Chapter 16 – First Request, Slime the Weakest Monster

Morning, before it was even bright, I woke up, prepared my equipment, and went hunting in the usual forest.

Since I’m planning to receive my first request today, I wanted to first test the new knife I had bought yesterday.

Though I encountered caterpillars and sheep, for the sake of raising the proficiency level I only used wind magic to kill them.
After I defeated a few caterpillars etc., I finally managed to encounter an orc.

「Now then, I wonder how’s my new weapon」

While muttering such, I prepared and first of all I plundered the skills from my prey, the orc.
Since I already have the skills, I pasted them on a suitable spot on the ground.

Casting 【Strong Arm】 and 【Leg Enhancement・Small】 on myself, 【Support Magic・Speed Reduction】 and 【Support Magic・Sleep】 on the orc, the battle then started.

Previously it was also like this, and I felt that the 【Support Magic・Sleep】 was not very effective.
Probably because this time it was also resisted, and didn’t show its effects.

I wonder if it would be more effective on a monster weaker than orcs?
Or it might be more effective if its proficiency level was increased.

【Support Magic・Speed Reduction】 appeared to be effective one way or another, as the orc’s movements had noticeably slowed.

After confirming the situation, I who had been aiming at the orc started running.

「My body can somehow move better than before, is this the effect of levelling up?」

While thinking such things, I fired 【Magic・Wind】 at the orc’s feet.
The orc with its movements dulled was unable to dodge the 【Magic・Wind】, and was then hit directly by it.

With its feet mangled, it couldn’t control its feet well and fell to the front.

I fired another shot of 【Magic・Wind】 at the orc who fell face first.


At the moment it was screaming and struggling in pain, I slashed at its right arm with my new steel dagger.


The resistance when I cut off the flesh the other day was not felt at all, and the orc’s right arm was severed and tumbled to the ground.
I then slid the dagger horizontally, as expected no resistance was felt and the orc’s head was cut off horizontally in half.

There wasn’t any resistance from the skull, and I couldn’t conceal my shock.

「What, this sharpness…… was guaranteed by oji-san, right」

Of course I think 【Strong Arm】 played a big role in this.

Even so, the sensation from cutting the flesh this time was way too different from previous battles.
Orcs originally have extremely tough skin, edged tools can’t easily cut through it. I cut that up in literally a blink of an eye.

With this dagger, it seems that just as oji-san said, there’s no doubt that I will be considerably at ease in battles from now on.

While expressing my heartfelt thanks to oji-san, I dismantled the orc I had just defeated using 【Cut】, and tossed it into the Storage Bag.

Since it’s gradually becoming brighter, it’s probably okay to go to the guild, huh.
While thinking that, I went back to my home once.

Of course I did not forget to use 【Swift Feet】 and 【Leg Enhancement・Small】.
I have to increase the proficiency level this way, even if by a little.

Naturally I continuously used 【Appraisal・Complete】 on trees, grass, etc. on the way while moving.
Thus, the hunt for this morning ended peacefully.
「Good morning!」

I immediately went to the counter for exclusive receptionist ladies, and inserted my guild card. (TLN: Should I keep it as receptionist lady? ._. It sounds weird at times so…)
As I did that, Aisha-san came along at once, as she had explained to me yesterday.

「Morning Myne-kun. ……Ara you’ve bought new equipment haven’t you? It looks quite good on you. Is that Black Wolf leather? That armour」

When Aisha-san told me that I looked good, I inadvertently blushed.
Getting the material for the armour right with one glance, as expected Aisha-san is an amazing person, huh.

「You’re accepting requests from today on right? First let’s raise your rank to E by finishing requests quickly」

Saying that, she showed me three pieces of written requests.

「I got these three for Myne-kun using the authority of an exclusive, I’ll be explaining now so would you please listen?」

Aisha-san found these requests for my sake, even if I didn’t listen to her explanation I will still accept it, but listening properly and not getting injured, I’ll work hard so that I can come back here safely.

