Chapter 30 – Sylphid’s Aim

「To tell you the truth, a kid born from companions with good Skills will have an extremely high chance bestowed with a good Skill from the same system」

……Eh? What does that mean?

「In other words, we royalty intentionally choose from people with good Skills as our spouse. This is one way to guide the country down the right path, like you had said previously」

It seems that in order to search for suitable candidates as marriage partners for their children who will shoulder the next era, they receive reports of Skills bestowed upon new adults from the temple.
Thus, when an adult who has a good Skill appears, their character・personality are investigated so that there’s no problem, and if there is no problem, they will reveal the information to the unmarried princes and princesses.

The princes and princesses who have obtained the information will personally confirm the other party, and if they judge that there’s no problem, they will usher in the other party as spouses and start negotiations, it seems to be like that.

……Eh?? That means.

「Yes, I came here to confirm with my own eyes whether you will become my partner」
What did she say!!!!!
I, I, I, I as Oujo-sama’s partner!!!!!??

W, wait a minute, eh? What does that mean? The Oujo-sama in front of me becoming my wife? Eh? Eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?

「Calm down, you naturally also want to choose your partner right? Though I am royalty, I wouldn’t force a marriage with power of the state」

「………………I was really shocked」

「Yeah, your flustering was to the point of comical, it’s quite the sight you know」

She said that as she giggled.
Oujo-sama who smiled looking at my face has a completely different atmosphere from the dignified one up until just now, there was a cuteness befitting of her age.

Being an Oujo-sama is as expected difficult huh.

When I looked at Oujo-sama’s face, I was bothered by Aisha-san beside her who suddenly became bitter.

「Aisha-san, do you feel unwell? Are you alright?」

As I began to talk her, she forced a smile and answered 「I’m alright」.
No matter how I see it you don’t look okay though…….

Since I was really indebted to Aisha-san, I am very worried about her.

Seeing the exchange between Aisha-san and I, Oujo-sama said 「Fumu」 and showed a gesture of pondering over something.

「For now, is it okay to continue?」

Ah, that’s right…… Since she suddenly talked about marriage the talk was interrupted.

「Ah, yes」

「You probably noticed from the talk just now, but I know about the Skill you were bestowed with」


I felt my heart suddenly started moving violently.

It’s finally here! The thing I don’t want to be asked the most…… How should I deceive her.
I can’t think of anything at all…… boo-hoo. (TLN: とほほ, an onomatopoeia used when miserable/pathetic. English dict. says boohoo.)

「The Skills you were bestowed with and the battle style you had showed when battling with the Orc・King-tachi, no matter how I think I can’t connect these two」

An extremely hard to retort expression huh…….

Probably knowing that I was troubled, after glancing at my appearance Oujo-sama continued.

「I’ve heard from Aisha, that when requested by the guild leader to expose your Skills, you rejected that and was erased from the guild. I think it’s certainly one thing mysterious about the Skills you were bestowed with」

Aisha-san also gulped as she listened to Oujo-sama.
That’s true after all, to be told that the Skills were concealed to the extent of choosing to quit the guild.

There’s no way she won’t be curious.

「However, the Skills aren’t to the extent of quitting the guild no? Why, why did you hide it?」

「Also…… the many Skills you showed in the battle with the orcs. The maximum number of Skills Kami-sama can bestow is three」

Oujo-sama’s argument gradually drew nearer to the core.

「However, I could see that you used more than ten Skills. Furthermore the last one you showed…… the Skill to create a dagger」

「I have never heard of such a Skill, even I a royalty who has received reports on various Skill from the temple have never heard of it」

Ah 【Realize】 huh…… That, if I remember correctly, nobody had it and knew about it huh.
Since Orc・Kings differ from normal monsters, I think that’s why it has it, in the first place, if you don’t have 【Appraisal・Skill】 or 【Appraisal・Complete】, you won’t even know about it.

Probably, isn’t it something like a unique Skill?

Such a Skill was just before her eyes.
It can’t be helped that she would have questions about it.

