Chapter 17 – Gran’s Worries

Recap: Gran was worried for Rakku


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Gran’s lecture was quite long.

He had been drinking, so it probably dragged on unnecessarily.


「Listen here. I too understand that goblin subjugation is important」


「However, you should have told us that you would leave for a while!」


Are you my mother?!

I restrained my desire to just shout that at his face.

I have to change topics.


「Come to think of it, I took a goblin subjugation quest for F-rankers, but a goblin lord appeared」

「……What did you say? That’s not good」


Gran’s gaze turned serious.

An F-rank party will be completely annihilated if they were to encounter a goblin lord.

It’s impossible to entirely prevent a mismatch in the quest difficulty rating.

Even so, it’s still completely the guild’s mistake in setting the required rank for the quest.

The guild’s Grandmaster probably feels ashamed for it.


「Well, I was with the other F-rankers. They’re safe. It was probably a good experience for them」

「That was a great help. Thanks」


As long as an adventurer remains alive, such incidents will make them more experienced.

The harder the quest, the more experience they’ll gain.


「I’m just carrying out my duty. No need to thank me」

「F-rank adventurers are the ones who shoulder the guild’s future. I as the Grandmaster must of course thank you」


Gran’s quite the serious person.


「Well, I’ll focus on the main issue at hand. The goblin lord was only an underling」


「A vampire lord was behind it」



Gran is at a loss for words.

Vampire lords are subjugation targets for B-rank, or even A-rank parties.

If not correctly dealt with, even a mid-sized town can be easily destroyed.


「……Thank you for killing it」


Pulling himself together, the first thing Gran said was thanks.

I haven’t even mention defeating it, yet he assumed that I have.

That goes to show how much trust he has in me.


「Well, I did defeat it, but…… I need to tell you the details」


As I said that, the glint in Gran’s eyes sharpened.

Looking at him, you’ll never believe that he had been drinking.


I reported every single information I heard from Shea.


「And that medal is this one. Well, only have one half of it is with me, though」

「I want to let some experts examine this. Can I borrow it?」



Gran picked up the medal and viewed it.


「What is this made of?」

「It looks like gold, but it’s not really gold, huh」

「It’s neither orichalcum nor mythril. You’re a mage, aren’t you? Can’t you tell what it is?」

「Nope. An alchemist might know though」


Gran placed it back onto the table.


「The gods of the Dark that vampire hunter girl mentioned is real」

「You know what it is?」



Said Gran calmly.

10 years ago. We thought that the devils weren’t the vanguard but the main force.


「10 years have already passed. There’s no way Eric and I didn’t try to investigate more about them」

「……That’s true」


Gran then started explaining.


Gran and Eric searched for ways to enter the Rift.

They learnt some things about the other side of the Rift.

They ascertained that there are gods of the Dark and also the fact that the devils are but the vanguard.

That’s quite the investigative ability.


「Even so, we didn’t know that the vampires were doing such a thing」

「What about the fact that they can open the gates with enough curse?」

「Not that either. Thanks for the info」

「Anyway, I’ll be counting on you to deal with this」

「Of course」


I’m really tired right now, so I should go to sleep.

Before that, I’ll have to tell him something just in case.


「The beast-girl adventurer, Shea, already knows who I am」

「I see. Alright then」

「I told her that she can come here or to the adventurer’s guild if she needs help」

「Roger that. I’ll inform the gatekeepers」



Saying that, I opened the dining room door to return to my room.




Standing outside the room was a girl.

Gran said to her,


「Serilis. You’re back. Good timing, come here……」(TLN: セルリス. Any ideas? Pronounced Serurisu)



The girl called Serilis ran away without a word.

Looking at her, Gran sighed.


「Sorry. I was thinking of introducing you」

「Don’t mind it……」

「She’s my daughter」

「Come to think of it, you said you had a 5-year-old daughter 10 years ago, didn’t you?」

「Yeah. She’s now an adventurer, but……. These days, she doesn’t talk to me. Probably in her rebellious phase」


Gran filled himself with alcohol.


「Don’t drink too much, alright?」

「I know. Serilis is a B-rank adventurer」


She’s a top-grade adventurer like Shea, huh. She’s really good to be a B-ranker at the age of 15.

As expected from Gran’s daughter.


「It can’t be helped since she’s an adventurer. She’s rarely at home recently」

「That really makes you worry」


Gran was very worried for me leaving for only three days.

He’s probably way worried about her since she’s often away from home.


It’s hard being a parent.

I don’t know how it actually feels like since I don’t have a kid myself, so I can only imagine it.

I pity him a little.


「Come to think of it, I haven’t seen your wife yet」

「She’s on outstation since last month」

「I see」


Gran then said,


「Your ranks are different. You probably won’t meet her while adventuring, but if you do, please take care of her」

「No problem」


Hearing that, Gran looked a little more relieved.


Gran’s daughter is probably in her rebellious phase.


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42 thoughts on “Chapter 17 – Gran’s Worries

  1. It’s nice that his comrades are good to him, and earnestly searched for a way to bring him back. It’s a good change of pace from when so many others party members betray you, or when adventurers are extremely arrogant. Looking forward to more!

    Liked by 10 people

  2. Hopeful(?) for Rakku harem/some form of relationship. Thanks for the chapter! IDK how the decision making works for tags in Novels so would it be stuck at romantic subplot at best?


  3. About ゴラン, I think that’s a legit name. If my knowledge about football serves me right, there’s a manager named Sven-Goran Eriksson. Goran seems to be right.


  4. That was a great read, thank you for picking up this novel and your hard work. 🙂
    15 and already a B-rank? And Shea was a B-rank as well, seems like its fairly easy ranking up during peaceful times eh? What Shea showed me in that cave id say she is inexperienced and impulsive on the field and if she were of B-rank material she could have taken down that goblin lord alone, she shouted at it, blocked head on and had her main weapon destroyed and had her secondary weapon flung away with the next attack. Too many mistakes and she would have died if she were alone, i would have held her back at C-rank at most and let her have a few more years of experience. She is probably used in having her family/party covering the parts she is lacking but she did have a good head on her shoulders at the end when she calmed down and wasnt emotionally stressed out due to the vampire. A few more years and she will get a passing grade from me.

    That daughter though is new so ive no idea of what she can do yet, she might have heard or figured out “Rock’s” true identity already since both her father AND the king got a bit too happy seeing a new guy, an F-rank Warrior, in town so it probably wont take her long to figure it out. She lives in the same house when shes not out on a request so i think she have enough to get a clue. ^^”

    About Rikkum romance partners, yeah both could work due to him being younger but its still in a grey area, the mc seem to have a different mindset on the subject since many at his age have either married someone years ago or just given up at finding someone.
    Im looking forward to the next release. 😉

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/


    • Fran is 13/14 and C rank at Sword tensei (just because majority of GM said even If she reached 3 in a world famous tournament and managed to win and keep toe to toe and even evolve we won’t promote her even with A ranks asking for it)


  5. Well… I’m up to date. Thanks for the ride, I hope I’ll be back for more.

    「And that medal is this one. Well, only have one half of it is with me, though」
    Probably should be…
    「And that medal is this one. Well, only one half of it is with me, though」


  6. Thanks for the chap~
    Since you translated it, I’ve been following this novel for months now.

    I know that you will catch up to the raw anytime (it’s already 100+ chapters),
    but can I ask when will be the next release of this novel’s translation?

    I think it’s not good keeping it for months or people might forget what it is happening…


  7. Never said what his wife’s name or what she looks like, what her rank is, or anything like that, so how will he know to take care of her when he meets her?


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