Chapter 29 – The Princess Knight Sylphid・Augusta

Putting away the corpses of the Orc・King and Orc・Generals, we safely returned to the Town of Lucas.
On the way back, I was extremely worried that they will ask about my Skills, but in the end, they did not ask.

Perhaps they didn’t notice?

No, no matter how you put it that’s impossible huh…… I used such showy magic, and they even saw Twirling.

On the contrary not asking anything makes it all the more weird.
I’d be bringing trouble by touching upon that subject, but it’s really awkward…….

Aisha-san and the female knight-san seems to be first bringing the woman・Amy-san, who as captured by the orcs to the guild.
I was told that we need to first report the orc settlement to the guild leader.

Ah, if the guild leader were to know that I defeated the Orc・King, won’t he ask about my Skills again…….
Rather than that, he’ll hear all about them from these two huh.

This is depressing…… I should probably escape to another town soon.

However, I can’t possibly abandon the house otou-san and okaa-san left me…….

While feeling dejected, we arrived at the town.
It seems that I was making an excessively terrible face.

The gatekeeper-san I was acquainted with looked at me and made a concerned face.
「Now then, after we finished the things at the guild, I think I’ll visit your house. Sorry but I’d like for you to not go out and wait.」

Parting, the female knight-san informed me.

It’s here, it’s here, it’s hereーーー!She even especially forced me so that I don’t go out, you know!?
I who had my way out blocked, had not choice but to say 「……yes」feebly and return a nod.

Aisha-san who looked at our exchange showed a sorrowful expression, but felt a little anxious.
Was that my imagination……?

Though my nerves were worn out, I somehow finally arrived at my home safely, gulped down well water repetitively, and could finally let out a breath.

Now, although I defeat a lot of orcs, I wonder what my level has become……?
Name: Myne
LV : 61
Occupation : Hume
Gender : Male
Age : 15 years
Occupation : Hunter

Appraisal・Complete LV3 (69/300)
Cut & Paste (91/200)
Tenfold Experience Acquisition (-/-)
King’s Intimidation (0/50)
Realize (50/200)

Dagger・Extreme LV4 (65/300)
Grappling・Extreme Lv4 (19/200)
Twin Blades・Extreme LV3 (8/200)
Two-handed Axe・Extreme (0/50)
One-handed Sword (0/50)
Two-handed Sword (0/50)
One-handed Axe (0/50)

Body Enhancement・Small LV3 (149/200)
Body Enhancement・Large LV2 (79/200)
Physical Strength Enhancement・Extreme LV2 (17/200) (TLN: Prev arm strength)
Leg Enhancement・Small LV3 (36/200)
Sight Enhancement・Moderate LV2 (3/200)

Finger Bullet Lv3 (1/150)
Swift Feet (Small) LV2 (93/100)
Strong Arm LV3 (130/200)
Strong Arm・Extreme LV2 (60/200)
Iron Wall LV 3 (99/200)
Incitement (0/50) (TLN: Prev agitation)
Presence Erasure・Moderate LV3 (186/200)
Presence Detection・Moderate LV2 (191/200)
Strength Rise (32/50)
Physics Rise (18/50)
Defence Rise (18/50)
Unbeatable (0/50)
Mitigate (18/50)
Absolute Evasion (10/50)
Sorcery Extremity LV2 (4/200)

Magic・Fire (0/50)
Magic・Water (0/50)
Magic・Wind (12/50)
Magic・Small Recovery (36/50)
Magic・Large Recovery (0/50)
AoE Magic・Fire Colossal LV2 (154/200) (TLN: Prev maximum)
AoE Magic・Wind Colossal LV2 (123/200)
AoE Magic・Water Colossal LV2 (21/200)
AoE Magic・Earth Colossal LV2 (21/200)
Vitality Absorption・Large (0/50) (TLN: Prev stamina)
Unique Magic・Space-time (0/50)

Support Magic・Speed Reduction LV2 (69/200)
Support Magic・Defence Reduction LV2 (2/200)
Support Magic・Sleep (1/50)
Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Vitality) LV2 (58/200)
Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Large (Vitality) LV2 (58/200)

Fire Attribute・Resistance (49/50)
Water Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Wind Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Earth Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Light Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Dark Attribute・Resistance (0/50)

Probability (0/50)
Cooking (19/50)
Sewing (0/50)
Etiquette (0/50)
Art of Negotiation (2/50)
Alchemy (6/50)
Cleaning (11/50)
Tame (0/50)
Woodworking (0/50)

Martial Arts : Successive Shot (0/200)
Martial Arts : Consecutive Attacks (0/200)
Martial Arts : Shark Glow (100/200)
Martial Arts : Sharpness・Sword (0/200)
Uwaa……. This is startling, if I do say so myself, what is this.

My level’s 61, this is an all-time high among the times I’ve appraised levels…… It’s two time higher than the highest person.
Though I think it’s due to 【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】, I seriously can’t tell people, this…….

F, for now, let’s forget it. Yes, let’s forget (escape from reality).

Ah, that’s right that’s right! Yes, I have to dismantle the orcs!!

Because otou-san was a hunter, my house has a big dismantling shed in the yard.
I’m told that when otou-san was building the house, since it would be convenient to transport the prey and dismantle them, he built them together.