The first one Aisha-san showed me was unexpectedly 「Slime Subjugation」.

Speaking of slimes, they are the weakest monsters, famous for being able to be defeated even if you don’t have an understanding of combat, as long as you are careful.
Though I am a F rank, I don’t understand the reason as to why slimes are made my opponents, when I had just come of age.

「Slimes…… is it?」

Probably realising the troubled face I was making, Aisha-san let out a giggle and explained the reason.

「Actually, slime oil had run out in the town of Lunawan, to the point where it’s interfering with their lives, and if this continues, it will surely be dreadful」(TLN: ルナワン)

Slime oil is a fuel used in households as illumination and in lanterns used by adventurers diving into labyrinths, etc.
There are even people who rear slimes to obtain the material.

It is an indispensable fuel for maintaining towns, the slime oil.

Such an important thing for the livelihood of humans, seems to have run out in the town of Lunawan, a place quite far from here.

It seems that some stupid thieves who entered the town of Lunawan to steal things, had set the town on fire when escaping.

Unfortunately, the place where they set fire to was near a storehouse for slime oil, and then was burned all at once.
Furthermore, the direction the flames spread to was bad, and it seems that it even completely burnt the cultivated slimes.

Of course there were oil stored for emergencies, but it will naturally be consumed as time goes on.
Then, it seems that the town mayor of Lunawan put up a relief request at the guild.

「Slimes by itself, are as we know, the weakest monsters, so you won’t earn money at the place you hunt them, and it won’t be evaluated as contribution towards the guild. However, since such a situation happened, though not much money can be earned, the guild contribution point is nothing to be sneezed at. At least until the supply is stable……」

As she said that, Aisha-san said “Do you understand up until here?” and smiled.
I see, it surely is quite tasty. (TLN: Of course not the literal taste…)

「But, since it’s such an unpleasant situation, was it okay to bring me this request as an exclusive?」

「Good job realising it, actually this request is only reserved for today. The official announcement is planned from tomorrow, only exclusives can accept this first.」

I then listened to Aisha-san in more detail.

「For now Lunawan is borrowing oil little by little from each town, they are able to avoid danger for the time being. That’s why you can rest at ease」

Okay, I see.
If it’s like that, then it’s probably okay.

Reserving it for us exclusives, if we’re unable to gather enough it will be terrible.
Of course, I’ll try to get a lot, but no matter what, there will be a limit by myself.

「I understand! Please accept that for me!!」

「I understand! There are two more requests though……」

As she said that, she told me about the contents of the remaining two.
・Harvest of Medicinal Plants   20 tufts   50 Copper Coins (TLN: What’s the counter for plants in English…?)
・Goblin Subjugation   5 Goblins   2 Silver Coins (5 pieces for 5 goblins thereafter)
These two requests.

According to Aisha-san, The requests can be carried out while defeating slimes, so it would be efficient to accept them.

Finally according to Aisha-san, I accepted the three requests.

Thus, in order to complete the requests, I departed for the forest north of the Town of Lucas.

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30 thoughts on “Chapter 16 – First Request, Slime the Weakest Monster

  1. For quantifiers that could fit with herbs (but not to a specific part of the plant such as stalk or shoot) tuft, tussock, and sprig are applicable.

    If it’s an unspecified group of more than 1, then Bundle would fit. Bunch could also work in that case, but it has a less formal connotation to it and is not usually used when referring to specific amounts.

    Thanks for the chapter. 🙂


    • One thing I forgot. If he’s supposed to harvest the entire plant, then it could simply be phrased as 20 Plants or 20 Herbs, but, from my meager knowledge of herb gathering in real life, you rarely uproot the entire plant. At least with perennials.


      • Plants like parsely are packed in bunches. If it is the top of the flower stalk, then singles would be Tufts.
        Since you say that 本 is the cylinder part, then for a herb they are ” stalks” (celery stalk for example)

        Lady is redundant. Given the gender requirement receptionist==lady


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