Chapter 32 – Sylphid’s Proposal

「Fumu, I understand Aisha’s feelings. ……Well then, I will also make a proposal.
A proposal which might be able to solve Myne’s problem」

A proposal from Oujo-sama.
It seems like it’ll become something serious again…….

「I want to ask something before the suggestion. What will you do about the marriage proposal from Aisha and I?
I don’t know whether you know about it, but if you marry a woman from royalty, then polygamy is allowed if the King approves of it.
This is because it’s effective in extensively leaving behind the blood of someone with useful Skills.
Ah, that’s right. I don’t want you to misunderstand. I don’t have the right to succeed the throne.
You won’t be able to become a member of royalty if you marry me. You will be treated as kin to the royal family and will be able to found a house. Well, an emergent noble, so to speak.
Naturally, there’s no restrictions or things that can restrict your freedom from the royal family, so you don’t have to worry about that」

「Eh? Mine is also being treated as a marriage proposal!?」

「It’s true, isn’t it? Didn’t you say you want to support him your whole life?」

「I certainly did say that, but…… my mental preparations are…… umm…… a lot of……」

……This, isn’t the way they were saying it as if I will marry?
Well, as long as the problem where I can’t talk to people about my Skills disappears, I don’t have any objections.

After all, both of them are very beautiful. By all rights, for men like me, they are flowers on a high peak who can’t be reached even if we wished for it. (TLN: Takane no Hana/flowers on a high peak = out of league)
And yet, to be able to marry the both of them who are flowers on a high peak, I would suspect whether it was some joke.

Though, that’s probably unreasonable for Aisha-san who is willing to quit the guild and Oujo-sama.

「……Honestly speaking, I’m happy. Both of you are very beautiful…… you are too good for someone like me.
However, I’ll say this no matter how many times I have to. I can’t talk about my Skills, so……」

As I told them that in a depressed voice, Oujo-sama boldly grinned and folded her arms.
W, what’s this? This composed manner?

「If the matter about your Skills can be settled, then you won’t hesitate about marriage. That’s what you mean, right?」

For some reason, she was full of confidence as she said that, wasn’t she? I don’t think my problem will be resolved that easily, though…….
I wonder what in the world Oujo-sama’s proposal is.

「Firstly, I will return to the capital after this. And to father, I shall report my marriage with Myne…… are you alright up until here?」

No, it’s completely not alright, though…….

「No no, my Skills can’t be leaked to Ou-sama!」

I unintentionally inserted a retort to Oujo-sama, a member of royalty.
……After all, I can’t help it, right? You won’t say I’m being impudent, right?

「Just now, didn’t I say it? That I definitely wouldn’t say anything about your Skills. I can’t possibly trouble you who’ll become my partner.
I definitely won’t tell father about your Skills. Instead, I’ll tell him that you defeated an Orc・King solo.
If I don’t do that, there’s no way he’ll accept you being my partner」

Phew, she didn’t say that I was impudent…… tte!? This isn’t a situation to be relieved!!!?
Nononono, that’s also bad, right!? Even I know that! How abnormal it is to defeat a Calamity-class by myself!?

He’ll definitely relate it to my Skills, won’t he!?

「I’ll smoothly evade that topic. From now on is my suggestion. It’s about the party Aisha was talking about.
For now, let me join too. We’ll then make an application to the country as a “Clan”」

Eh? What does that mean?

「Hime-sama…… Isn’t that impossible? No matter how you put it, I don’t think they’ll accept a three-person clan……」

「Normally, that’s true…… However」

While saying that, Oujo-sama looked at me and boldly smiled again.

「Think about it, it’s three people consisting of I, the Princess Knight, “Sacred Bow” Aisha, though retired, a former B-rank adventurer, and in addition to that, Myne, who crushed an Orc・King solo, you know?
We fully satisfy the war potential acceptable as a Clan, right?」

「No, please wait! I beg you…… please don’t talk about things I don’t know. In the first place, what’s a Clan!?」

Even though Oujo-sama accepted the retorts I had delivered twice, she taught me about Clans.

In summary, according to her, Clans are something like this.

・Specialising in a specific purpose, it’s a private management organisation like the Guild (Battle, Commerce, Alchemy, etc.).

・To establish a Clan, there needs to be approval from the country. If it is judged that it isn’t beneficial to the country, then there’s hardly a chance of it being approved.

・The Clan and its members can refuse requests, directions and orders deemed unnecessary as an organisation.

・In contrast with the guild whose jurisdiction extends over to other countries, Clans exist under the country.

Roughly summarised, these seem to be the parts that have to do with my current matter.

To put it simply, if Aisha-san, Oujo-sama and I were to establish a Clan, there seems to be no need to answer questions by others (including the country) regarding my secrets.

Aisha-san and Oujo-sama are now in the same situation, huh.
Though they don’t know my Skills, they know my strength.

However, the organisation, the Clan, will only be recognised within the Country of Augusta, so there will be no privileges, rights or responsibilities in other countries.

I see, certainly if it’s this, in practice, third parties won’t know what I’m doing and can only think 『That guy’s weird』.
In the worst case, if they try to force information out of me, then I can report them to the government and that human will be punished by the country.

If I were to implement this, then the only problem I would have is whether I can put my trust in Aisha-san and Oujo-sama.

Of course, these are just empty theories at the moment, there is a possibility that some kind of problem will occur while actually living together.
However, there’s no doubt that there can be a large advancement in the situation where I couldn’t think of anything until now.

「……I see. Certainly, the problem might be solved if that’s the case, huh?」

「Well, whether the country will recognise it or not, what kind of reaction Father will have, or whether there is a problem that must be solved…… Well, I won’t propose something that doesn’t have a chance of success」

「If the establishment of the Clan were to be accepted, for the time being the problem should be solved…… putting aside marriage, I also agree to the Clan’s establishment」

It seems that Aisha-san basically agrees to this proposal, as well.
Since I also don’t have any better plans, I basically agree, but…… marriage…… huh.

「Umm…… do the both of you really think it’s good to marry me? Honestly I think that there are a lot more people better than me……」

As I enquired, Oujo-sama replied in a flash.

「Yeah, I have no objections.
Though you don’t seem to have confidence in yourself, after seeing your fight with the Orc・King, I think it’d be harder to come across a better man than you, on the contrary」

「……That’s right. Although honestly speaking, up until now I haven’t known whether this feeling I have for you is romantic or not, but hearing about marriage, somehow I don’t feel repulsed by the idea.」

Though Aisha-san’s still the same for now, she doesn’t seem to be negative towards marriage.

Hmmmm, I wonder what I should do about I, the man, hesitating the most…….
However, the both of them gave a direct answer regarding the marriage.

If I couldn’t give an answer myself, then I’m definitely not a man.

Whether I will talk about my Skills or not, it’ll be fine to build up trust while living together.
The both of them also said that they won’t ask about my Skills, so let’s depend on them for now.

「……I understand, let’s…… get married. Please take care of me」
Like this, my marriage…… was abruptly decided.


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

Frankly even I felt that the marriage was sudden, but Myne-kun thinking that Myne-kun needed
a family that he can rely on, and it became like this.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t plan for Aisha to become the heroine.
When I came to, for that position, it had become polygamy.
Though it’d be the establishment of the clan for a while, I don’t have any plans to add new wives as of now.
※It’s not that there isn’t a possibility for it to be like Aisha’s “when I realised it became like that”.

I plan to insert a little more explanation about Clans next time.

TL: Izzy
ED: Caudyr

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