Chapter 31 – Aisha’s Suggestion

Hime-sama and Myne-kun’s talk had started.

I think Hime-sama’s most important aim is probably the “confirmation of whether Myne-kun is suitable as her partner”.
And incidentally, I wonder if she doesn’t plan to confirm his Skills, as well.

To Hime-sama, no, to royalty, the partner’s Skills holds an extremely important meaning, after all.

Myne-kun and Hime-sama’s marriage, thinking about that makes my chest hurt.
This pain…… perhaps I hold good will towards Myne as the opposite sex.

I don’t quite understand my own feelings…… but, when I hear about the marrying of Hime-sama and Myne-kun, my heart becomes restless.

……Certainly, he’s a little brother like existence which weighs upon my mind.

He’s polite, and when the necessity arises he’s a young man who has the courage to become a woman’s shield.
Thus, him being an existence which I have some kind of expectations for is also mixed together.

The premonition I had when I became his exclusive receptionist, I don’t think I was mistaken.
But it’s like that, isn’t it? Something like solo hunting a Calamity-class monster, it’s definitely an impossible exploit after all.

I think that such a thing is probably impossible even for the famous King-sama as a hero.

He who holds such a strong power is crying in front of me…… and he’s even bawling.
Hime-sama’s words probably gouged his heart deeply.

He’s a young man who’s just come of age.
Furthermore, he lost his parents early, and he has desperately lived by himself until today.

After finally becoming an adult, when he headed to the temple to be bestowed with his Skills, his heart was, without a doubt, overflowing with rays of hope he entrusted his life to.
Thus, since I didn’t hear about it I don’t know the details, but it seems he was bestowed with wonderful Skills.

It’s easy to guess that it was most likely the most joyous event that has occurred in his life.

However, Hime-sama’s previous words directly smashed his future that was overflowing with hope.
Of course, Hime-sama had absolutely no intention of doing such a thing.

Most likely, Myne-kun also understood the hardships of a life hiding his Skills.
However, he didn’t think too deeply about that.

No, he probably tried not to think about it.

That’s why, to Hime-sama’s direct words……he shed tears, I think.

Although Hime-sama isn’t a bad person, this part of her where she can’t quite understand the subtleties of the heart, is a bad part, I think.

I wonder what could hasten the solution to Myne-kun’s problem.

……Most likely, I think what he needs is a companion he can trust and consult with about anything.
Right now, his crying is because of an explosion of emotions, and a feeling of not knowing where to go.

If he had a companion who he could discuss the uneasiness he has had inside him up until now, I don’t think this would have happened.
For him, he needs a companion who can support his heart…… one who he can trust from the bottom of his heart.

Right now, looking at the crying him, I decided in my heart.

After this I only need to convey the strong thoughts within me to him!!
「Myne-kun! Let’s form a party!!!」

Aisha-san suddenly called out to the crying me.
And it was a completely unexpected proposal at that.

It was so unexpected that I reflexively stopped crying…….


Aah, Oujo-sama’s also wide-eyed in shock.
I was probably making the same face as well…….

「Myne-kun, I hereby swear. That I will absolutely not betray you, and will never tell others about your Skills!
Even if the world were to turn against you, I will be your only ally. Your life from this point on, if you were to not have anyone to consult with, I will be there for you.
That’s why, it’s okay for you to not worry about living in fright from now on.」

I don’t know what I should do with Aisha-san’s sudden angry look.

My mouth only gaped widely, and I only heard Aisha-san’s words.

Seeing that kind of Aisha-san’s look and my condition, Oujo-sama showed a wry smile.

But that’s to be expected.

I also fully understand what I’m currently feeling.

「Hey, Aisha…… Is that a proposal?」

While being astounded, Oujo-sama asked Aisha-san a question.
Aah, that’s true! Now that she mentioned it, that could be taken as a proposal.

Aisha-san, who had had this pointed out to her by Oujo-sama, probably instantly came to her senses, and as she recalled her statement her face was dyed bright red.

「Eh, Eh? N, No, something like that, is……surely…… though I am interested in Myne-kun……」

Aisha-san’s behaviour became visibly weird.

「About forming a party with Myne, what do you plan to do with the guild? You can’t join a group while being a receptionist, right」

Oujo-sama calmly asked a question to Aisha-san who was about to blow her fuse.

That’s right, Aisha-san is a popular receptionist at the guild.
Although it’s not like she wouldn’t have time if she formed a party with me, there’s no way such a thing would be accepted.

As she said that, Aisha-san’s expression became serious, and she began to speak her thoughts.

「……I’ve constantly been thinking ‘I wonder if this is okay’ ever since the guild leader talked about the erasure of Myne-kun’s guild registration.」

Somehow, it seems that Aisha-san has been thinking about the guild leader’s response since around the time when I returned my guild card.

