Chapter 17 – Obtained Amazing Skills

I didn’t use a carriage going to the hunting ground’s forest.
Though there is a little distance, if I have some breaks, it’s not like I can’t run, and above all I wanted to raise my Skill Level.

In about one hour, I was able to arrive at the forest, my destination.

「……Phew, this is more tiring than I thought」

While saying that, I sat down at the outer circumference of the forest. Let’s rest for a while then enter.

However, Slimes and Goblins…… there’s none of them in the forest at the back of the town, huh.
It would be nice if I have some skills I can use…….

But, it’s impossible, isn’t it. None of them are a significantly strong monsters.
Though goblins do attack in groups, individually they aren’t a threat to me who can defeat orcs.

Of course, I can’t let down my guard, but I’m not nervous.

After taking plenty of rest, I slowly entered the forest.
As I did, a place where medicinal herbs were growing en masse appeared before my eyes.

「Oo, this is quite the quantity. I don’t need any as of now, so maybe I’ll turn all of these in to the guild.」

As I said that, I tossed around half of the medicinal herbs including their roots into the Storage Bag.
Actually I was told by Aisha-san when departing.

「Myne-kun, when you are harvesting medicinal herbs, if it’s possible can you bring the roots along? If possible along with the soil, as that way it will have a high value, and the price will also increase.」

Thank you Aisha-san, thank you.
Lately, I feel like I’ve been thanking a lot of people, which means the me now is blessed.

While I was thinking so, I walked feeling happy, and thanks to 【Sight Enhancement・Moderate】, I was able to discover three goblins from far away.
Name : Goblin・Priest
Race : Demon Race
Gender : ♀

Magic・Small Recovery

Name : Goblin
Race : Demon Race
Gender : ♂

One-Handed Blade

Name : Goblin・Thief
Race : Demon Race
Gender : ♂

Presence Erase・Moderate

Mu, what’s this? These are unexpectedly good skills.
Perhaps, the goblins are delicious prey to me who can use 【Cut & Paste】.

Okay, for the time being, I should steal all of their skills before fighting.

At any rate, the goblins also have different names attached to them like priest and thief, huh.
Maybe, the orcs also have them, though I haven’t seen one yet.

If that’s true, there might be good skills which I haven’t obtained yet!
I don’t know whether they exist or not, but this time, it might be good for me to try searching for them.

While thinking that, I used all the “Self Enhancement” skills, and raised my abilities.
Yosh, with these, my preparations are flawless.

As always, I fired 【Support Magic・Speed Reduction】 and 【Support Magic・Sleep】 and prepared my dagger.

As I did that, the 【Support Magic・Sleep】 which has a high chance of resistance by the orcs, actually displayed its effects quickly on the goblins.

The prediction of the resistance changing depending on the monsters’ strength, is probably true.

While confirming that they were sleeping, I decapitated the three of them.
I then dismantled them, and tossed them into the Storage Bag.

「Yosh, let’s go steadily with this rhythm!」

After that, I encountered goblins with various names, and expected, they had nice skills.

Obtained 【Martial Arts: Quick Shot】 from “Goblin・Archer”
Obtained 【Magic・Fire】 and 【Magic・Water】 from “Goblin・Mage”.
Obtained 【Iron Wall】 and 【Agitate】 from “Goblin・Knight”.
Obtained 【Tame】 from “Goblin・Tamer”
Obtained 【Body Enhancement・Small】 from “Goblin・Monk” (Izzy: … This is a lot.)

I was able to obtain these many skills in one go.
I’m really glad that I came here today! Thank you, Aisha-san, thank you!

However, there isn’t any of the important slimes.
Where in the world are they…….

I used 【Sight Enhancement・Moderate】 and surveyed my surroundings.

Hm? There’s a pond over there? I have a feeling that somehow there will be slimes at the waterside, so let’s try going there for a while.
There they are! There’s a lot of them!!
If I approach the vicinity of the pond, a lot of slimes are jostling restlessly.

