Chapter 15 – Level Up, A World Only I Know

I haven’t edited or proofread this so if there are any mistakes or weird parts please inform me! (I still have homework so I don’t have much time. Sorry.)

Now then, I’ve finally reached home.
Even though I only registered in the guild, I didn’t expect that it was more tiring than when I went hunting.

Quenching my thirst with water from the well, I threw myself on my bed and looked up at the ceiling.

……Let’s try appraising.
Name : Myne
LV : 7
Race : Hume
Gender : Male
Age : 15 years
Occupation : Adventurer (Rank F)

Appraisal・Complete LV2 (4/200)
Cut & Paste (9/200)

Dagger・Extreme (14/50)
Two-handed Blade (0/50)
Axe (0/50)

Leg Enhancement・Small (22/50)
Sight Enhancement・Moderate (10/50)

Swift Feet (Small) (22/50)
Strong Arm (10/50)

Magic・Wind (12/50)
Support Magic・Speed Reduction (2/50)
Support Magic・Sleep (1/50)
Support Magic・Gradual Restoration Small (Stamina) (0/50)

Cooking (1/50)
Needlework (0/50)
Etiquette (0/50)
Art of Negotiation (3/50)
Alchemy (6/50)
U~n, as expected something changed in the display.

The one I’m curious about is definitely the “LV”.
Why did it suddenly increase, or rather what is LV?

I’ve never heard of it up until now…….

There’s also a LV attached to the back of Appraisal.
The LV at my place is 7 while 2 behind Appraisal’s, I wonder what’s between the numbers.

And there’s another incomprehensible digit behind Appraisal…… it’s changed from when I saw it at the guild!?
When I saw it at the guild it was (3/200), it’s raised from 2 to 3. (TLN: Probably a typo by the author)

Ah, wait.
If I don’t understand I can appraise it, I completely forgot when I was surprised and stunned.
【LV】: Read as level. The digit shows the strength, the higher the number, the stronger it is. By defeating enemies, experienced will be obtained, and when a fixed amount is accumulated, the level will rise. By raising the Skill level, the skill proficiency level will rise.
Uwa~. I somehow knew something amazing…….
I see, since up until now there was no 【Appraisal: Level】 in my 【Appraisal: Complete】, nobody in the world knows about it.

Probably, when using Appraisal the proficiency level, probably the numbers behind it in the ()……, when this was collected, it became level 2.
Because Appraisal reached level 2, the concept of level can be appraised, probably something like this.

Me raising my level to 7 was surely because I defeated the orcs.

……Thinking about it again, but 【Appraisal : Complete】 is an outrageous skill, huh.

Though I’ve never seen it in this world before, I can see everything about it…… In other words, levels and proficiency level which only I know about will appear from hereafter.

Knowing this or not knowing this, will probably have an overwhelming difference in efficiency in becoming stronger.
In the first place, I haven’t confirm whether a skill will become stronger when I use it.

For some reason, the feeling of becoming stronger is a sensation of the people.
And when that is mastered, one will feel that their ability is raised.

That’s why they don’t think it’s “The more you use it, the stronger it’ll become” .

If they know, surely they’ll put in great effort to raise their level.

……But, since they don’t know, they can’t become stronger anymore, except if by chance.

However, I know. No, I accidentally knew.
Won’t this become an outrageous advantage as an adventurer.

I’ve no choice but to accept guild requests immediately tomorrow.

I won’t only be able to obtain a new skill, I’ll even be able to strengthen my present skills.
And if I raise my own level, I’ll become even stronger.

I think Aisha-san who became my exclusive receptionist lady will also surely be delighted.

Yosh, yosh, yosh! My motivation’s rapidly gushing forth!

Thanks to the skills I received from God, my life has really changed, and is heading towards an excitingly good direction!
It’s won’t be enough no matter how much I give my thanks, huh.

God, I truly truly thank you.

