Chapter 25 – The Orc Settlement (4)

However, my earnest complaint was……not…in time…… it was too late…….
Why, Why is……!!
「Why is the “King” here first!!! Damn it!!!!」
Name : Orc・King
LV : 56
Race : Demon Race

King’s Intimidation
Unique Magic・Space-time

What is with these Skills……. I’ve never heard of these before.
No, for now, I need to immediately steal its Skills……!

However, the king who was just 50m away, suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

This is bad!! I instantly hugged the two behind me and then moved to the back.

At the place we were standing, the king brought down its enormous golden battleaxe.
What I saw when I looked back was…… a gigantic crater reaching 10m in diameter.
It would have been dangerous if I didn’t quickly escape.

Why, did this guy suddenly appear in front of me?

『Oh, to be able to dodge it, not bad, for a human』

「Wh!? It talked!?」

『Don’t lump a king like me together with the ordinary orcs』

Gu, adding the previous offensive ability, and it even has intelligence…… this might really be bad.

『Nu, finally you came you slowpokes』

The slowpokes the Orc・King spoke of, as far as we are concerned, they add to our despair.
The three Orc・Generals coming from the north. They have finally arrived.
Name : Orc・General
LV : 27
Race : Demon Race

Absolute Evasion


Name : Orc・General
LV : 27
Race : Demon Race
Gender : ♂

Defence Rise

Name : Orc・General
LV : 24
Race : Demon Race

Sorcery Extremity

「Aisha-san, knight-san…… I will fight with all my strength now. ……That’s why, the both of you please run as far as possible. If the both of you are here I can’t bring out my full power……」

「That’s absurd you know!? We can’t even win against one general with just us, if we’re gonna fight it’ll be the three of us! If it’s the three of us there might be a chance……」

「……That’s impossible you know, defeating that is…… If I can’t use my Skills with all my strength then it’s definitely impossible」

Probably it planned to show us its calmness, the Orc・King grinned looking at our exchange.
It doesn’t seem to plan to attack us now.

Probably imitating it, the generals also did not move.

Now’s the chance.
I’ll steal all their Skills in one go.

Firstly, I plunder the generals’ Skills in one go.
I pasted 【Absolute Evasion】【Probability】【Unbeatable】【Defence Rise】【Mitigate】【Sorcery Extremity】 onto myself.

To save time, I left the abilities alone.

Then, I’ll plunder the King’s Skills!

【King’s Intimidation】【Unique Magic・Space-time】…… and 【Realize】

As I did that, the gigantic golden battleaxe the King was holding disappeared from its hand.
What the, what happened? Does that battleaxe have something to do with this Skill?

Naturally, the King also does not know what happened.
That’s a matter of course. There’s no way a Skill disappearing is normal.

The King stared fixedly at its right hand which was holding the battleaxe with a surprised expression.

「……You bastard, what did you do?……What the hell did you doooooo!!!!!!!」

At last, it seemed to understand that I had done something.

The grinning expression it had up until now completely disappeared, it let out a shout where I thought won’t my eardrums tear?

「Run the both of you!!!!!」

As I said that in a loud voice, probably from the instinctive fear they felt from the King who suddenly became violent, Aisha-san and knight-san broke into a run with all their strength.

Thank goodness, they obediently escaped…… if they still insisted on fighting together it would have been seriously bad.

I can fight with full strength like this now that the I don’t need to worry about involving the two of them.
Looking at the two’s retreating figures, I made a new resolution.

Now then, let’s do this! I’ll resist you with all my strength, so don’t think you can kill me easily!!!!
First, I need to defeat the generals.
If not, they might aim at Aisha-san’s group, and I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the battle.

I casted all the self-enhancement I have on myself, aiming at the three generals who still haven’t moved, and shot out magic at full strength.
【AoE Magic・Fire Colossal】【AoE Magic・Wind Colossal】【AoE Magic・Water Colossal】【AoE Magic・Earth Colossal】

Shooting out colossal magic rapidly in one go, a violent explosion and impact spread out all around, like a lethal weapon.

