage.. but that’s not a bad thing…

      The women did nothing wrong.

      And actually, he didn’t follow the books; but he shouldn’t be hated either. NOBODY was wrong in these cases… and even if the leader was wrong (technically, the rules were followed by the MC), it’s not that big of a deal…

      People just don’t like what he did.

      But nobody in these situations was “bad”… people just want to see a villain….

      Liked by 1 person

    • 1. Aisha was an idol equivalent in the guild, that much is correct but she didn’t actively or purposely use it to get her fame, therefore she’s more like an accidental idol with unwanted fame. If anything, she’s more like how a pretty girl in school is popular but whether she wants / specifically aim for popularity is a whole other thing.

      2. She didn’t choose Myne because he’s famous or rich, she chose him because she saw his POTENTIAL to be great which lead to her getting interested on him and found that he’s nothing like the others in attitude (the cocky B rank dude comes to mind). She didn’t know of his real ability and still isn’t. that is definitely different from those idols aiming for rich CEO for their money.

      3. While I agree partly on the princess situation but that is because so far, we know next to nothing about her. Won’t give my judgement on her yet. For all we know, she might actually got smitten on Myne when she realize how noble he is while all those talk about wanting him purely for his skill was just a scheme to get him to decide on making clan with her.

      4. The Guildmaster DIDN’T go by the book approach. It has been mentioned over and over that skill are private information and optional to tell even to the guild. The only reason the guildmaster wanted the information was pure curiosity. Was he in the wrong? No, but if he is playing by the rule, the right thing for him to do was drop the issue and make the best out of it. If anything, the one breaking the rule was the guildmaster himself

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  6. yeah.. i just cant think those 2 chick any other way than taking advantage of MC’s weak personality and having their own will pushed on him… also MC is pretty much a perfect victim for the princess as he has no backbone!

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  7. this girl a bid stupid, she can say, she quit because she needed as a member by Royalty, to create a clan. with Royalty word in there no one will try to do anything stupid, like find the husband, try kill and poisoned the husband before they married and other chaotic scene.

    well, it quite amusing

    thx for all the chapters!! and welcome back ^^


  8. When I read that he heared a wisper of “loser” I think author-san should had made it him cannot sleep due to thousands of wispers of anger,jealousy and ridicule saying “Explode,Die,B*stard,Idiot,Burn,etc.” while a constant ticking sound like a bomb….

    Or I’m just as p*ssed wonder why…

    Still thanks for your work tl-san *thanks tl-san without noticing of the subconsious sharpening of pitchforks while smiling*

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Thanks for another chapter, as always~

    By the way, I definitely think “coward” might fit better than “loser” here, because I can’t really see him as being a “loser” in this situation. He’s a bit cowardly for not sleeping in the same bed as her immediately, maybe…but at the same time, I do think it’s the right move, since their engagement and everything WAS ~JUST~ decided and everything. No reason to rush that sort of thing, heh.

    Also, people are saying he’s weak-willed, but I just can’t see it at all. Sure, the princess is kind of manipulative, but he still COULD have refused, but the benefits far outweighed any negatives he could think of, so he had no reason to.

    Liked by 1 person

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