After I expressed my thanks to God from the bottom of my heart, I made dinner and went to sleep.
Ah, it’s definitely thanks to the Cooking skill that the meal was very delicious!

Good night.
「Why! Why is this happening!」

A loud voice reverberates in the bar, which immediately disappear into the noise, and disappeared.

「Calm down Lyle」

The one who shouted in the loud voice was Lyle, an adventurer who wanted Aisha to become his own exclusive receptionist lady.
Because he was cursing Aisha in the guild, his comrades brought him to the bar.

By the way, in the situation where an adventurer who is in a party has an exclusive receptionist lady attached to him, that receptionist lady will also receive the party.
However, if the exclusive adventurer leaves the party temporarily or permanently, the party member will not be received.

In other words, if Aisha is Lyle’s exclusive, as long as the party members are still in the party, it’s the same as having an exclusive receptionist.

「In the first place, the guild leader’s is still a guild leader! Why did he fucking approve to give a newbie like him an exclusive!」

Lyle banged the table with all his strength.
His party members said “good grief” and while pacifying Lyle, they agreed with him.

「As if I’ll come to an understanding! I, I am more worthy of Aisha! Even though I’m almost becoming a B ranker!」

Once again, he knocked the table, grabbed the poured out ale, and drank it all in one go.
As he finished drinking it, he hit the beer mug to the table with a ‘Bang!’, then urged for seconds in a loud voice.

「Ora! Gimme another ale!」

Lyle’s party members soon raised their hands at Lyle who was in quite the bad mood.

「Oi, Lyle. I understand what you’re feeling, but don’t get carried away」

「Yeah, look around you, those guys are irritated and glaring over here, you know」

Even though his party members persuaded him, Lyle turned a deaf ear.
On the contrary, he started provoking them when he heard that they were glaring at him.

「Aah? What? You have a problem with me? Worthless bastards like you taking such a cheeky attitude with me, you’re too eeearly for that!」

Saying that, he took the beer mug on the table which contained the ale his party members were drinking, and splashed the ale at the adventurers who were glaring at him.

As expected, going that far, the other adventurers were obviously unable to stay silent.
Adventurers are the type of people who extremely hate having their face crushed. (TLN: Face as in honour)

Unable to keep their manners, it is impossible for them to stay silent when they were splashed with ale by a fool making a ruckus at the bar.

Naturally, it became a big scuffle.
Lyle’s party members said ‘I can’t do this’, and ran away. Of course, Lyle, the culprit behind the tussle, was deserted.

The one who attacked wasn’t only the man who had ale splashed on him, the adventurers who were fed up with Lyle’s noisiness surrounded him.
The numbers swelled up to about 10 people.

No matter how competent or confident one is, there is no way to put up a good fight against 10 people in a drunk condition after gulping down ale.

Lyle who was beaten up was then thrown out of the store.

「……Ku, Everything, everything is that brat’s fault……, I’ll kill him…… I’ll fucking kill him」
At the same time, in a certain room in the capital…….
「The young man I mentioned last time who was bestowed 【Appraisal : Complete】, had defeated an orc by himself」

「Oh, that’s amazing. Defeating an orc by himself just after coming of age, huh. 【Appraisal : Complete】 isn’t a combat skill, right?」

「Yes, of course」

「……Was he bestowed with any other skills?」

「If I remember correctly…… there was also 【Cut & Paste】」

「Hm? What’s that…… From the name, isn’t it a skill with 【Cut】 and 【Paste】 together?」

「Yes, that’s how it seems. None of them are important skills, so I didn’t report this……」

「Only this two?…… Both of them aren’t combat skills, what’s the meaning of this?」

「I do not know……」

「That young man seems to have some secret, huh? It seems like it will be interesting to try meeting him once」
Without the knowledge of the person himself, Myne’s gears of fate was starting to move greatly.
What exactly does Myne’s fate await him?