「Not enough, Still not good enough! More more moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!」

Before the flying earth, sand, dustclouds and the like settles down, I fired the same colossal magic again in succession.
Once again, a explosion and impact spread around the surroundings.

I don’t know what happened because of the rising dustcloud, but at the very least the generals probably received damage to an extent.

As I stared at the other side of dustcloud without being careless, a large dark brown mass rushed over with a fierce vigor.
Like what i previously expected it was the Orc・King.

As expected, I couldn’t defeat the Orc・King with just these magic.
Seeing that the generals didn’t rush out, I probably did it? However with the Orc・King rushing over right now, I don’t have time to check.

Against the charging Orc・King, I crossed my arms and caught the charge. (TLN: X-shape)
Normally, it would of course be an impossible choice.

To receive the charge of a Calamity-class.

However, I plundered defence Skills from the generals, and casted them along with self-enhancements.
The me right now whose Level has increased greatly…… can definitely stop it!!!

「Come!!!! I’ll stop your blow!!!!」

「A human like youuuuuu don’t you underestimate meeeeee」

With something like a shoulder charge, though it was stained in blood from Colossal magic, it thrust its shoulder with a intense momentum.

As if it’s ridiculing my cross block!!!
A tremendous sound of the impact resounded in the surroundings.

「Gu, gu, gugigigigi」

The charge of a Calamity-class monster…… though I was stained in blood I managed to stopped its blow.

It probably received a shock from a human stopping its full strength shoulder charge.
The King・Orc’s movements stopped for a moment. (TLN: Author reversed it here)

I can’t miss this chance!!!!


I hit the Orc・King with 【Martial Arts : Shark Glow】 loaded with all my self-enhancements.
A strike which will tear even Orc・Generals into pieces, if it’s this then there’s no way you will be unscathed!

……However, contrary to my expectations, the steel dagger wasn’t able to receive the overwhelming destructive power, the edge of the blade was lodged in the Orc・King’s stomach and snapped.

The blow I staked everything upon, though not uninjured, was unable to deliver the damage I had expected.

Though, probably because I couldn’t injure it until now, while it let out a roar, it started recklessly swinging its arms vigorously.

I who had just released the martial arts couldn’t maintain a stable stance, directly received the full strength of that attack, and was sent flying ten-odd metres.

Unable to take a ukemi at the remaining shock, I tumbled down to the ground.
Rolling several metres, when the momentum ended, my whole body was covered in wounds, and I was stained in blood once again.

Probably because my left arm which was hit couldn’t take a defence posture, and the Skill was not effective, it bended in a weird direction, and was dangling loosely.


I reflexively shouted due to the severe pain.
Since I was bestowed with Skills, I never received this much damage up until now.

Though it was an Orc・King and Shark Glow was incomplete, it had received large damage.
Maybe because of the pain, its feet has stopped, while raising its roar, it glared over here.

Not missing that chance I used 【Magic・Large Recovery】 and 【Magic・Small Recovery】, and healed the damage.
Since I don’t have time to fully recover, when I finished recovered to an extent I used 【Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Large (Vitality)】.

With this I’ve become somewhat better.

Leaving that aside I must think of a plan to overcome the current situation.

Though that guy’s weapon is gone, my steel dagger is also gone.
Though I have the “Dagger of Origin”, that is of a lower rank compared to the steel dagger, I don’t think it can possibly get through to the Orc・King. (TLN: prev Dagger of Origin)

The point where both of us have lost our weapons, even though both of us are in the same situation, it is overwhelmingly disadvantageous to me.

Now, for the sake of receiving damage, if only the timing fits, that guy’s attack will break through my defence hardened from my Skills.
If it becomes a war of attrition, no matter how much I continue recovering, it is clear that it will become worse.

On the other hand, I who have lost my weapon can only use 【Grappling・Extreme】 now.
If I use Skills that can raise my offensive power at the same time, I might be able to deal some damage, but if I think of what happened until now, I dare say that my fist will receive more serious damage.
If I at least have some kind of knuckle guard, I’ll be able to manage somehow, but it can’t be helped that I’m demanding something I don’t have in such a situation.