While I was thinking about such things, looking at my facial expression which was naturally cramped, she probably though that it’s bad to attack too much.
Oujo-sama stopped talking there, and apologised.

「Sorry, I was too agitated. I absolutely do not have the intention to condemn you」
「How about it, Aisha and I already know so much…… We won’t tell anyone else, won’t you tell us your secret?」

Well, that was what she said.
It’s developed as I had expected.

What should I do…… I think I can trust Aisha-san.
No, I trust her.

However, since she’s backed by the guild, I can’t say it no matter what.

And Oujo-sama…… she doesn’t seem to be a two-faced person, speaking of the two, I am more optimistic in trusting her.

However, her backer is even harder to handle than the guild.
After all, the country’s backing her up.

If something goes wrong and it spreads to the nobles in the blink of an eye, they might restrain me in order to make use of me.
Thinking about that, as expected, I can’t tell her either.

However, like what Oujo-sama said, there’s also the truth that it’s exposed this far.

They naturally do not know the real usage of 【Cut & Paste】, but they might spread the fact that I possess something special.

When I thought of that, I must think of a countermeasure for it.

「……Oujo-sama, as you have thought, I have a fairly special power. Regarding the contents of my Skills, I can’t say it no matter what for my own safety」
「If my power were to be known, I think influential people will definitely desire that power. Because of that, my civil rights and such will be ignored……」
「If that were to happen, I’d probably lose the place where I belong in this country…… That’s why I can’t talk about my Skills」

As I said what I had really felt, Oujo-sama and Aisha-san probably understood, and scowled while thinking.

「……I see, your power’s stronger than what we imagine right? Well, that’s true, considering that power let you solo a Calamity-class」

As she said that, Oujo-sama closed her eyes and folded her arms.
She seems to be thinking hard about something.

Without talking to anyone, after five minutes of silence passed, Oujo-sama spoke again.

「……I understand well your reason for not saying your Skills. I certainly think that your thoughts are correct」
「However, you had just came of age right. Your whole life will still continue. Do you plan to live worrying everyday about when you will be exposed for that long life?」


The words Oujo-sama threw at me pierced deep into my heart as if gouging it out.

Though I intentionally tried to not think about it, yes, it’s as Oujo-sama said.
My life from now on, I have to live as I constantly worry about when my Skills would be exposed.

It’s still okay right now, but as time passes, my spirit will definitely gradually be worn out.
I definitely do not want to live such a harsh life.

Bestowed with the Skills by Kami-sama after so much troubles, I thought that I should live and work hard in my life from then on, but I definitely don’t want to be tormented.
However, what should I do…… I don’t know…….

A large drop of tear fell from my eye.
I can only think of a dark future when it comes to future prospects.

Seeing that I suddenly started to shed tears, Oujo-sama started to panic.

「Ah, sorry, don’t cry…… I give up…… That’s right, no matter how strong you are you’re still a young man who just came of age huh」
「Saying such pessimistic things about your promising future, I am truly sorry, please forgive me」

Against my will, the tears would not stop.
At first only tears came out, but I started to sob, unrelated to my will.

「Ugu…… gusu, uuu, h..uh? Wei..rd…… wilfully, my, tears are……」

Although I am already wailing, the situation as if not a hindrance, Aisha who watchfully waiting up until now suddenly began to talk.

「Myne-kun! Let’s form a party!!!」


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please treat me well.

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62 thoughts on “Chapter 30 – Sylphid’s Aim

  1. At first i think myne is tactful with his mind and know danger of his skill, but why this chapter and previous chapter indicated he have case og paranoia or extreme case of negative thinking?

    Liked by 2 people

    • This is PRECISELY because of his knowledge of how dangerous the skills are.

      He has to be that careful. Even if he DOES trust them, he can’t trust the people ‘above’ or ‘behind’ them…since it seems he knows full well how those in power tend to act.

      I still feel that his thinking is perfectly logical here. That said…BAD SYLPHID FOR MAKING HIM CRY!