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Even though this is a very cliché work, I still enjoy it. But Beta MC is a fad huh? Also, shit storm incoming.


    • I can’t really see this MC being beta, tbh.

      The only reason he took that hit was to keep Aisha from getting hit…and…it’s not like he won’t ruthlessly cut away the skills of those who antagonize him (secretly, of course! XD). He’s already proven that.

      Either way, just because he’s super polite and stuff and tries to avoid confrontation, doesn’t mean he’s beta. It’s still a pretty cliche’d story, mind you…but yeah.

      Lyle is totally gonna get his skills stolen (and probably killed)…and that other person is most likely the king, imo. XD

      Also, thanks for the hard work on the chapter all of those who worked on it~ 😀

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      • That’s certainly true, I guess.

        I feel he DOES have a personality though, but he’s just…overly polite so it’s kind of hard to see it. He’s well liked by what seems to be some of the more important people in the town, though…which is pretty important (I mean…the people you buy weapons, armor, potions (etc.), and even meat are pretty important, heh).

        You can get glimpses of his personality under his ‘polite exterior’ by how he acts…like how he ruthlessly cut away the skills of Hyold, did what he could to make sure the thieves didn’t succeed, and whatnot. That said, he’s just come of age, and given that he was an orphan who was basically just scraping by…he’s…not really met with a whole lot of ‘life changing experiences’ aside from being helped by the people I mentioned above.

        By having good relations, he’s able to get the special deals he gets from them. I doubt those people would’ve given those special deals to…Hyold, for example…even if the situation was the same and HE was just coming of age and stuff, heh.

        Can’t wait to see Lyle get his skills stolen and then get thrashed, and for the king to make his move, though. XD

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    • If taking a hit to protect and impress a lady you’ll potentially be working a lot with, and who could potentially influence your entire future career, is considered a Beta, I would probably call myself a Super Beta voluntarily, as long as I don’t freeze up in the situation and can’t actually make a choice, which as long as they don’t know about, wouldn’t really matter.


  2. an adventurer who wanted to Aisha to become his own exclusive receptionist lady

    an adventurer who wanted Aisha to become his own exclusive receptionist lady


    • More skills for him, then? XD

      That said, I feel that that’s probably the king…and the person who told him about the Appraisal is probably the priest that was with him when he got appraised. Probably on the lookout for “promising and useful people” or something, heh.


  3. For some reason, the feeling of becoming stronger is a sensation of the world. (TLN: wat. なんとなく、強くなった気がするというのが世間の感覚だ。)
    — Basically normal folk have it that it’s a ‘feeling’ of having ‘nantonaku’ (‘some feeling telling that that somehow they are’) become stronger


      • Well, as it’s explained in later chapters, the “society” as well as the “guild” think that normal folk (civilians) that are customers (bring requests) (business side of things) as well as potential adventurers (civilians yet to register/adventurers that joined recently) should not be roughed up as it would be a loss of potential manpower (military side of things) and so people (everyone) probably came to agreement that punishments given for such things are at the discretion of the person who gives them (lenient or heavy) but if it’s too lenient there might be unrest or trust issues (politics side of things)


      • Ah you meant normal folk as in civilians. Sorry. But in this context, isn’t it more of a “world” as in universal? It seems weird to just say it can only be felt by civilians and not “guild members”?
        Also, thanks as always.


  4. It’s not that cruel like isekai canceller when some adventurer have grudge and u-know if u read it what he do
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  5. (TLN: Probably a typo by the author) ? seriously ?
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  6. Really? Hasn’t this author ever head the idiom (or a similar one at least) “Practice makes perfect”? The concept of doing the same thing over and over, to get better at it, is well known in this world which also doesn’t have anything like “levels” known to exist.

    Also, template big-shot attacking the newbie protagonist event.

    Lastly… how do the people in the capital know he defeated an Orc? Some kind of scrying/long-distance-spying skill?


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