……I can use magic, even with using magic, which eliminated generals, in waves, I can only deal a little damage.

Something, if only I have a weapon I can use…….

Hm? A weapon……, huh. Perhaps I might somehow manage.

While being careful about the Orc・King’s movements, in order to confirm whether my idea is correct, I appraised a certain Skill.


Thank you very much for reading.

The Orc Settlement arc which has continued for a long time, I plan for it to at last reach a conclusion next time.

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  1. Thanks for more chapters~ The grammar’s not too bad overall right now.

    That said…couple of questions/suggestions about skill names and stuff like that in this one, as well.

    【AoE Magic・Fire Colossal】【AoE Magic・Wind Colossal】【AoE Magic・Water Colossal】【AoE Magic・Earth Colossal】
    For these, why did you go with “Colossal” instead of “Very Large”? I mean, Colossal IS very large in a sense, but I don’t know that it should have such a ‘fancy’ word for its level here, personally. Especially since it’s possible that “Colossal” might be used later as a special grade or something like that. ^^

    Regarding the “PHysical Strength” bit you mentioned not fully understanding in chapter 23’s comments…
    “Strong Arm” would be arm strength…”Leg Strength Increase” would be for the legs…but “Physical Strength” would probably be for the WHOLE BODY (and might ultimately end up increasing things other than simple strength as a result of this). Basically, even though the other skills are for specific body parts, this one is probably for the ENTIRE body. It’s different from “Body Enhancement” in that Body Enhancement likely increases all of the body’s parameters, and not just Strength. ^^

    …this…i like seeing the -san and stuff like that…but the ‘tachi’ shouldn’t be there imo. It should just be “Aisha-san’s group” or something like that instead. I get that sometimes “tachi” is hard to incorporate into lines, but I personally really don’t like seeing that put in there, since it does have a way it can be translated (either via pluralization, or the way I mentioned already). ^^

    Finally…new skills mentioned in this chapter. ^^

    King’s Daunting
    This should definitely be King’s Coercion or King’s Intimidation instead, imo (it’s a skill that intimidates people, just based off its name, after all).

    Characteristic Magic – Space-Time
    I think that “Characteristic” isn’t quite the right word here. I would go with either “Unique” or “Special”. …Since I suspect that Space-Time magic won’t be a UNIQUE magic only to the Orc King, though…maybe “Special” would be best.

    Sorcery Extremity
    With the information we have on this skill right now, it’s actually kind of hard to give it a full on name. It could simply be “Magic Extremity”…but since it’s not using ‘mahou’ but ‘majutsu’ instead, I think this might be unlikely. It could still be “Sorcery”…but it might also be “Black Magic” (as in, maybe curses and stuff like that?). On another note, there’s also the actual possibility that it’s “Magic Techniques” or something like that and the two kanji are supposed to be read separately.

    Basically, in the case of Sorcery Extremity, I feel that what it should actually be named should be left open to interpretation until we get a skill description for it, heh.

    Another long post, but hope it helps again…and again, thanks for more chapters~ ^^


    • I thought of just using extremely large, but it’s too bulky a word, imo (also because I’m too lazy to type that long a word :’)) I’ll change it back if something happens in the future.

      I used tachi because I couldn’t really find a suitable word… I never even thought of the word group orz.

      ‘ll probably go with intimidation.

      Characteristic seems to fit the definition better, imo. Though special sounds better, it’s too vague a word, imo. I might stick to characteristic for now though.

      Sorcery = magic, esp. black magic. That’s why I used this word. The word seems to mean “Extremity of Sorcery”, but since he hasn’t even touched it, there’s no way to know for now.

      Thank you for pointing out the parts which seemed weird, and for your help as always. As usual, it’s all maybe because I might forget to change it.


    • Yeah I did plan to use beginner’s dagger. B-b-but how can a beginner’s dagger be so cool as to be fully black D: Though I’ll probably change it to beginner’s dagger after this.

      Thanks for the suggestion!


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