      Liked by 3 people

      • I do agree with you what I mean is the way he or author wording his tought, it’s like he not do it because logical thinking but because his eexcessive negative thinking, the first thing he think when he figured that aisha and silphy know his skill is really negative and pessimistic


      • I can’t see the negativity you talked about anywhere… I mean if nobles or anyone knew about his skills, even if they can’t make him obey by force, there’s also seducing hostages etc… people can make him an outcast (Demon King route).
        Unless it goes full shounen mode with NAKAMA POWER the princess needs to make a heavy oath to have Myne accept her.

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      • The King can expose his skills without worries, the husband of a first princess can hide his skills without worries just as well. Instead of wimping, the earlier he accepts marriage the better.


      • But he’s actually an dude if you don’t want to be pressured your whole life get stronger, you’re already stronger than one of the strongest people in the kingdom. Or disguise yourself, you’ll almost definitely find a disguising skill so use it. Or kill them, and when you take a humans skills kill them too so there’s no evidence. Maybe the royal family would wonder what happened but they would see the orc king remains and “realize” what happened


    • He’s still a teenager, and he has absolutely no guarantee at all that anyone who finds out about his skills wouldn’t try to take serious advantage of him.

      I mean, he has the potential to take anyone’s and anything’s skills for himself OR give them to someone else.

      As long as someone a) knows about his skills & b) can someone force him to do something through force, enticement or whichever method, he could potentially have to help them take over the world.

      The only real way someone could potentially stop him would be to instakill him, seal his skills , take hostages to stop him from reacting or get a large amount of elite troops / beings who have never actually used skills and can therefore not be weakened when he takes them.

      And even IF noone ever wants to take advantage of him, as long as someone knows of his skills they could just tell someone ‘Myne can seriously threaten the world. We need to kill him before he can do so.’ and other similar things, so they could just ‘righteously’ kill him to prevent the world from seeing a possible danger because he’s too OP / can become too OP.

      Tl;dr If anyone finds out about his skills, they can either use him for great benefits or tell others so that he’ll be killed for his great threat.

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      • Hey, I’m 15 and my dad’s dead so I’ve lived on my own off my own hard work using the tools and skills(taught) my dad left me to survive. But I’m afraid of being alone in the world because I always had the to guys that…I sold the things I hunted to??? Therefore now as the strongest man in the kingdom I’m worried about being caught and used for experiments even if I could kill the king(ex-strongest in the kingdom). Please accept me into your party of girls with much less power, and aptitude than me so you can become part of my plot armor. There’s nothing you can do for me besides use me for my power and comfort me but I want to be used so thank you!!!!

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  2. Don’t Marry anyone like evrrrr….The story will end!!!!
    And really let’s form a party………

    Jeez I still think him going around alone or moving to another country is good..

    Man I was so happy when he did quit the guild.. but now I don’t want him with people mostly girls mostly Aisha


    • I, myself, was also kind of annoyed by the obvious harem forming, it irritates me because I think the story would be better if he just soloed everywhere, maybe one girl but harem is a no-no. The only reason I’m saying this is the over saturation of harem stories these days.


  3. Darn the cliff…
    Also he can just tell not the truth and not lies..
    Just tell them he can take enemy skill that he defeat… Or he can steal monster/demon skill.. Better yet he can also bestow it to others…
    Then he take 1st primcess as her spouse then go bribe few noble with skill…

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  4. am guessing, Aisha suggesting that she will also quit being a guild receptionist and become an active adventurer again with the intent of protecting Myra…. just like how she became his exclusive receptionist (for no more than a day?), she’ll become his exclusive bodyguard of sort…


  5. He like a girl that needs to be guided at every step and a pushover.He doesn’t think straight. With the power he can live however he wants. He isn’t decisive at all. Girls are shaping him like they want.