The place is suitable for handling a large quantity of orcs like this time.
Thank you otou-san!

It’s not so bad if it’s only orcs, but if I were to expose the generals and king to the public gaze, a panic might happen.
However, the butcher’s oji-san and alchemy shop’s onii-san……, I wonder if they’ll buy the general and king.
If they wouldn’t buy it, I’ll……eat it, I guess? But, it’s definitely impossible for me to eat all of them alone.

Whatever, it’s no use even if I think about it, for the time being let’s dismantle the numerous orcs and high orcs.
At about 10 of them, as I ended the dismantling I heard a voice from the entryway.
Ah, it’s finally here…….

While feeling dejected from my escapism time ending, I headed towards the entryway.

As I opened the door, as I had expected, it was the female knight-san and…… huh? Aisha-san’s also here.
I wonder if everything’s alright at the guild?

「Sorry, for taking your time」

「……No, it’s not a problem. It’s a little messy, but for now please enter」

There’s no way to talk about my Skills in public.
I originally did not want to let beautiful women like the female knight-san and Aisha-san into the house, but I’ll endure.

Well, in the first place I keep things tidy and thanks to the 【Cleaning】 Skill I have confidence that it’s cleaner recently compared to before.

Guiding the both of them to the living room, I prepared tea and brought them out to them.

「It’s low grade tea but……」

The two of them said thanks and started drinking the tea.

Ah, I’m a little nervous…… Why in the world did they come here for?

「……Now then, let’s start with self-introductions. I think I am relatively famous, but because from looking at you, you don’t seem to know who I am, huh」

Hm? What did she say? A famous person??……Nope, I don’t know her at all.

「My name is Sylphid・Augusta, this country’s first princess. I have been given a exaggerated title called Princess Knight」

Ge!? A, a princess!!!! This is bad you know!? Wasn’t not knowing the princess treason? I’ll be arrested for such a thing??
Probably noticing my starting, the princess showed a smile and waved her hand lightly.

「I generally understand what you’re thinking about, no need to worry. In the first place you’re my lifesaver you know? I won’t complain about something like my benefactor not knowing my name」

Phew, I’m saved…….
If I were to be arrested because of such a thing it’d be way too ridiculous…….

「Nonetheless, I am sorry for not knowing」

Even if she tells me she won’t complain, I cannot afford to accept the words of royalty and nobles as it is.
In the first place, from their view, we commoners aren’t people they can directly talk to.

「No, please stop this, I’d be trouble if you were to take on such a humble attitude」

「……I understand. And about what you wanted to talk with me……」

Truthfully it’s a topic I would like to avoid, but since the other party is a royalty, it’d be bad if I were to imprudently escape.
Then, I’ll be arrested…….

「Yes, about that…… where should I start……, that’s right let’s start from the royalty」

As Oujo-sama said that, she started talking about the Skills royalty hold.
It’s the same for the King and Queen, but even the three princes and two princesses, have Skills surpassing those of others, they are bestowed with Skills of the best combination by Kami-sama.

Normally, for a family to all have good compatibility of good Skills, is almost none.
However, this seems to be the truth.

「By the way I have been bestowed a combination of 【One-handed Sword・Extreme】 and 【Body Enhancement・Large】」

Oh, it’s certainly an amazing combination.
Though it’s dependent on her Level, if it’s Oujo-sama then she might be able to battle against Orc・Generals.
Race : Hume
LV : 27
Gender : Female
Age : 19 years
Occupation : Augusta Kingdom’s First Princess

One-handed Sword・Extreme
Body Enhancement・Large
She certainly has the same Skills she had told me about.
Her Levels even 27, as expected of her, she might be able to battle against a general?

As I appraised Oujo-sama, Oujo-sama broadly grinned.
What is with that smile…… Aisha-san’s also like that but no matter what kind of face beauties make they’re still beauties huh.
However, somehow Oujo-sama’s smile right now…… how do I say it, I feel like it’s a face that has done something.

「Now then, let’s continue. Do you know, why all the royalty are bestowed with good Skills?」

Hm? Isn’t it a coincidence since Skills are bestowed by Kami-sama?
Probably because Kami-sama stealthily handing over good Skills because she only favors the royalty.

Since they must make the country better, I understand if Kami-sama favors them.
It’s definitely such a thing right?

「You seem to have hit upon something, tell me about it」

「Since royalty must properly make the country better, probably Kami-sama bestowed good Skills on purpose」

「Fumu, your interpretation’s interesting, thought the point itself isn’t wrong…… it’s different」

Hm? My point matches? But my answer is wrong??

「To tell you the truth, a kid born from companions with good Skills will have an extremely high chance bestowed with a good Skill from the same system」

……Eh? What does that mean?


Thank you very much for always reading.
Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.

Did you realise that the Skill 【Tame】 the protagonist obtained is quietly disappearing.
As you have imagined, I thought that I should slip in some lesser monsters from now on, but I am troubled as to what kind of race should be made into a companion.

If it’s alright please lend me your wisdom.

By the way, I was extremely troubled as to whether I should make him tame the slimes when fighting them, but thinking that it’s too early to include it, I passed it up.
Furthermore, I do not plan to change it into a human.

If you have a good plan it would be helpful if you could post your impressions.

Please treat me well.

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