And, she herself had felt a premonition that I will accomplish something.
That’s why she had become my exclusive receptionist, despite the fact that she had rejected every invitation up until that point.

And it seems that when I fought the Orc King in front of her eyes, that premonition turned into conviction.

Before even she had noticed, she, who could guess Oujo-sama’s aim (Confirmation of partner), had felt a hazy feeling close to that of jealousy.

Because I was bawling, it seems that she accidentally revealed her feelings.

「If it’s theguild, then I’m planning to quit it, you know」

Aisha-san declared that clearly without any hesitation.

I wonder if it’s okay to do that for my sake…… but, as expected I can trust Aisha-san.
I was able to hold such a belief.

If it’s with Aisha-san, then being in a party will surely be alright.
Although it’s not the solution for the fundamental problem, I think we can definitely get a better answer than thinking by myself.

「If it’s about what Myne-kun will accomplish, then I would like to see them with my own eyes. And I think I want to support your heart so that it doesn’t break.
Hime-sama, just now you asked me whether it was a proposal, but as of now I still don’t know whether this feeling is love.
In the first place, Myne-kun’s age and mine is quite distant…… and we only just met……」

After Oujo-sama, even Aisha-san…….
My head is completely unable to keep up with the sudden gush of love talk.

Well, I am a guy after all. Being able to marry beauties like Aisha-san and Oujo-sama, there’s no way I wouldn’t be happy.

……However, it’s too sudden, and it won’t solve the problem.

「Fumu, I understand Aisha’s feelings. ……Well then, I will also make a proposal.
A proposal which might be able to solve Myne’s problem」

A proposal from Oujo-sama.

It seems like it’ll become something serious again…….


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

No matter how many times I look again, it wasn’t collected well and became as such.
I didn’t want it to be abrupt as much as possible, but this is the best I can do for now.
I’m sorry if it’s unsightly…… orz

TL: Izzy
ED: Caudyr

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  2. Thanks for another chapter!

    I found quite a few errors in this chapter (grammar, spelling, etc.)…and while I’d normally just point them out here, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t use a google doc to point them out instead due to the number of them.

    If you want me to do that, I can just give you a link to the doc here…though I’d much rather it not be PUBLIC to everyone (but I can’t see a Contact Me thing on the page itself to talk about this in private, heh).

    Lemme know~ ^^


  3. A problem I have with this obvious harem is that when they go to high leveled dungeons, all he will be doing is protecting them.


    • I think he did try to paste duplicate skill on himself and either the newly added skill gets erased or whatever experience points it had is add to the existing one either in full or reduced amounts


  4. Only problems I have with these sorts of stories is the main character is a pussy. And what i mean is that his not a pussy in a sense of fighting monsters but humans he let that one guy off pretty easy that decided to kill him for the lady. But he’s a big pussy in emotions like if he just sat down in really thought about shit he would feel better and probably wouldn’t of cried like a little bitch when the girl pointed out the fucking truth that was right in front of him. I love the idea around the story but probably wrong main character Yeah he’s young now and we need character development but come on this nigga killing like 50 orc (basically humans) then crying like 4 hours later about the future. Only thing the nigga needs to do is go out get a shit load of god defense skills and Godo attack skills and if he can’t find those he still find the holy skills and he’s beyond a calamity level person so him crying like a little bitch about his future is him being dumb to a baffling degree even tho you would think he was smart with what we saw at the beginning with him noticing the robber and figuring out his skills and other stuff but nope his down fall is his nice personality and negative thinking. Hope he grows up and doesn’t keep acting like ignorant child that just lost his memory and doesn’t know anything about nothing. He’s 15 and acts like he’s 7-8 years old 😧


    • Wow such an edgy shit you say..
      He is an orphan and JUST turned 15 and he is generally nice kid, get super OP skill and then one of the most influential people want to marry him but give danger by exposing his skill and make his life harder.
      That is normal reaction

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      • It’s not normal at all. He almost got killed by the orcs, was moments from death and he did not cry like a little bitch. I hate the chic aspect of this. He can mow down 50 sentient beings without any guilt etc but when it comes to mhimans he is and all way will be (its a Japanese MC) a total bitch pushover.
        I like the princess arc as it makes sense and is something that can be built up and develop. The guild receptionist on the other hand is stupid she fell in love with him because he spoke polite to her. I mean where are all the women in my life that open there legs when I’m polite…


    • Killing monsters isn’t the same as having a harsh reality put upon him. He’s a hunter, killing monsters is the norm for him. Plus, he’s using magical abilities and living in denial. So when reality was actually forced upon him, he freaked out.

      Even if they had thought, they were monsters after all, and he was more focused on not letting pretty girls be raped than on actual killing.


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