Chapter 28 – At that Time, The Girls (2)

Sylphid’s POV.

Weird, as expected, he’s weird.

I heard from the temple that he has two Skills.
Only 【Appraisal・Complete】 and 【Cut & Paste】.

Even so, he used a self-enhancement Skill?

Furthermore, directly receiving fire magic to such an extent, the damage he received made him had no choice but to all on his knees in the presence of the enemy.
However, after receiving backup from Aisha, he easily cut down four orcs.

In the first place if it’s solo hunting orcs, it’s impossible if one doesn’t have the strength of a B-rank adventurer.
Even so, as if it was nothing, he slayed four orcs in the blink of an eye.

And then, when I was beside him seeing the injury he has…… As if healing his injuries with a “Recovery-type Skill”, his injuries were almost healed.

……Exactly, what kind of secret does he have!?

「Why is the “King” here first!!! Damn it!!!!」

When the Calamity-class monster “Orc・King” was in front of my eyes, I’m ashamed to say but my body froze, and couldn’t move.
Aisha who was beside me seemed to also couldn’t move.

At the chance where we couldn’t move, the Orc・King attacked with that large golden battleaxe.
If Myne didn’t help right away, there’s no doubt that Aisha and I would have died.
「Aisha-san, knight-san…… I will fight with all my strength now. ……That’s why, the both of you please run as far as possible. If the both of you are here I can’t bring out my full power……」

「That’s absurd you know!? We can’t even win against one general with just us, if we’re gonna fight it’ll be the three of us! If it’s the three of us there might be a chance……」

「……That’s impossible you know, defeating that is…… If I can’t use my Skills with all my strength then it’s definitely impossible」

it seems that he plans to take on the three generals and the king by himself.
He said he’ll use his Skills with all his strength right?

In other words, even sending the orcs just now to oblivion wasn’t his full power.
……I see, with us here it’s surely a hindrance.

It’s because there’s nothing harder, fighting something stronger while protecting.
Thus, unfortunately, it’s obvious that Aisha and I are nothing but burdens when fighting against those guys.

Aisha claimed that we will be stronger fighting with the three of us, but I think it’s best that we pull out here like he said.
Though I have confidence in my skill, honestly it’s difficult to say whether I can even defeat one general.

As I thought as such, while the King suddenly shouted, it began to act violently.
That’s because the battleaxe it was holding suddenly disappeared.

Is this also Myne’s doing?
If that’s true, it’s not something I can understand with my knowledge…… What in the world did he do?
「Run the both of you!!!!!」

Told that by Myne, I didn’t complain and started running towards the forest.
Though Aisha seems to be dissatisfied, she followed me.

Now then, this should be enough?

I’ll entrust my life to you, that’s why…… show me to your heart’s content! The full strength you said!!
Thus, his life or death battle started.

He used magic, and not just one attribute, but fire wind water and earth.
And I think all of those are Colossal-class power magic.

Probably from the wave of Colossal-class magic, I think he wants to settle the generals first.
If the generals interrupt when he’s fighting with the king, he understands that it will be an overwhelmingly unfavorable situation.

And…… probably, so that the generals don’t come to us.

In the middle of this desperate fight by only himself, we are surprised because he could worry about us.

「……He’s amazing huh」

Though it was a soliloquy I accidentally muttered, Aisha seems to think the same and replied 「Isn’t he」.
She then brought both her hands together, shut her eyes and started praying.

Probably, no, without a doubt she’s wishing for Myne’s victory.

That’s right, the only thing we can do now is to pray to God huh.
I don’t know why God bestowed the Skills to Myne-kun.

However, for him to put himself in such a desperate battle is without a doubt due to the Skills he was bestowed with.

If that’s so God! Let Myne somehow win, help him out so that he will return to where we are safely.

Like Aisha I joined my hands together, and strongly strongly offered my prayers.
Myne is putting up a better fight than I had expected.
Whatever happened, it now seems absurd to question his ability, since he showed a good match using a lot of Skills.

……However, the dagger Myne was holding had snapped.

If his weapon is gone, there is no way for Myne to fight.
Although the Orc・King also lost his weapon, orcs have physical strength which defies common sense in the first place.

Just by swinging their arms, they can defeat humans and others in a moment.

Myne has a good command of his Skills, and has been resisting the Orc・King’s attacks, but now that he has lost his weapon, there’s no doubt that the situation will gradually worsen.

「This is bad……」


Aisha probably reached the same conclusion.
Staring at Myne, who was desperately fighting with a ghastly pale face.

Then, she probably made a resolution.
Preparing the she was holding bow, she was about to shoot an arrow as the Orc・King.

「Stop that!」

I restrained Aisha in a panic.

「Even if you were to attack, it won’t change the result. Instead you would make Myne unable to control its Hate and only cause him trouble」

“Hate”, namely, enmity.
About controlling this enmity, especially when fighting monsters in a party, you have to care about it.

For humans, if they were to be hit, it will remember the human who hit it and return it.
Against several opponents, in the situation where there is enmity, naturally it will target the opponent it is most angry with = the one with strongest enmity.

For monsters, similar to humans, they will attack the one who accumulates the most enmity.

Using this, parties will coordinate so that the people who are in a position called Shielder will always receive the most enmity.
The other members will slowly attack it so that they don’t cross over the enmity the Shielder has earned, and finally defeat it unscathed.

This is the tactics for the general party.

Aisha who tried to attack, might disturb the Hate・Control Myne is desperately doing.
If it received an attack from an unexpected place, the Orc・King’s awareness will naturally be turned towards here.

Of course, since there is an obstacle called Myne, it won’t immediately come towards here, but the Orc・King isn’t an enemy who can do things we can’t imagine.

Since it’s impossible for Aisha, a former B-rank adventurer, to not know of such a thing, she must be flustered.

Listening to my restraint, I realised she was grinding her molars.
She’s undoubtedly angry with herself for being unable to do anything.

Even I feel that too! I, unable to cover him, who is fighting a difficult fight right now, can’t help but feel angry at myself.

However, while we were having such a conflict, the fight has progressed greatly.
「W, what happened……?」

Suddenly, while thinking that Myne’s hand shone, a beautiful dagger which I have never seen before appeared.
Even from such a distance, I know that that dagger holds a tremendous power.

Is that, his Skill too…….
Perhaps he himself is a god, reflexively I even thought of such an absurd thing.
He is an incomprehensible existence to such an extent.

Then, that moment finally arrived.
He also showed it before, probably that is 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】.

With that overwhelming destructive power, the Calamity-class monster, Orc・King, fell to the ground.

Phew, thanks to him we were able to somehow survive.

If it’s him…… he may perfectly fulfil my hopes.
In other words, my aim can be achieved.  (TLC:目的達成という所か。)

Now then, I need to think of how to make him understand my aim after this.

Aisha who was showing a happy smile beside me glanced over here, she’s also probably…….
Like this, Aisha and I rushed over to Myne’s side.


Thank you very much for always reading.

Impressions and evaluations left will become my encouragement.
Please take care of me.

The Orc Settlement arc has now ended, honestly I was troubled writing the POV of women but I wonder how was it?

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 28 – At that Time, The Girls (2)

  1. “Of course, since there is an obstacle called Myne, it won’t immediately come towards here, but the Orc・King isn’t an enemy who can do things we can’t imagine.”

    Shouldn’t this be “is an enemy who can do things” instead of “isn’t”?

    Thanks for the chapters.


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