Chapter 33 – Commencement of Establishing a Clan

「Now then, with this, you and I are officially engaged.
I don’t want you to call me things like “Oujo-sama” from now on, but by my name.
……Let me see, I’d be happy if you’d call me Sylphy」

Hmmmmm, the hurdle’s suddenly so high…….
Calling Oujo-sama who’s older than me and a beauty with a pet name…….

Though, she’ll become my wife from now on. I don’t want to call her “Oujo-sama”, and she definitely doesn’t want to be called that either.

It’s extremely embarrassing, but I’ll try my best.

「……Sy, Sylphy……」

As I softly called her pet name with a trembling voice, Oujo-sama, no, Sylphy smiled sweetly.

「Fufu, not bad. Although it’s only the way you’re calling my name, I feel that our distance has closed considerably, you know.」

That’s certainly true, I feel that we’re much closer than before.

「P, please call me Aisha without honorifics!」

Are you serious!? To drop the honorifics!? The hurdle’s even higher than Sylphy’s you know!

「……Can I…… not drop the honorifics?」

Let’s try asking.

「……It’s okay for Hime-sama but not for me?」

This is bad, Aisha-san’s crying. Isn’t this foul play!!!


Just like during Sylphy’s, I called out in a soft voice.
As I did that, Aisha-san…… no…… Aisha and Sylphy both looked happy and smiled.

Sylphy, who was looking at the situation, suddenly burst into a loud laughter.

「Ahahahaha, Myne…… no, I wonder if it’s okay to call you Danna-sama? Danna-sama sounds like we’re dominating him, huh」

Danna-sama…… This is bad, this will be embarrassing.
I’ll be troubled if someone as beautiful as Sylphy addresses me like that.

Also, about the dominating part. That’s right, isn’t it.
I only just came of age, you know!? They are both older than me so I can’t possibly act strong!

「Until I’m used to it, it’ll be Myne-kun…… As expected it’s embarrassing」

Aisha, who was embarrassed, was too cute; I couldn’t take my eyes of her you know.

Before the talk about marriage, I regarded her as a beautiful onee-san, but now that she’s my partner…….
When I became aware that she will become my wife, the way I viewed her changed this much.

Sylphy, as well. At first, when Knight-sama came to meet me specifically, she seemed like a scary person. But now, I can only see her as a gentle, beautiful person.

I wonder if this is praising a loved one. (TLN: 惚気 = praisng a loved one. It’s a noun, so it doesn’t translate well)
It’s difficult for me, who has zero experience in romance, to understand,, but I think that’s definitely how it is.

‘They’re both family’, thinking that warmed my heart.
I was also greatly relieved and could relax.

The rock-bottom mood I had when Sylphy asked me about my life from now on seemed like a lie.

I’m grateful to the both of them from the bottom of my heart.


「Now then, Danna-sama. As I have said, I will temporarily return to the capital. And I need some help……」

I wonder what Sylphy needs? from me. (TLN: The question mark was in the raws.)
If it’s not too great a request, I’ll listen to it by all means.


「Yeah, won’t you sell the Orc・King’s corpse to the royal family? If possible the Orc・Generals, as well」

Fumu. On the contrary, this might be something I’ll be grateful for.
There would definitely be an uproar if I brought something like the Orc・King and Orc・Generals to the butcher and alchemist.

On the other hand, the corpses would rot if I left them alone.
It’s not an amount I can eat.

Since that’s the case, the only choice I’d have in the end is to throw them away.

However, if the royal family buys them, they’d buy them at their proper price.
Since Sylphy just said that she would report the matter of me defeating an Orc・King to Ou-sama, there “probably” won’t be an uproar if he were to see the corpse.

It’s just that, since I have a feeling that I can use the magic stone for something, I want to take it.

「Yes, I don’t mind. ……It’s just that, I would like for you to leave only the magic stone……」

「D・a・n・n・a・s・a・m・a…… Your tone!」

……Sylphy is scary.

「……Un, I don’t mind. Just leave me with the magic stone」(TLN: He changed to casual from polite and isn’t speaking hesitantly)

Un, I said it upfront.

