Chapter 26 – The Orc Settlement (5)

Something, if only I had a weapon I can use…….

Hm? A weapon……huh, perhaps I might be able to manage.

While being careful about the Orc・King’s movements, in order to confirm whether my idea is correct, I appraised a certain Skill.
【Realize】: Able to materialise a known non-living thing. Depending on the Skill holder’s imagination, various abilities can be granted.
As expected, it’s true! Because I plundered this the golden battleaxe the Orc・King was holding disappeared.
If I use this Skill…… I might be able to obtain a weapon.

Right now, I desire a dagger.

The strongest dagger which can cut up even an Orc・King.

Since it’s a “known weapon” according to the Skill’s explanation, if it’s a dagger which can defeat that guy…….
A sacred dagger recorded in the [The Story of the Hero Alexandrite] which I had read when otou-san and okaa-san was still alive.

Using 【Realise】, loading with all my thoughts, I shouted out that name!!!!

「Come! “Twirling!!!!」(TLN: トゥワリング)

At that moment, in my right palm, a rainbow-colour shone, to the extent that I couldn’t open my eyes…… it changed to the shape of a dagger.
That’s right, what my right hand is grasping now is the legendary weapon which only exists inside the story, “Twirling”.

I could feel a tremendous torrent of power entering me from Twirling.
However……in exchange…… my emotional strength seems to be rapidly shaved off…… if I use this for a long time there’s no doubt that I will collapse.

“Short term decisive battle”, there’s only this.

Preparing myself as such, glaring severely at the Orc・King, that guy was also showing an expression of anger never seen before towards me.

「Y, you bastard!! That weapon is……! Made using the same Skill as mine right! My weapon disappearing was as expected your fault!!!! I won’t forgive you!!!!」

While raising its fist overhead with a raging force, the Orc・King rushed towards me, towards that, I hit upon another plan.

That plan is…….

I’ll use 【Paste】 when that guy closes in until 10 metres are left, and stick the sole of its foot to the ground.

If it’s the Orc・King’s leg strength, even while it’s prying its leg out, it seems to be able to walk.
However, now while it’s rushing towards me with all its might, there will be an immediate result.

For you see, he’ll trip in the middle of charging at full strength.

Thus, the plan went as expected, and succeeded.

While a tremendous sound of the impact was made, that guy showily collapsed.
……Yes, exactly in front of me. That defenceless figure!!!!

【Strong Arm・Extreme】【Arm Strength・Extreme】【Strength Rise】【Body Enhancement・Large】 loading these Skills with all my strength……!!!!!!

「Eat this!!! 【Martial Arts : Shark Glow】!」
This is probably the surely the loudest impact sound in this battle.
With vibration and a sound of impact that made me think that my eardrums were about to tear, Twirling splendidly cut up the Orc・King.

Thus, finishing its duty, Twirling became fragments of light and disappeared from my hand.

It might still be alive…… thinking such while carefully being on guard, I wait and see but it didn’t even twitch.
It’s like a corpse…….

A Calamity-class monster, Orc・King, had now its life taken by me.

「……D, did I win……?」

I can surely feel relieved, so I thought.
My lower body suddenly lost strength, and collapsed at that spot as if crumbling down.

Unable to put strength into my body, it seems that I was more exhausted than I thought.

I heard Aisha-san’s voice. Thank goodness, nothing happened to them huh.

Ah, which reminds me, the generals……? I wonder what happened to them…… after my rapid firing of magic, since the king plunged towards me I couldn’t confirm their deaths.

It’d be bad if they’re still alive, forcing my body which couldn’t move, I panickedly looked to the area the generals were in.

As I did that, there were three burnt and roasted corpses of the general scattered about.
Somehow, it seems that I was able to defeat them with that wave of attacks.

Seeing there are no unresolved problems, as I once again took a breath, a soft mass embraced me with an amazing force.
Yes, it’s Aisha-san.

「Myne-kun, you…… you child you……」

Tears falling from her eyes, it seems that she couldn’t control her emotions.
The words she said was also mixed in with sobbing, and I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

It’s understandable, after all a Calamity-class, the Orc・King, was in front of their eyes.
They probably predicted that I would surely die.

I…… hesitantly softly wrapped my arms around her back, as if soothing a little child, I lightly patted.

「Fuu, you’re outrageous…… To defeat an Orc・King and then three Orc・Generals by yourself……」

Ah, it’s the female knight-san Aisha-san was with.
Thank goodness, nothing happened to her too.

Orcs are exactly as stated, a menace to women.
This female-knight san is also equally beautiful to Aisha-san.

If I had failed to defeat the generals, Aisha-san and this beauty-san will definitely be raped and made into seedbeds by the orcs.

