Chapter 18 – The Impending Unrest

Once I stole the 【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】 from the slime I was aiming for, I ran out from the forest as fast as my legs could carry.
As expected, that really was tiring…….

The more I use my skills, the more mentally exhausted I become.
If I am in a good mood, I wouldn’t really feel exhausted, but if I was feeling down and such, the degree of exhaustion will be higher.

Though, I still haven’t felt that extreme of an exhaustion.

Even so, using skills like crazy against that many slimes as expected tired me out.
Throwing myself down on a clump of bushes, I appraised myself.
Name : Myne
Race : Hume
Gender : Male
Age : 15 years
Occupation : Adventurer (F Rank)

Appraisal・Complete LV2 (26/200)
Cut & Paste (19/200)
Tenfold Experience Acquisition (-/-)

Dagger・Extreme (43/50)
One-handed Blade (0/50)
Two-handed Blade (0/50)
Axe (0/50)

Body Enhancement・Small (33/50)
Leg Enhancement・Small (24/50)
Sight Enhancement・Moderate (16/50)

Swift Feet (Small) (26/50)
Strong Arm (11/50)
Iron Wall (16/50)
Agitate (0/50)
Presence Erase・Moderate (0/50)

Magic・Fire (0/50)
Magic・Water (0/50)
Magic・Wind (12/50)
Magic・Small Recovery (0/50)

Support Magic・Speed Reduction (2/50)
Support Magic・Sleep (1/50)
Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Stamina) (16/50)

Fire Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Water Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Wind Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Earth Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Light Attribute・Resistance (0/50)
Dark Attribute・Resistance (0/50)

Cooking (2/50)
Needlework (0/50)
Etiquette (0/50)
Art of Negotiation (3/50)
Alchemy (6/50)
Cleaning (0/50)
Tame (0/50)

Martial Arts : Successive Shot (0/200) (TLN: The author changed this from quick shot for some reason)
……This is outrageous, if I do say so myself.

There are 35 skills including the ones I don’t use.
Thinking that I received three skills directly from Kami-sama, even I think that possessing this number of skills is abnormal.
If I keep growing as I am, it seems that I’ll become stronger than even the King-sama himself.

Obtaining the 【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】 today was too abnormal.
For a slime, famous as the weakest, to have such a skill…….

Since it has such a skill, I can’t really call slimes the weakest.

But since it’s too weak, even if it has such an amazing skill, it couldn’t even defeat one enemy.

That’s why, such an amazing skill is wasted on it.
【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】 : Perpetual Activation Type Skill, when carrying out an action, the user will be able to obtain ten times the original experience points, skill level, etc.
Yup, no matter how many times I look at it, it’s amazing. As expected, I absolutely can’t let anyone know about this, huh…….

If people like aristocrats or influential figures known, not only will it become troublesome, I will probably be duped into working hard like a slave.
As expected, it will be difficult to form a party with someone, huh…….
It’ll probably be exposed from there.

It would be good if someone with power were to back me up, but it isn’t easy to find such a person.

However, since I became an adventurer after so much trouble, I have a yearning for a “comrade”.
Though, that is an ungrantable wish, I unconsciously let out a sigh.

「Sigh…… it can’t be helped, yosh, since I’m really tired and obtained quite a harvest, let’s hurry and return to the guild!」

I stood up immediately from my lying position, used 【Body Enhancement・Small】【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small】【Swift Feet (Small)】, and started running in the direction of the Town of Lucas.
「Hey, stop that!」

The C Rank adventurer, Lyle who made a racket at the bar and personally picked a fight with adventurers who ganged up on him, was frantically called out by a man who were in the same party as him.

Lyle who had medical tape (A tape with recovery effects soaked in medicinal plants) on his face, arm, leg, etc., was putting on his equipment one by one.
Continuing to ignore his party comrade’s words, as a results of silently moving his hands, Lyle has prepared his equipment.

However, the weird thing is that all of his other party members around him were lightly dressed.
To say nothing of weapons, they weren’t even bringing daily necessities.

Only Lyle was completely armoured.

「Serious stop this…… You know that it isn’t good to go against a fellow guild member, right? You do know that Hyold who just recently caused a quarrel was punished by the guild leader right?」

Lyle’s comrades were persuading him one by one.