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    • I’m normally not against beta MCs, but I can’t help but agree with your assertion. I just can’t reconcile the hunter who killed every orc he saw just because they were enemies against the 15-year old crybaby who can’t even keep a straight face. I will slap anyone who calls that moe gap — it’s not moe at all. 😦

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      • Yeah pretty shitty nigga was just killing living things left and right now he’s crying like a little bitch makes zero sense. Like why is he such a pussy who’s gonna fuck with you when you can just steal their abilities like no your real fucking retarded if your going after that sort of dude. And him being 15 doesn’t solve the fact that he’s being a pussy I’ll understand if he was younger and people always putting him down and shit but him and his negative thinking and crying basically out of nowhere is dumb especially when the nigga just had his arm broken blown up and whole bunch of other crazy shit just for one little bitch to make him cry it’s annoying as hell grew some balls


    • So what, you want Myne to become a cold-blooded tyrant that do terrible things to every person on a whim, including innocent people that had nothing to do with him? Him having a lot of skills doesn’t change the fact that he’s still a 15 year old kid, and that his personality is something that had been built up since childhood (including the death of his parents). His personality isn’t going to change at a ‘flip of coin’ /seconds just because he has skills that makes him powerful. He had the chance for him to possibly have that change in personality, but it was something that made him careless; thus almost killing him because of that mistake. He’s not going to possibly be overconfident because of that. Also, even if he does have those skills, that doesn’t mean that he’ll be immortal. Sure, he’ll be tougher to kill, but it still doesn’t change the fact that he can still be killed, just tougher. I know that tons of people will say that he can just ‘scare’ them to stop messing with him; but that haven’t stopped others (especially stupid people) from continuing to try (and even if they stop, it’s not like it’ll stop others from getting information out of him). The way you want him to go, he’ll be continuously bothered by the rest of his life (which is something Myne is trying to avoid).


  6. Myne… Hmm… Why does it feel familiar?
    It feels like a certain hated anime character that can solo a superstrong boss that would normally take a large group of adventurers of very high grade to beat…. Does anyone know who?


  7. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Just started reading this today

    While reading this, I just thought of something.. why doesn’t he try reposting skills he already has… will that increase the points he has towards those skills???

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  8. I wonder if he’ll be cable taking the abilities of the monsters, like a dragon that has magic to harden his scales, will it improve his defenses, or will it just not work, or can he improvise and use the dragons’ own scales as a shield and be capable of hardening it?
    Either way, it’ll probably be cool in some way. (Hopefully)

    (I did this a second time since the first one was in the wrong place.)


  9. Why the hell is he crying? He is only 15 and has enough power to beat a calamity class, from him to another few years and he can take over the whole country, who would care to let others know of his skill until then? He is intelligent enough to know that he should not speak of his abilities to others, but can not he see something so simple?

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  10. too much to have and he just doesn’t experience anything beside hunting and socializing with his father connection as hunter, that makes differ than other skill stealer why he so observant about others
    thanks for chap


  11. Aww… Myne-kun deserves quite a few hugs imo. Poor kid already had a hard life growing up, needing to deal with the responsibility of his admittedly op skill set combination especially when he just wants to live normally seems a bit much. Hope he grows into his role soon enough.
    Also, Aisha to the rescue! ❤ (although I wonder how much of that is wanting Myne all for herself rather than letting Sylphid marry him? hehehehe)


  12. What the Princess and other royalty don’t realize is that even if he marries them it doesn’t matter unless they actually inherit BOTH cut&paste+Appraisal(complete). Not to mention the number of skills he’s probably going to have before they get any children out of him. Imagine if he has 100 skills. The odds of getting both of his original skills is one in ten thousand.

    Honestly him telling either of them is a lame way to advance the plot. Would anyone tell someone else about such a broken combination? Aisha maybe in a few months, but the princess just came out of nowhere and is suspicious.


    • It doesn’t need to be “Appraisal (complete)” it can work just fine with Appraisal (skill) and Cut and Paste as 3 different skills. Though this combination might be just as rare as his.


  13. MC should have said if you want to know my secret then take this spoon and go kill everyone you know with it, your families, your friends until only you are left then bring me their heads then I’ll tell it to you. This way I know for sure you won’t tell anyone my secret.


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