「……As expected, isn’t this a lot?」

There were too many of them, I unintentionally let out a sigh.

For now, I should properly appraise them…….
Name : Slime
Race : Slime Race
Gender : None

Cleaning (Izzy: Wat.)

Oh, it’s a skill I’ve seen before.
Name : Red Slime
Race : Slime Race
Gender : None

Fire Attribute・Resistance

The red slime has 【Fire Attribute・Resistance】, huh.
I have to examine the other coloured slimes too.
Name : Slime・Experience (Izzy: wat.)
Race : Slime Race
Gender : None

Tenfold Experience Acquisition


W, Whaaaaaat!?
Somehow I have a feeling I saw an outrageous skill.

I rubbed my eyes and tried looking again.

Eh? Where did it go? Aaaaaaa, that slime has hidden somewheeeere!
No way, I can’t find it.

T, this…… I have no way but to appraise and defeat one by one, huh…….
I wonder how many there are. I feel like fainting.

However, if I didn’t look wrongly, it was 【Tenfold Experience Acquisition】.
If that skill is as I expected…….

I, I might be able to become very strong.
Even though it’s difficult, I think it will be worth the effort.

For now, I used 【Iron Wall】 and 【Body Enhancement・Small】, and confronted the lightly swaying slimes one by one.

Since they’ll be defeated if I attack with my dagger, I have to first try receiving an attack purposely, and test if I will be okay getting near that herd.
I collected small stones, and threw them at the slimes.

As I did that, while swaying its body a little, it faced me and hurled itself at me.
Poyopoyo~~~ n! (TL: Translating this will just make it weird.)
Un, there isn’t any pain at all. (TL: In case you didn’t know, un means yes.)
If it’s like this, will I be okay if I’m surrounded by the group?

Just in case I think casting 【Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Stamina)】 will be good.

Well then, next is attacking it.

Ah, before that, I have to check its skill. 【Cleaning】 I’ll receive it once.

Then, I held my steel dagger and killed the slime.

Un, with that even orcs will be cut.
It isn’t possible to not defeat the slimes, called the weakest, with one hit, huh.

Results of the experiment, somehow I was able to manage, I decided to face the battle which will make me faint(?).
I wonder how many I defeated…….
I counted up until 40, but since it became tiring I stopped counting.

I re-casted the spells when they went out, and again I apraised, and defeated…….

Thanks to that I was able to obtain all the attributes, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Dark!
As expected, the coloured slimes have skills with elements which correspond with their colour.

「Aaaaaaaaah, mou! Where in the world is it!」 (TL: mou means he is fed up.)

I unintentionally shouted as I couldn’t bear this anymore.

Why, why didn’t I get the skill when I saw it! Boku no bakabakabaka! (TL: Boku = me. baka = stupid/idiot)

Maa, ……the mountain of slime oil is the silver lining in this though.

Since then it has been about an hour.

Finally I saw it.
Name : Slime・Experience
Race : Slime Race
Gender : None

Tenfold Experience Acquisition

There’s not doubt, it’s this one! It is this one!!
I’ll steal your skill immediately! Like I’ll let you get away again! Then as if venting my anger, I cut it in one go.

Yosh, let’s withdraw! (Izzy: I wonder how funny will it be if he accidentally killed it before getting the skill?)

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – Obtained Amazing Skills

  1. I had to laugh when I saw ‘Tenfold Experience Acquisition’. It’s like an inverted Metal Slime! Instead of granting an enormous amount of XP it gains the XP for itself. 😀

    Thanks for the chapter ^_^


    • Thank you, though I actually meant those starting from chapter 18. Since they are actual author’s notes, or afterword, if you prefer, I find them more difficult to translate. I didn’t add the revision since it’s not really necessary…? I appreciate your help though!


  2. Name : Slime・Experience … I completely agree to the note… Wat Tenfold experience!?!? How broken is that?!? If that slime had a attack skill along with its experience gain it would be a Maou by now!


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