For it to not end like that, it’s really a good thing…… tte, I have to save the woman captured by those guys! (TLN: tte is a retort)

「For now, let’s leave the complicated talk for later…… rather than that, a human girl has been captured by the orcs, we need to rescue her」

Seeing as far as possible using 【Presence Detect・Moderate】, there isn’t even one presence of orcs.
I think the Orc・Generals have probably gathered them to the north and brought her there.

「I think they have probably captured her to somewhere in the northern area of the settlement. When I discovered this settlement nothing happened to her but…… it would be good if she’s safe but……」
Though I was borrowing Aisha-san and female knight-san’s shoulders, we were able to find the captured woman.
In a conspicuously large building which we consider as probably the Orc・King’s dwelling, she was left there alone.

Thinking about the worst case, inside the building I was brought in by the both of them, the girl was lucky, and hasn’t fallen into the orcs’ evil clutches.

I was told that when she was about to be assaulted, it seems that a terrific explosion was heard from outside, hearing that, the orcs left her alone and all of them went outside.

……Probably, it was the sound of the explosion when I first used 【AoE Magic・Fire Colossal】.

Although that explosion, as far as I’m concerned, increased the probability of me being discovered by the orcs, which I could not welcome, the result was spot on.

Since everything’s finished, that’s why I can say that!

For the time being, we escorted her to the town of Lucas.

Well then, I ended up using my Skills in front of the both of them…… I have to think of something to deceive them.


Thank you very much for reading.

Finally The Orc Settlement arc? We’ve reached a point to pause.
The plan is for next time to be Aisha and Sylphid’s POV of Myne VS Orc・King.

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 26 – The Orc Settlement (5)

  1. Thanks for another chapter~

    Couple of quick things to note…

    When I looked at this name (トゥワリング) I actually got Twaring out of it. There’s actually a kana for “wi” (ヰ)…so I feel if it was “Twirling” (which sounds kinda silly for a dagger a hero used, imo) that it would use that instead. It’s certainly possible the author made an error, but…I don’t particularly think that’s the case. I realize that “Twaring” isn’t much of a name on its own, but given that heroic weapons and things like that often have some rather cryptic names in stories…it might fit better than “Twirling” imo, at least. ^^

    However……in exchange…… my emotional strength seems to be rapidly shaved off…… if I use this for a long time there’s no doubt that I will collapse.
    Rather than “emotional strength” i think it should be “willpower” in this case. “Emotional Strength” makes one think of things like happiness, anger, etc…the ability to feel these things…iirc, anyway. “Willpower” fits better here, imo…of course, that’s just my opinion, heh. ^^

    …Anyway, thanks again for more chapter~


    • About the “wi” thing…I should probably note that in the kana list it DOES seem to say it’s just “i”…but that might also depend on usage, as well. I’m not entirely certain on THAT sort of thing yet, myself. ^^

      The kana DOES seem to be nearly obsolete these days, though…so…I dunno. *shrugs*


      • ヰ is obsolete nowadays, and tuwaring sounds more like twirling to me. Twaring is, as you said, not much of a name. Besides, Twaring would be read in english as tuwering, in which ヱ is also obsolete. Though twirling is kind of lame, there isn’t really a better suggestion now, so yeah. I’ll stick to it.

        Yeah now that I think about it willpower does sound better.

        As always, thank you.


    • …How so? At least to me, it doesn’t sound even remotely the same. I just checked and Tyrfing is ティルフィング. Not exactly the closest phonetics, I would say.

      I appreciate the suggestion though!


      • For the record, it looks like the katakana for Tyrfing is PROBABLY ティルヴィング and not ティルフィング.

        I think the difference probably has to do with how the Norse words are spelled and pronounced, though…since katakana is phonetic spelling and not just ‘spelling out the word’.

        Either way, though…I can’t really see this being Tyrfing (especially since you can get the actual katakana for this easily by just going to and then going to the Japanese page), since the katakana that the author uses is VASTLY different from it (again, it’s トゥワリング VS ティルヴィング …it’s VERY different).


    • My figuring was based on what was taught in my mythology class about how terms from Norse and Keltic mythology occasionally have different yet similar pronounciation and translations from their original names when translated to other languages so Tu wa ri n gu (assuming silent u) was similar to how one could pronounce Tyrfing. Another possibility is that that was how the author wanted the reader to read it as since in my mythology class while reading something about Tyrfing in the class and the reader pronounced it as Turfing which resulted in an entire class about pronounciation etc.


  2. “I have to think of something to deceive them”
    Michio, is that you? Please don’t ruin another good novel with your presense. Your own novel and many others are already ruined because of that.


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