「Of course, that’s not a problem. Since we’re the ones asking for a favour」

As such, the Orc・King and Orc・Generals will be sold to the royal family.
Since I think it’d be better to not dismantle them myself, I only removed the magic stones before I transferred the corpses into the storage bag that Sylphy took out.

「They’re in my care now. Well then, I think I’ll head for the capital.
I’ll return in about 10 days, but…… when I come back, we’ll conclude the matters regarding the future.
Aisha, I’ll leave Danna-sama’s matters to you」

「Yes, Hime-sama. Please leave it to me」

In this way, the mastermind behind the great change to the fates of Aisha and myself returned directly to the capital.


「Now then, I’ll return to the Guild. I’ll talk about my retirement and my marriage with Myne-kun to the guild leader.
……Also, I’m staying in the guild’s dormitory, but I’ll naturally need to leave if I resign, so…….」

Ah, that’s right.
She’s quitting the guild, so she can’t say something like ‘please let me live in the dormitory’, huh.

If that’s the case, then naturally, I must let her live with me.

Uwa, this is nerve-wracking…….

「Hmm, I see. Of course please come to my house. While Aisha-san’s explaining that to the guild, I will clean up an empty room」


「I, I’ll work hard on that……」

Continuing from Sylphy, she made a retort to the honorifics.
This is going to be hard until I get used to it…….


「I’m back」

While knocking on the office door, I called out to the guild leader inside the room.
Confirming that I was given permission to enter, I entered the room.

「Oh, you’re back, huh…… good work」

The guild leader greeted me with a complicated expression as if he’d just crushed a bitter bug.
I reported about going to the orc settlement with Hime-sama, and naturally I also reported about the Orc・King’s subjugation.

The pale expression the guild leader had when I told him about the Orc・King in the settlement was really a sight to behold.
Then, the expression he showed when he heard that the Orc・King had already been defeated by Myne-kun was even more of a must-see.

「And? Did you manage to hear what Myne-kun’s Skills are from Hime-san?」

It seems that the guild leader has guessed Hime-sama’s intentions for coming to meet Myne-kun.

Well, since we knew that Myne-kun’s Skills were special from the matter a few days ago, that was expected as well.

A princess investigating a person thought to possess such special Skills. Since it’s like that, if you think about it a little, there’s no way you won’t be able to guess her intentions.
That’s probably why the guild leader asked me such a question.

「No, I did not」

As I said that, the guild leader became visibly dejected.
Regarding how he dealt with Myne-kun this time, he has been considerably worried about it. He’s probably thinking that if he could find out about Myne-kun’s Skills, even if it’s through Hime-sama, then Myne-kun could return to the guild.

I think he probably wants to use such a pretext to somehow get the promising adventurer to return to the branch he was in charge of.
Since that’s the case, he’s still interested in Myne-kun’s Skills even now.

I think it’s ironic that the original reason he eagerly wanted to know Myne-kun’s Skills has changed completely.
However, I can’t help but think that it would have been fine if the guild leader could have given up from the start.

「……I see. By the way, about Hime-sama’s objective, as expected it’s related to partner searching, right?」

「Yes, that’s correct. ……Actually, there’s something important I have to tell you about that matter」

I reported about Hime-sama and me marrying Myne-kun. In addition, I also reported about the three of us forming a party, as well as the matter of us putting in an application with the country to form a Clan.


Hearing up until there, the guild leader muttered hoarsely.
The guild leader’s biggest problem is that if the country approves of the Clan application, then the path of Myne-kun returning to the guild will be closed.

Normally, Clan applications would rarely be approved.
However, the applicant is this country’s First Princess, a remarkable knight who has the alias “Princess Knight”.

This is self-flattery, but while we only have three members, you could say that we are equal to influential people.

“Princess Knight” “Sacred Bow” “Calamity-Class Killer”

This application might just be approved.

I offered my condolences in my mind, and put my hands together.

「……Hm? Wait…… That clan, does it include you? What are you going to do about the guild?」

Ah, he noticed.
Since it was quite hard to mention it, it’s good that he brought it up.

「Yes, as you have guessed, I would like to quit. Fortunately, since I was Myne-kun’s exclusive receptionist, I don’t need to hand over any duties」



Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

TL: Izzy
ED: Caudyr

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