Chapter 27 – At that Time, The Girls (1)

Author Note: Aisha’s POV.

「……This is his house huh」

While thinking this and that about Myne-kun’s Skills, we reached our destination: his house.

I’ve heard that he lives alone, but the house is bigger than I imagined.
I’ve heard that his dead father was a famous hunter, and earned quite the income.

Myne-kun who was erased from the guild probably plans to succeed his father in being a hunter.

As I thought that, Hime-sama muttered 「Fumu」, and knocked at the entrance. (TLN: Fumu can have a lot of meanings, in this case probably like a nod or something)

「Myne-dono, sorry but can you please come out」

Since there’s no reply, she repeated the same thing again, but as expected no reply was returned. Seems like he isn’t home.

「……Now then, what should we do」

Seeing that Myne-kun’s track ended there, Hime-sama seems to be fairly discouraged.

Knowing Hime-sama’s aim, seeing that, I had a complicated feeling of relief.

……Yes, Hime-sama’s aim…… Even though I have nothing to do with it.

For some reason, as I am unable to put my hazy feelings in order, somebody suddenly called out from behind.

「You have business with Myne-bouzu? If it’s him, he went to the forest at the back to get orcs’ meat」

When I turned back, I realised it was a oji-san with good physique wearing an apron with blood on them who called out to us.

「The oji-san from the butcher!?」

As I called that out, Oji-san also seem to have realised it was me and raised his hands.

「Oh, if it isn’t Aisha-chan, you’re as beautiful as ever huh!」

「Oji-san, is it true that Myne-kun went out to hunt orcs!?」

「It’s true! He’s also recently sold orc meat to me after all, good grief he’s a great lad. He probably got a very good Skill from Kami-san!」

Hime-sama, gaining a new lead on Myne-kun, probably showed an expression of delight…… Though it can’t be seen since she’s wearing a hood.
Naturally, if we keep pursuing him, him going to hunt orcs, bringing the bow for the sake of guarding Hime-sama isn’t for nothing.

I feel sorry for him, but if I, a former adventurer, sees him battling I’ll be able to verify what kind of Skill he has to an extent.

Of course, I don’t plan to report it to the guild leader, but as expected, I can’t help but be curious.

After Hime-sama and I expressed our thanks to oji-san, We headed towards the forest spread out at the back of the town.

Walking in the forest, even though we came quite deep into it, we couldn’t locate Myne-kun, or even a foolish orc.
As I pondered on why this is happening, suddenly some kind of sound of destruction could be heard from deep within the forest.

……Probably, that is the sound of him fighting with orcs.

Hime-sama probably thought of the same thing, taking off her hood and exposing her bare face, she nodded towards me.

「Let’s hurry, Aisha!!」

Hime-sama said that and broke off into a run. Of course, I didn’t fall behind.

As we ran a few minutes towards the source of the sound, the trees gradually lessened.
Then, what I saw after we came out from the forest was…… an orc settlement.

「……For there to be an orc settlement in such a place……」

As I was dumbfounded, Hime-sama seemed to have found Myne-kun.

「T, that’s bad, Aisha!」

As I looked in the direction Hime-sama was panickedly looking at…… it was the figure of Myne-kun directly receiving fire magic.

Panickedly straining the bow, I loaded three arrows…… and drew the bow with all my strength.
Deciding my aim so that the stone axe facing Myne-kun falls…… and shot.
Confirming the arrows which were flying while cutting through the wind, I shouted in a loud voice.

「Myne-kun!!!!! Don’t give up!!!!!!!」

Probably hearing my voice, he looked over here and showed a surprised look.
Seeing that figure, a smile reflexively surfaced.

Ah, thank goodness I was in time.

The arrows I shot hitting the orc who wanted to injure Myne-kun, I successfully helped him.

However, I still couldn’t feel relieved.
His whole body is seriously injured from receiving a direct hit from the previous fire magic.

If I don’t defeat the four orcs over there, he’ll die.
Such a thing, I will absolutely not accept.

Continuing loading arrows on my bow, I fired them in succession.

「Aisha-san, it’s no use, run!!」

Although I heard Myne-kun’s shout, I ignored such a thing.

I am a former B-rank adventurer after all, even if my enemies are orcs, I wouldn’t fail that easily.
Furthermore Hime-sama is here.

With a princess, with a nickname “Princess Knight”, who has top-level fighting strength even within the kingdom, there’s no need to escape.

Hime-sama drew out the Mythril Sword affixed at her waist, I could see that she was estimating the timing to slash at the orcs.

However, rather than saying she never slashed at them, it should be that there wasn’t a need to.
Myne-kun had stood up, and in a blink of an eye slayed the four orcs.

Though I couldn’t properly confirm, the moment before he slashed at them, I felt that his body shined, that’s why I think he used a self-enhancement related Skill.

His Skill is probably some kind of self-enhancement related…… Huh? But Hime-sama seemed to have said that his Skills are not for battle…….

As I looked at Hime-sama, she was probably thinking the same thing.
She furrowed her nicely shaped brows, and appeared to be pondering.

In any case, the urgent threat has disappeared.
Hurrying over to Myne-kun, I have to quickly cast recovery magic……!
「Myne-kun! Are you alright!? Wait a while, I’ll immediately heal you!!」

「I’m alright, I can do that myself…… Leaving that aside, the two of you please quickly run away from here. Three Orc・Generals will soon come here」

Healing himself……? Is the second Skill Myne-kun was bestowed with recovery magic?
Tte, rather than that what did he just say? Did he say Orc・General? Generals are S-rank Monsters right?
And three of them are coming? Why do you know about that, Myne-kun?? Aah~ I don’t understand, there’s only things I don’t understand!

While I was confused, Hime-sama continued the conversation with Myne-kun.

「W, wait!? Did you say Orc・General? Why’s an S-rank monster in such a place!?」

「I don’t know the reason, and I don’t have time to think, quickly run away!! Besides the thing about the generals being here……」

「An Orc・General being here…… I see!? That also means there’s an Orc・King here!!!?」

Aah, that’s right……, speaking about Orc・Generals, they are the Orc・King’s bodyguards.
It’s surely as Hime-sama said, an Orc・King might be here, that’s bad! We have to escape just like Myne-kun said!!

However, if we’re escaping, Myne-kun also has to be with…….


My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the shout of something resounding all around us.
This shout which can make my body involuntarily shudder…….

「The both of you hurry up…… quickly run away from here! Quickly!!!!」

Myne-kun, hearing that voice, panicked more, and urged us to escape.

Yes, the owner of that shout, what it is…… I know. Even though I knew, I didn’t want to accept it.

However, an orc holding a gigantic golden battleaxe suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.
At the moment I saw that, I have no choice but to accept it.

Myne-kun’s shout then affirmed my guess.

「Why is the “King” here first!!! Damn it!!!!」


Thank you very much for always reading.

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Please treat me well.

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      • Yeah,but alot of writers usually try to show a different POV in the same chapter during the event, ill admit some don’t, but i understand his point of view aside from hearing their thoughts it’s boring compared to the first time reading it.

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  1. Thanks for the chapters!
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  2. Honestly…I wish this POV was covered in a single chapter, rather than more than 1. I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it if that were the case…though…it’s not like it’s bad seeing Aisha’s heart get stolen by him during this (and the princess’ as well, heh)…but…yeah.

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