No matter what he was told, he planned to attack a fellow guild member.

The guild basically does not cut in a quarrel between fellow guild members.
However, in a situation where a life will be taken, they will proactively intervene.

In a fight between fellow guild members, if a life was to be lost, such a foolish action will naturally decrease the guild’s war potential.

Also, in a situation where a civilian who has yet to join the guild was injured, they will naturally also intervene.

After all, the adventurer’s guild is nothing but an commercial organisation where the civilians are their “customers”.

Committing an act of violence against their customers, who will even choose to request from such an organisation. Probably there isn’t anyone who’s that benevolent.
That is why the rules are made stricter.

Because they know the rules, that is why Lyle’s party members are desperately trying to stop Lyle from committing a crime.

At any rate, the party members are of a common destiny. (TLN: As in you jump I jump.)
It is a collective responsibility, so to speak.

When there is someone in a party who obtained an exclusive receptionist lady, the party members will receive benefits, and similar to this, punishment will also be received identically by the all the members.

As a result from Lyle acting rashly, if the guild judges him, they themselves will also be judged identically, so that’s why they are so desperate.

However, it seems that the frantic complaints of Lyle’s comrades does not even reach him.

「Being made a fool by a rookie, as if I can shut up! I’m a C-rank you know!?」

「What are you saying!? That kid hasn’t done anything against you, you know! That’s just an unjustified resentment! It’s shameful so just stop that!」

Lyle who didn’t listen at all was starting to feel irritated at his party members, and his expression was becoming threatening.

「Shut up! If only that kid wasn’t here, Aisha would’ve become my exclusive, and I wouldn’t have gotten such injuries! How is me getting revenge wrong, rather it would be right for that brat to be punished by the guild!」

Hearing his words, all of the members had understood.
This guy’s no good…… It’s useless to talk to him.

「Hey, Lyle. You of course know right? If you were to be judged, we will all also be judged. You understood but didn’t you forget that?」

「Of course I know, but it’s not my fault! The one who should be judged is that brat!! If it’s like that then you won’t be judged either! Do you all understand that? Can’t you use your brain more?」

「……You, are you for real?」

「Of course I’m serious, can’t you tell that by looking at me」

The party members looked at each other and nodded.

「……Okay, do as you like. However, this party’s dissolved from now on. Well then, thank you for all this time」

Leaving behind those words, Lyle’s comrades left the inn, and their destination was the guild.
Yes, of course it is to dissolve the party.

Forming a new party by leaving Lyle out is another story.

Lyle who was left behind could not understand at all why his comrades, no, “former” comrades left.
He could only silently watch as they left dumbfoundedly.
At that time, in the capital.

「……A young man who has just come of age crushing an orc solo, is that even possible?」

A beauty wearing a pure white surcoat frowned her well-featured face while asking a question.

「Yeah, no doubt. We were able to confirm that he had even killed four orcs in just one day」

The surcoat wearing beauty could not believe it.
Having confidence in her skill, even if she, who is called by a “title” by the crowd, defeating an orc by herself would be difficult.

It is no wonder that she could not believe that a young man who had just come of age could accomplish such a task.
She can only think that he had received an extremely terrifying Skill. (TLN: or Skills)

「If that is true…… hmm, I think I will try meeting him once」

「Is that so, I thank you for doing that. I also think that there is a need to meet him once」

A few days later, she went towards Lucas, the town where the young man who had defeated orcs lives.

Author Notes:

Thank you very much for reading.
This is my first time writing an afterword.

For some reason, yesterday’s PV suddenly increased twofold.

Even so, there’s no doubt that there’s still some way to go, but regarding the increase in reading of my poor writing day by day, I am filled with happiness along with gratitude.

I write as much as possible in a tempo I think is good, because I am an amateur, I am worried whether everyone enjoys it without any stress. (TLC:なるべく話をテンポよく進めようと思って書いておりますが、シロウトゆえ中々皆様にストレス無く楽しんで頂けるか心配です。)
I think that I will write, though at ease, so that I can enjoy even if a little.

Please treat me well from now on.

Also, to those who bookmarked, and also those who have left evaluations, I offer you my heartfelt gratitude.

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